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Create a pattern from an Ink sketch with Gimp

teacher avatar Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Spoonflower Inktober01

    • 2. Spoonflower Inktober02

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About This Class

In this little tutorial I'll teach you how to create a pattern from an ink design. 

This is a free tutorial and we are going to create only a black and white pattern. If you wish to learn to add colors and textures in digital painting, you can follow my classes about Gimp and my last one about Gimp 2.10



I decided to do this tutorial while working on my Inktober sketches. During the month of october I use to draw an ink sketch every day, following the Inktober official prompt list. It's really useful if you need to be constant in your daily drawing routine! 

Turning the sketches in patterns is a good way to use them on pod sites like Spoonflower or Redbubble.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Spoonflower Inktober01: so Hi, everyone. I'm going am our food from Italy. And today I wish to show you how I can start my illustrations and my sketches that I make during the in October, how I turned them in patterns and then I used up toe upload them on spoon floor. As you can see, this is a pattern that I made with within inked over sketches. So we are going to create the manifestation with ink. You can use whatever you wish a pen and ink man or a mink brush band. I used to work with these one disease, a link brush man from Coretta K. So it works just like a brush. But as you know, maybe you already know that in October that the only rule you have to follow is that you have to work with you. Then you should try to create a sketch on administration every day during the month of October. And there is of course, if you wish you can follow. There is a prompt list, unofficial promptly. So with some words that you can try to follow. And these year I could see that there is I don't remember the day But there is also the world patter and so you can follow the wars of force bad if you wish. You can also create your own least off words if you wish to improve a in a particular skill . For example, if you wish to improve in sketching on the illustrating botanical floors, you can just try to create a plant, a flower every day off October So you're really free. It's just something that helps you to improve on and to be Constand in your work. The this thing off October that I really loved so much I have toe to say that during the month of October I work so much, it helps me to work. So wait, You can follow my process, how I do it on well, dio en infestation in this kind of shape because it is easier to create the pattern and then I will import it with my scanner on the computer. And then I show you how I do the upset, how I create the batter and I will work with give deeper. It's a software free. So you if you wish, you can freedom Lord it going on Gimpel dot orga and and but off course, if you are really confident with another software like photo shop, give is a really similar to for the shop. So you can just follow the process and try to do the thing things I do with gim. But you can try to do them in for the shop if you prefer, because they are really similar. You can do the offset with about software's you can fleet scale the major user liar. So chose what you whatever you wish. Okay, so let's start at the beginning. I just used my pencil and my set square and I created the rumbles. Okay, so it is my tie where I am, I will create my administration. So a so you can see I use just my ankle brush pan and I didn't do and the illustration with pencil because I'm just creating something like a doodle, you know? So I go where? Where I wish I just feel thes tied with leaves with weird creatures, birds and so on. I am really, really sorry about my hair because and my head because I'm not really good at creating this kind off tutorials where I show how I drove on, and it was so difficult to do this design because I couldn't move the paper, you know? So it was really difficult to draw for me because I tried. I tried to stay away with my head and my hair from the design, but it was difficult. I'm so sorry. And so and so you have just to fear all the time. And then way are going off course to import these illustration with a scanner. And then in the next video, I will show you how to how to do the offset off these in age. And so how to create a partner. Okay, with good that repeats. Well, okay. 2. Spoonflower Inktober02: So how you everyone And now let's see how to turn up a sketch. An October sketcher in a partner. Eso If it's the first time you are using gimp, let's see how it looks, OK? It's just part similar to photo shop. If you are confident with photo shop, it's quite similar. Okay, so you should have a tool options window And he are the liars. These are the most important windows we need end. Of course. Here we have the tools. So we just go on file and we open our image because I imported my illustration with a scanner off course. So I say open then this is my image. A tile one, I say open. And now I have it here. Can you see? So a so you can see we have just a liar. But now we have to do to try to to put all the black details on a new last year and then create a white background. So we have to separate the white from the black off course. The first thing to do is you. Can I use the zoom tool just to give a look to your details? As you can see it's dirty. My design can you see it? So we have to add some contrast. So you go on Cora's brightness and contrast and you can add some contrast in this way. It should be better. Okay? And I say, OK, now let's zoom out to do now to you can just go on view and here you can find whatever you wish. So let's do zoom out the the inmate And now you can dio in this way you can use this tool the select by call or tool and you could just a select black. So I usually prefer select but just like the white and then say select embers. Now the black is a selected. I prefer to do it this way because sometimes I ever designed with more coolers. So I prefer you to use the this process. Okay, you select the white and then you say select members. Now you can see just copy you go on ahead and you say copy. Then you say paste. And as you can see here on the window with liars, we have a floating selection and you say now to a new law year, you have to ankle these newme details that we covered on a new liar. OK, and now we have the new liar. You can off course changed the name if you wish. I never used to put names here. I'm so lazy. Okay, Now, um, I wish to show you if I, um hide dizzle Liar. Now, I have just the black here off this new life. Okay, So you can just go on the old larger. You can just say select whole. And here here, you can change the course that you can use. For example, just put the why now. So I go just here. And this is the white and and then you have many ways to choose. The caller says, you can see there is also this kind off circle and you can see the white. Yeah, So you do as you wish you just the corner. Then you say OK. And now if I go add it and I say, feel with foreground coal or them. Let's hide a moment of this lawyer. As you can see now we have this old liars, just all white. So now let's create our, um our ah e major. Um it s Quincy. Let's create the repeating. As you can see, the new liar, the new one. This passage is not a decides off the old one. It's really important to go when you are here. Selected to go on liar and say Liar, teammates side. This is important because when we do the offset, all the liars, it's good that although I have the same sides Okay, now let's zoom out. And now I would recommend, um too to scale. Just, um not very much, but it's ah, it's better to recite now these these shapes, so you can just select it. You can also say select or use this tool, Aziz A did. Then you use the scale tool. It's these one. Okay, you click here. Okay, then when you click on your E major, you can start scaling. Pay attention here. The chain must be close it so the proportion, the proportions are good. So let's do again. Because I waited too much. Oh, my God. So let's get glad scale. Sorry he got crazy my software because I was too too low. So now let's do in this way, just not very much. Just a little Okay. Skate. It's better to have some space here when we are going to create offside. Now, I uncle it. Okay. And, um, you have to leave this tool. And okay, now its Anchorage I left the tool of scaling and went He are then clicking here. It was the new. The floating image was again Ankara on busted last year. So now it's okay. So now we just duplicated this lawyer. Okay, so let's duplicate lawyer, you go here. We have to to off them here. Can you see in the liars window? Um, now, I highly recommend to Philippe one off them. Okay, Because the pattern looks better if the's images are not all in the same directions or not . All the creatures and the girls are looking in the same direction. So to flee. Pete, you can just go here. This is the flip tool. You click, and then you click on this new liar, and now it's flippered. I just hide the one under and you can see disease. The new one is sleeping. These is the old one. Okay. Now, um, now we have to do the offset off one off these liars. So off these new lie years. Now you know we have to do the offset. You go on, lawyer Transform! Offset! This is something you can find also on photo shop. And now you have to put on the excess half the size of your e made and the same you have to do with Absalon. So, um so here it's 2283. So let's put 1140 41. OK, it's Ah, can't do really the half. Let's see what we do then here with we do 1235. OK, some offset. So now what happened? My lyre? Waas, Um I can say it is just like cutting it and inverting the parts and that this is what happens. But you can also think about just moving in your patter. And now we have these parts in the corners. This is the really good. Now let's go on the old liar, these one. Okay? As you can see, I couldn't do really the half. So it's here. It's not good. So you can just use the move tool. Go on on the black. Because here, if it's transparent, you could move the background. So please go on the black details off this liar, and you can just move it and put it in a better way. Okay, as you can see, maybe more here. Not not much. I don't like maybe in this way, it's good. Okay, it looks quite good. So let's zoom out. Okay. Now, as you can see, I moved the liar, so it's better always to say liar to image sight. OK, now it's all OK. This pattern is now This is a pattern. It repeats. Perfect. Okay, um so if you reach to learn also how to call or his design with the gimp, you can off course, follow my classes about gimp on skill share. Um, the last thing I wish to say you is how to export it off course, because you can save it with all the liars. Asser, XY f file. So if you go on save, you will save the image with all the the liars off course. And, um but if you wish toe upload this pattern on a spoon floor, you have to export it as the you can export it as a J pack or a PNG I highly recommend, um, to let's give another name. So let's see, Parter. Okay, when you export it, um, I highly recommend to export it in, ah, high resolution. So if my computer can do it because it's a really slow Okay, So he are It should be better to say 100. Okay, so in a in high quality. Okay, then you say expert. And now you will have here the pattern J. Paige is the file that you can upload on spoon floor. So I hope you enjoyed the process. And I wish you ah, happy in October, Mom.