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Create amazing poster for your business

teacher avatar Pranav Singh, Founder of THINKING HOW

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction about this course

    • 2. Basics of poster designing

    • 3. part 1: learn how to design Music event poster

    • 4. Part 2 : learn how to design Music event poster

    • 5. part 1 : Learn how to design yoga event poster

    • 6. part 2 : Learn how to design yoga event poster

    • 7. Learn how to design cycling or sports event posters

    • 8. Social message poster : Learn how to design Plant trees and save earth posters

    • 9. Assigments & tasks for you

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About This Class

In this course I will teach you how to create popular posters using canva designer. you will be learn what goes on with poster designing. i will be sharing my personal tips on designing, and how to easily create designs.


  • you need to sign up on ( free to do )
  • click on the link to sign up (
  • you need a laptop or desktop.
  • No prior knowledge is required in designing.


  • Basics of poster designing.
  • key features of posters.
  • learn how to use canva designer tool
  • learn how to design a poster for social initiatives
  • learn how to design a poster for events
  • you will be learning poster designing from 4 different types of poster, 
  • how to design poster using texts and color only.( example : music festival poster in course)
  • my personal tips for designing.

after this course you will be able to create your own amazing posters, so just join this course and start learning now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pranav Singh



Hello, I'm Pranav. I am the founder of thinking how an animation production company. we create animated videos for brands and businesses. here in skills share I am teaching my personal techniques which is used to speed up my work and create smooth animation faster. I am currently graduating from computer science and engineering.

my goal is to plant minimum trees 50 trees this year 2020  progress (25/50) planted

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1. Introduction about this course: lo. Designers hope you're doing well. I am trainer on the instructed of this Cordes on the founder of Thinking How which is an animation production company. I am having more than two years of experience in designing and animation. I have created a poster designing cause for you. In this course, you will be learning different types of poster designing and the basics off poster design. Its key features will be designing different types of posters. Rather, it's for a social message, whether it's foreign event or whether it's for international your body, which is starting. And I will be sharing my personal tips and tricks for designing. So if you weren't alone and create some amazing posters, just joined this coast and we will start learning now. 2. Basics of poster designing: so guys, before designing, opposed toe. We need to understand some basics about people searches on and some key features a poster. So first your message should be geared to your audience. The proposal saying. Is that what you are going to develop the audience? What is your goal? Tell your audience. Certainly clear and super delivered in a engaging way because you need to drive someone's attention. Do your poster so you need to clear your message. What you are going to deliver with this post. Oh, so that is the most case. No second wisely twos. Next for your poster, we are some bound ations when clearly some posters like that we need to just use some text . We conduct a paragraph through a poster, so we need to, wisely, to that next to deliver our content in gruesome short lines wasn't point lies, so that is very crucial when designing a poster, we need to understand that we're not going toe. Add a pantagraph here, so we need to summarize a photograph into two points or two lines, or simply one line to style out our content on stay longer message. So that's the second point you short text and those techs, which deliver the whole paragraph into a single life. But your whole message now the Tardis add a heading had learned of the message. We need to add a headline of the message with the Border and a bigger form because that's our headline and the view was forced to see this. If they come to a poster, they will see what is all about so they will see the headline like It is off event or Music festival or the savored campaign. So this is a headline. You need to make it bigger and bolder so that it will come into the engaging way. Or did we drive the attention of the viewers now? The told us and key features like for an event poster you need to add a when date. It's a mandate, three event, location, event time and about the organizer. You can have your website details. You can add a contact video so you can also add some prices these days. So for that event posters, you need to add these debates. It's some mandatory you can't forward, so these are some basic things which we need to consider. Why it is on your poster. And you need to consider these things in the life when you are going to design your posters . So after this now, we're ready to design some posters, So thank you. Let's time. 3. part 1: learn how to design Music event poster : so in decision. Really? Design a music poster using Canada. So vivid. Start right now. As you can see, we are. You can go home and research into the search box Poster Drogheda boaster dimensions like Hear this. Click here and we will go with blind design. So let's look here. Now you can see here we have our design books, please. So this is the black box space in which we are goingto designer post. Oh, of course. Next, at a background color. So introduce. Oh, just click here and make sure it is selected as it so with blue hungry like it is not selected here. And if you gap here what? Just click here it is selected now as sure. Now, if you want to change the color of the background, there are two ways. First, just select the background and click here. Want to the background color section? And after clicking here, the color palette will be arised. And now you have to Jessica. So I'm just going to do select oh, red color and make some modifications. Who? Dad? Red color. So true. So just click this color and go to new color and make some genius. So you can just drag here and make some changes according to you need. Okay, let's go over it like sky blue. Sky blue color. Okay, Now be a good background. So next add some text. You are Mostow, Sword Rousselle This click under next and add a heading. So I'm going to head rogue and festival here. So let's start by this, adding are seeking rock and what I'm going to do is ongoing between the four name Do these great wasa like this and then click here. Base sense. Yes, it is Here. You can also select your custom point by this click here and like this and go to the any off this design space and click here and blows all your forms like this. But right now I'm going with this. So I need to just dragging down so that it will look as they want. I mean, okay, on your present. Next in grieving or in place toe. Get hungry. Here. Now what I need to do is I need to reduce the space in here. So let just click here because it's spacing and reduce the line height. I hope you can understand what I'm doing. Ok, Lexx reused the side a little bit so I agree. Look more bigger And we can also you crazy negative, big like this I'm going to reduce the lighting height. You can just do it by selecting this and clicking moving Because they come here and you can see the spacing arises and then click here to do the line Hi to reduce the letter spacing and you can also align your text like to boredom middle and apart like this. So now we need to add festival. So really to add another text. So I'm just going toe add heading again and I'm going to read our next best even by Stephen . And now I need to change a front and also the color. So I have no fond Neil Salima s c l a m e Okay, is that I steer? You can also knows your own forms. It is somebody is introducing. Okay, let me teach you. Okay? If you need toe build with handwriting type of phone, you just select handwriting. And this click here as you can see the same simply like this. You can click here as it does change simply like this again. So you can select your own forms. And if you want to go with cooperate iPhones, then you can sell it. Cooperate corporate on. Just click. Here it is Super easy clue. So I'm just getting back to my phone. So it is here now I'm goingto changing color. Do you like on this jagga tail and a greasy side slightly like this? Just increase the science. But now I need to just jeans. Bagram Gonna okay like this. Select a background color, new Galo and make it on board on like so that white color porn is visible. Billiards tired. Another stain being This is Lord, keep your muse getting through the color which I need like this. So true changing Color the selectively layer and click here and select a pre report color if you want, and you can choose your new color. You can also enter your color chord here. So it is super easy to do so right now I'm just going with this 4. Part 2 : learn how to design Music event poster : going with this. So we are done with rock and festival Now toe clear The post. Oh, we need to accent. Beat is like for any rank. This is for any rank. So we need to ask some simple information more direct. So ag Dichter Verlag Ok, Lexx position this like new downwards. Good. Anyone wanting to move your layers? You can use arrow keys to move it more precisely. And if you need toe, move it like more faster than you need to press shift and then less Iraqis. So we're just in Boulder Luso. Now we need to read some information about the poster because we're designing a music festival event post toe. So that's like that's important. So at the subheading and just drag it here. Okay, Now let's add the event location, which is obviously concerned ground concert grown Whatever. Name it, like ABC or even this is just a sample information and this review of this site like this and we need to duplicate this text by clicking here and drag it here, and we need to add a day So, like, cider date here. So today's 20 was doomed to understanding 2015. We're different Don't? Or do you drink tea? So we are done with this in order to capitalize a text or to make it up uppercase. Just click. Here it is. No, it is right now. And just if you again click here, it will create it back knees. So that's hours done. So we are done with design. We are done with you drank location and now we're done with big. So now let's and a symptom information about this event. So just add a subheading and make it count. So let's add a androphy. And to prove it is $10 it is just a sampling. This is not Anyway, I'm just showing you how would this period? So we need to just place it here and changing color to wipe Andre fee. And we need to egg more details about the entry off the location and three time off the ground. So I'm just replicating this, um, adding event time. It won't start. And why bm so just you can just use the corners toe Gilbey next, and I'm just aligning. So we are almost done with this? No, let's add some elements which is going to be adding some shapes here. Finalized poster. So if I just click on the shapes that they make you learn and just like here on the square ship, you can see a square allies here. So I'm just going just calif using these arrows on. Redo this. You can also using scare using such a does like this and use shift and advocates toe. Move it. No one would read a black. Okay, so we are done with this, and we need to ag here. I would write another suit. Just click here from the elements section. I just for this one. So in order to do this site on Basic here, Andrea news, The two white color. Do you recall A by selecting a layer or a shape and just go with colors from here on the siding. A red color to this. Okay, let's add aboard. Seems good. You know what, Mr Verne? Soups Well, excited black here, and you re created this or we can just do center. We're sort of black and go with c important that we are already going so it will look more better. So I've just changing color. The white and the background shape through black. So we're done with this. So this is our very quickly. We need to just boarded. Um, it's done. So we have created our event poster for a rock festival. A music festival. So that's how you Creator Post. Oh, you need the other design you knew graduate event time and then trophy unity. Rather, date eunuch, your ideal location, and then you need to write your design. So that's how you create a catty poster for the event popularly and toe export and down on this design, what you need to do is just click here, download and you can download it into PNG. Pdf and be different quality. I will prefer being deforming to know this. So Bordeaux reality and this known Distributing your design and it's done to the select. Here you can see your designers that egg, and believe me, it is amazing. You have also seen some posters and lines like this. So now you can create your own design very easily put Music festival and I want you to pride itself. This is super easy, Gruesome. So thank you 5. part 1 : Learn how to design yoga event poster: survives in this session Every design opposed to for in the nest and your birthday, which is today on 21st June. So let's start right now. We had a gamma home and I'm going to search here post Oh, to get a poster dimensional sample for me this click here and go with blank. So now really designed workspace And here we are going to create our design. So first we need ah, background image or people doing yoga who created, you know, by then poster so produce. So we have to go into photos and search for yoga, yoga happy and go with it Now we need to understand some licensing terms here, like you can use free images and for pros you need to pay for them and how you will know that this is a free or this is a ploy mint. So if you just hold your car, the hair, you can see that on the bottom. True, this free and on the same another image. It is pro. So that's the difference. You can use the view once, so let's Jews are event for your organization. Well, I'm opposed to, so I'm just going with this one in selecting this and face it here and you can drag using or scaling using corners. As you can see, the circum and the does president becomes like this, then drag and place it using this click here. And this moving you can just select and using because of to move here is I'm what it means . So we are done with this image. As you can see, it is on the background already. No, we need to act some elements and start art is, um so we are done with the photo section so we can close this and go to the elements section and we need some ships. So in order to get shapes, you need to just the relevant section and search for the shapes. You can also find various things here like great shapes, frames, frames. If you put a frame here and dragon image, it will pick up, the image will be pretty two different. You can find stick goes, jogs radiant and various things. You can just browse it. And if it is free, you can use it really. And for the pain, even as it is obvious, you have to pay. So for this design, I need to just I need just a shape you. So these are great internship, but that doesn't matter, so I can't found anything helpful. So I'm going with shapes. You get some basic ships like this, so let's browse something helpful. Okay? I'm just going with the triangle with the corner to this corner. So let's go with this by selecting this. As you can see, it is on the this site now having so you hold authoritative in. So you're going to see I so good here. Just move because it here and you can see the arteries been dig. We need to just select and press the left most with him and just repaid your country by pressing shift. You will ensure that it is from the same design and released the ship to maintain the designs killing minus one degree. It is spoken. Now I'm going to displace it here and like this. So we are done with this, and now I'm going to tear. So let's to the color with soups, yoga and simplicity. So, like, I think maybe not like, let's go agree, because it really senses off greenery Okay, This might be good for me. If you're double dip, double click on the image. You can just reposition this like this to reposition this double click and just drag by selecting this image. So I need to add a logo here. Yoga. So select this and it will come up with the report Color like this. And if you need to change Ecologist, selector, designer or layer or receive. And if you see here with this color section you can change the color here. You can also choose from court Oculus, which is the best feature here. But right now, just select the same kilometer tooth already. And if you want a new color, you can just click here and move around this You get a new car, so I'm just basing it here. You know, just Agnes here, Mark remembered in so that they're doing screw Ardizzone here. No, we need to I know another Leo over this Now it's a game off. Looks at a black color, tweaked, just drag. Probably dragged using corner to scale it down. Scalea. So we have filled with the black color. And the reason for doing so is that I'm going toe, reduce the opacity or transparency so that we can have, Ah, background image and over we have next and our design elements, so it will look better. So to do so. This click here and click on this check board and reduce the transparency. Now, as you can see that are wrinkle is likely dim, which we don't want. So what we need to do is to make the transparency earlier or the black layer go back. One produce So this select be black Leo and go to position and move it backward backward again. So it is done like our board designer going Now we need to add some pecs. First, let's add a logo, Kyoga. So I go to elements section and search for You're going to this search bar yoga or a leg side of simple ship like this. What we can end this that said a white girdle drip and simply scale it down. Place it here. Super simple, sort of back. Look better with white, or we can just do it next vows and other colors or under device 6. part 2 : Learn how to design yoga event poster: when I think this is better. Next code, some combinations, which may be helpful. Or we can just make it like this. Yeah. No, no, no extra. Do this and just go with this. Like this symbol? No, What we need to do is we need to add some text here for the session details and international your body. So let's add some text by clicking Hill and had a heavy by selecting this sanguine. Go and hear your body light or G. Okay, so let's seem deformed. Post capitalized this to uppercase. As you can see the lower part, this capitalize only. So if this is happened to you, just select or control a not controlling for this double, double click and control E and become their party's so that both of the design is selected , Watauga, Texas. Selected, and then it will change the color. So now, next. In the next go on, go another phone, which will be better like nor Mr no arrest gave you guard this lightness simple. So we need to just reduce this spacing proposal. You can hold your mouse here and click on the spacing and reduce the line height. Supercede like this. I have an idea. The world. Let's make it here. So that could look better. Now I'm just going toe. Remove this. So now let's add some texture. I need toe go with this point only. So let's duplicate this phone, and we need to change the size even at some one of the forms. So I'm just selecting this, okay? Don't make it confusing for you. So next had another heading or a subheading. This click here at a subheading and we're going toe egg some next, like bead Stretch on healthy. So let's help bread. Strict Head of the okay, regard this text. Now we need to produce this size. And I'm Roussel the select this text and go with this and use this to 21 or 20 minutes to small 50. Okay, 15. It's like the reduce ported before you. It is going. We need to make it border like this. And let's JV born to mourn Stoute. I ever mortals months Did it extra board. You knew this regarding this point here and to reduce the size You can just do this By the way, this is perfect. So what upper takes part is ready are lower export. It's ready now. We need to act some event details to finalize a poster and Axum below designs here. So just go to the Elements section and close this and at a shape here, just selector or the shapes and just click here, you'll get directing them. What a square. Make it rectangle. Just select this and just drag so you can created like this. We need toe adhere The session location with will be helpful or the visitors. So I had a subheading and just go do this and add the extreme National Park State National Park and reduce this jersey phone too more in strict. And we do this by using corners and this number Click here New zoo crazes or arrow keys like even, is a dash. Okay, so I've just started. Oh, event, location, section No. We need to add a date here and about some organization order, not build United's. And we need to understand her date here. So I'm just going to add heading and add a date of the video. Sold some 21st June. It just nobody. On June 20 Lex dragged this. We'll make it big. Okay, regard this hill like this Just James deformed. You can select your own form, but you want. But I'm just going with this Secrets. Good. Next changing color of this 4 to 3 and see how it looks. As you can see, it's better now. So we need to act something. More details about that session. So we need a subheading Wrexham duties like enjoy, enjoy reorganization session. Yeah, seven year. So I'm just added up. Do you feel about the yoga session? I'm distributing the save and place it here. Okay, this is good. Simply like this. Now we can just deal with transparency to make up Alston more effective. Simply like this. We can Adam board so that our design will look better. So we are done with the disease. We need to just change the color of this phone so slightly or black. Let us check that how it will look dark black. So this looks fine. And that's how we create internationally over day or stuff. So we have just added a logos and below for your Bobby have added a background image at a next when we alone How to change the point and our safety porn color. And we have added a event event time, even date about developed. So we're done with deposed toe. Now it's time to explore this. So just click on this down Lord and are ordered into the being deformity. But you can also to speedier form it because for the printing purposes, it will look better. But if you want just sharing this toe social media, then you can go with being because it will provide a high quality image file. So I'm just going with being deformity and just down. So we're done this openly Line, as you can see. Look perfect. I'll always hear being valued about our event event time, even date, event location. So we have completed all the benchmark, so we'll start designing. So thank you for watching this. I hope you have known. And I want you to just try out this because crazy buddy and just started out and created only ran posters. Thank you. 7. Learn how to design cycling or sports event posters: survives in decision We're going to design event poster for cycling. So let's start right now. As you can see, we are can more dot com and at the home interface and we will go to search box and search for deposed toe to get the exact dimension sample permit. We can go with blank design. So as you can see, we had the same workspace. Now we will start designing I post oh so legs style. We'll go to the elements section onto the left side, as you can see here and click here toe. I love the soon so I really go to shape. And let's creator background for this. So I'm going to select the square and just select this and move it like this. I'm just dragged drag it and billiards foot here. And as it hurt here, we need to just from this side, this jagged downwards so that gets computer and we have created that back home using shape . So next, seeing the color of this background by selecting this and you can you will see a blue well on the corners, it will show that what you have selected your design like if our design is not selected. It doesn't try anything. And if you select a design show the blue boundary. So we've been ensured that you have selected something. So just saying the color using Preller section and let's go with this. We need something freely. So we will go to new color by selecting this. Like, if I select this okay was changing. So if I need to change the color So I'm just selecting this and kicking here to color and go with the sample color or blue and then change the blue color and make a dismantling this blueprint. So why don't we know? Okay, this is good. No, that looked like here. No, we need to add some other ship like a triangle from here and another triangle from here. So let's start by clicking here. This men be better. So I'm just getting here and just retail this using this circle. And who are you most here? Cause they're here and you will see that it will be bending. And then let's click and destroyed eight as you want, so make sure, really 90 degrees negative as we are just making it here and then placing it downwards and again work like this. So the more diverse to create forced the background and then slightly triangle and then under triangle from here. So let's see in the color, by selecting the shape and kicking here to change the color, I will strike blue. Okay, Seems good. Just make some modifications like this. And we had word with this. So we have just created a background and an element or triangle. Now we need to write another time. So let's start. So just again, click here and next sandy color first. So that will doesn't confuse us more. So I'm just going with the yellow And just like here or moving here by just selecting and moving. Hey, we need to slightly Oh, you know, So just select here and make some modifications to nucular. Okay. Years Well, doesn t know this is good. So we have been with selecting the Bagram, creating a bag low, creating a triangle, Schiff, and creating another time, that ship no next exam next to him. So go do the x section and Sherida subheading first and place it here and add like this race event. Okay. Bye. Grace isn't cycling No, no basement next excess. I'm heading our district operating off this race even like as I be here. One next. Add a heading which will be bigger than this. No, I'm with red cycling event like cycling is a So this is good when we need to just drag it like this. And as required, we need to reduce this spacing between these two lines. So what? We have to go. Just hold your mouse to this and you will find spacing here and just click here and reduce the line height like this. So, Buddy, victory OK, Lexx does this. Okay, we are going now Let's a language text Rudy left, so just look here you are language next sidedly light. Ok, Lexx ordered above, you know, But this one also will be physical. So we're done with this and the heading off this event Now we need to add a shape or are you need to have some time and location so that it will be better for the audience or that it will put the requirement. So let's said the timing here by clicking here and then adding the timing like 9 a.m. do 9 a.m. one Words just drag here to make you do the single light. And there are two ways to reduce the size of the form. Either you can do it using corners or you can just go in and your custom number. So just place it here and slightly nuisance. Okay, Like this. We need to just do this also and lays it like here as we had one more burger. Okay? And this is good. Now we need to add next. Seen this text color. You can choose your own custom that you want the piano. Just selecting the boss. New more, not board. Okay. It started the Children. Okay, We have a few different one straight plastic. So I'm going with this or a nor Wester. Been honest is good. So like this? No, no, no, Uncle, this is good. Monster doesn't. So we have created race event. Next. Cycling, even show your skills. So you're is you can a some of beating next skirting. Look here, this make it here and the good. So we have figured this ready on the event, heading in the timing. No many dragsholm address and stuff so very greater. Some heading and we will add a simple addressed, like whatever you can add, like 123 ABC esteem. What? New York? We would never just added a fixed to get the address. Just your care. I'm going to make it aligned into this lane. No extra knew this. Okay, so we have we need to just make it downwards and add out while member who daiquiris off the people. So if you're designing a really poster, you need to add some details about your poster so that audience can reach you. So that's one important thing to notice that we need to add timing, event bid and, uh, address off that event and you're well Umberto contacted so that for those who have quality or who need to register for the event, they can contact you. So these are some basics. So, like Santa Mobile? Okay. As I want, it comes under. B likely make it like this. You're good. No, we need to other normally like this displace it here and looks add up by number. It is sample and anything you can. I'm just writing a sample. But do you have to write you and he gives according to a day Information you want to predict. But you know, I'm just idea Simple. It doesn't relate to anything. This is what? Our education proposal on me. So now we need to just like this Texan Toby left side so that it doesn't look Waas, you need to just select the phone number and place it here. Same for the address you do is just slightly okay. Not very good. And also duties No. Let's exam colors who are designed or post legs Baptism on this cycling event. So go to the elements section and such was cycle. If you are browsing your own designs, you can just search your own design mutual like for yoga. You can set yoga like yesterday. You can study you can such a sturdy keyboard or never Your keyboard is the thing Is that efforts free. You can use it for free. And fxpro, you have to pay. That isn't but okay, this is this. Looks good. So I'm just selecting this and putting it right here and increasing the size the next time . This one. You know this If you have done any mistake, you can just use control. The which is a lifesaver for designers. You need to just kind of blue collar. This so that big. And we need to just be grieve this side like this interview decisis Likely so that groups under the color. So we are done with the design. We need to just make someone to smokes, which I will tell you what to do. This click here and here and your shift and advocates to move it up front because really some police base here. Okay, Now let's color this two yellow and this toe blue. What? They This text, You confuse Lubell onerous on this one over a deal. So the thing is that you need to do this. Go with your custom colors, which you are just using in this design, because it will be helpful for you. And it will look more better than two z an investor. So that will be really helpful. Just listen to you and just change the color to yellow and distribute this or move this downward and make it slightly. Make sure we have to align using Iraqis. We need to just like you make it up once. So we are. We have created our design for the event and we are just checking out what we have been. We have added a heading here about the event heading so you on big ready and one more thing we need to add it. Here is the date. So let's added eight here. We need to add a date in this small. So next accurately seven. Readiness. Okay, let's add another. You know, going to be seven loom 20. No, maybe on just reduce decide using corners. I like it here. Places like this and changing color to yellow or the so we're done with the poster. Now it's time to download this produce a little this click here And if you are just sending the designed to pray so you can to speed AEA And if you're just sending your belongs to social media are using for e sharing, you need to just ag the select PNG and then found I will prefer using PNG just like here and open our design. As you can see, we have we have created our design for the cycling event. Hope you have known. And if you like this, you can try it out to create like this. Thank you 8. Social message poster : Learn how to design Plant trees and save earth posters: guys in this session, we're going to create a popular post. Oh, was savored initiated. You have seen various posters regarding savored campaign, and it's a quite popular since childhood. We are. We have started in the school about several campaigns, and I would request you who just saved nature and plant some trees and take care of them. So now next, start designing a savored poster. So this type of poster comes under the awareness campaign poster. So this is not any rain post toe. This is the awareness forced. Oh, so let's start designing as we can. We had a camera home nonverbal search, Mostow, you gotta designed for me now. We will go with blank design. As you can see, the attack Can we design launcher and next Ardizzone So most next gate of bag down reboost . So we're just tapping this and looking on the background color, right, A background color. So I'm just going with dark green, anything which will be helpful. They started this one. That's now we're done with the background. Now we need to add some text or let's first Aksam elements are shaped so that we can I'm going to add of people here. I'm just a likely this one. Well, we just can't help here. Legs. Look here. The reason for choosing this is that I want a ground like Texas for the we don't. So let's browse. Define anything back up in this. You're like this. Maybe there's no conscience color and like, you can see that recounting the well, I have another idea. Proceed. But first, next, going this one. So expose so that we can get another something better. And if not, then we will proceed with this. Okay? Lets fear x pursued with this one. Not like that. Okay, so this will be a big ground, and I'm going to add a three here and add some next body. Savored can pay. So, like sag some trees. Three. Okay, we have different trees, but they can't any surety of this camping or the design of this post. Oh, we can to this one. Not going to do so. This one, it might be better. Yeah, but this is not bad. This looks more bigger, but for the posters, you can choose your own custom. They're part like this one and leaves with this, but it's better than not like that. So we're just going with this one, and I'm just positioning it to the backward so it will look more realistic. It was like position and backwards, As you can see, it discovered under the ground. No, we need to read some next to you. So disclosed this and go with the next section. So let's I know heading here, which is obviously the slogan of your camping or the mean point you what you want to deliver to your audience. You have to mention it here in the Borden I related section like slandered riveters Line 33 with us. Simple. Just jagged so that it will come under the one line. Now we need to change the form. I'm great with Nor'wester. No investor. You can choose your own custom for its and does it from here. It's not that difficult. You just need to select this text and click here to browse if wants so pushing for you under three Vidor's Yeah, excites something different, which would be more bigger for this one. Okay, we're sitting into the cooperates. Okay, this might be hateful. Yes, You got this just increased Deport cited by using corner Seuin scaling this own We can also just go here and change the number and we've decided or decrease the size of before as we're going. So just make it here by this selecting and moving it upwards You can do so now we're done with the ground. We're done with the tree. Listen, we're done with the background and we have created our first main heading. Okay, Looks at an experiment remark. So we need toe add some subheadings like John joined this tree planting initiated. Hey, if you are creating a poster for our and your or something like that, you can I know That's dumb name here. Like joined this and use initiative to plant some please. But right now I'm just adding during this landing initiative, blinding in each year there. So let's changing color, toe white and June deformed. Also, you can do with this one. Okay, This is not bad. Understanding the size from here to show you Howard books Simple This click here and seeing the size Okay, simple. Very good. Now we need to rather above heading. So just liquor. Some heading because we need some shorter. Like I'm just a Skase and question like more. Enter better planet. Okay, so add born toe bed a planet blacker planet and just seeing the point on toe. No, not like that. Hey, let's drive itself. You make invite, and I'm going to change this color toe. Really not bad. Read more. You can just with the senate kind of murder, as you can see the pink. But it shows that you are in the middle of this page. We need to distribute, decides to 60. Well, now we had the above by on the main heading off this initiative. We had the tree. We need to act something about the organization. So I'm just adding the organization, like, sample organization of a lot sample. And you, when you are doing your own moment, you can have your custom websites or your pages that you want to believe in the audience. But right now for this learning purpose, I'm just riding a sample. Anything that doesn't relate to any really website or something. So sample and your Rocco symbol, you know it. Just make it bite. We're excited. Black. Okay, that's good. Now opposed to this. Almost ready. We need some leaves. leaves to make it more bigger. So just select this or we have just selected a prohibition. And if I want to use this, I need to pay for that. Today's purpose I'm not grand reduces just like this one. And your news this size here on place it like this and changing color to I agree and seem we need to this duplicate this using duplicate cool and less it here, sabbatical align perfectly as it is now we need to flip it and how we will do so. Abour live flipped horizontally so simple like this. So if you need to act something more, you can just do so in your custom projects. And I want you to divine this one Got this one is very better. And I want another thing like we only do this plant rings. It's my initiative to plant more and more, please. So that u two concert by So make it board and make it shorter not to start. Well, you can just make it on your own understanding of we will fair our planet so you can add some custom lines here. And just I had a white below and I'm going to either element closing this, which is shaped off us, grad. I'm going to make it a penguin and put it here, James D, color toe white and then changing the color too. I really like this. So we have created our savored initiated poster. You could just change it here and clear the earth. Lower like this has assure you art. So as you can see, we have different types, all designs. You can just select this one and drag it here. You can use this one. You can also do this one. It's very simple until its feet. So these are various kind off designs which will be really beneficial like this. So just don't order design. And we're done with this being deforming from social media and for printing purposes, go too pretty a free download. This next. Check out our design. So we have created a vagueness forced. Oh, in this post of any toe, just add a motive off our poster. Like this. Plant a tree Videos join this funding initiative. I want a blade of planet. Why? They will plant a tree because they want a better planet. So, like this and you hope you have known I want you to especially here, this one for us, Art. Thank you 9. Assigments & tasks for you: Now you have learned about the poster designing, and you have known how good design these sports toe. Now it's time for you to create your own design. And I want you to create one of these designs. Or you can just take idea from these design and cuter owned is in and showcase us so that we can see what you have learnt and how you design your posters. I want o get some inspiration from your eyes. So it just whatever you have known Justin tremendous and creative custom boast. Oh, but you can just get same poster and posted to predict section Thank you guys all the best .