Create a fun Halloween Banner with your Cricut Explore | Dawn Heuft | Skillshare

Create a fun Halloween Banner with your Cricut Explore

Dawn Heuft

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9 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1 Basic Pieces

    • Lesson 2 Frankenstein

    • Lesson 3 Pumpkin

    • Lesson 4 Cat

    • Lesson 5 Dracula

    • Lesson 6 Candy Corn and Mummy

    • Lesson 7 Cutting

    • Lesson 8 Time to Assemble


About This Class

In this beginning Cricut Design Space course, we'll explore Design Space and learn how to use the group, slice, weld and contour features as we create an adorable Halloween Banner.  I will share ideas on how to organize and design your project as well as how to manipulate the images on the mat.  Once we cut out all the pieces, I'll share tips and ideas on how to assemble and personalize your project.





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Dawn Heuft started teaching rubber stamping at home parties in 1995. What started out as a love of rubber stamps grew to include a variety of paper crafts. She immediately bought one of the first Cricut machines and began using it to help her prep for her classes and workshops. Over time she found that many of her customers and students were intimidated by their Cricut machines and they needed a little bit of help.

In addition to private classes, Dawn began teaching at a local Adu...

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