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Create a decorative fall wreath with Inkscape

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Create a decorative fall wreath with Inkscape!

    • 2. Let's start with importing photos into Inkscape

    • 3. An easy way drawing leaves with Inkscape

    • 4. Creating more autumn leaves with the Pen tool

    • 5. A secret trick to randomize our leaves

    • 6. Building our wreath the smart (lazy) way

    • 7. Coloring our leaves with the Tweak tool

    • 8. Drawing branches, berries and chestnuts

    • 9. Adding text and finishing our fall wreath!

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About This Class

It is that time of the year again: summer is over, the weather gets chilly, and the forest is turning into amazing colors. Yes, fall is here! We love to take long walks in the nature with my wife, collect autumn  leaves and take some colorful photos.

It was actually her idea that this time,  I should teach you to draw a decorative fall wreath with Inkscape.
Autumn is here, so why not?


  • During the class you will learn how to trace leaves from photos the easy way.
    You don't have to be an artist to do that with Inkscape!

  • After that I will share a great trick with you to make the leaves appear more diverse and natural.

  • Than we will create a nice fall color palette and add some branches,
    berries and chestnuts to our design!

  • Finally we will add some text and make our fall wreath more alive!

My name is István Szép, and I am a design teacher.

I will guide you through the whole process step-by-step! You do not need to know how to draw, just follow my lead! Download the free design program Inkscape and create together with!

Join my class and create you own decorative fall wreath today!

->>> If you want to create a more festive wreath, enroll my Chritsmas wreath drawing course too!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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1. Create a decorative fall wreath with Inkscape! : it is that time of the year again, Somewhere is over, the weather gets chilly and the forest is turning into amazing colors. We love to take long walks in the nature with my wife, collect leaves and take some amazing, colorful photos. It was actually her idea that I should draw a decorative full wrath inning escape. Autumn is here, so why not? During the class, you will learn how to trace leaves from photos the easy way. You don't have to be an artist to do that reading escape. After that, I will share a great trick with you to make the leaves appear more divers in natural. Then we will create a nice four color palette and cut some branches, Berries and chestnut to our design. Finally, we will out some text and make our four breath more alive. My name is Esteban, and I'm a design teacher. Join my class and create your very own decorative four rest today 2. Let's start with importing photos into Inkscape: before we start to draw our ultimate breath, we need some leaves. But how? Two. I collected some photos. These are just the ones I made yesterday while walking in the forest. Aren't they beautiful? But have you drove them over with the base here? Tool? Just simply using these photos is referenced in the next lecture. But now I will show you how to import photos to use us reference inning escape. Because this is what we do. You go to file, import or push control I and that is opening the import window. Here are the photos I made yesterday. I click on the last leaf, which I want to import. And then the pope up is asking me if I want to embed or link it or different versions. Embedding means that it will be part of the file and make the SVG five huge linking is fine . But actually, now I don't care because I just need them us referencing so they will be not part of the final design. After I've drone the leaf, I can even delete the photos from the fight. So I'm just pushing. Enter, I have my photo. I'm just killing it up. I'm tidy like this, so just creating little painted just like photo war for myself and that's it. But you can just literally throw in these photos and use them as reference. And that's it. All my photos, they're here. So again, using them us referenced. This is what we will do. So that's why I have all the different leaves I photographed on the weekend. So just go to file, import or push control I and have your photos inside escape and let's start creating our lives and make this breath happen. 3. An easy way drawing leaves with Inkscape: So here are my image. Is all of them I calling to during this amazing walk in the weekend And I will show you how I drove realistic leaves. This is why I collected them. After all, I'm just grabbing the base here. Tool The pen tool zooming in and out. Finding my way. Yes, and I'm just creaking from edge to edge. I'm creaking inside every corner and one click outside on each edge I decide where toe I'm not doing small little tracks following the curve because first, I just create a polygon. And because the leaves are mostly symmetrical I don't have to create both sides and you don't have to do it either. I just make this semi transparent so I can create the curves. Let's pick another color which is leasable on the leave and on the background. Okay, this green gonna do. And this is what have you do now? I will not work on both sides. I will also only work on this one. So I duplicate the leaf and turn it around so you can see this is one perfectly. If this is how it will look or the looks like the flag of Canada, but okay, Green, but still. But what I do you do. I just deleted it now. So what I've you do now? I am defining the curves. That's my first. I'm just clicked around. I just clicked around to create a polygon and now, with the note handles and grabbing the edges, you see where the Ritter hand is appearing. I can grab the edge and create the different curves if I think it needs like here, I double click the edge and with a double click escape is adding a note for your convenience, which you can just grab and pull and create amore curry path. I am not taking care toe absolutely follow every little edge and reach of the leaf because leaves are like that. They are a natural shape, so they are more or less have a shape, but they're also very random. So if I don't follow these particles or shape off this particle leave, it's still gonna be recognizable that this is a leaf off this and this type of tree. This is a maple three. I think so. Also here, you see, I can play between the node and at the note here and have this perfect bend Double click here at the node to create this little edge. But here I will not work out every little detail. Good control. Click this edge to make it curvy. If you control, click a note. It will turn from diamond to square shape and for us, curve, do an edge. Try it yourself. Gave The little part of the leaf is here missing, but I can anticipate how it looked. Okay, let's make this one control Click this note. You see it? It is becoming curvy. It is creating a nice curve and this is the last part. I had the note here to make this little band very close to the stock of the leaf. And that's it. I'm done. I duplicate with control D and I doubly Kate it again. Flip it with age. Or I could use this icon up here so pushed about an age or just the tycoon. And now shift control A. I'm opening the online and distribute window and align this too halves to each other and Walla because I will measures to have together I modify a bit. The one on the left so there is an bit often overlap. And then I go towpath union or control. Plus, I pushed Contra plus or ago Path Union to match these tools together, and now I'm drawing just a simple triangle. Position it in the middle and this path union again, I imagine together to give a little stock to my life very easy. Let's follow up with another leaf, which is also symmetrical. It's a bit hard to find the middle of it on this photo, but still I think it's a leaf off a birch tree, and it is different because it has these with those execs on the edge, but I will create them as well. So first I create the basic shape, which is looking like a spade in the cards, almost so. I just don't care about the little zigzags on the edge. I just create a basic shape, and then, after I will create these. And of course, this is not perfect. The side of the leap off the leaf, so I make it a bit more curvy because I just realized it to be torn off here. I like that from better. On the left side is also a bit more thicker. I like it. It's a bit. It has some straight parts. So I other note here, make this a bistro illustrator and made the holy vertical. So I have ah, more or less vertical line. I duplicated with control d flee between age and put these two sides next to each other. I think the original leave is a bit more different than with more lied. Okay, so how to add the little edges? I could add the little notes everywhere and create. Lito occurs but watches. What is much easier is to create a different shape, a different object. Read the base here to be the pen tool and just click, click, click and create this little edges. So I'm just creating small triangle shapes following my basic shape again. It doesn't have to be perfectly the same as this particular leaf. The photos are just there as blueprints for me now, when I am designing um, usually creating sketches. This time I don't need it because I have photos and amuse them US references only. So I'm just clicking and creating them now, just very straight once so small edge and a bigger one, and I'm pretty sure that this will be almost invisible on my final drawing. But if I may, my growing bigger and if I printed this will be a small, little nice detail that it's ah, not perfectly smooth on the edge. Okay, let's close this shape. And on the bottom there are no little edges, no little blades. So I'm just starting from the bottom third and closing it Nice. So now I have these two shapes and OK, it's not perfect. But as you see, these are curvy, so these little blades are not straight. So no, I again starting from the top. Go and curve them, all of them. Us. I did with the big the shape of the leaf. Why I don't curve them when I'm drawing them because it is much faster like this because it is much better to see. The little straight edge is covering up the whole shape, then taking a lot of time to make them perfectly with each bleak, holding the click and hoping that it will be a perfect shape. No, it's much better. Just click, click, click like we did with the maple leaf. We click around create very straight edged polygons. And then when the shape is finished, we are refining it by pulling the curves. Only 500 more to go. Just kidding. And after that, if I'm done with all of them, I would just duplicate the whole thing with the edges and with the blade of the leaf. Match them together and I will have the final leaf. So I'm not going to do this again On the other side, I just duplicate this one as well and have it on both sides. If you are not doing it as fast as I do, it's OK. I have a lot of practicing this. Take your time and enjoy the process creatively to leave the way you want even differently that I made and have founded it, and with time you will get much better and much faster with it. For me, it's coming naturally because I'm using escape for more than 10 years. But for you it might be a bit slower at first, but you will catch up very soon, I promise. Okay, the last little blade is done, I said, like both of them and with Quantrill Pass or past union I measure them together. So no, this is one big shape I duplicated with control de again. Flip it and put them next to each other. As you see, there's a big gap here. So I moved this a bit closer, match them together and there is no gap. But here in the top, there is a tiny overlap. So I cut it off with control minus or path difference. I will cut it off a bit. So path difference. Yeah, and shape it. It will be absolutely, absolutely not visible my final drawing because this is such a tiny detail. But I want to make it make it good if I used this leave on a T shirt design or a poster I never know. Later on, I wanted to be good quality. Okay, What is missing the stock This time I am creating a thing rectangle and I goto object towpath and just move these two notes closer to get to together to create a more triangle shape and that's it. Arrange it to the middle, both union and done. Now I must say that if you manage to do these two lives with me, Congratulations, because they were quite complex with the little blades or the maple leaf with the big ones . Yeah, it's not an easy task. Now let's move on and create some more leaves to finish our autumn breath. 4. Creating more autumn leaves with the Pen tool: okay now the first to leave that done. And let's move on to create some more if you do the exact same. But as you see all the other leaves have different shapes, I think the 1st 1 where the most complex minus I said. Now let's follow up to this one, which is special because it has multiple leaves on a single stalk growing on both sides. And my idea is to keep it that way, which means I will not just throw one leave but the applicator it and create the whole set off leaves you see here on this branch. So I'm just using the base here. Tools before click, click, click, modify the shape a bit toe. Have one side off the leave. It has also little bladed edge asked the other one before, but I will not care about that because it's so tiny. This little regis air so small I associate is there, but it's almost invisible. So let's put this aside. Make it vertical. Okay, make this edge curvy, a bit replicated Control D and put it next to each other. Let's play with which is vertical. Absolutely. I think it's better like this so identity duplicated again. Actually, I can pull a guide from the left side. So if you quick and hold, you can pull in a guide for yourself to measure what is absolutely vertical or horizontal. Nice. I can over on the guide and push delete to delete it. And now I duplicated and selling both sides. And I can imagine them together. Finally with Path Union or control Plus And you see, it's nice. Or is it? No. It has tiny, tiny imperfections, but I just control Click on the nodes, the lead, the notes and control clicks are click on the note handles, and that's it. I delete the little imperfections. Okay, It is nice. I like the shape, but I like actually dis live, which is a big picker, which bit wider. So I select these two notes and pulled them aside a bit. Yeah, player between the shape. Okay. Like this again, I am not going crazy about perfectly drawing this particular leaf. I'm just going for the shape. Okay, I like it. And now I need a big, long stock, and I really put my leaves around that. So this is my Topol. If I duplicated and I rotated a bit, Change it a bit, make it thinner and then rotated into position because also on my images visible that the top leaf it is a bit thicker than the other ones. Rotate this one a bit more. Make it smaller, make it thinner. So I will make all the leaves a bit different, just like in nature. Replicated, rotated, Make it even smaller, even thinner. And arrange all of them to the right. So they're gonna fit on the stalk off the longleaf. But they this a bit more. Okay, just these ones. Actually, this can be rotated down a bit. No. Let's create this talk again. Just very narrow rectangle. This will sit on the top of it good. And all the other leaves have to somehow attached to it. Nice. Okay, This one is too close. Object to path so I can make it narrower on the top. Just a bit good. No, I select everything. I mean, the leaves on duplicate them and flip them with this one, or with age pushing the button age and that's it. Positioning them. Perfect. It looks nice and symmetrical. The whole set off multi police looks like a little branch. Now I select everything and I can merge them together before merging them together. I duplicate them because I always duplicate everything. So I merged them together with Path Union. But before that I duplicated it. So I still have the original. If I want to go back an hour later and change something I always duplicated. Okay, let's move into the next leaf. I still have some. I have the oakleaf I have ah to other leaves from different trees. Let's pick this yellow one has an interesting shape and very simple to recreate. I'm just drawing a triangle and control clicking this note. And this is a very, very basically shape. Pull it down a bit and the same way I'm creating the Littles. Exact. It is starting about the half of the leaf, and of course again, I will just have a little fun. I will not create all these execs which are part off the leaf. So I'm not. I don't want to create the particulate leafs again. Nice, very basic. So, like both of them put them aside and make the edges less straight. So again, with the no tool. I'm just grabbing and creating them, making them curvy. Let's figure out how to rotate it again. Let's grab first a guide, okay? And make it absolutely vertical. So when I gonna duplicate, they will work together nicely. And already I make this one part off the straight line. So I moved the top node that when I going to duplicate and freep and put together the two parts that will be no part missing on the top. And now let's just go curving these edges a bit. Okay? So if you're making this and your leaf is not absolutely looking like this good. Because you just went out and collected your only for don't you did your own photos about least So it's absolutely fine if they're not the same has duplicated and rotated and you see on the top odor I pulled the little node in. There is still a little gap, but it will be gone very soon. Okay, Nice. And I play a bit on the left side just to play. So there is that is not absolutely symmetrical. The whole lives. I like randomness. I like randomness in my drawings which is controlled randomness. I will talk about it a lot when we are creating the ref, but also on a small scale is good to have it. So I select all four objects now and Path Union, Let's see, seems nice. Is there any mistake? Yes, there are fine. Some fine, really tiny mistake. I can make it a bit wider, but let's do it. This notes just select and delete and control Click on the note handles so they are straightened out. Tick, tick, Same here. And I don't care what is happening on the little 20 edge because it's really, really so small. And this leave. Although it is not visible in the photo because I'm holding it, it also has a stock. So I'm just creating a very little narrow triangle and arrange it and emerging together with my leaf shape put it higher a bit and control plus two magic together. Okay, so I scaled it down because I drew it big. Scale it down. So it is not a giant leave. It is relatively the same size us. It was in nature, So no, I have four lives. Let's put them together. Okay, fine. They look nice. together this one smaller. They had the small ones and I have the big ones. This could be a bit bigger. Even we've been nice to play with the core beliefs and the straight legs. It will be very much fun. No, my favorite, this oakleaf. Why is my favorite? Because it got dry or it was grown that way. But it's Sammy symmetrical, not absolute, too symmetrical. And this gave me a great idea what I will show you in the next lecture. But now I just throw it over and created our cities us if it was symmetrical. So I'm just clicking, clicking, clicking and then control. Click, deleting some notes at double clicking toe at some notes and clicking contra, creaking on some notes to create this curvy edges. So from this very sharp corners with the control click, you can create curves everywhere and more or less. I am following the basic shape that's it replicated. Flip it nice. You see, it's not looking perfectly like on the photo because the photo the originally if I found in the forest, was a symmetrical but still it's an oak leaf. Let's put them next to each other other editor with yet and let's measure them together control plus good. I can delete this note just to make it absolutely curry. Fine. And also make this part curry because here on the bottom, you see, there is a nice fine curve how the blade off the leaf and the stock of the leaf is matching a meeting. So we're just gonna make this control click and make it curvy and on the stock here again and not a rectangle object a path and make it not over on the top. Good. Align it to the middle and path Union or Control Plus to merge them together. Now I have five leaves and it doesn't seem much, but believe me, this is more than enough to create an amazing looking breath in the next videos. First, let's color them and let's make some amazing looking random leaves. I will show you some very, very nice tricks. I promise. 5. A secret trick to randomize our leaves: Well, the hard work is done. Now we have five very unique different looking letters. Congratulations. Let's make them mawr unique, even more unique, like in nature. First of all, let's set the color from semitransparent to fool and give it a nice autumn look. We will color them in the following up lectures. So now just pick anything which is comfortable to you. I picked this problem. Why the randomize? Because I could use them like this. Yeah, but it is so visible and they're next to each other that they are the exact same leaf. So let's delete it. Let's make something more interesting Now. What I'm gonna show you is not easy, but it will create this. Look, if we create this bendy leaf, how it is looking in nature are symmetrical and bendy just getting dry, ready, totem and falling from a three exactly like this. All of them have occurred. All of them is bending. And none of them is actually truly symmetrical in nature. So take care that all of them are one object and all of them are one path. If you did so far, what I did, they are apart. So I just draw a straight line now, which is a straight path, and I go to path path effects. So, like the path and with the plus from all the path effects here that are a 1,000,000 of them , I am selecting pattern along path. Now, this is an amazing tool, but a very tricky one. So how we're gonna use it? I duplicate this leaf rotated 90 degrees. I will tell you in a minute. Wife going through a C. So I copied to the clipboard Select my path, which already has the path effect. Paternal on path are the to it. And with this one, I paste it. So what happened? The shape just got pasted onto this path from the clipboard. I can three. I can select single, single, stretched or multiple ones. You can create a lot of good stuff. Read it. If you're checking my YouTube videos, there is a lot of solutions like this. But this time I just go with single stretched so I can even play with it. And what is awesome if I modify the path, it is bending the shape attached to it. I duplicate the path and bending more than the differently I duplicated again and bandit in an s shape. Pull this one this way at some notes. Okay, Too much at some nose here, Bandit to the other way. Move the top a bit, You see Weird, twisted, unique, Random. I call this controlled chaos because I work in great control Vaid winning escape. And you do too, if you follow my course. But after that I create some chaos. Now I duplicate my leave and applicator this one. Let's create some new leaves, copy and paste it. Unless you see it's the irritated 90 degrees to the right. And that's why everything have to be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise controversy and based So going to see this one. Select the bath and paste. And because is the original Kurt Path. It's already curved, and a semantical has duplicated. Make it a bit thinner. Make it a bit smaller, curve it to the other direction. Give it an s shape, guarded like a spine of it. And I have two different leaves. It's visible, they're from the same tree, but they are different. If I double ic eight this leaf, not just taking it. I keep the originals up there Rotated 90 degrees going through. See, Select my path and based it. It is working again that's modified this path again. Make it more curvy, smaller, even more curvy. Good. Okay. And let's make an s shape again. Let's see how it looks. If I bend it more looks almost so. Bandy and curved. Asked the one on my photo. You remember because I told the old leaf oakleaf is so strange that it's not symmetrical on my photo. So okay, lets duplicated again and use it with this Leave. Let's see. Copy and paste. Okay, This one has to be shorter. So I have to modify the path because it's single and stretched is stretching out the drawing along the whole path. So I make the path of bit shorter this time and modified. And this one now modified like this looks so much like the one on the original photo has banned it even more in the s shape. A bit good. So it is absolutely not symmetrical, as duplicated for the 1st 1 again. And let's make something almost symmetrical. Almost great. Three very different leaves fallen from the same tree. Okay? And I have one more leave left the unit 90 degrees counterclockwise. Controversy Replicate the path I want contro see. So, like the path and paste. It looks already Very nice. I can make it more bandy legs, Bandy. So duplicated. Make it a bit thicker, unless curvy. Okay. Nice duplicate this one, actually, the original one and making s trip. I like that. So bending this way bending that way is really, really dynamic. So so many leaves all over them has three different leaves. He wrote the original ones and here are the ones I created. I am huge advocate off modular design, which means using the same simple model, simple elements. Let's just add one more leave here. So modular design is using the same element to create different outcomes building the same modules together. The models here are now the lease from the five lives we created 15. And now from this 15 leaves, we will create an amazing, random looking, very real looking autumn wrath. It they're gonna rest. It's not gonna look like paper cutouts. Not gonna look fake. It gonna look very nice and very real. Us. It's so within the introduction of video, I take it that all of them are path because if they a path, yes, they are. If they are part, it's easy to measure them. It is easy to scale them up and down it is it to rotate them if I don't do that on and keep them this way, if I scared them, they might lose the scale. So if I scared the path of it, you see it's stretching and overstretching. I want to keep them this way. So I select everyone and I go towpath. Objective path. So from now on, all of them are path, so I cannot modify them and I cannot change the path anymore, you see, So it's keeping proportions. Now that's it. And in the next lecture, we will create the ref, finally using all 15 leaves we have here and much more. Create some additional details. But first, let's color them to have a nice fall look 6. Building our wreath the smart (lazy) way: So we have all the 15 leaves and I want them to be different colors. How to start. Let's go to Pinterest. If you love Pinterest us much us, my wife does who is always also graphic designer like me. Then you probably saw that there are so many color palettes you can create and so many things you can create. Just go and search for Pinter search printers for autumn color palette. But this time we will create our own simply getting colors from our photos. And then we shift Quanta left, opening the color window and modifying your colors a bit to make them cleaner. So just select all this relieves in a row. I'm not going to give them individual colors and hold the color picker. Hold it down to get an average and then make a bit adjustment on the color. This is fine. Get something like a medium orange. Does it look OK to quarrel for me? That's two orange. Okay, that's good. So I'm using the pictures reference, but then I'm making my own matching color palette, but you could use any color palette coping it from Pinterest because full color palettes are everywhere people are making them because it's lovely, so you can use the same colors. Okay? And I need a pale yellow one. This one is not much feeding my polit. Let's see, this was the word, you know, make it darker. A bit good. So this is my color palette. Now, I can use these, Toby with my OTA breath and I can keep the colors like this or in the next lecture, I will show you an amazing treat how to make this more on them and re looking. But first, I will duplicate these and start toe build my actual breath. Now that the colors are different, it's also helping me to differentiate between the objects. So no, I draw a circle the size off my wrath and just putting my little leaves around. So it's good that I made them curvy because they're nicely following the curve off the ref and it's actually impossible to follow me at this point. I mean, you cannot do the exact same ref like I do, so just create a circle and put their older leaves. You want to create your very own full breath? I just rotate them a bit to follow more the curve. So they are facing the same direction, more or less, and with page up and page down, I put them over and under them. So I decide which is covering which one. I rotate this a bit and we page down. I put it behind the purple one because it's sending out so nicely against the yellow. This ugly green circle which I build the wrath around I will obviously delete later on. So this is just a guiding circle for us. Okay, A few more leaves, not you. You this yellow. And this purple on board, though, is looking amazing together. Okay, I like to add some floating elements here and there, making in more undermine crazy. So it's OK if not all the leaves are connecting and covering each other. Put it behind. Page down. Let's follow the curve there. What? Actually, it could come here now. I just realized my breath is a bit thing. I think Let's put this one here as well. Okay, so I have a nice curve. I just duplicate some of the leaves now because I'm out off leaves, obviously. So why not? I will not draw new ones. I'm duplicating them with control D and feel of the gaps. This again. I duplicate this one because it has a nice big surface so it can feel up the white gaps between the leaves. So my breath is not looking thin. It's looking nice and thick and build up from a lot of leaves. Also with age and V. I'm also pushing age. I'm flexing them all around, So if I move it away, you see it's already have a nice curve by just looking at it. Now it seems it's too big. So let's resize it a bit. I resize it, select these leaves and turned them in shape. Okay, good. Here is a bit off on edge. I just put this leaf away. Move these ones in a bit and that's it. You see, I don't make a big fuss about it. If I want a smaller one of smaller circle a smaller the wrath build, I just re scale it and rearrange my objects. It gonna be looking my smaller but thicker. Okay, It has a very nice bend, some more tiny adjustments. This part is really feels that I'm actually building a really life Breath from actual leaves. Okay, Looking nice. Let's select all of them. And with control, G create a group so control g to create a group, duplicate the whole group it control the and rotated into position. I don't care if there is an overlap off here on the right side. I don't care. I duplicated again and do the same. And again that will be overlaps. But that's just adding to the thickness and the controlled chaos Us. You remember? I call it to the whole rep and that's it Looks amazing. Has some repetition. I deleted the circle finally, and today, uh, here is a nice circle off. Autumn leaves has nice ultimate colors. It has some repetition, so I can go around and change the elements a bit. Move these, leave a bit out, move others. That's baby like make it more run them feel of the spaces here and there. Make this smaller, for example, rotated a bit When you are double clicking, you can go inside a group or you can select all of the groups and we shift control G. You can open up, So these are again individual objects. Okay, The ref is done. I hope you like it Using the color palette. This is what you can do. But in the next lecture, I will show you something amazing. A little tricks. Very few people are using any escape that it will make the whole ref being amazingly colorful and natural and very unique looking. Let's get to it. 7. Coloring our leaves with the Tweak tool: well, the raft is ready. It has a nice full feeling, very nice color palette. But as I said, I promised I will show you a nice little trick to make the colors even better. Even more interesting. So let's select everything duplicated and then color them the same color. Okay, don't freak out. It will not stay like this for very long because we will use the tweak, too. It's called treacle objects by sculpting or painting, but what we will use is the tweak tool, and especially this little part, which is painting the tools color upon the selected objects Greek on the color here on the top right side, and select this one to use the previous only use colors, which means you can paint with whatever you want. Okay, you will understand this in a second, I promise. So select all the leaves, click on the paint on the tweak to then select the paint. I can select any color. I picked yellow and just paint over, said the strength Very low, like two or three, because if it said 200 it will just straight paint everything to yellow. But because it's set very low, the more you are on the leaf more time, the longer the more it will get the color. So I pick a reddish color. I pick an orange or yellow and I just paint over. So this is now the orange. Let's go bit more read. Yeah, see, the color is changing on the top, right? I add some yellow here and there to lighten it up. And because all of them are different objects, they look amazing. And this is a very similar color palette, but very random again controlled randomness. I know I sound like a crazy scientist with this, but this is what makes something look. Really? Because look at the other Raffi created It looks very nice. They look very nice together. It has a nice color palette. Really? It looks nice, but this one looks much more natural, much more alive. It looks like I just collected the lease myself from the forest right now. Galas duplicated. Let's make some other ones. I would just show you how I can make very different leaves again. So use this to pick a color and applicator this one. Okay, So, like them make them one color again. I make them one color. So the tweaking is affecting all of the leaves the same way. So make them one color and just paint over them some yellow, some reddish. I will make a much more darker dryer. Look here. Not so bright orange as before. Just closer to the brown red aria, you see, same leaves, Same way ordered, but so much different. And believe me, painting over object is so much fun. You could pick them one by one and color them one by one. If you want it, you can take your time. Enjoy. But I assume this one is much better. So now I have three absolutely gorgeous, absolutely different and unique autumn breath. The 1st 1 by the color palette. And these two is a bright one. And the paler one. Isn't it amazing? Go and try this trick right now. 8. Drawing branches, berries and chestnuts: so free. Amazing refs are done. I picked this one because I like this one the most and I will create in this lecture a few additional things around it. First, some branches because it makes it interesting and more random and more close to nature. So I'm just using the base here to the pen tool and growing some very thin branches. I'm not using a reference here because I just lucky enough to live in a nice neighborhood now, and I just can look out the window and watch at some branches how they look. You can use some photos, but it's easy. Just click around and the straight lines create from branches. Okay, well, more Just make it more interesting. I just keep them very close together, so they appear very thin. And also take it that ah, to create some Let's say yeah, some little branches branching out off the main one. Okay, nice. They are simple and they look really like branches. I rotate them around and put them in their places. But first I want to make them less Gail Metrical looking less straight. And to do that, I want to show you something okay, if you use the pencil tool and you put this movements down when you drove whatever shape you don't have to do this. I'm just want to explain something. So if you drove shape, it has a lot, A lot off notes. But by pushing control l control l escape is greening it up. It's making the shape different, but with less notes. In this case, if I put you twice its greening my branch so much that is removing corners and edges and keeping the notes number of the notes to minimum and changing and simplifying the shape. So I push control l okay, and play with these node by hand and you see it looks more natural. More baby more. Run them again. It's a good little trick to know. So let's rotate the branches and put it around the leaves make bigger, make it smaller and fitted under the lease. Some leaves under somebody's over like it's ah braided inside my little ref. Okay, yes, we page down, I push it under Good. This 12 it is totally under. So I put it to the top by pushing home and I want these leaves on the bottom to be above it . Not here on the top. I just select all of them on with home. I put them to the top. It's not changing the structure off. My whole circle is just what is covering up my branches. Okay, it's nice. And now let's create some additional little elements. Some Berries in my country. You can see all these amazing orange Berries everywhere in the forest. Sadly, they are not beatable. They're not edible, but still they look nice. So I just create some little circles, some little orange dots here and there. Three in a row say they look. They are on the same leaf or something coming from the same branch. I'm not collecting them. I'm not building anything up. I'm just adding some little floating dots here and there to make the design mawr area and also here on the top, I create another branch because I think it would look much nicer if there are branches all around the design. So not just on the bottom. So I had 1/3 1 too close here on the top. So let's do what we practice before. Just make a very angular very good metrical Naro branch and then read Control l When it's done, we will make it again Simplified and much more organic looking Okay is done. It's positioning and picked up the same color from the other branches. So is dark brown and you see control l and it's making it different. This one is a bit too thick here, so I refine it. Okay, but otherwise perfect. Looks like I just got it from a tree. Put it under this leaf a bit. Okay, cover it a bit more. Maybe I have so many leaves around that I can really just play Lego with them. I can play and build my breath and play play with shapes. Now if I look at it, my three branches are following the curves and supporting the whole circle very, very nicely. The little orange dots are there and they're just floating adding some little details. But I want to give some more little accessories so I create a circle or an ellipse. Turn it into a path. The shift control see, and I create a chestnut I create. I duplicate the shape I created with the No, the detour because chestnuts are not circle, not round, not spherical. They are always a bit distorted. So I create three different just nuts. Okay, Does the base color Let's select them and give them a more chestnut like brown. So they're different ground in the branches. Okay? And now duplicated and pick a lighter brown. Yeah, to create a little lighter parts on a chestnut. Okay, I duplicate Georgino. Select both of them and go toe bath intersection to cut it off. I do the same here. De placate. Pick the light color, move it inside. Thank Smaller and group them up with contra gee duplicate Make it lighter Movie to side and again DA placate the base. So, like both of them in path intersection to cut it off intersections cutting it off at the edge It's perfect. So no, we have three group up all of them, like individually. So the light part in the dark part are staying together And no, I just throw them around my little red I'm hiding it behind the leaves, putting it here and there, floating around just to make it that they are loosely part of the ref just to give more often autumn field like I did with branches and, like we did with the Berries nice, much more natural, much more alive already. Let's give some floating leaves here and there again in the same manner that they're not really attached. They are just falling. Go for their really just floating around. I like this shape very much. I've read a lot on it. I make smaller bit. It's really up to you again. In this part. You can create the chest, not the branches, the Berries and the return necessaries, but and follow how I make a lose shape a loser circle Alou's breath. But still, you should make your own because it never will be exactly the same as mine. So when you are doing yours, please, when you're submitting your work, let me see. Let me let me see how you are creating your very own and unique for ref because it's surely will be very, very different than mine. Okay, some more little leaves. Nice. No, I'm just really dreaming. Decorating here and there, trying to turn some elements and think about how to make it more interesting. Should I hide the branches more honor. Good. If I zoom out. I see that they are looking fine. I put some Berries here on there as well, just with control DEA duplicating them here and there just again to losing up the whole circle. So we started with importing photos, drawing them over, See with the base here to them finishing five different leaves, bending them, making more under making 15 leaves and then coloring them. Then we built the ref all after finding some nice color templates, some nice color palettes for ourselves. And then I was showing you amazing trick to color, more natural ones. And here is the final breath. I really, really like it. And I'm very satisfied and I want to see yours. But before that, let's add some text to it. Let's finish it. 9. Adding text and finishing our fall wreath!: Now our full breath is ready and looking amazing. Let's just feel the middle With some text, you can write anything I feel right. Hello, Four. But still you can ride the name of love. One. You can write the birthday wish where someone was born around October November You can write anything. Um get well, notice anything you want. Really? I'm just showing you what speaking a nice phone can do to these red and how it will look all together in a nice background. So I pick a nice little phone which is hand written in calligraphic, and I go towpath object to path which is making the front of the text under the table. But I can position in size them much easily because I don't want to write it. I know what I want to write, but I can make the letters closer. Smaller, bigger as you see the exclamation. My bigger. Okay, it's a nice little object now. So now the text is behaving exactly like an object. And now I'm breaking a nice brown color. Maybe the chestnut or a mix of color here, too bright. Good. No, I am picking some leaves to put behind some floating leaves. So I'm copying this one. This tiny oakleaf rotated with age and turning it here and there. Okay, and then you get this one. Copy paste here. Control C Control V. Thank you. Smaller. Put it behind with the text with page down, and it's okay if the text is not feeling all the whole space. That's why I am putting in little leaves to breaking the space. And it's OK. It's not touching the edge, but it's also okay that the letter F is touching the edge of it. You don't have to feel of the whole space. Leave out some white space around. Let's have some more fun with this Leave. Make it bigger a bit. Select all of these letters because there's too big of a distance for me. Let's pull them a bit downer a bit bigger. Nice is nice contracts. It's taking up the place. I think it just needs some background and it will be perfect. You can fiddle with attacks so much you can think of it so much, but I usually just go with an instinct off putting in the text, picking a color from the original illustrations. So the color of the text is matching very close to the illustration. That's why don't make it. I don't know bright pink out off the blue because out of my head, because I don't want to have a text which is not part of the illustration. So now just give it a background. I just grossed a square, and with Anke, I send it behind off course. It has to be different color because now it was hitting the text. Now it's not matching the leaves. If it is the same colors other things in the illustration, it will disappear. But I like the light color off the chest. Not I just make it even more lighter, almost white. It's a paper color. Make it a bit more yellow. Yes, it is this kind of old paper color, Very relaxing, very calm and very autumn color. So this is my final illustration. I hope you like it. And don't forget that I really, really want to see your version off this wrath. So create your breath and exported as an image and uploaded as a Project five because I am very good to see. Have fun and don't forget I am here to teach you if you have any question If I was too fast , too slow, you didn't understand what I did or how I did. Please contact me and ask me. I am here to teach you and I'm here to answer all your questions. Enjoy the rest off autumn. Get ready, toe. Have some funny winter and until then, keep on growing.