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Create an Adobe Fuse Character, Add Mixamo Animation, Then Animate In Unreal Engine 4!

teacher avatar Michael Ricks, Animator, VFX Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Skillshare Fuse Part 1

    • 2. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 2

    • 3. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 3

    • 4. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 4

    • 5. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 5

    • 6. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 6

    • 7. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 7

    • 8. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 8

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About This Class


Have a blast creating your very own Adobe Fuse Character!

  • Learn how to create your own custom character in Adobe Fuse
  • Add amazing motion-capture animations from Mixamo
  • Animate and render your character in Unreal Engine 4

All of these programs and assets are free of charge at this time, so there is no barrier to entry if you want to learn or enhance your animation skills! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Ricks

Animator, VFX Artist


I've been making films and doing visual effects on indie films for over 15 years. When I discovered Unreal Engine 4 I was blown away by it's realistic real-time rendering engine!  I immediately saw that Unreal Engine (UE4) was a game changer and that it had now become possible for a small studio consisting of a few artists to pull off a Hollywood quality feature length animated film! 

In the past it would take hours, if not days, to render each frame of an animation, which made it impossible for an independent artist to complete a full length film.  It would literally take years to render all the frames of a movie!

All this has changed with Unreal Engine 4 - the playing field has been leveled and it is now truly up to the talents and skill set of the artist/... See full profile

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1. Skillshare Fuse Part 1: all right. In this video, we're going to cover how to get a an adobe fuse character created inside of Adobe Fuse. And then we're gonna bring it into mixed samo at an animation exported from mix Imo, and then bring it into unreal engine four. Get it all set up, ready for animation. So the first thing you want to do if you don't already have Adobe Fuse this is a free program is go to adobe dot com forward slash products forward slash fuse dot html. And from there you can download fuse, set up an account with Adobe. If you don't already have that, you need that for mix Samoa's Well, so go ahead and do that. And, um, the next thing we're going to do, once you have that, you're gonna have a desktop icon like this and we're going to need to open that up now Fuse . For some reason, I don't know why it is like this. It's very hard to open up. It's got some kind of a bug in it, and so just clicking on it, it doesn't open the program up. Double clicking as normal. So what I do and it's not ideal is I left Click, and then I hold down the enter key on the keyboard for about 1/2 a second until I see the things start spinning and it's gonna open up multiple copies of Adobe views and we'll have to delete additives. So I'm in a left click, hold down until we see that that was, Ah, the enter key on the keyboard. So left left, click on the icon and then hold down the enter key for about 1/2 a second. So see how it's opening up multiple versions here and down in my tray. You can see all these different, so just click out of them as they open up. Why this happens. I don't know. We're gonna have to consult the Oracle's up on Mount Olympus because I have no idea why. Why Adobe is made this so difficult for the program to open up anyway, you're just gonna have to go along and click out of each one of these extra copies. You find a better way to do this. Mile means, please let me know because other people online. If you do a search for this, they have different ways to do it. The right click run is administrator things like that. But those never worked for me, but this one did. 2. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 2: Let's choose the characters you could see over here on the right. We've got many different characters we can choose from, Ah, cartoony type character to ah, more realistic characters. Let's choose the male brute. Just double click on his head, and that's going to give us the male head to begin with, and it automatically opens up the torso window. So let's find the male group a torso. Double click on that, and we've got our nice group torso. Now we're going to go to the legs. Double click on the legs and adobe fuses, added those for us. Same thing with the arms. So just with a few clicks, Adobe Fuse has created a really nice character. If we go up here, we can change the view settings here. You want to overlay the wire frame. Just take a look at the wire frame and see. It's really nice topology with the mouse wheel you can scroll forward and then pressing the middle mouse button. Move up and down left mouse button. You don't have to hold alter anything will spin the character around force, and we just want to see the wire frame can take a look look at it like that. All right, so we have ourselves a character right here, and he's going to be fully rigged. Now. What we can do is we can go in here onto this under the side, and we can customize I'm not going to get into all this, but you can play around with this, but you can actually create a totally customized character. You can adjust the fingers, make him long or short the forearms arms. You'll see all of these different settings in here for the face, the head, the legs, the t, the torso, etcetera. And then over here, if you want to dress your character, you've got all kinds of different shirts and jackets and things like that pants that you can put on dresses for the ladies. All of that's available into the in the textures. We can go in here and you just have to select on the character. And then in here you have all kinds of different parameters that you can change on the skin color, black points, the diffuse texture resolution. Let's set that up, too. 2042 k texture, So that shows it better for us. So We'll just we'll just leave it at that. But I just wanted to make you aware that there's all kinds of different effects down here. Son. 10 Blemishes, freckles, detail, roughness. How shiny You want the skin? All of that is down in here in all of these parameters. So once we have our brute character, we want to send him to mix Imo directly. And we need to do this if you want to keep the facial morphs that air in here and there's about 50 ah facial expressions and morphs that Adobe Fuse has built in for each of these characters. So we want to go ahead and send to mix Imo and let's name our model. I'm gonna call him Brut Guy. We'll click, save, and now Adobe is exporting the model to a temporary file, and then it's gonna open up, mix Imo and insert this character into mix Imo for us 3. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 3: Okay, now I just opened up the browser and it is putting our character in mix Imo's auto rigor. This still blows my mind how this all happens automatically behind the scenes, because has all you guys know if your hand rigging and wait maps and all that kind of stuff is just it's just amazing to me that okay, so now we have our character, our brute character, and we can see that he's got a test animation on him. He just moving around so we can see he's got a skeleton and he's rigged. He's got weight, maps and everything on him. Now we need to the important settings. Here are the facial blend shapes, which are disabled by default. We want to go ahead and enable that and up here. If you read facial blend shapes, enable facial blend shapes to generate 50 plus animation ready shapes for your character, which you can use in your three d animation software, facial animation, driver or game engine. So we definitely want that. We want to be able to use that inside of unrelenting standard skeleton. I usually leave this at the top one so that he has all the fingers that could move and so on. And now we need to click on Update Rig, and it's gonna go ahead and re rigged the character along with all of the facial morphs that we want These we won't notice so much inside of the mix Imo animations when we had the motion capture animation. But we will notice and be able to use it once we have the character inside of unreal engine for okay, Now we have our re rigged character and he has all of his facial morphs, which we will be able to export and then import into unreal engine. So we want to go over here to the finish button. 4. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 4: we want to go over to the finish button, click on that and it says, Proceed with this new character. Your previous character will not be saved. I want to go ahead and do that cause I want my new character in here now. From this point this screen, you can either download your character and use it inside of three DS Max my a blender, moto or you. We can continue on an animate the character, which is what we want to dio. So go ahead and click on the animate button and mix. Imo puts our character in the preview window. Over here, we've got ah, samba dancing. Just go ahead and click on that and immediately we've got a really cool samba dance animation onto our brute character, and that just fits him just just perfectly. I can totally see this dude doing that dance right on the beach, can't you? So that looks good now. What we would do is we would just continue Teoh, create these animations and export them one by one. And again, there's like thousands of animations inside of Mixed Amo that you can had to your character . But let's just go ahead and use this one and download this character. I'm sorry, this animation at the download button, the 1st 1 we need to download the character with skin. Subsequent animations we can choose without skin and the file size will be smaller, and the animation the mo cap will just be added on to the existing skeleton. So let's just do this 1st 1 fbx format with skin, 30 frames per second, gnocchi from gnocchi frame reduction, click download. And this is gonna be preparing our download, and it will downloaded into our browser download section. So as you can see down here, it's downloading samba dancing Number one because I had another one in there and there it is, and that is going to complete this video in the next video. We're gonna cover importing the character in the animation into unrelenting 5. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 5: Okay, Now we want to create a brand new unreal engine seen, so I'm gonna launch Unreal Engine 4.192 Click on that. Okay. And we're gonna go to new project and put it where you want, where you save your own RL projects. Mine is on my d drive. And let's some create a blank project with starter content. And let's name this project Adobe, underscore fuse and create project. Okay, so now we have our our brand new scene. Let's go over here to our content browser. Click the expand folder here and we don't really need all this stuff. So let's go ahead and well, actually, let's do it in a easier with Goto file New level default that we have a fresh one. And then let's save this level is don't be Hughes. So we have our level right down here and let's click on right Click on content. Let's bank ourselves a new folder, root guy. So now we have a place to put our our character. Now, remember when we downloaded our fbx animation file find him in our download file here. It's called Samba dancing one. I wanna rename this to group guy, and I don't know if you have this set up, but the new Windows update gave you the ability gives us the ability to see a preview of the character right here when it selected. So let's go ahead and take our our brute guy and drag and drop into the scene here. 6. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 6: Let's try that again. Okay? And now this was going to bring up our fbx import options. Of course, you're all familiar with this and just leave everything check like this because we're gonna bring in the existing skeleton and rigging. We want to make sure that we check animations. It's under the advanced step. Oh, here it is. Show advanced right here. Import morph targets. Make sure that's checked and then we want to make sure import materials and import textures is also checked. So we're all set for our character to be imported. Go ahead and click Import and Unreal Engine is going to import our group guy character along with his materials and textures. It's going to give us these areas. Just ignore that. It's no big deal. Click out of that and we can see. Here's our character materials, normal maps. Everything's right here in our brute guy folder. So let's just go and grab our. We move this up a little bit, brute guy animation, and let's rotate him around here. Let's hit the F the F key on our keyboard to frame and rotate around a little bit, and on our play, come to simulate this way. We don't have to go into the game mode, and there's our animation. But as you notice, he looks really his textures look really, really weird, and they're not set up correctly, so we're going to have fixed that. But the animation came across. We have our are really cool samba dancing route guy. So let's go ahead and stop this down in here. We want to go to our brute guy DoubleClick, and we're gonna open up the tab. It's gonna show us our brute guy. 7. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 7: and the first thing we want to do is zoom in closer. And as we can see, we have this this horrifically brute guy that looks like he's got transparent skin with bug eyes and his mouth is all messed up and everything is just all all screwed up. The other thing that we're gonna notice right here, too, is when I go down and I try to use one of these these morph controls. It's not gonna work. Let's go down here to more open click on this and I stand corrected. Usually it doesn't work right away. Usually what you have to do. And if this happens to you, you've got to save the scene, closed down unreal engine and then restarted. And then all of these more targets will work. It looks like I lucked out in this case and it's working from the get go back over here, and that's saving everything here so we don't lose anything back to brew guy. Okay, The next thing that we need to do, we need to fix his textures and his eyes and all of that stuff. So what we want to do is going here and want to find the body material. Double click the body material and we'll see that the mess that we have here that we need to clean up. So let's just grab these. Let's move him over. So we get some some semblance of organization here. We've got his normal map and back this up, so we have a little bit more room now. The first thing that's wrong here is we're showing over in the left that it's translucent. We don't want that trans solution. We want that either opaque or masked mass, because it's gonna be They did the texture where his eyebrows and his body and everything is all part of the one same thing. So it's not ideal. So let's go ahead and choose mast and then default lit. And then what we're gonna do is could save on our texture. It's going to save that texture and automatically apply it to our brute guy. So as we can see now, he has the normal looking texture in the eyes. But we still have eyelashes that Air Mex messed up that we need to play with as well over here in, uh, the the texture and usually by clicking two sided. That will help that a great deal. So let's go ahead and do that and re save our material. 8. Skillshare Adobe Fuse Part 8: okay now are morphs are working. We can go through these and we can see Let's go for our our mouth open. First zoom in really close mouth open and then go down to the tongue. It even has a control for the tongue so you can animate the tongue up and down here. Look over here to go back to zero. Look over here so you can go. Zero are one point. Oh, if you want to even make it stretch further, you can go and just put a 2.0, in their course, that's way too big. So you could go to 1.5 however you want here. So there's his mouth control and then just go go through all of these. You can see that he's got, you know, frown on the left. Frown on the right. He's got Ah, let's go up to his eyebrows. Here's his blinking for the eyes, rows down, who's got pretty decent eyebrow controls. And then you've got smiles all right, squinting all kinds of neat control so you'll be able to get some really, really decent ah, facial animation controls with your character that you are able to create inside of Adobe Fuse. And for a free program, it's It's really a very, very powerful tool. So there we have it. We have our dancing brute character, and you can just go back into mix Imo and apply as many animations as you want and apply it to your adobe fuse character. And this is how you bring him into unreal engine. Fix the textures and materials and being go. Mango is ready to go, so have fun with that.