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Create a whiteboard animation using Adobe Animate

teacher avatar Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Whiteboard animation

    • 3. Export animation as video

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a whiteboard animation using Adobe Animate.

Have you always wanted to create a whiteboard animation but you're not sure what software can create this? Then this class would be right for you because you will learn how to create a Whiteboard Animation from scratch in easy steps!

Meet Your Teacher

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Samantha Chan

Creative softwares


Hello,  welcome to my profile! My name is Samantha Chan, my passions are Graphic Design, Photo manipulation and Animation. 



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1. Intro: Welcome to this class where I'm going to show you how to create a whiteboard animation from scratch. So this is how the animation should look like from the beginning until the end, when you're done creating the project, we are going to use the software adobe and mates. To create this animation, you will be creating the animation using the classic twin, but also the frame by frame animation. And you will also learn how to export your video at the end As an animation. My name is Samantha Chan and ob your instructor in this class. And if this all sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to enroll. 2. Whiteboard animation: in this class. I want to show you how to create a whiteboard animation from scratch. So here I am going to start first with the words So you have the textile here and when you use the text, so you just click anywhere and you will see that here in the character, you can select the funds that you want. So let's say, for example, you want the phones to be find your hand EITC like this, you can then select it and you can then write down Hi, welcome to this page. So here I'm going to change this through the black color. So let's say you want to have it on two separate lines. You can press on enter and you can move it here in the middle off the page as well. So let's say we use this front instead type of upright. So with this one, we can then use the free transform to and then make it bigger. This is done the worst that I want to show you how to use as a whiteboard animation just as an example. And the next step is to choose a hands form so you can then go toe pics obey or any website that has free images. I like to use pics of me because it is very simple and easy to use on. Most of them are free as well and free from copyrights. So you can use this for commercial use as well. So what you do is your I click on it and you copy the image, and then you can paste the image in other BME meat. So you create a new layer, and in this Lee year, you can call it hence. Okay, so but you can then do issue heights, this one and you pace the hands here and make sure the bottle off the hand is not seen. Because otherwise it will look like it is just a loose hands over there. And here you can then start at the beginning like so. And here you can make this a little bit larger so that you won't see the ants over here. Okay, so here you just start right over there in the beginning. And what you don't do is you create a mask, Ford, earlier, off the words. Okay. So here you can create your mask if you click on the layer over here and you select a new layer here at the top. It will appear on the top, so that's why I went to words and then created this layer. If you are here at the hand, it would then also create a layer on the top off the existing layer. So I know I am here. You will see that when there is no key frame, it means that there is nothing over there. So I want to use my rectal, a tool to create a rectangle to hide the words and then show it. Little by little, you can select any color that you want, but just so I don't get confused, I rather use something that is not black. So I am going to choose this blue collar, for example. So here I am, then hiding the first letter over here, and what happens is then that's when I select Afifi cannot add the frames there. I can then use the mask over here and then show it little by little. So I right click it and then used a classic Tween and with the classic Tween here at the end, I can then drag this toe the ends off the worst. I have to direct us to the left so that it doesn't move too much. But then you have to also do this for the other key frames that you have so here in the same layer. I have a key frame at the beginning. And I need to drag the paper as well in the beginning over here. Because if it is here, you will see that it will move Very weird, like in right now. So I have to move this to the beginning and then you will see it will move more constantly . Okay, so here, right now, it just shows the rectangle moving. But I want to make it a mess. So I right click on it and then select a mask and you will see then that it will show this little by little. If I hide this, you will see it better. Like right now it's all depends on how your rectangle is so that you can move it there and then you can make a move little by little. Like so. Okay. You need to have another mask as well. Here and here. I'm going to create a mask Number two and here with the words I can. Then right, click it and then break them apart. Here I select only the ones at the bottom. So here I select this and that I'm going to do. Then yes, I'm going to add it and cut them. And here I'll creating another layer. So here, a mask to And then this will be text two. Okay, Aurea words. Part two is also okay. So here I am going to paste in place like so. And then here I'm going to create the other mask. Okay, So when this ends, I want this to actually continue because right now it only hides this part. Okay, like so you see, it only shows this part. So here at the beginning, I want this to show, but I want it to not have any effect first. So here I am going to make this longer by any more frames to it. And then here we create the mask because I wanted to start here. Okay, so then we have to extend everything else over here. And then here we start with the other masked as well. So here I am going to start creating a mask over here. Let's make this also blue and then I'm going to starts with the animation over here. So here I'm going directives to the left and make this a little bit smaller. And then here we use the classic Tween and here we can then at a key frame at the end. So I answer a key from over here. I make sure this one is also there. And then I drag it over here like so so that it will both better So here in the beginning, I want this also to be on the left side like so. And then I create a mask over here as well. Okay, so what happens? Ist and then this one will show little by little, we move the key frame here and then it will show me little by little how the mask will go. OK, so if I play it over here, you will see that it more than show Hi. Welcome to this page like this. But you want the hand movement also match it. So to do that, you can either at the classic between or you can add a key frame every other frame. When you add a key from every other frame, it will be a lot easier to change it in every key frame so that it will be more accurate. So what? I know you can then go here at the top and then you directives to the bottom, for example, like so. And this s well, you can then directives a little bit further and here you can then go and keep dragging it to the end off the letters so that it will look like he has written it. I'm just going to speed this up a little bits. - Okay , so now that we are done, we can then see how the animation goes from beginning until the end. Okay, so when you play it, you will see that it will then look like the person has written the words a little by little. So what, you basically do issues a mask to show the movement off the words one by one and the frames using a classic queen which is making it smoother. And you have to lock it for the mask to take effect. Because otherwise you will only see that there is a rectangle showing you how it will be moving. Like right now, you see, you will only see a rectangle moving. So here you can then lock. It's like so and it will then show you one by one how the movement will be with the worst and hence 3. Export animation as video: when you're done creating the animation, What you do is you go to foul and then you go to export and you go to export video. So when you are at exports video, you will see that you can change the width and the height. I will leave it the same us here at the all right side off the screen where the properties are, and I will choose convert video in adobe media encoder so that you can change the settings in case you want to upload it to YouTube or toe anywhere else. So here I am going to select when last frame is reached because I don't want to cut it off . And here you can select where you want is to be. Don't know that that so I want to download it at where my videos are. So I'm going to save this and I'm going to export it. And when I export it, I will get the adobe media encoder toe open. So in a while it should open it. But first it showed processes here and under B and the meats. And then here. When you go here, you will see that at the export settings. You can change the format off it, so I will recommend deliver at age 26 because that is the best quality for your video. And you can also use it for ah, lot off platforms that way. Okay, so the presets can be custom, but you can also change it to, for example, high quality in case you wanted to be higher quality. So there are many things here that you can do, and you can also export audio. In this case, I have not added any audio yet. So it doesn't matter if I have this checked or not. But if you do have an audio and you want it's to be included, you should select this option over here and here at the bottom. You can then publish to specific platforms like V Mayo or like YouTube, and then you have to sign in so that it's can Ah, bro, that's instantly to your YouTube and set off you doing the extra work. So all these are very important part off the sad things, so that you can then insert them or select them, and then it will cost you last work afterwards, and when I am done. I'm just going to click. OK, here and here You can then click on the green bottle, which is for playing the video. But it will also upload it instantly to where you want it to be uploaded. So here, when I select this, it will bring me to my videos and where my videos are. I can then select it and it will show me how it will go from the beginning until the ends. So this is then how it will look like from the beginning until the end off The animation on This is how you create your animation in adobe animate when you are, Don't creating your project in adobe Any meat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and you are welcome to if any feedback