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Create a festive Christmas wreath with Inkscape!

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Intro lesson :)

    • 2. 1 Class intro and wreath blueprint

    • 3. 2 Make the pine branches

    • 4. 3 Build the pine cones in Inkscape

    • 5. 4 Design 3D looking Christmas ornaments

    • 6. 5 Create a bow and ribbon

    • 7. 6 Assemble your Christmas wreath

    • 8. 7 Bonus: design a modern Christmas card in minutes!

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About This Class

What would make this years Christmas presents special?
Any ideas?

How about creating your own Christmas cards this year?


Follow  my class and learn to make a professional looking Christmas wreath illustration you can use as home decoration, on gift cards or on greeting cards!

Although this course might seem seasonal, you can learn
a lot from it any time of the year!

  • You will learn to construct complex shapes out of
    simple parts while creating pine cones.

  • You will learn to use gradients and blur to create
    simple 3D lightning effects while creating glass

  • and in the bonus lecture you will learn to re-use
    pre-made elements to build completely new designs!
    All in all, this class will help you think like a
    vector artist: think-design-build!

Get ready for the holidays and let's create this awesome Christmas wreath together!

Follow the course today and check out the bonus lecture too, where we build an additional card with a different modern look in minutes! :)


Still want to learn more?
Learn other great inkscape tricks and create yet another decorative wreath in my Fall wreath Inkscape course! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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1. Intro lesson :): what would make this year's Christmas presents special? Any ideas? How about creating your very own cars this year? My name is Eastern, and I'm a design teacher. Follow my class and learn to make a professional looking Christmas wrath illustration that you can use US home decoration on gifts cards for on greeting cards. Although discourse my same seasonal, you can learn a lot from it any time of the year, you will learn to construct complex shapes out of simple parts. By creating the bank owns, you re learned to use radiance and blur to create simple three D lightning effects. Why creating the glass ornaments? And in the bonus lecture, you will learn to reuse pre made elements to build completely new design. I only know this class will help you to think like a vector artist. Think design and build. Get ready for the holidays. And let's create this also in Christmas, wrapped together. Oh, and follow the course today and check out the bonus lecture to where rebuild an additional car designed with a different more than look in minutes 2. 1 Class intro and wreath blueprint : to create our amazing Christmas ref. We need a few objects, like in real life. If he would craft a Christmas raft, you will need a lot off pine branches, a beautiful red ribbon, some glass ornaments and some pine coats. So I put all of these elements into in escape. But you don't have to. You can have the images just in a browser next to you open so you can use them us reference . Because this time we will create here in the middle Whole Christmas, breath out off. Nothing. So first we start with the blueprint and we will not trace the elements. We will draw them out off, zero out off. Nothing. I just throw a circle duplicated. Select both of them, and I go to path difference to make a circle with a hole in the middle. This is representing our ref are green breath off pine branches. So let's imagine this is made of prime branches. Then I want to have a red reborn here on the top. Something similar, like the photo, but not exactly the same. Remember, I'm not racing. We are just using the photos us a reference. Okay, let's give some glass ornaments like this one. We will make them look nice and shiny and beautiful. I promise so. Just controversy. Contrave Akopian based some off the circles. Okay. And some other circles, Brown ones possibly be different Size. OK, this is good to have these buying combs and that's it. This is the blueprint. This is what we will create. In the next lesson, we will create the pine branches and then we follow up with all the others Element toe build our amazing Christmas Ref get your image is ready and then we will start drawing. 3. 2 Make the pine branches: don't be afraid if I was too fast in the previous lecture, because now we will take our time and create the pine branches to create our design. As you see, it has the spine needles, all of them looking for the same direction, but a bit different. It has some different little branches going out from the middle and the main branches brown , so I will throw a little brown stick first and then from these branches, ever create the whole breath. So that's the middle. Let's make it narrower, and if you grab the ending, it is making a circular. Let's create the pine branches. If you grab the circle, you see it's making the square circular. I goto object towpath cell like these notes on the top and pull them apart by holding shift . If you hold shift, it is pulling them apart symmetrically, and now I have this little pedal shape. I give it a nice green color a bit closer to blue. OK, nice. This is a nice evergreen color, and that's it. And with controlled the I just replicated and now I select all of them with shift, just shift, click, click, click and applicator the game with control D. I don't have to duplicate them one by one and Tara in a few seconds. I have a whole row. Let's grab all of them. Let's select all of them and let's scatter them a bit so they see more natural. Because I see on the photos these things are not calmed. So to these, we saw like the sculpting tool, which is a very rarely used to leaning skip. But it's amazing for us, and so, like this one to scatter to rotate the objects a bit. Put the strength lower and you see let's give some random ity. Okay, this is too much of it. Let's make it smaller, the circle. So I'm not affecting us. Much of them just a few. Okay, Nice. These one is rotated too much and the other one to, but I like it because it's more random. I didn't make it, and I didn't have to make all of them hand by hand. I had correctly, a bit, but that's it. We controlled the Eid applicator, this one and withholding shift, rotating for the corner. I rotate them around the bottom, you see, and I would replicate the three and rotate them again. Put them closer to the middle in this thicker bit. Select all the leaves down here. Okay? Just leave under Branch. Go back. Nice. That's it. So one size is ready and the top is ready. So I duplicate with control de. You see, there was a flash there and I flip it with this button or by pushing age for horizontal flip. That's it. It's sleeping like that. But I want to make it more random. So by holding shift and grabbing the corner one the corner. Rotational Aro. I am rotating it by the other corner. Okay. Don't you miss something? If you look at the photo? Yes, it has much more needles. This looks more like a palm leaf. So how to do this? I will not grow the needles again. We will duplicate what we have so far. So I select everything on this side. I'm satisfied with the top. I select everything. I group up first and then I just going through a quick I mean shift click all these elements which I want to replicate. That's it, you see? And I make them doctor. So just select some of the needles and make them doctor now is scattered them by hand and rotate them by hand. They're not us much a Steber, and I want them to feel of the spaces. These two layers are lighter green and the doctor green. We'll give some very, very nice thickness to our fine branch. It will be less transparent. It will be less Ah, negative spaces and holes between the pine needles. So we feel up the gaps. Now I select on the dark green ones. You see, only days are selected and control G I group them up with end or with this button, I send them to the back. Now they are absolutely in the back. And this one I put to the top with the home key and make it circular as well. Here on the top, that's it. I need a little branch off pine. It could be the end of the whole line page down. I put this behind, move them and be separate this one too. So I just make them connect to the pine branch. It will be not visible on a small scale. But all these details are very useful for us because it's just we're not making mistakes. I duplicated also hear some on the top, so it's more Bush on the top as well. Just again Control D and rotate them around. Nice. That's fixed these two. If you are double clicking, you can go into group and edited. So even if something is a group, you can double click and edited. That's group it up, Select everything group up, and let's make it a bit more longer as it is on the image. If I don click, ate it and rotated, it's already has a different branch. The applicator rotate again. You see, I'm already building something similar to my photo. It's nice, but it's too short. So, as I said, let's make it longer. Really, this one, I don't need it. Replicate this. It control D and let's make this part longer. So with control, click or double clicking, you can go into the group, so I only select this part of the group, and now I select everything on the bottom Control D and pull these branches down. I flip it with age or, you know, the button on the bottom, on the top, and now I do the same. I go into the dark green part control de and again I could flip them with age to flip them horizontally to make it even more Rondo, who just rotate some elements again to fill up the gap. That's it. Why do I do all these little rotations? Because I wanted to be natural and nature is has order, but it is chaotic, so if it's absolutely, absolutely semantical, it will be artificial. I'm supposed to natural, so I have no the short one. I have the long one, and I can create some other type of branches for myself. I delete the top of this, and this will be a little branch which can make my branches even longer. They could us on extension cord. Make this a bit shorter. So that's it. I have everything I need to create my little nice pine branches. I have the long one. I have the extension, and I have the little short ones to use them as branches, and that's it from no one. I can build very, very different branches, just control the or use controversy and Contrave and move the elements next to each other have some fun. Build your own branches. You don't have to be on the whole tree, though. Just create one long Ah branch on and two little ones of one on the side branching out. I am showing you a few examples. Now that's baby the rotation. You remember making it natural roundem. So I have something very similar to the photo. Let's duplicate it and I don't remove some elements. I flipped it with age and delete this one. This is just, Ah, a y shaped just a very simple branching girl. I can put it also higher. I can put it lower, just play with it. You see again, it's a different than the 1st 1 and absolutely defined in the 2nd 1 And here we will create another one, just an ordinary, simple, long one. So now I have four different branches, which are perfect for me. I scared them down because they are absolutely huge, so I just select everything and scared them down, and I will build the breath out of these ones. But first, let's create some other elements and have some more fun. The Wii owners creating the Pine branch was one of the heavier task we have, everything else will be much more easy. Next we create the pine cones. Okay, that's a bit difficult as well. But everything else is super, super easy. And if you have all the elements, nothing else. Just fun to create what you need so buried me and create what you need. If you have any questions, please ask because I'm here to help. 4. 3 Build the pine cones in Inkscape: after our lush and beautiful agreeing fine branches. Let's create some pine goes to make these things more natural. We will use the same method as we used here with the Pinilla's to create these little scales on the plank own. So again we will start with the rectangle, and then we will arrange it, of course, into circles. So we started directing. Go make it circular here, obviously to be not as narrow as the pine needle. Turn it into a path to go object to pass and we will do the same method so we will make the bottom smaller. So we hold shift and we push these notes together a bit and we already have the shape. Let's pick a color with the color picker tool by holding it to get an average of the colors . What is in the circle? That's a nice brown, but I want a lighter brown on the edges. But first, let's give these ingredient and dark brown and the light brown on the top looks nice. Now I duplicated it with control. D I make it green, you see, So I have three. I duplicated two times this green one. I move it down. And I said, I both off them the second and third application and I go to path Difference. Why? Because now I picked this lighter color, and now I have the little edge on the top of the scale. No, I zoom in double click to add some notes here as well. And the lead these notes just selecting them and he delete. And now I am playing with the note handles to make it curry. If you don't get it as fast as me, it's OK. Take your time. I have about a decade of experience reading escape. You don't have to rush either. Okay, so I'm making this nice banana shape. It will be not visible on a big scale again, but it is a nice little adjustment. Let's play with the Grady and to get like, let's let's make it a bit closer color wise, and I just select both off them and with Control G create a group. And now I want to create old skills which are building up my fine cone. I will only draw a pine cone from the top. You I will not throw the one on the left which is a side view. And I will not do other different rotations, but mostly from the top, because that's the easier does the most fun and we can still make different ones. What I do know is I create circles. I make them different colors. And with Anke, I always send a new one to the bottom. As you see, I'm creating a target. If you hold shift and control. So you hold shift and control vanity sizing something. It will be scaled from the center so it will keep position and scared out of the center. This is why and this is how you build a target. Why I need the target does is because my on the photo you can see that my bank owns has different layers. Four different layers, Toby precise. So I have an outer layer and in their layers. If I said like the center of rotation, I put my pine cones here in the middle. I pulled some radiance in tow. No, varies the exact middle off my circles. And if I said like this center off rotation, you see this little plus and put it here, I can rotate it around the center terra nicely around the center, off my target off my circles. Why it is good for me. This is the same way as I Woodrow, a flower with petals. I just control the to duplicate and rotate the pine coz alot this rotation I can duplicate , also more off them by selecting them. Shift. You see Steve Greek Contra de and just rotate them and they will rotate around the middle. And it's OK again, Toby, not precise. It's okay to have different distances between because this is a natural object. So no, I select all of them and send them to the back, and I deleted the big circle. I don't need it anymore. I duplicate this one, though the scale. Move it closer to the middle, and I am building the second layer the second circle the same way I moved the center of rotation of it. Toby in the center again, obviously, and Control D and control the and control the and rotate and rotate and rotate to build again. This whole circle off buying skills. No one was them. Which shift? I'm selecting all of them. Holding shift and clicking Control G to group them up and I send them to the back and pull them up one step So they are in front of the everyone. Actually, I forgot. Select the one layer I made first. You see. So this one is selected with Contra Gee, I group them together and now I have two layers off the scarce. If I move them together, they look like a nice brown flour already. So that's it. That's what I want to build on the end. Just add more layers. So control Z Control Z. Let's get back to position. I delete the second circle. I don't need it anymore. I just needed itself. Guide. Okay, they look nice and let's grab something and create the rest of their layers. It controls C. I copy this one out my quick outside. So I'm not inside the original group and let's adjusted to be inside the circle, and I have to adjust the circle off rotation that it is still in the center. And don't be afraid if they seem very close to each other now. And also they seem so close, too close. But they are not. This is how they look in nature. Look at the photo on the top left. This is how they are. They are closer to each other, a few of them only around the center. That's at some little center in here. But first, let's group these up shift click to select all of them and contra gee to group them. I deleted the circle, the blue one from the middle, and I copy and paste this little part off the fine scale. I just doublet Kate again. I don't leave, even need the guides anymore. I just go over the guides and he delete to remove them now. And that's it. I have these two little things in the middle, looking exactly like on the photos. I select the last layer on the bottom end up and put it to the top by hitting home and applique ate some more scares into it because it looks like very much like a flower. It doesn't look like a complete circle to me, so I make a E. I had even more little skills to it, simply heating control D and rotate them around. They still irritate around the same position as we love them. And now, with the end I put it back and it looks very much like the image. That's it. I group it up. It control G. Now I duplicated and I show you a trick. I learned while I was doing video games, and that's moving the layers a bit to create the illusion that this one is moving. This is the same thing we do in the video games to the video games when we want to create death and this is the same we do here, remove the layers a bit about how far so they're not absolutely symmetrical. The pine causes not you absolutely from the top. So I will not create pine cones now from the side you only this tilted top you because this one looks a bit like a flower, as though this one on the right looks Morris a bank on because it has some death, even more so I can push them even more aside to create even more the illusion that it is a banker and why it is good for me because I can't replicate it and rotated in the different angles and have the illusion that I have several different bancos on my amazing Christmas breath. Now that's it, as I promised the pine cone and creating the branches was the heavy part. Everything else is very fast and very easy to do. So you are over the hard part. Congratulations. If you have any questions, let me know, because this is not so easy to create. But after that you would create some other little elements. And then we will create and build our amazing looking Christmas wrath, and I can tell us is so in the intro that I have a little surprise for you as well on the end of the course. 5. 4 Design 3D looking Christmas ornaments: now, after finishing the pine cones and the branches, they really were the heavy part. Now let's have some fun with more tools and escape, creating this amazing glass ornaments. What is selling these things is the shines on it, the reflections off color, the reflections off light and the shadows on it. This is what makes them glass balls and glass orbs, and this is what makes them It's really looking. So let's just create a circle. Read a nice red color. Let's pick a nice right here, and let's create the shadow on it. You give it a Grady int, but a Radio one, which is a circular radiant when you pull it. It is creating radiant from full color toe zero. So from this red too transparent, if you click on one end of the Grady int you see here, this one the all 40 So let's pull it the top. And now the old side radiant is we can make darker. And if we move the center of the Grady and it already looks three D, let's make this bit different. Select again the outside and make it even more darker Already, This one this little trick makes it looks, really. But you see, we still missing these little shines on it these little reflection. But first, let's create this darker reflection, so duplicate the original shape with control D and make it darker. Just speak any color and it will be flat, dark, red and now make it even darker. And give it a Grady int again. If I pull it to the bottom and shape it to be an ellipse, a bit looks like it is placed on a dark surface and you see reflecting something dark on the bottom or a shadow or something. And now I duplicate the what did you know? Make it white and give it a white radiant from white to zero. Asked me, Did we do? Did you know? Just not red but white with more bit less transparent, more visible. Good. That's position it a bit. Make it more transparent. It's up to you, really. I think it has to be visible, but not so is about bit more transparent Here on the edge. Nice. Let's scale it a bit. Put it into position. Okay. Like this. You see, I have some little shines can be bigger. I duplicated it, controlled the make it smaller and put it next to it like it has two little shines next to each other. And now, by selecting both of them, I give them a blur. Now, blue is very heavy on your computer. So why you are drawing? Don't overdo it. And also don't overdo it or because this is an effect and none of the effects are good. If you do it too much, you can give some blur also to the dark element. And now we have something quite similar. So the original photo and that's it. Just three circles on a big circle. Some Grady INTs and Sembler can rotate these and put it into position to put it more on the side. And also these ones, we could change the size of it. We can change the shape off it to grieve more off the feeling that the light is coming from the top left made them and be more transparent, less obvious. Okay, nice. I'm really satisfied. Now let's draw something on the top. This little holder we have on the original photo I am just showing you how to do these us a little extra has just throw a yellow square and position it and this will be the little ceiling there on the top. I turned it into a path and pulled down the edge to make it curvy. Take care that these little notes and the roads are looking in the same direction on the side of the square. And you will create some very nice circular base here. We just create an ellipse fitting the edge off my little rectangle. And that's it. Yes. You can see it is very heavy toe work with all the blur's turned up. You see if you turned them back in the view, you see the rendering time is slower. So if you see your computer is not fast enough, you can turn these off in the view just by switching to no filter. Okay, so like this little circle on the top make it a different color. Yellow is golden color, and now this one will have a linear Grady. And from yellow to zero. Okay, we picked this yellow color and double clicking on the line by selecting the Grady into double clicking. We make some lighter and darker yellow, part this will make it look golden, and that's it. I make it lighter on the top. That's it. I select the ones on the bottom to make it a bit more small, a bit shorter. And Tara here I have a proper Christmas ornament. If I turned back the few of you, it looks very nice. I will, although not use these only the circle. So the top part I really don't need. But if you want to draw a Christmas tree, feel free to use this method. Let's select everything on the board. Also, this guy control G to group them up and contra de to duplicate. That's my glass ornament, which we were placed on the Christmas right. You see, it's very nice and high Contra standing out very nice to the pine cone and to define leaves as well. Have you used red one, as I was showing before? But it could be, honestly, any other color because that's factor for you. That's escape for you. It's so easy to re color to create different colored ornaments, and if you do, please show me because I'm so curious about your work. So I just pick a yellow I like this colors in the yellow and this ready, shallow here, this orange and those. So this one, I make a lighter, lighter brown because it's too dark. Let's play. Okay, It's too light. Yeah, something like this. I could play with these colors for ages, and I could create a green one or blue one or turkeys one. Anything you want feel free to play with. The colors simply changed the base color and the color of this dark part a bit. So it is matching the base color and that's it. You don't have to touch the white shines because they are wind white. They real goes delusion off reflection on any color surface. No, I haven't. Golden yellow and the red orb. I will only use the red in building my rep. But feel free to create your own. Have some fun 6. 5 Create a bow and ribbon: So let's create a ribbon. Our cities, our blueprint. This is the last part we have to create. And then we will assemble our amazing Christmas rest. But first you have to understand we will not create, especially this rebound. We will not cope it. So don't be afraid. It it is very, very unique. It seems very heavy to dro because to so much details of the textile, But still we will make more simple shape and learn to think us a true vector artist. So let's pick this tool and create a triangle rotated into position. Make it round it a bit, I said a bit. Okay, Perfect. And now we turn it into a path by path, object a path. Make it fully OPEC. You okay? And let's pick a nice reddish color from here. Nice. Now let's create the not in the middle of the boat. I just create another around the direct ago. Make it a bit more narrow, and that's it. It looks like a simple not now. I know it looked very complicated on the image, but it's just a triangle, a little rectangle and to longer rectangles, which are the legs off this nice little bow. Okay, I shape it a bit more, and with the basic tool with the pen tool, I just click, click, click to create a very, very simple hanging ribbon. That's it is just direct on. Go basically. And now I pulled the sides, read the node editor toe to make it a bit more baby Practice makes perfect. So if you don't get it us first, don't be discouraged. Practice and practice and practice and you will get the shape you want. Very, very nicely. Let's make it a bit more thick, bit more wide. Okay, nice can be longer too. Let's select these elements. Not the square about the triangle and the leg and, uh, plicating and flip it with this one and that, uh, I have a ribbon, a nice bow made out of red ribbon and it is too symmetrical. So let's change some elements. Us, You know, I love symmetrical and clean designing Scapin vector. But I also like to be natural and look random and natural. So that's why we changed a bit. The elements we rotate this one and remove some of the notes. We make this fun even a bit longer. This will give it a nice natural field. These are the little details that make things alive. Okay, how to make these perfect how to make this like the real thing? Don't be afraid. We will just add Schlamme shadows to create the wrinkles and the dark parts off the ribbon , and it will look very real. So it just creates some basic shapes with the base here, tool with the pen tool and give them a Grady int I control. Click here on this two notes to make them curvy and shape them. I create this little butterfly beings here and you see on the inside they are darker and on the outside, their lighter. I duplicate them and rotate them around and shape them a bit. So one of them is narrow. The other one is why the other 11 of them is banned more. The other one is not duplicate form or to make smaller one again. I play a bit with the natural look, let's make it long again. And let's feed the Grady in there because it's out off the Grady int off the others. Still to light. Good. I arranged the Grady ants around, so they looked normal. Now I select this part, and with this button or the home key, I send it to the top. So it is over these little folding dark parts. And if I zoom out, it already looks really just a few dark parts to create the wrinkles. And that's it, you see? Cool. Now we have all these. I can make this actually very longer. Now we have all these and we can create the same on the other side. I can turn this also into an object first and make them make it a bit more around with more natural. Okay, extra colors a bit. I feel they're still too dark, much better. Let's use even I'm drawing. I'm zooming in and out, in and out. They always check my results. Now I duplicate this little shade I have and shape it a bit differently. So it's not symmetrical us. My boat itself is not symmetrical. I duplicated again rotate and make this my smaller and narrow. So obviously it's on the boat. I put this on the top again with the home or this icon, and that's it. I could add more little wrinkles on the rights. I too, But as you see also here they are a symmetrical that is making them a natural boat. I can make them smaller, a bit good. As you see when I'm drawing. I'm experimenting myself. It's never a solution, is never clear to me. I'm coming to that, us. I'm drawing, and you should do the same practice and experiment not to create this one. We will pick a color from there, a dark part. So the reborn seems like it's coming. Goes behind the not on the top, double clicking the Grady. And we will also about the lighter part. So the ribbon will seem that it has a band, some lightness here on the middle, dark on the top and the normal red color on the bottom. With the end, we will put it behind the ball and make it a bit longer. Cannot another dark part here. Not as dark, no good. Something like this. So it has nice Grady INTs. You can feel that that part of the reborn is wavy, you see, not flat as the other one. Now we could do the same, but actually we just out the same radiant. You see, if I said like this, when you see is this Grady int? So I said, like the other leg and select the Grady and with the exact same number. If you have a lot of Grady INTs in a design that's very useful and that's it, I just rotate it in place because now it seems it's upside down. So the dark part has to be on the top. Okay, now we are talking. It is the same Grady. And so it has the same feel. The piece off the ribbon has the same flow as the other part, and that's it. Select everything and contra gee to group it up. I hope you are satisfied with it. Us me? Because I really in the Christmas mood. Now I just want to build my rep and use all my little elements. So create something much better than this blueprint in the first lecture. Okay, let's go, because I'm super excited 7. 6 Assemble your Christmas wreath: So after having everything build, it's time to assemble this little breath. We will follow the blueprint, but of course it will be much more awesome looking. Let's scale things to each other a bit. So if my branches are these big than the ornaments and the two different pine cones have to be another size so everything will fit together on the end. Okay, let's create the base. Because if you ever built a breath, you know that it has a base. It is not all build up off pine branches, so I create a ring shape, which is a circle duplicated color differently. We do exactly the same acidity with the blueprint and reposition our both in the middle. Make it a bit bigger, great. And if you're fit nicely on everything. But first we cut out this middle part, so we go towpath difference to cut out a hole in the ring, and now we're duplicate our branches and build the whole ref. This is, for me, the most fun part because we use all the elements we had before and we build something new . It's like playing playing with Lego blocks. When you were a kid, or us. A lot of my friends do passes in a dot and there's nothing wrong with that. Okay? We just love to build, and that's it. We just do applicator elements. We rotated. So the straight little lines are following a bit the raft. And if you see, it doesn't matter that here they're on every little branch is out off the shape. You don't have to absolutely follow the shape. Okay, If I need more branches, I just duplicate some more again. It's important that this part that we keep everything on the same size that we size them before. So I put it in. I take care that they are, um, covering each other now. Each branch consists about, I don't know, 50 objects. So if you duplicate them a lot of times, it will be a lot off objects, and it might be heavy on your computer, so don't overdo it. I will show a solution for this in a second. So we're just using three times four branches toe build up the with, and you see, there are blue holes in between. It's a big threes. Who? So later on, we will cover, we will turn the ring into Dai Greene as well. So again, the whole breath will not build up from branches. But there is a dark green base. Okay, nice. It is turning nicely and he's following the shape very nicely. You can rotate them. You can irritate them upside down. But it's nice if they are showing into the all directing in the same direction. All go into the same direction. It's very natural. It's build the rest us. You would bility real life just with less mess. Okay, so we have a nice arch following the ring and ah, as you see it is see through. As I said. So I will give some darkness to the background. But first I want to give some death to these. So I select these 34 benches on the inside and color them dark green. The whole thing. It doesn't matter if even the little brown part is not visible. Okay, we said the color nice. And now we are sending them to the back with the Yankee. And you see, it has a knife death inside so I can move some objects around. But it has like the inside is a bit lower than the outside. It has a nice yeah, the those things are further away from us than the ones on the top. I move this branch here to fill up the gap, but there are still some hint off the dark branches to make it better. Okay, and now I'm turning because everything too much branches are pointing out. If us, I said, a few branches are pointing that it's fine, but let's keep it a few okay, And let's give these dark, greener color picking from the dark part and make a medium green and that's it. I have a nice circle, a nice base. Now I select all of the leaves I created and group them outfit Control G and what they will do. We will do the same thing We did a few lectures to go with. The bank owns. We are measuring you remember this part? So we are measuring very of the where is the middle off this circle, and we put the center of rotation off this whole group off pine branches there, and now we are duplicating it with control D and rotating it around that center off rotation. That way, We don't have to build every branch on the branch. You can do that. It's fine. But you will see it's not much of a difference if you replicate 1/4 off the whole thing. Because again, as I did before, I do some arrangements by hand, rotating some objects, changing the position of the some of the object to make it more natural looking more different looking than the previous one I duplicated again, this time turning in the other direction. And another quarter is done and the game moving some brand cheese, feeling up some gaps, doing some rotations. Okay, nice and now duplicate the whole quarter again and put it behind or delete these parts. No, I just gonna put it under so the dark parts is not over the whole thing, and that's it. It's already looks like a nice hand weaved Christmas wrath made out off beautiful finally leaves, all of them different. Off course. They are not different because we know it's only four of them, but because we change some parts here and there again, it's too much branches out because we changed some parts here and there and delete some elements and re color some elements. It is becoming unique. That's the whole idea, I think behind designing in Vector Be clever. A lot of times working with director is working like a programmer. I think so. Think up modular little elements and change them, Arrange them and create something new out of the little elements you made. So you don't have to draw everything from scratch. Okay, I'm super satisfied. It looks very natural. Yes, there are some more branches to keep more or less the round shape. Unless you see again, I'm zooming in and out, zooming in and out. I'm holding the control cree and using my mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or you can use the plus and minus buttons on your numeric keyboard. Zoom in and out and that's it. Are you do this? So I see the little details in a different angle of and I'm zooming out and see my designing small because this is how people were seat when it will be printed. They will not see all the little the little details. At first they will see the whole design us one. Okay, some more tweaking just to pull out some of the dive branches again, you can double click to go into a group or control click to select an individual object, and then you can pull it around and make it better. I can now just over around the guides. When they are read, I can delete them. Let's position the ribbon with the home. I put it on the top. It looks very nice. Let's group of first the whole thing. And as you see my computer is struggling to be, and I will not edit this part out. If you see this that the computer is struggling, it's because what I said before, there are too many branches. An object. But it's okay. Save your work often with control s and you will not lose your work. Your computer. My struggle sometimes, but it will work it out. So it's natural that with this menu object it is suffering. It is using up a lot of memory, so let's position the orb just to eat control. D. I duplicate them and put them around, or by holding the object and hitting space, you can put down the different objects, so moving around in space based space and you are stands selling, stamping the objects around. That's it. I will not rotate them because I like that the light is all of them on coming on the same direction. This is what would happen in real life. Now position them around and let's have some off the pine cones here and there. I would use some of these ones too some the top U one or two maximum, and the rest will be these one. It is good that we don't have the absolute top. You and I can rotate them because they're not standing on a flat surface. So I just rotate them around because the breath is a tour of sexually. So the cross section off it is a circle, so if a pine cone is on on it, it is not standing on a flat surface. You can rotate them and they're pointing here and there in and out, and that is giving a nice three d Look. Let's hide this pine cone behind the the ref us. It would happen in real life. The ref would be on the absolute top off the are the boat would be absolutely upset. Top off the rest and you see let's duplicate and rotate some off the cones pointing inside and outside off the breath. And that's it. Almost done as duplicate. This would control D and yeah, I don't like it because it was touching the boat too much. But that place is a bit empty, so I will do a trick. I do usually ah, filling up space. I'm just adding some Berries, some floating buries. You don't have to calling them everywhere. It's a little trick I do also with the autumn breath. If you check my other classical building, the autumn rest, it's just giving some air to the whole design. And this little red Berries are matching so nicely. The Christmas ref. Also, I cannot some green dots here and there with the same effect it is loosening up the whole design. People will not question What are these doors? They just look at the whole thing and they say, Oh, it is looks like a flower bouquet with all this little batteries and flour. But so exactly this is what we do. I'm very satisfied. It looks very nice. I could put the bow down on the bottom. You can be like that, but I like it how it is. You can put the bow down on the bottom and then ride and text in the middle. But now I will just write the text here under it. So I just say Merry Christmas. Try not to make a typo pick the color of the red boat because I think that's matching. And I am looking for a front in my huge collection of free phones which would match these Christmas feel. OK, I want something. Qala graphic. Nice withholding shift. I clicked on the red again to give it a stroke because the front was to think for me it's nice, but it's two things for four postcard, So I'm making it. I'm giving it a nice stroke. Okay, let's see. How is the text? Better if I put it under or if I put the keep it next to each other. So I'm just keeping them next to each other and keep them nice, big, readable size. It is okay if this curvy calligraphic text is touching the ref sometimes because it is still readable and holding the design together. Okay, let's add a background. Not a red one because it's killing the text on the rebound, but a lighter one. Remove the stroke from it. I'm thinking something white or light. Very light yellow wish. Like paper color. Like an awkward of paper color or I'm thinking maybe a light blue. But this would be also nice. We could stop here, but I have some more ideas to make this design more interesting. I'm very satisfied how it looks, and I hope you like it too. And I'm very curious to see yours. So after you are done, please send me the project. Okay, let's pick a light blue, maybe. Okay. And to make it more interesting, we can give it a bit of Grady and a longer one off course. Nice. Make it tighter a bit. And that's it. And just feed the corners. Okay, Perfect. Let's arrange this part of it. Let's duplicate this. It is not looking very well. Even if I put it behind the ribbon, so I don't want the ribbon to touch it. So I turned, or even a bit. Okay. Maybe at here. Pine cone or flip these things a bit. Okay. It's better. I just phase them out. This is exactly how I would do when I would do a real life ribbon. Because I want harmony and I'm wanting spaced out. If you do, we definitely do it much better than me. Go on. A one little more trick is to add some snow, have some fun. We display toe so you create one little circle, make it very, very small. Get this. Pray to after you selected the circle. You don't need any rotation because they will be all circles and you can just throw some nice snowflakes. They're not visible everywhere because the background is very light. But they're here and they're covering the ribbon covering text, um, and giving the whole boast guard a nice Christmas feel. Have your fun, us money, snowflakes of the one Really? And yeah, that's it from me. Hope you had fun and created the Christmas wrath you wanted and hope you're satisfied with your results. If you have any questions, please let me know And please, please, please send in your final designs in the project files because I'm so curious about what you create, how it is different, how it is unique for you and ah, merry Christmas and almost goodbye because I have one more bonus lecture for you. How come I realized that we have a lot of little elements we had. We created the cones and that the brand cheese and the ribbon, etcetera, etcetera. We could use them for something. Us. Because why stop with the whole Christmas ref? That's a traditional postcard. But we could make something more interesting, more modern, more unique using these building stones we created. So check out the next letter toe. Have an additional Christmas cards in a few minutes. 8. 7 Bonus: design a modern Christmas card in minutes!: I hope you enjoyed creating the Christmas wrath. And as I said in the previous lecture, now you are ready to make something different and something more than we have all these elements, the pine cones and the globes and the branches. Have you also use both off? The globe's here, so I will create a bit more colorful design, not just red and green, and I also need a ribbon. I have an idea to create a very simple geometrical. Find three shape, which is starting with a simple triangle. I make it not rounded, and I make it a light color us. It will be only a background shape for me. I rotated so it is standing firmly on its base and I make it told her. So it is more like a Christmas tree Christmas triangle. Now this will be the base again. US. We had the ring when creating the rest in the previous lectures. This with a base toe, arrange our elements to on the top. I will put a star, so I'm using the star and polygon to do create a pentagram. I will color it this golden colored It's golden. Ah, yellowish orange color and us before when I'm craving it's Grady int. I will pick the same Grady and us I had for the star for the globe, you see. So it's the exact same Grady and the same two colors grading slowly into each other. It's simple, it's golden enough, and I really like it here. Let's place it on the top of my tree. Nice. Now let's have some branches. But before I send the triangle with the end, I send it to the absolute bottom. So everything I drove you be above it. I'm not using layers. As you see. It is not needed. I'm just deleting the subject if I don't need it anymore, So let's play some of the branches. After that, we will start replicating them. It control D, but now we just place them around rotator. Make them interesting and on the edges. I take care us with this one, for example, that it is following the edges because we will delete the blue background and our eyes will connect the directions and the different shapes we are using to build up the shape. If you ever learned about design or edible guest out, it's a type off psychology, which is the psychology of the designers. Use a lot because is the psychology behind the record recognising shapes and identifying shapes and potters? In this case, I'm just applicator the orbs and the branches and later adding the pine cones to feel up the triangle. Us. You see, the ornaments and elements are not touching each other by steel. They will fill up the space properly in a nice water, and after they are the triangle view, be deleted. They steal real, keep the shape of the triangle. And because of the guest out psychology, we know that there are several visuals and cognitive rules in play here. It's very interesting. If you want to learn about guest out in design, look it up. There are several articles and books about it. It's a very, very interesting topic, but back to the Christmas part, I am just application the pine cones now, and you see if they are touching each other. I am creating some space. I really don't care if they are beat out off the triangle here and there a tiny bit. The rule can be broken, but just a bit. I first applicator did them the pine cones and no, I rotate them to make them more interesting as I did with creating the West. Okay, I'm just click on them and rotate them. And no, as I said as duplicate the pine brain trees because we are badly missing, some green. Good. I'm just thinking to delete this elemental. Put it into another place. It would be nice to be on the branch, but I would think of it later because I like that the elements are not touching. This could fit under here under the star. I'm just control C control V copy and pasting this little red orbs. They are the smallest one. So they are good toe, fill up the gaps. That's why I started with the branches. Because they are a bit heavy to place. But now I'm also using them because there are some narrow places where they fit perfectly. Okay, there are still some gaps here. You see, I'm turning in desperately, so it's not looking like the bomb branch of Bill below. This place is perfect for this branch. I will modify it a bit. So it's fitting better. I double Klay go into the group and I pulled the top of the branch of it. No, I arranged the elements, so they're really, really not touching. Let's see, they can touch a little bit, but not really much. Okay, this one. Should I keep it like this or not? Maybe. All better. Good. So they are not touching either. He okay? What about these guys? I can put it here, and I can rotate this one out of it. So again, they are only touching a very, very, very little bit. What if I deleted? Okay. Even better. Here, I can delete the elongation off the branch and pull the branch down. Rotated. So it is not touching the star either. Or should it? And let's keep it this way and wait for it that Ah, I deleted the triangle. Zoom out and I'm showing you. You see, it's still one. Try and go steal holding the shapes together. And it's nice and colorful. I'm putting the ribbon in like drunk off the tree. But it's also nice in the middle. I'm deleting some elements that is overlapping and range some off the elements around it. Because now I have another place to feel up would, despite going out of the way perfect Imagine, like ordering things on the Christmas tree. This is really like decorating a Christmas tree for me. Okay, A bit more ordering. Very nice. You see, everything is holding together nicely and has this nice triangular shape and even the base . I can delete these elements. I don't need them. I selected them, and with Contra G, I group them up. So I have one Christmas tree holding together. No, I can't position it and I can scale it. And I can duplicate the Christmas text from the other Christmas card, and I was size the text. So it is matching the triangle shape. I am drawing a line following the triangle and application and flip it with age horizontally and position that the text. He's, um, following the triangle. So our eyes are creating an even bigger triangle with the text and read the shape of the tree itself. You see, it's a nice triangle. It has a stubble base. And even if I put things a bit closer to together, then I have to make attacks the time to be smaller. I put the things a bit closer together and it works. Let's give it a base can be a different color. It can be the same color. It's really up to me. I'm thinking to use the same radiant. Here it is. So is the exact same same color. Nice. I rotated. I made the bottom white because it was going from blue toe. Transparent now is going properly from blue toe white. Of course, it's not matters if it's printed, but on the screen it looks better. And that is it. I hope you enjoyed to create this, um, Christmas postcard with me. And as you see, it's much different than the other one, although they are sharing the same element. The ornaments of branches, the pine codes and it was much easier to create because we had all the elements pre made. Create your own creator on colored ornaments, your ribbon differently. Some different branches are other ornaments. Have your fun and create your own Christmas tree postcard, and please send it to me. Share it with me because I'm so curious about your creation and then print it and send it to your loved ones and friends. Because, well, although Christmases in a month. Still, you have time to create it and make everyone happy with your very own handmade Christmas cards. They are very unique because they're coming from you. So this is me for today is trying out. I hope you enjoy the class and have a merry Christmas and don't forget to create and practice escape every day.