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Create an Art Portfolio Website with Weebly in Less than 30 Minutes

teacher avatar Raquel Torres, Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. Why Weebly

    • 3. Research

    • 4. Templates

    • 5. Account Set Up

    • 6. Site Builder

    • 7. Dashboard

    • 8. Extras

    • 9. Outro & Class Project

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About This Class

As an artist/designer, getting our work out there can be challenging.  Often technology makes us cringe and we’d rather plot along doing what we love and not bother with a website.

In this class I want to show you how anybody can quickly create a decent looking art portfolio site within minutes.  With Weebly templates, the hard work is already done and there’s no coding or maths involved.

Creating a website has never been easier so in this class you’ll see a step-by-step process of what’s involved in getting your website published in less than 30 minutes.

But I also share more tips on other things you can work on after publishing your site, to make it SEO optimised and Search Engine friendly.

All you have to do is prepare some images in advance (start with 9 for the template shown) and think of a name for your site.  Everything else is just a breeze.

So take action today and get online with a beautiful, professional art portfolio website.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raquel Torres

Freelance Surface Pattern Designer


I'm a Textiles & Surface Pattern Designer from London UK.  I love getting the most out of my day and spending as much time as I can being creative; whether sketching, painting or developing artwork in my computer.

For this reason, I've created a mini tutorial series called: "Productivity Tools for Creatives" suitable for anyone who wants to learn new tools that can have a positive impact on their creative workflow and time management. 

I've also created a class to show you step-by-step how to get a portfolio site up and running in minutes. 

If you use Photoshop for surface pattern design, you'll love my class on creating full repeats.

All my classes are suitable for complete beginners so join me in this creative endeavour and let me k... See full profile

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1. 1 Intro: it's right there on Welcome to my Class on creating and up portfolio with bleak in less than 15 minutes, I'm a freelance designer, and I built my very first website. We quickly as a portfolio site back in 20. I wasn't Kato on. Still, I'm not and so planned everything as I went along off course of updated my site several times over the years to get it where it is today. And I recommend you also reveal your site regularly, but really to get started, you don't need much time. A tall you just need to pick a template on, prep your artwork and ready for upload. But this class, I want to show you how you can really get yourself a professional looking portfolio site in very little time, so we'll work from a beautiful, clean and easy to use templates. I also share tips on the technical pits, so there isn't much in that as you pretty much drag and drop elements and publisher pages at the press of a button. So here's the breakdown off what you learn in this class. The best will do it quickly. Overview on Tell you I picked it on go through some of the templates available on weekly. Obviously, you don't have to pick the one I am in this class. Once you know the basic principles of building the site, you can do without them plate. Then we're going to be great the site from scratch and I'll guide you through a step by step. Process off what you can do in less than 30 minutes to get your site published. Free Template will work from contains just three pages. The home page, which will displayed examples of your work. The about page on the contact page. It's that simple, but I'll show you also how you can customize it further on Admiral pages should do that. Then we're going to look at extras. Touch on additional functionality that you could add talk about the main's CEO, social media and adding, and just let a sign up form. I also show you throughout the class how I've got my own put, police said, and lastly would talk about the class project. And basically I love to see what you come up with, and I'm willing to offer feedback and help you make the most of what you planted in this class. So if you're ready and build a professional looking website in less than 10 minutes to 2. Why Weebly: so there's a lot of good website platforms out there these days, and it's easier than ever to get a perfectly functioning site in no time at all. When I picked quickly back in 2015 I did my research and found we believe to be one of the easiest ones to configure. For the record, I also looked at Wickes Ons Quest space on. They are very good choices, too. In fact, this little to differentiate them nowadays. So a good place to start is to browse through the templates and pick something you can see your work looking great in. There's also, of course, the cost factor. Weebly offers a free plan, so there's no obligation to commit to a monthly or yearly fee from the start. When I fasted up my weekly site, I paid on the £10 for my domain name on 123 Reg and I went for the five per month build clearly on the weekly started plan. Then, for a while I also upgraded to the progression so I could have password protected pages to show up work to specific people. And now I'm back on the stock of plant, which suits me just fine, so looking are quickly on Currently offer five pricing up, but it's good to know that you contest the waters on a free plan and then decide whether to commit to a monthly or yearly subscription or even just pay the £3 a month. If you have your on the main on. This still has deeply branding like this in the next lesson will look at doing some research before you create your site, but if you just want to get on with it, you can skip this lesson. 3. Research: so the first thing you need to do a seaside, how you want to show your work. The best way to do this is to do the research and look around other artists or designers sites and see what you like about them in regards to form arts colors on how they present themselves in there about me Page. A good place to start is social media. So take a look at what the artists and designers that you are already following and see what the portfolio sites look like. Bookmark them and maybe even take screenshots of particular pages to remind yourself what you like about them and make sure you stay original and not over. Complicate things because I want you to have a published site life within minutes, not weeks, and in time you'll be refining about polio and adding extra functionality so they spend some time drafting the skeleton of the side. Decide how your structure it and right to two full paragraphs for your about me page. This is very important as you want the visit that your site to feel like they know you on, understand what inspires you to create the work you're presenting. Making it very authentic is key. Personally, I prefer to keep the writing in the first person. So it is me talking to you rather than the third person where it sounds like someone is talking on your behalf. But that's obviously a personal choice. As part of your research, you also want to think about what to call your website that is personal to you, and some people like to use their own name alone. Others are the secondary word or a few words to describe what they do, like Joe Smith, button design or photography and so on. If you know this now, the set up will be much quicker. In the next lesson, we'll look through some freeway Billy templates and start working from one to create your portfolio site. 4. Templates: listen. You looked at other artists sites for inspiration and created an outline of your side with pages you want to include. Now let's start putting it all together. We start by looking at the ready made templates on offer. You could totally do without these, but for saving time and getting that professional look, I suggest you just pick one given after picking a template, this much scope for customization with Ripley. But it's important to make sure that the overall look of your site remains cohesive. So let's look at what we believe has to offer. We go on with glee that come on, I clicked on websites so that I can have a look at their themes to preview them without having too great an account straight away. We're going to check out the portfolio once, as you can see, they have a one range off different templates for different types of sites. Let's look at this one and preview it from here, and as you can see this atom place, it seems to be optimized for photography. So you have a home page blood page portfolio page on the contact page on In this template, you have the about page in the London page. Well, let's look at the other pages. So this one has images on descriptions all incorporated into the blawg. There's a short right up social media icons and then older work showcased in this former. Obviously, if you decide to go with this kind of template, you can customize the look, the position awful, the pictures on the sizes as well. And you cannot more pictures or remove some. Let's cancel, and we've got another template preview and straightaway. You have an example of her work or a really cool back one image with her name on job title , which makes it very personable. So the way instructed is you have the hormone London page. Another page called My Work, which is just a portfolio about me and Contact Page. So pretty stunned it on the About me section with picture off herself is also in the London page. Some people prefer to have that in the contact page on. I think it's a good idea to have a picture of yourself in your about me section with this template. There's also case study on the portfolio section, so everything is actually accessible within the very first page, and just more examples of her work about me actually includes heresy V on the contact Me Page just has a call to action and form to contact to spend time looking at all these templates on the portfolio or personal and seeing which one you like the look of, the more you stick to the template. Obviously, the work less work you'll have to do along the line for this class. I'm going to pick models operandi. I like this template because it's very clean and very simple, So it just has three pages. The home page, which displays currently nine images off work, the about me page on the contact page. Everything off course is customizable. So next I'll show you how to set up a free account so we can work on this template. 5. Account Set Up: So when you click sign up, you'll be taken to this page where, in order to continue with the process, you'll have to choose a theme. I'll be working from this one murders Brandi Center, which is also found on the foot. And for the purposes of this demo, I'll set up a free weebly side so it won't be connected to a domain name or have it included us Bath of a weekly plan. But you can choose these options during thesis process or later at any point, so you'll have to enter a name and email address and a password to create your side. So once event that you looking details you'd be taking to this page do you want to sell online? We will say Not now you can, obviously, at this feature later. If you upgrade to another paid plan, select the theme. We're going to go for failure on click on models operandi and then I can start anything, and this takes me to the Page Builder, which is the back and the weekly, where you can customize your theme Aunt pages and do everything you need to do to get your site published so At this point, I have to enter the name off my site, and, weirdly, we will do at the main, such to make sure that it's still available. If you already have a domain, then you can click on Connect, transfer it now and follow the instructions. So after it click on Search quickly will display the domains that are available on the professional. Remains offered can be included for free within a year plan. With Ripley itself, you could be more here. Or if you want to keep everything free from the start, then you go with Assumption, which will have your name. And then that weekly dot com. Just bear in mind that if you go with this option, obviously it looks less professional on the weekly. Branding will also appear on your website. For the purposes of this, them are. I'm just going to go with this. No, we are on the site Builder Page, which allows us to customize this theme at more pages. Do anything we want to do to get our website ready for publishing 6. Site Builder: So we picked the template and we're ready to start customizing it are not upload our work. If you follow through this memo, you should be able to work off any template off your choice. So we're in the home page, So let's replace this template title with our own site name. So if I just click on the title on selected, I will replace it with my website name. I can go back and remove it, even replace it with the logo. If I have one, another thing you could do is add attacked, lying to this quite further what you do. So this could be relation to the initial working or the unique style that you have so to do that will just need to click and drag on. And if I put it here, you can see that above the images I have a aunt line on the Blue Line appears there as well , so that means that I'm going to drop this title element on top of it to edit it. I just need to click and at my tagline. So have the text editor song go into sent that I can change the color of the front. If I selected, I can make bigger, smaller on the line. It make a metallic bold and so on. If I hover my mouse over this, I have this move icon, and if I want to remove it, I just have to click on delete here. Unconfirmed deletion. If you want to come out off something working on, just click away anywhere else on the Web page. So now with this template, we have nine images that we could upload today that you just need to click on the image and click on replace image drug photo here or upload from your computer. So I'm going to upload. So let's click back on it again on Look at the Edit here. I can crop the image out of filter, make some adjustments like saturation and brightness and contrast. Click back again. Rich image. I can work with spacing and corruption. Corruption allows me to write a cup shin underneath the image. Go back on that safe under the image. So, like box means that when you click on the image on your life site, you will actually enlarge it so you can see it much bigger. So I'm going to go ahead, speed up this video on upload the remaining inner gist. In this case, I have to do it one by one. Wait, so you can see the images. I have uploaded peer in this messy way because they are not all off the same size. So I would strongly recommend that for your work images, you actually format all off them in a square or rectangle and you have them all at the same size. I would say for that no more than 1000 pixels wide and 72 dp I Resolution 72 p I resolution is low enough to deter copycats and at 1000 pixels wide, and the upload process should be quite fast as well. You might also go ahead and watermark each image with your logo. All your name. The advantage of doing this is that it discourages copycats. And should someone pin your images than whoever comes across an image of yours online, Can Tracy by on this could also help you with exposure for getting featured in a block or even get what commissions. And there are several ways of creating watermarks, but I'm not going to cover this in this class, but definitely recommend you look into it. So I'm going to go ahead on and roughly crop thes larger images into squares. So everything it's more uniforms when you don't think about and click save. And I'm going to speed up the process to amend the rest of these images. But and and so I have some not. And I noticed that no old images are lined, so I can very easily fixed up. All have to do is look for this resize image, Little Blue Square. And I think what's causing it is the fact that I've added a description here underneath the picture. So for now, I'm going to remove it. The main thing is to have the same former for all your images. So I'm going to go caption deleted, Go back, connect away. So now they should all be a lying up to here and I'm going to edit this image and hopefully that should work. Okay, so others may changes. I'm going to hit publish so that it website published. So this is the girl. I'm gonna click on it to actually see a life preview off my life site as I'm using the basic plan for weekly here. You can see that the running appears, so if you want to get rid of it, you will have toe um, a great you'll membership plan. Let's go back to the website buildup and continued working on the site. We now we're ready to work on our about page coming this template. There's a big image here, so let's click on it. Place image on granted jizz drag and drop one of mine, obviously way too big for my liking. So I'm going to go into here on the bottom right corner and resize image can go back and make more changes at an image, and I think I'm going to crop it back and save. Now all I have to do is at it. This decks Teoh, right, something about me and what I do and when you happy with that just hit publish to save changes, contact. So with this template again, we have a massive image on, and actually I don't want to have that. I click on the X daily pattern on confirmed delete, and then I just have all of these elements to customize, so any time somebody wants to contact you there, right and name their email on the comment. You get a notification through your email and that's it. We've got the working website with the home page, which displays are work That simple about Paige and I suggest you do have a picture off yourself here makes it much more personable on a compact page. Next week, I'd be looking at adding more functions to our website. If you want to just upload one image, you can drag and drop this somewhere on your page that you want. If you wanted to have a gallery of Siris of images, then dragon drop that element somewhat. I upload images, and this will allow you to upload more than one image of the time as many as you want, because they they were uploaded in one go. As a gallery, I can modify them all at once. I can change the number of columns, so then I'll have to like before I can play with a spacing out a caption, and if I going to advance, I can change image. Racial, which currently is, is a jungle I contender into square to fitting with the rest of the work that I'm showing spacing off course. I can also play with that. Another board I If I if I wanted to have one. Let's great thick want to show you? And when I'm happy with everything, I can just click away. So let's say now you want to rename this page, Ask your portfolio. So what you need to do is going to pages click on home page Name portfolio currently shells as having no heather. If you wanted to other Heather, it would come up like this. I'll go back, Teoh No heaven and keep it as it waas next under visibility we haven't public. If you wanted to have it. Password protected. You have to select this hair and upgrade toothy profession. We're going to look at ASIO settings under the lesson called Extras coming up, and if you wanted to delete the page, you can do so here or copy it so you'll have a duplicate page. Let's go back. And as you can see, the page has bean changed. If you wanted to work on your about page again, you have the same options. And if you wanted to add a page all you have to do is click on this button. Let's say you wanted to add a blocked page on us before we can go and edit thes things. So click to edit there are just added a squalling effect. And to stop looking, all you have to do is click on you. Post up the title to your post. Click there. Thanks. Drag the text element. Click to add it. I would write the block in a word document and then just based it here. Select Post. This got draft. Oh, just save it on. Your draft is down here. Draft one selected on there. It's back, ready to edit One thing that you could do. You could add a slice show on Image gallery or Justin Image. Drag and drop it wherever you like, perhaps under the title of your block, and then just upload your image So I'm going to go back and create a new page. It's going to be a standard page, and I'm going to call it work in progress. If I wanted to change the order where the's pages appear, what I want to do is click done festival and just drug change. The order from here. So I want to have, for example, but for your first, Then I want to have my work in progress. And there it is, that paid contact and block. Maybe Blawg after my about page, make sure you hit publish Every time you make a change, I'm going to edit my work in Progress Page. And what I want to do is get rid of this. And if I want to believe it with Lee is just morning me that the new layout will delete old contents in this section. So I haven't got anything bear yet, so I'm happy. Go ahead and believe that from here I can actually select a number of free layouts that I have available a swell. So what I want to do instead is add a slight show. So I'm going to drag and drop that here. So the stage I can add a caption are taxed, delete them, or even create links. I'm just going to save on. This is what it will look. So if I click on this again, I'm going to look at the options. I have transition styles to pick from 100 of slide is are the navigation options bead may be reduced up to three seconds for just click on it and make changes as you like. Publish. Open the like a page refresh. Let's have a look at work in progress. Just have a look at all these elements that you could add in your pages when you still think if you wanted to increase the spacing between different elements, where you can do is add spacer drug and drop it where you want it to actually, and it that look for that arrow there and then increase or decrease the space guys required . You can also add a divider line than if you click on it. You'll have more options in regards to the spacing on the width. Nothing you could do is add a brand new section. She's The layout will be a gallery pick, one that I like. No, just click safe and go ahead and replace all the images one by one. If you want to do this or if you just want to delete certain images, you can do that on the whole section will readjust itself. You can also change the order off the layout, so really have a lot of fun playing with this elements, besting them out, checking quote layouts you would incorporate in any page off your put funny side. In the next lesson, you learn about the back end off your Whibley site, where you can check traffic to your side monitor account and much more. 7. Dashboard: So now that we built a website portfolio, let's check out the behind the scenes in your dashboard. This is your control panel where you access your page metrics. Monitor your account preferences, not link your domain. Incorporate Adams and more to access it. Simply close the site builder here on the left corner of the page, and you can go back to a detainee website here at any time. So first we're going to go into the account page right under your name. Count. Here. You can see what we believe plan you're on when it expires. If applicable and so on. You can edit your profile and you can connect your Facebook page on Google. Plus if you want on. If you want to describe this website altogether, you can permanently delete it here. If you want to. Teoh Getting touch with weekly support Click here on this is that there help send the page where you can search for questions and read lots of articles which are organized in this way. If you wanted to work on your domain, you can register a domain here or transfer one. Let's go back to sides on another very useful part off the dashboard is going to be insights that you can see on this free plan. Everything is great out. So if you want to have access to these, you'll have to upgrade. So I'm going to show you what this page it's like, should you wish to upgrade on my current portfolio website with Ripley. I'm on the started version, so let me look onto that and show you. So here we are on the dashboard off my current weekly portfolio outside La toma design dot com. On. If we click on Insight, First will get the overview page, which will give you a break down off the number of visitors on page views that you have. And if you're selling something on your website, you can also access data for that. As you hover over these graph points, you can see the date on the number off unique visits that you've had. You can also look at page views here. How many pages are viewed per visit and then you can have a look traffic and specify whether you want it to be this play for daily, weekly or a monthly view. You can also set the data with this preferences. If we do custom, you can select a starting date, and this will display all the data pertaining to those dates. So as your site gets more established and ranks better in such engines, you'll see an organic increasing your metrics, especially if you display your website link on your social media and your email signature, which I would recommend something else that you have access to. Here is formed entries, and these are all the people that have contacted me, and here you'd be able to see any blood comments that you have. Additionally, you can scroll through all the ups that you can connect your website, including print ful, which is custom printing and full film and services. A drop shipping service, which you could use to sell T shirts to any merchandise with your own artwork. And if you visit the marketing section, you can set up marketing plants, ads, e mails, contracts. There's really a lot you can do over here. You can also add more sites. Begin upgrade here on. If you click on this, you could copy the site or even believed it. So this was just a quick overview off the dashboard on. In the next lesson, I'll show you some extras to consider to incorporate onto your site. 8. Extras: So in this lesson, we are going to cover the Mains s CEO on social media. So thinking you're the main name to weekly is a pretty straightforward process as long as you follow carefully the instructions for Ripley on your the main provider. If you want to keep them separate, obviously. So if you want to read more on the mains before you get started, go to their support page, which is their help center. Click on the mains and email transferring your domain too deeply. I'm in the UK, and I'm using 123 Reg, from which I purchased several domain names on its very easy to work with. So why would you consider keeping your the main named Separate Do your Web hosting. So I was recommended this because it could be cheaper in the long run, on more flexible if you get it elsewhere. Unlinked to any Web host of your choice. This means you have less restriction Street. Should you want to move your the main somewhere else in the future. And because of that thing separate. I don't really know the ins and outs of getting your domain by a weekly. So if you decide to do this, make sure you read their terms and conditions and know what you'll be paying when they're free off, a period expires. The currently Weebly offers the main name registration for free for one year, and you can go ahead and set that up under the mains. In terms of costs. These very immensely you can pay anything from little US $1 to thousands of dollars to register the main name. It all depends on the popularity. Andi, it doesn't matter where you buy it from. Now let's talk about Seo. I'm not an expert on this on. You don't have to be either. But I just do two things to keep my site in. Good ranking. One is to update it regularly on the 2nd 1 is to our key words and descriptions under the CEO section off my pages. So let me show you how you do that. Let's go to the site Builder under edit side within, click on some things he ate under S CEO. You can add a site description which, as it says here, appears in such engine results. So make sure you write something that really describes what your site is about what your work is about. So if you're an abstract painter, make sure you include abstract painting. Or, if you specialize in painting, will photographing certain themes. Make sure you write that here. So when you're site appears on a search engine results, someone could straight away get an idea of what your site is about. Meta keywords separate each keyword with a comma, so these are keywords that again represent what your site is about. Then you have 255 characters play with. So this is for your portfolio. What page, if you want. Also, your pages too drunk. Well, in such engines, you go to pages where on the portfolio page we click back. Then we go down to S E O Settings on and make sure you fill out the page title on a description and some key wet referring to the particular paging question, and you did that for all your pages. There are also useful articles that you can read on The weekly helps in the page, so let's do a search. This is a very good one. The ultimate ASIO guide. Improve your such ranking, so take your time and read on a CEO. If it's completely alien to you, you don't have to know a lot. But even just a little can improve. How you wrong? In general, Sir, changing the next step in regards to a CEO is to actually start a block. So that's one of my strategies. And it really has worked, because when I look at my site metrics on my portfolio website to this day some of my blood pages the top most visited pages. So it blood really seems to drive a lot of traffic to my site. And when I have some time, I try to write blood posts off at least 600 words, which have heard Google likes for a CIA ranking. But I wouldn't worry too much about this when you're just starting out. It's best to add content your site regularly rather than just write long block posts every few months. And the last thing is that whenever you click on publish block posts and we played, you have the option to post the link to your Facebook, and this is an additional opportunity to drive traffic to your site as well. So if you want to learn more about SCL, go to webley dot com forward slash ASIO Next, we're going to talk about social media. So I'm under the build section off my site builder. Where have these elements? And if I scroll down to more of the bottom, I got one which a social icons with this template that we have been using. We have three social icons already built into the camp late. These are Facebook, twitter and instagram. So let's click on that, and we can manage our icons from here. You can obviously choose the alignment on the spacing between them, you click on manage icons. The three that are active are showing here, and if you click on one, you can replace this with your own Facebook link. So just going to your Facebook page, home page or business page that you created Andi Copy and paste the URL here so I don't have a Twitter account. So I'm going. Teoh deactivated here, and I'm going Teoh ad linked in click show. And then here I will just add my linked in profile Earl Copy and paste it here, and that's all you have to do if you want to move these icons to the top dragon dropped them where you want them. And don't forget to publish your page. If you didn't have this, let delete them. You can manually add social Aikens yourself by driving on dropping them wherever you like. Another thing to show you for social media is that you can incorporate life feed for example from instagram directly on to your home page or any page that you want to install. This what you need to do, which I think it's called Social media grid Display any instagram feed on your site and it's free and premium toe access It go into the up center. So let me go back and show you how I got there. This is your site builder. Just going to ups, get social and click on what you'd like to install on. The last thing I wanted to cover here is a newsletter form. So having a newsletter is a very good idea so that you can build a following to your own channel without relying just on social media. I'm not going to cover what it takes a great and you split up. But if you're interested, all you have to do is go Teoh newsletter, fall on drug and drop it wherever you like. On whichever page you want to have it. Maybe you want to have this on the bottom. Well, you might wanna have that in your contact page or your about page that's up to you. 9. Outro & Class Project: So you come to the end of this class and I really want to thank you for watching. I hope it's giving you the motivation to get your site published in this digital age is crucial to have an online presence. It's like your business card, so don't beat yourself up over the details and just get it done. Keep it simple. Update it regularly on so you will stay fresh on drunk Well for the class project, I'd love you to post a link to your portfolio site. I'm happy to review it and offer feedback if you ask. Just remember, your first port for underside won't be perfect or super polished, so I expect it to be a working progress. The whole point here is to get started on Deng. Get daunted by the process, want it's up. It'll be much easier to up to it. So if you've enjoyed this class and lead useful tips, I'd love to hear about it in a review so that other students can more easily find this class as well. Don't forget to follow me as well, so you'll know about my future. Classes have already published glasses on Adobe Bridge Gmail and trailer. Take a look. If you'd like to learn more on that. Thanks for watching until next time.