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Create a sci fi landscape illustration using pen and ink

Oliver Bown, Freelance designer and illustrator

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16 Videos (1h 42m)
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About This Class


In this course I will take students through the methods I employ to create a black and white illustration using traditional paper and ink media. Along with demonstrating step by step the working methods I use, I will also give my thoughts on some of the broader topics surrounding picture making and design. I will discuss what I think are the strengths of working through a project using traditional media and why I believe it is still the key foundation to visual creativity as well as the importance of keeping a regular sketchbook.

  • In the first section I will discuss the materials used, including brush pens and fineliners, as well as the paper types used.
  • In the second section we begin the process by making a series of quick thumbnail drawings to explore different ideas around a similar theme. After producing these thumbnails we will narrow to one concept and make a quick preliminary study to finalize the composition.
  • In the third section I will begin by laying out the loose pencils, just getting the larger masses down and indicating the composition.
  • Section four is where the first detail are applied and the pencils are refined to the point where they are ready for the inking process.
  • Section five is the beginning of the inking process, starting with the area in the foreground of the illustration.
  • In section 6 the inking process continues on the middle ground focal point of the composition and I will discuss using different pens for different line weights.
  • Section 7 comprises the middle ground of the rendering and is broken down into sub chapters. Here I will use many different pens and markers to help sell the illusion of depth and detail.
  • In section 8 I will add the finishing touches, using white gouache paint, as well as any other small refinements as well as summarizing my thoughts on the process.

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Good to see the whole process from beginning to end, with explanations for different choices
A deep dive into the thought process of a full scale illustrations. The comments alone make this class valuable for artists, from skechers to digital. highly recommend, watch and learn and enjoy being a fly on this artist's studio wall :)
Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist





Oliver Bown

Freelance designer and illustrator

I am a freelance designer and illustrator based in Budapest, Hungary. I work with both traditional and digital tools, usually a combination of both.

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