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Create a realistic Post-it effect in Powerpoint

Pavel N ⭐, Powerpoint Video Skills

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Powerpoint Post Its Skillshare Promo Video

    • 2. Creating a custom Post-It shape

    • 3. Duplicating Post-It shapes and finding realistic colors

    • 4. Creating a realistic pattern for the Post-Its

    • 5. Creating a hand written and hand drawn effect on the Post-Its

    • 6. Finding a realistic pin and effect

    • 7. Animating the Post-Its

    • 8. BONUS: Set up the green color and export Powerpoint Video

    • 9. BONUS: Make the animation transparent inside Adobe Premiere


About This Class

In this class I'll show you how to create a nice "Post-it" effect with Powerpoint. And as an added bonus, I'll show you how you can make it transparent and add it on top of your Talking Head video using Adobe Premiere!




1. Powerpoint Post Its Skillshare Promo Video: Hey there in this class I'm going to show you how you can create this nice posted designs inside Power Point. So let's take a look at them in full screen. So it goes like this then like this and also like this So you can do them whichever color you want, whichever fund you want, right. And these are not typical posted shapes that you find inside Power Point because they are heavily edited in order to resemble as close as possible. Riel posted shapes, right? And as an added bonus to this video, once you create this shapes, I will also teach you how you can make everything transparent and add them on top off video . For example, a talking head video if you have Adobe premiere, right. So if you have a powerful video editing software that can create these transparency effect , I will show you how once you create these designs, you can make it so that you can add all of this on top off your talking, had video and improve its quality. Basically. So when you will be talking about something, you can write things here and you can remind people about the topics you're covering, right? So, yes, this class is first of all about the creation of these designs. And the two last lectures are about how to make it transparent and add them on top off a talking head video using Adobe Premiere. But that's just a bonus if you're interested, so hope to see you inside the class. 2. Creating a custom Post-It shape : Hey there. So in this project, we're going to create three beautiful post. It's here that can contain some additional information about watchers saying Right, It can always come in handy, So I will start with this background. I prefer to take my frame and to work on it. So let's first start by inserting the posted shape. So click on insert shapes and here there is. It's called rectangle folded corner right, so it's not really posted shape. So then you can make it bigger like this and off course, we will make it a bit different. We will make it more beautiful to make it look like a real posted because this is too simple for us, of course. So, first of all, here you can drag to make the corner bigger or smaller, but I don't advise you to make it too big. Otherwise, it's not beautiful. So keep it like this, then go on format shape outline For now, select no outline and we will just keep it as is right now. Or maybe you know what? Put some yellow color shape, Phil. That's a yellow, but this is not going to be our final yellow our color is going to be better than this. But for now, we still need to modify the shape. So once you have it, click on the shape, then go on format again. And here you can click on edit shape and edit points, and this tool is pretty cool because it allows you to modify this shape in many different areas. So, for example, let's say I want to click here. Oops, it points. See it here the cursor is changing. Right now it's some arrows, and here it's something else. So here it's a point by click here I will create a point, and for some reason I need to do it twice. I don't know. Maybe there are two layers. So once you did this click again. Here you see the point appearing click and drag like this. Okay, for example, like this. As you can see, it changes the shape a little bit, So then you can play with it. Let's say like this, this one a bit more like this. Let's do the same here. So drag it once and then drag it again. Yeah, it's not easy to click, so wait until the cursor changes. So from this, arrows transforming into this. All right, Now you click, and now you drag. All right, we can do this for Oh, the sides here a second time. I think this maybe, and on top. Let's live it straight on top. You can also do the same for this rectangle here. So then you can click anywhere else. All right, First of all, the things you notice is that this shape is already better. It's not as trade, and that's why it looks more as opposed it already by itself, right? But we're not done yet. 3. Duplicating Post-It shapes and finding realistic colors: So now let's design this a little bit. We need a better color, so we need some color that looks more like a posted. So it's generally yellow brother a post. It's off many different other colors. So what I suggest you to do it's to go on Google type, post it here and go on images. And now, for example, let's take this image here or anyone where you can see many different colors off post its all this one, for example, Here. All right, so take this image, right Click save image. Sorry, this is written in French, but it's safe image. And then you go back to Power Point. You click on insert pictures and then you click here. So don't worry. We're not stealing anything here because we're not going to use this picture at all whatsoever. What we need is the colors. So now you can click here, format and in shape, feel you click on the arrow and hear clicking eyedropper. And now let's try one of these yellow colors like this, for example. You see, this is instantly more beautiful and and then we can use several of these colors, right? So what you can do is that you can take the shape. Copy it. Control C control V. Now let's make it off. A different color. Should feel eye dropper. Let's say blue. Yeah, like this. And another one And this one. Let's make it. Maybe this pink. All right, So then you can get rid of this. It doesn't matter. The good thing would be to change the shapes off the others as well, right? So it doesn't look similar. So then again, go on. Format added shape Added points. As you can see, the previous points actually are still here, and you can start right away from them. Now we'll create a new point here. So this one goes a bit from the upside like this. Maybe we can change also this It's Rangel here. So I don't know why when you click the first time once again, it doesn't change. You need to do it the second time. Let's see. Can change this trade angle as well. Like this here we can do the same aided shape that it points. So basically, let's just take this point so they don't bother us, right? And now is this one here like this, and people would be more like that. All right, so you can play with this triangles and do them as you want. I don't necessarily like this one here. Hey, uh, I created the good effect. Like here. Sounds really looking for it. It's a bit more smooth. All right. Okay. And still we're not done. Right? We're going to push this even further. Actually, I didn't change the points here on the other sides. Sorry about that. I like this now. It creates some problems. If you do it too much and create some weird things like I'll go back. Actually. Wasn't very beautiful what I did. It's straight. Yeah, basically, as you can see, some minor differences like this will make everything look better already. Right. This is better than having, like purely rectangular shades with straight angles. 4. Creating a realistic pattern for the Post-Its: all right. Now, let's make the design a bit more beautiful. So I want to apply some artistic effects on these things. The problem is that it's not possible to do it on the shape. This has to be an image. So once you're done creating your shapes, click on each one of them like this. Then make a right click and here save this picture. So I will call it, Post it yellow, right? Do the same for the others. All right. And so now you click on insert pictures and you insert all of them once again. So they will replace this one's, of course, right. But now it will become harder to modify them. Right? You cannot modify the points here, for example. So the shape is fixed, right? You can only make it bigger or smaller or change the proportions. So what I'll do just for me? I will duplicate the slide here so I don't touch the stuff on the first slide. So I will delayed the actual shapes. I will keep only the images like this, right? So now let's apply some artistic effects. For example, click on this shape here, then going format artistic effects. And here, let's try this one, which is called line drawing. But of course, this is way too flashy. So then you click again on artistic effects, and then you click here artistic effects options. And here we have transparency. So the more transparent it is, the less you see this pattern here. So let's make it much more transparent until we barely noticed this little textures like this. Right? You see, I 84 85% transfer. See, you can do the same on this one. Artistic effects line Options. Maybe a bit less Here. Alright. And here, too. Here a bit more. All right, So now if you compare this to this one, for example, as you can see, it's different, right? This one is to basic. This one has some texture, so it looks even more realistic. Right? So I like to apply this very niche effects to create the sensation of that. The thing is moralistic. All right, So now select all three of them like this. Go in format. And here, picture effects, click on shadow and select any shadow. But I recommend, for example, uh, this one. What is it? Bottom left, for example, right or not, just bottom, just welcome and then click again on picture effects, shadow and shadow options. So let's make the shadow a bit bigger like this, but also more blurry. So in blur put it like this right now. Let's see how it looks. Without this, it looks even better. Right? So here you have your post, its And if you want, of course, you can use only variations off a yellow color like we did previously. So that image from Google had some several variations off the yellow color. And maybe it is better if you don't want, for example, anything pink or blue. You can just select every color at this stage, right at the previous stage. At the shape stage, you can select variations off this yellow colors and it will be even better, right? It will look even more beautiful. 5. Creating a hand written and hand drawn effect on the Post-Its: So now we're done with shapes themselves. Not completely, though. Will still do some micro changes. But first, let's right information now inside these shapes. So the thing here is that in order to be consistent with the overall design, this is supposed to be a posted, right? And so what do you do in posted? You're right there by hand. So you need a fund that looks like you're writing it by hand. So let's see if I right here something. Okay, I cannot write, Hear anything? So go on, insert textbooks and click here and let's write something like I don't create a script. All right, so, like this make it bigger and, uh, here in the funds, you should probably have a fund which is called in free, like this ink free rights. So let's try this yet, for example, for me, this front looks like it's 100 right? It's better like this. You can rotate it a little bit because you're not writing straight on the post it. So if you don't have the Fund Inc free, you can go on the front, for example, or Google funds, and here you can download the free front which is maybe like, I don't know, your right hand written in search. Let's see what happens. Say you have several hand written funds. Well, he would have to. It's not that many, but what about Google funds? And yeah, as you can see, if you look here, you might probably find the fund that looks like it's hand written and this is important to keep a consistent design, right? So now let's copy this here and on this posted ed an icon. So I'll right here, record audio. Let's what they did in a different direction. Maybe make it bigger to market the change you this. And now let's hit and I can hear that also looks like it's Han drone. So you know that I love to use non project. This is a great resource because here you can have literally ICANN's for everything right, and I will explain exactly how it works in terms off licences because it's very important, right? If you use stuff for commercial purposes, you have to pay a subscription for it, right? So I have a subscription for this website, which is a ridiculous price. I think it's like $40 per year or something like this. So if you're using a lot of icons, you should definitely subscribe. But you can also get all these icons for free if you credit the water right if you credit the other's name, so go here and search for hand drone. So here you'll find many icons that look like they're hand drone. And what I want to find is something that looks like I don't know, a microphone or something that reminds about the rodeo. So because here I have record audio. So what if I do hand drone or do Yeah see that's microphone here? That's perfect. Let's take this microphone right? So if you don't have the paid version, which I assume you don't here you have the option to download as a creative Commons license . And there it explains you how to do with the orders name right? And since I have the subscription now, I cannot show it to you. So I'll just download this. I can write you can Donald PNG SVG doesn't matter till it depends on what type off modifications you want to apply to the Eiken. All right, now go back to Power point, click on insert pictures and let's insert of this microphone here. So let me let me try to will make it a bit better. Like here. All right. See both these things together, they look better, obviously, because the design is kind of consistent. It's supposed to be right on it, withdrawn it. It cannot be some very straight fund for sure. And so on the last one, All right? I don't know. And it the video. So let me ignore this. I have no idea if there's an icon for video, but why not trying looking for it, right? Sohan drone deal? No. Yeah, there is this or this. See, this resource is really incredible. You can find literally everything that you want. You know what? You tried this. So insert that's a play button bigger. And make it more like make it more look like you're, uh, actually writing stuff, right? All right. So a final thing that we have to do is to group each of this posted together so you can select either like this or you select one. Then you maintain control and then you select the other object. Then you have right click group group right. Or you can do like this and do also control G. It works. Or like this Control G is the same. And finally, I would like to rotate the whole posted a little bit, right? Not too much like this. Maybe this one like this. It straight. That's like this. All right. 6. Finding a realistic pin and effect: as you can see. No, they already look better, but we still have a few things to do. So we need to find a pin, right, because their pins on post its to make it even more realistic. So you have three options for this, so you can click here on insert Aiken's, and there should be a pin somewhere here. So these are the free icons included in Microsoft Power Point, but they are very basic. There is not my choice. So there has to be a pin somewhere. Oh, it's here. All right. So obviously they spin doesn't really look good, so I wouldn't want to use it. Right. So the second option is once again non project been. And here you can take any pain that you like. Okay. And probably something like this, which almost looks in three D, is even better. And the last option that you have is once again Google. So you go on Google images and here type I don't know. Grape in and sorry. Once again, this isn't French, but here you can click on tools color and select here. Transparent. Okay. So this all these images are transparent. Once you download them. Everything around here will be transparent. That's tripe in. Right. So, um, I like this one. This one has a quality problem. But what if I click here? All right. So I don't know. Yeah, this should work. So right, click, save image, Okay? And then you can go back to Power point, insert pictures. And here we have European. And because you select it transparent image. Well, it ended up being transparent. Okay? And it looks really good, so I could make it smaller like this. So it's proportional. And when once again, I don't like it read. So I might just change the color. You can go on for Matt Color here and just apply the ones that it proposes to you, right? I mean, maybe a bit darker, red, like this. I know. Keep playing this one normal. All right. If you don't like the red, you can find a pin off any other color. I also wants found this one. I think it also looks good, right? So it really depends on your taste out. I'll stick. Was the red one maybe just changed the caller two black leg of this? All right, So limit as it is or use your own pins. It's really up to you 7. Animating the Post-Its: All right, So once this is over, the only thing that remains is animating both the post it the handwriting and depend. So let's animate this. What will have to do, however, is we will. We will have toe one group the text to animated separately. Okay, so click on this group, then right click again group and on group right. Then click on the posted animations and let's dry here to use I don't know float and I think flotus Okay, click on OK, and let's make it a bit faster so he would have the duration. Let's make it faster so you can click here animation pane toe, open, the animation pain. All right, so the the posted itself is okay. Now we need that mission for the pin. So click on the pin at animation. More infants effects. And let's try to see what is a good fit. No. So I guess I'll probably end up using float also, but from up, so float up, OK, and then here, in effect, options you can choose float down and let's make the duration of this also short, but with a bit of delay. So click on the arrow here. Effect, options, timing. And here, let's say DeLay is 0.2. Not too like this. So let and here are Oh, start ways previous. Yes, sir. He should have done it the other way around. So first click on start with Previous than the arrow and then the delay. Sorry about that. So let's see how it goes. All right, if I make a slightly longer delay and maybe faster. All right. Maybe this is better like this. So here, poor duration 0.50. And here put duration 0.25 delay 0.40 on the pin. Right. So it feels like the pain is going a bit faster. And now on the script, click here and select the animation appear and then click on the arrow defect options. And here in the effect tab, under animate text, select by letter and the duration here, type 0.5 like this. All right. As you can see, it looks like it's being written. I mean, this is the closest that you can get to it being hand written. So let's click and also select after previous automatically. And now let's see how it goes all right, been considered full screen here, right? I see. So now let's reproduce exactly the same animations for the other posted. So the good thing here is that you can do it faster. So first off, let's on group all this, and here is well, now click on the first posted here, then click on animation Painter and click on the Blue posted right now, Click on the pain here, Click again an admission painter and click on the pin off the blue posted and now click on Create Script, Animation, Painter and click here on the record audio. So normally oldest things will play, just as in the previous posted. Except that we need to add also on animation for the microphone here. So an animation mawr entrance effects and I guess wipe should be something nice. Okay, wipe okay and effect options from the left or from top gear from top off their previous right. So let's see how it goes. All right, that's nice. And now let's with exactly the same for the last one. So let's copy here, this here, the pin on the thin, the text on the text and the Eiken animation on the bike. All right, let's look at it all together. No. Right now we have are three. Very nice post. It's that you can customize make of any color that you want and write whatever you want on them. And if you don't like my pains, as I said, you can take any other pains that you prefer. 8. BONUS: Set up the green color and export Powerpoint Video: So now the last stage, as in every video, is to change this background. So make a right click with their mouths format, background. And here select solid field going color and hear clicking more colors. Then on custom. And here in red with zero and in blue put zero only leave green 255 All right, so now when you will record this animations here, you will later be able to delay this green background in Adobe Premiere. So I will delay this light. I don't need it anymore. So Glicken slideshow and rehearse animations here you can just push your presentation forwards. If you have a certain timing, it's better. If not, you can still adjust this Time Inc later in the video editing software, obviously. All right, now make 3rd 1 video. All right, it's done. Click on Save the new timings and then go on file export creative video. Here, keep 1080 p used recorded time exonerations create video and I will just call it like this . All right. And here down. You can see the progression off this video. So we will first export this video as it is. And after that we will edit it inside Adobe Premiere to take out this green background and make everything appear on top of our talking had video. 9. BONUS: Make the animation transparent inside Adobe Premiere: All right, So now let's open Adobe Premiere and at the Post, its on top off our face video. So click here on new So create a new project inside Adobe Premiere. All right, so here is the name of the file. And so, as I already said, this section is always the same at the end off each project. So if you have finished some of the projects already, you know exactly how you should proceed from now on. But if you haven't, I will explain everything from scratch here. So in this video editing software, you have your timeline here, and this is where we're going to add our video files. So you need to click here media browser. And if you don't see the media browser, you click on window and it should be somewhere here. Yeah, media browser. So this will open this panel here on the left. And so then you go to the Fuller where you exported the Power Point video and where you have your face video. So in my case, it's just a test video. Altri took any video. It doesn't correspond to what I'm saying on the post, its So I'll take it from another folder. All right, so when you have your video, you take it like this and you drag it onto the timeline. All right, so here it is. This is the video track, and underneath is the older track. But I will mute the audio for now because we don't need it. So yeah, I don't muted. So now I go to the Fuller where I have the Power point file, which is here and now I take my power point. Did you deal with it? I exported previously. I think that was this. So again, right. Click import and then drag it on top. So these are your video tracks. And now we need to apply an effect on this video to take out this green color. So go on here effects. And once again, if you don't see effects, click on window. It should be here effects. And then this menu here will appear. So, video effects king and here choose ultra key. But to apply an effect on the video clip, you need to drag it as well. So you click here and you dragged this effect here. Now you should have a panel opening up, which say's effect controls here, affect controls and otherwise here, window affect controls. And so here are the settings off the ultra key, so we need the key color here to make it green. So simply click on the eyedropper here and then click on the green. So that made everything transparent. And now, if we play the video, let's see what's happening, all right, I'll make it a little bigger. Should have our second posted arriving soon. I think I'll put it here. It's better, all right. I wonder if there is a problem with the pink posted? I don't think so, but we will export the video to see the final result. Besides this, the regular editing here is exactly the same, right? So, for example, if I consider that I need to make less time passed here between the end of the yellow, post it in the beginning off the blue one. I can simply cut this part out, so either you click here on the cutting tool and you cut here, or you simply click on the button see on your PC. So C is the cutting tool. The is the selection tool and here, for example. Let's I want toe decrease it until here the length of this thing. So I just click here and I dragged this clip here. Right. And then I can track this clip closer. No, What does it do? All right. Okay. So I will not spend too much time here just on the video editing itself, because I guess that you already know how to do this, right? And if you want, you can add some audio effects here which will go with the writing sound, for example, on audio effect off a pencil. And maybe I'll just make a separate section where I will add audio effects to some off the project that we're doing. But for now, I'll stop here, and I will just export this part to see the result right to see if every single looks correctly. So I will just select in this section like this, and I will export it to file export media. So I will keep everything as in the source, and I'll just call it expert Test three rendered maximum depth. Your B b b r to pass use maximum their qualities. So all this I talk about it more in details in the specific section where I talk where I explain Adobe Premiere, how to make it transparent, how to edit and how to export. Right? So if you're not sure about all of this, just go back to the section where I explain how to work with Adobe Premiere in general, right? Otherwise I will not repeat everything here from scratch and so click then on expert. All right, so now the video is exported. So let's see the final result. Let's see if the colors are correct. So the yellow is good. The blue is also good. Yeah, and the pink is also good. I mean, there is some lying here around the pink one, but it's not very striking. And again you can adjust it a little bit. Adobe premiere. And if it doesn't work, just go with the blue one. For example. Always several yellow colors. Let me see something. Yeah. The only problem is that the pin is a big green just at the moment when it flies. And is it the same for this one on? This one is okay. Actually, it's not green. There is a moment where it's green I don't know why. This it's not a big deal. I mean, here it's It's so almost imperceptible. But I don't think it's worse changing it, right? Of course, you can try to change the pin, for example, if you put the grape in, in that case probably will not make this effect. But honestly, I think it's not worth changing. I think the transparency ended up pretty good here. Slippery, like one frame. Nobody will notice. Right? All right, so that was for this project. I hope you liked it. So don't hesitate to change the colors off the post its to a change funds, for example, the sizes off the funds, the position as well to make it seem as if it was really hand written or hand drawn on top off post its right to create this effect.