Create a game like Crossy Road using Unity & PlayMaker | Vaddadi Karthik | Skillshare

Create a game like Crossy Road using Unity & PlayMaker

Vaddadi Karthik

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9 Videos (56m)
    • 01 Overview

    • 02 FSMs

    • 03 Player Movement

    • 04 Jumping on Logs

    • 05 Collecting Points

    • 06 Death

    • 06.1 Restarting the game

    • 07 UI and Score

    • 08 GameOver


About This Class

This course is an introduction to prototyping the game mechanics of Crossy Road on Unity using PlayMaker. We will be looking at how to script movement, game events, camera and everything necessary to create a basic prototype of the game.

You are expected to have basic familiarity with Unity : like creating objects, moving them around and knowledge about the different object components. This project will be available for download to study and practice the use of PlayMaker.

This course is basically for:

  • Beginner game designers who are looking forward to make games with ease using PlayMaker in Unity
  • People who want to learn game development through recreating games





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Karthik is an indie game developer from India.

He is currently pursuing his post graduation course on Digital Marketing. He has two Google PlayStore titles on his name. He has experience working in Unity, Blender, Krita, GIMP and often does tutorials on PlayMaker the visual scripting tool for Unity on his YouTube channel.

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