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Create a digital calendar

teacher avatar Big Dream Planners

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Building the calendar in Illustrator

    • 3. Adding text, check boxes and color

    • 4. Inserting links in Acrobat

    • 5. Your project

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About This Class


If you like learning and planning this class is perfect for you! You will learn how to create a simple calendar in Illustrator and how to add links to online Youtube lessons. In this way you can organize your free time in a realistic way to learn any subject you want to learn.

This class it's also great if you are a teacher and want to create a schedule for students organizing your class in a monthly plan or if you have a fitness Youtube channel and want to create a training plan. It's a simple skill that you can use in many ways.

For this class you will only need Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat.

The music from this class is "Downtown" from Podington Bear

Meet Your Teacher

Do you love planners and journals? Do you enjoy making plans and lists? If you have a dream you can make it real and you can also have lots of fun along the way.

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"You gotta have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?" - Oscar Hammerstein II

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1. Intro: nowadays to color everything from Internet. There's so much information and resource is that it can be overwhelming. I'm also we need the time to learn in this class. We're going to create a calendar weaklings and we will be able to use it as a template for any challenge we want to take. We will use illustrator another way acrobat, and it will be surprising how easy it is. 2. Building the calendar in Illustrator: we're going to Creator Callin Various in Illustrator To create a new fine we will goto file on We will create any document off 29.7 centimeters by 21 centimeters RGB on 300 peopie I We will select the line tool under a vertical line to make a copy. We will hold out on chief dragging the line toe one side Then we will duplicate it by clicking control body In this way we will create the spaces for the days of the week To make it feeder compass we will select all the lines on scaling until we're happy with the design for the horizontal lines We will do the same drawing the line, making a copy on duplicating with control We will have to scale the line to feed the campus there selecting on drugging from one of the sites a death, the lines Depending on the design that you have in mind, I have decided to leave a space and up for the more on the days of the week to create the days of the week, I will create a lumber tunggal with the retirement tool to create the weeks I will draw a rectangle that I will copy holding hold on shape. I will select both of them on makeup teas in the same way to fill Eric Tango does make sure to select a color for the feel or swept the outline and feel options. Once we have the spaces in the calendar, it's time to feed it with text. We will start with the days of the week with the text tool. We will create a books and start typing Monday. You can adjust the size formed on color in the character many. Then I will place the text on top off the direct hunger. Make a copy on duplicate toe. Have the seven days with the selection tool center roughly every day. Remember to hold chief. What did you do it to movie? Hurry centrally. Once I have everything in place, I just have to take the right days clicking with text to type. I will also does the position for the weeks I will created its for a week. One on will rotate it to this play that it's Bertie Cling. To do that, I will go to type Cumber two point type and then I will rotate the debts. I will drag it holding. I'll shift to make copies and change the number of the week using the text to for the day of the month. I will type one using that extra. Then I will make copies for a whole week and select in a week. I will make copies to feel early weeks. - You have India spaces there. Select the days you have next to the Indian space on make copies copious, holding out on dragging. But it's important to hold shift if you want to keep the same position. Once the days are in place, we have have to change the numbers with the type to this. Click on top of the number and type in new one. I will saying Cleared them on and year placing men on top. You can have a copy of this calendar and you see the same template for future calendars just changed the days and info, depending on what you want to do. It more and saving with had a friend named 3. Adding text, check boxes and color: Now that we have created the basis off a calendar, I just have to feel it with interesting information. I have decided to improve my watercolors kids. So I created award argument with useful weather color. Lesson leans from you do. In this way, it will be much easier to feel a calendar, but you can just feel it'll nego with links that you find for my calendar. I will could be the title from World on an illustrator. I will create a textbooks to base the text. I will change the size on calories in the eyedropper tool and clicking in a blue color. - I will also create a take books on a second line for practice to make it this year, I will make copies off the takes, a test in the position on coping until the spaces are filled. - We felt a text in place. I just have to copy the titles inward on pace in every place in illustrator. - If you see that the text is too big, just change the size of the frontal toe. Make it feel they every level space. And if the text is too little, just have definite position with a selection toe toe. Align it with the checkbooks. If you want to change the colors, desolate each element on, choose another color from the color picker. Always make sure that they feel calorie selected. When you want to change a field color, you can swap the color toe feeler stroke there, squeaking on the arrows on the top corner. You can use their you'd Roberto copy the color off a similar element, for example, to feel colors or to a stroke. Colors to change the colorful I into the same, making sure that the stroke color is selected. Select one element with a color and select all the elements with the same color that selecting one. I'm going to sell it. Same feeling stroke on, then taste the color. - If you want to play a bit more with colors you can select. Call the elements in the recovery our work so up the colors and click OK to confirm changes at death. The lines If you want on, then you are ready to include feelings 4. Inserting links in Acrobat: Once we have finished our calendar, we will save you the speediest going to find save us. Other period. I will select a crowd seven, but it's not really necessary. The file will open in other way Acrobat, and we can start inserting the links to do it. We will select the text there, squeaking and running on green. Right click. We will select create link. Then you can paste the Corbett Link. Click OK and repeat with all the links. We will do it again. Compelling. Select the text in acrobat, the right click Create link paste The link on Okay, it's really simple for the textbooks. We will select prepare form and then start click in the textbooks icon on top on Dropbox on top off the original text books. - To test the color, we will right click in the textbooks on border color. We will select a color. You didn't see the color that you want, and you can insert on a specific color in other color, just like they are TV number and and eating one off the antis loads after custom colors and it will be available for the next time to see their TV number and Indus Traitor. You can see that information there's opening the color change the color of their tick boxes to finish your calendar, and that's it wants to say the fight it's ready to use. 5. Your project: in this class to help learn how to create a calendar. Now, do they have any excuse to learn that thing that you always wanted to learn for the project ? Just have to choose a theme about the skill or area in your life that you want to improve. Make a little research in YouTube on Gather all the information in a word document. Then you can create your template calendar administrator. As we have seen during the class, you can update it every month. They're saving it with a different name for different products. It will be lovely to see your calendar in the prey exception and read about your experience using it. Thank you for taking this class by.