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Create a smoking hot Facebook cover for FREE with no design skills in 5-10 mins

teacher avatar Aarthi Sri, Entrepreneur who loves programming + brainstorming

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Source your content

    • 3. Introducing Picmonkey

    • 4. Create your FB cover

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About This Class

Creating Facebook covers as a designer, especially when you don't own fancy design software is never easy. Especially when you are not a designer, or don't want to be one.

Let me help you with that.  

You won't be spending hours creating a single cover, even if you have absolutely no knowledge in design.

With the help of this FREE user friendly, and my bite sized tutorials, you'll be selling smoking hot covers at premium prices in no time. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Aarthi Sri

Entrepreneur who loves programming + brainstorming


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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm making the small tutorial on how to create completely professional and very good looking Facebook covers for free, with completely free tools where you don't even have to log in or create an account in around 5 to 10 minutes. Maximum f You know, Facebook covers are in great demand right now, and they have been for a couple of years, and it's not going to slow down any time soon because Facebook is a very popular means off marketing, once business product brand, whatever it may be. So Facebook pages are being created by thousands every month, or probably even more than that. And each of these page need a Facebook of a very good looking Facebook cover that actually says their business to potential customers. So this if eso this digital can also be used to make a lot of money if you want to, or you could just use it to create your own cover for your own page, that's up to you. So this is, ah, simple, very simple, covered. I made in around five minutes because I already had images, a sourced and actually knew what I was going to add in terms of text and taglines. So I create the same cover from scratch in the in the next videos and you can see how it's done. And since I will be explaining every part off every feature I'll be using and everything, it might take a bit longer than five minutes. I told you to create the same cover, so let's get to it in the next video. 2. Source your content: The first step of this process is to sores all your content images, though text. You need to use everything if this was a client work. If someone has given this work to you, then it's better if you ask them for the content beforehand. Because you're just designer, you don't have to create each part off it for them. Ah, they might ask you to do it in that Gezi can just charge extra. For example, if they want you to do it a logo you could charge extra. I'll be creating new videos and how to do logos and everything. So just stay tuned and you can known everybody traffic to saying so. If not, they'll give you all the information and just have to club it all together and create your Facebook cover. And if it was your cover, for example, I mean, for example, if it was for your, um, let's say you're a book or something like that, all your website or something like that. In that case, you might have to get the images yourself downloaded from a proper source. That's very important. Don't roller cooperated pictures that might end you with lawsuit lay drawn because people dough. So, based on images as crazy as it sounds, um, so just make sure it's royalty. Free it some. In some cases, you might have to pay a couple bucks for to get a premium pick. And but there are a lot of free sources out there to get royalty free pics, and I'll be creating another video or course about that in a couple of days. Sits they do for that as well. So average. Really Don't noted my picks. I already have them or in a single folder, all the fight picks all these pigs. Onda. I made sure it was put in a folder that's easily accessible when I create my Facebook covered, so that's the first part. It's more into the next one of the next video. 3. Introducing Picmonkey: so in the previous video. Utterly so it's the content. We have everything ready. So now let me to use you. The tool that will be using to create you're wonderful Facebook covered. So the tool is called pic monkey dot com b i c m o n k ey dot com. And it's a completely free software, at least the features that really using is completely free. So from what I've seen, you can create any any kind of good looking professional Facebook covered with just the free options without having to upgrade to a premium option. They do have a royalty subscription program, and they do offer a free trial for the same for a couple of days. But in my opinion, you don't really need it because the free option is more than enough to create here. Facebook cover. So coming to the site and hover over design and you'll get multiple options right here. So these are the size is off the canvases. Okay, and as you can see here, there is a Facebook cover canvas conveniently available, So click on that and you'll get your canvas. So this scan was is, um, either side that's recommended by Facebook for the Facebook cover. So Okay. And a few remember seeing the because she will duo showed you earlier the Facebook cover. I made it. It had a completely blank background. OK, It was a white background. There was not any There weren't any fancy designs or anything, but there are a lot of options where you can add them. For example Um, take a look at this. Okay? You can add frames. No multiple frames. As long as you know it doesn't have a crown in adoption. It's a free options and you can use it, and then you have multiple textures, and then you have multiple teams. OK, so you could you can add a bunch off, uh, stuff in here to make your Facebook cover. Look, they do, but we'll be creating a simple one so we wouldn't be adding a new fees will be using the overly options to create art Facebook cover. And even they in the overly option would be using any of these, um, options right now, because, okay, that's not to cover. I made look like, but you can use any of this. For example, in a drama trick get this strangler in here and I use it for anybody you want. Maybe to create a black, uh, to create a black, uh, space right here. Maybe already know you could change the color. Okay, so there are a lot of options as you can see, and you can delete it if you don't want it. So as long as it does not have a crown, you can use it because of the crowned ones. Those are the royalty options, so you can use it without a bait. Subscriptions, Onda. And you can see you have a text option right here. You can add your text to click on audiotex chicken at any kind of text, and then you can select on any kind of bond for the same decks. And then you have a touchup option. You have, ah, ethics option. You have basic adoption, have multiple options right here. And the town of options are for free. So you can you can use any of them to make your facebook covered look better. So in the next video will be replicating the cover I showed you in the first video and creating it, creating an exact copy of it 4. Create your FB cover: Okay, so now you know a bit more about Pic monkey and its features. So let's start creating are tasteful cover right now. Okay, so it's going. It's a very easy process, as it as they're going to be seeing. There's only two features we were using, as I said before, overlays and text. So first of all silicon overlays, since we'll be using our own graphics and not one of the the fold. Once you have to click on, add your own. Go to the folder where you have all your pics placed and then click on the first pic you want added. For now, I want the logo added first of four. So this a logo this big can be 80. Good mortified, you know, rotated. You can do a lot of things with it. Okay, You can also deleted by clicking on this option. Because whenever you click on this when we click on this particularly made you get adoption right here, okay? So you can modify it however you want. So let me now place it right here. I can actually change it later on if I want to. And then the text option. I have I want to add ABC home bolos right here. So gone. Activex. You'll get your text right here and then place it Really want to replace? Wanted to be pleased and then type the content ABC Homemade. That's it. And then, um you can can, you know, change it, make the text bigger By clicking here and in a place where you wanted to be placed. I actually I actually want to use a different form for this. This one, I really like it. So Edo. Okay, so I'll be using this point for this particular next, and then I'd be increasing. Okay? And I can always and critically converse. I'm gonna get this edit option. I can always change the color. How would I want? Um Okay. I think this looks pretty good. Yeah, And then, you know, please text you. Like I said, I can always edited further. It's just I just place everything for now and then we can always edited for the later on. And then let's add the okay, not tech. That was wrong. The next add the next. Okay, the 1st 1 It's like here Now I have to reduce the size places, days it here for now and then the next big This is the next house. So you and then and then 3rd 1 This is the biggest one. Reduce the size and I'll be placing it. Facing everything. Chris born ingley. So they Matt. Okay, I said we can always change a little. Then finally, contact This one comes here. Okay, Okay. I think I can make the images bigger. Both the till Then finally, the tagline we go on active, Skated here. Step badly. Well, make your cream from a life That was the tagline. And then, uh, yeah, just everything And change the font I wanted to use the Google formed for this, then in Greece, maybe. I agree. No. Okay, there's no bull adoption. Okay, Change the color, but okay. I think I can make this bigger. That endless, a bit smaller. I'm actually leaving space in here because there's going the profile pic is going to come here. Okay, the profile pic the pick profile pic off the page or the wall. Whatever it is, it's going to come here. So it's going to take a bit of space in here, so it has to be, um blank, so we don't exactly know where it's going to be. So that's why I have, you know, randomly placed everything you know, but, ah, once you've uploaded, you can actually see their spare. So don't don't close the space, because once he closed it, you can't get it back. So don't close it uploaded to your Facebook. See? See if if everything matches and if the dozen you can, you know, just for example, if the imaginable is this get ah, blood out or you know, then you can't really reduced the size of this. Uh, get this a bit higher and phone. Okay. Today ago. Simple. Very simple. I can play around with this ours if I won't. Do you no, make make it better and so on. But simple. Even though I talked to you and even though I explained everything you don't need, took me around 7 to 8 minutes. And if I didn't have to explain everything, call it. Probably take me less than five minutes to make something simple like that. And I can always, um, prettied up with some idol stars. It always do that. Okay, so that's the royal deficient. So Okay, Well, do I find this one? May be Oh, change the color with the star. Uh, make it seed. Yeah, you know, places somewhere like you. I don't know. I'm just being random a random right now, but it's just to say that you have a ton of options that you can use. Have you started here and then another one in here and orders of ah, already again, you know, cool over something else, like some booze addled. So just think about what you want and, you know, make something pretty simple asset. So once he created all you need to do right now, let's click on Save like you and wait part of it so you'll get the default dimensions right . You don't change any off it because it's the dimension you have to have for Facebook cover and then click on Save to my computer. You can ah, select a file aim like maybe coffee. Um, Sampoong, The J P. G or PNG. That's up to you. The qualities of to you everything is up to you. He's like, you fold it and you can see simple as that. Uh, so remember that once you close this particular page of the you can get back the same made adoptions that you only have the images that you've said. So I don't close it until you're sure this is what you want. Okay. Ah, the only ones who can go back and edit it are the premium uses so sincere for you. Don't close it before. You're completely sure that you want to know that this is the final emotions uploaded to Facebook. Ah, do all that he wanted. Teoh, get get opinions if you want. And then so simple enough, don't you think? And it only took me a couple of minutes to create and it's absolutely free. Have fun, guys.