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Create a character with shape tools in Adobe Animate CC

teacher avatar Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Skillshare Intro

    • 2. Symbol, Normal Shape or Drawing mode and why

    • 3. Create character part 1

    • 4. Create character part 2

    • 5. Create character part 3

    • 6. Animate the character

    • 7. Conclusion Skillshare

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to get ideas on creating your character and how to use the shape tools to design the character. The version used in this class is 18.0.2, you can also use the version of 2017 and 2019. There is not much difference in the interface besides the timeline in 2019. The shape tween will be orange and the icons on the bottom of your timeline will be shown at the top instead.

Aside from designing your character you will also learn how to animate your character. We will be talking about the motion tween and the classic tween in this class. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samantha Chan

Creative softwares


Hello,  welcome to my profile! My name is Samantha Chan, my passions are Graphic Design, Photo manipulation and Animation. 



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1. Skillshare Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Samantha Chan and I'll be your instructor in this class and this class, you'll be learning how to get inspiration to create a character from scratch and how to animated afterwards. So I'm going to use a ninja as an example off this class. If their songs are interesting to you, then please enroll. 2. Symbol, Normal Shape or Drawing mode and why: So before we start with creating the characters, I want to show you what the differences are between you see a shape, you say a drawing object and using a symbol. So here I have my over toe. I'm going to create a normal shape here without using anything. So I'm not using the object remote. And here in the next one, I will use my object, Ryan Moats. And then here I'm going to comfort this one into a symbol. So here I have another circle here, and then I'm going to select it with my free transform, too. I press half eight, and then here I can choose between the symbols. Okay, so if you create a movie crypt symbol, you will be able tow, create an animation separately from the main timeline. So this is the meantime now, which has seen one. And if you want to create in animation that is independent from this timeline here you can use the movie clip. If you want the animation to apply to the main timeline as well, you can use a graphic. I would rather use a graphic in most cases because then, if I added anything inside off the symbol. It wouldn't apply at the meantime that as well. So the only thing I have to do is to have the same frames in the meantime line. And aside from that, I can also choose the frame picker and here with the bottom. This is mostly for when you want to create a website. So you create a bottle Mary can then press it on. It will then direct you to another website or in other link. Okay, so I know that we have this done. I'm going to create this into a graphic symbol. Okay, You can see at the right side as well in the properties panel. If it's a graphic symbol or not, in case you want to switch and you can always click here on you, then switch it to a movie clip or a bottom, and this is then the options. So here you can use a frame picker which when you go here and you create several other layers with other ships inside, you will see that you can then choose them and use them when you are any meeting. So here you can create other shapes here. So if I create another shape inside here. I can then convert this into a symbol as well. So here I'll convert this selected press f eight cover to a symbol and then this one as well. And then here I create, for example, pulling on. And then this one. I can also select it and then I press f eights and then I can create a symbol the fit. Okay, so what I can do right now When I go out, if I can, I use the friend picker. And here in the friend picker, you will see how it will look like in every frame that you have created. Okay, so here, if you want them to have a separate object like so you can then put them in different frames and then when you use here, you can then use different types off frames that you can pick from. So what you do is you make sure that they are separate frames and then one will show, and then another one will be hidden. But you can then use different picker to choose them separately. Okay, so that is, um, what you can do with symbol. You can actually do a lot there you can insert a lot more layers inside off a symbol, so it will then be very easier to animated inside off the symbol as well. For some Tweens, like classic, clean and motion Tween, it is very important tohave symbol because that is the only way that between will work. Otherwise, it will look like a frame, the frame animation. And if you have like two key frames that are very far from each other and the class between isn't working, then the animation will look very glitchy. So I don't recommend you breaking apart and the object or any character when you are using a classic Tween or motion treat. Okay, so I know I go back out. You will see here that I have object remote and I have the normal shape, Okay, for a normal shape. If you want to move it around, you will have to be very careful in selecting in. So you have to say that everything together because otherwise you will be able to just move something which will then be detached from the line. For example, the inside color. Or you can also select this one here and then did I get around? If you are any meeting an object that is close to each other, or some object that this too small to select, it can be quite time consuming to select it the right way. So that's why you can also use the object remote. If you want to delete something off the object remote, you just double click on it and then you will be going inside and then you can delete anything that you want, so it's almost like a symbol. The only difference is that in object, Romo, you can't create Lee years inside off it. So here you see, there's no way that you can create layers inside off it. And if you use the classic queen or motion between, you will have to convert it to assemble anyway. So if you use a drawing object, then you can then go inside and delete it. Or when you are outside here, you can also manipulate it with the selection toe. So here, if I d selected, I can still manipulate it like so, just like at the left side, when I'm using a normal shape. Okay, so right now when I go to the symbol. You'll see that when I go inside, I can also manipulate it unless it is also a symbol. So I have to double click again on it and then the selected and then I can manipulate the form like so, if you want to know if you can manipulate or not, you just pass your selection toe over it. There will be usually either a kerf on the bottom off the cursor or you have a sharp angle on the bottom off the cursor like so this means that you can extend it or you can make a chopper. And then this means that you can kerf it or make it more owns so that the stand, the difference between the symbol, the object, dry moat and using the normal shape with character, designing it this easier to use the object Raimo to draw because you can manipulate the shape and you can also move it around really well. So if you then make a mistake or you accidentally drawn in the same layer, you can then select it and easily caught it's and then create a new layer for it because with this shape here, if you select did and you accidentally caught it wrong. It will then go to another earlier. But it will be very hard to find it back. So here, you see, like for example, if I have to off them together, I can Then just click on this once and I can cut it and paste it in the new layer. And if I select this one, I need to hold on shift and select the line with that to select it and then caught it and place it in a new layer. And it will be harder if there are two off there. So let's say here, for example, it is already hard for me to move it because I have attach it here. OK, so if I select it and drag it there and then I duplicate this. So here I go to and it's and duplicated you see here if I jacket close here and I click somewhere outside and I select this as well to duplicate it somewhere else, like so you see, it will be very hard. Okay. So if I said like this and then I clicked somewhere else, like the stroke and the inside color here, and then if I go to court, I can cut it. But you see that it will also caught the one that is on the left side because it is an normal shape. That happens a lot when you create shapes because it will then eat apart off the under object that it is attached to. So that's why I recommend using the object remote. 3. Create character part 1: So, first of all, I'm going to insert my image here by placing it in the stage. So since I have pasted this image in the stage, I am not going to create a symbol. All the fear. You see that it is order of the a graphic symbol in the properties panel. You can change it. The motor click or a button button is more for when you want to create websites and movie clip ISS for when you want to create an independence symbol inside off the earlier so that it doesn't affect the meantime life. So it won't play if you are at the mean time line. And that's why I will use the graphic symbol instead because it was then the dependent on the main timeline. And when I create the and in Asia inside off this specific clear, it's well, then play, even though if I am on the main timeline. Okay, so I double click here and you see that I have already created several years I have named them so that I can organize the parts off the body better. And then here you see earlier, eight in case I want to create a weapon. So here or something else. So here I am going to create my hats first. I used to open toe and and I don't want to use my object Raimo yet because when I create my circle here with the color off the skin here and the color black, I can create a circle first. When I select it, I can down make the stroke smaller. So let me change the stroke to a number one like so And then it will become smaller in the size. Okay, so I know I have the form off the face. I'm not going to use my lying toe and create these lines over here. And then I'm going to court, if it like So So the reason it's that's when I don't use the objects are moved. The lines will then be curved inside and the outside here won't be affected. I can then just delete them later on. Since I don't need them like so. And in case I do use the option drama, you will see that it will not attached to the outline off the face. So then when I can fit it would then be cursed entirely. So it will not be the same shape you see here that it's more curvy than when I have it on the object, Rommel. Because it will have to cook everything at the same time. Okay, so I know another half this. I can select the color with my eye dropper to hear Select the specific three, and then it will select the paint bucket to automatically for me. And I can then feeling the color in here. So after that, I can then use mine over tool to create the I. So to create, I I'm going to select the color white inside and then the stroke black. And what I'm going to do right now is used to object remote Because I wanted to be on top off the face and I don't want to eat it up. So you see here I can create my eyes over here. When I used the free transform to auto rotate it, there will be no hole at the back if I don't select my object. Ryan moats here and then I create this ice over here. You will see that when I move it around together with this by holding on shift. I construct them together. You see that there will be a whole created. Okay, So I can then sacked this color again and then fill it in so that I can have my face back to its original states. And right now I'm going to create a pupil. So inside other people, I wanted to be a guard. Connor. So outside, I am going to select a like blue and then insights a color. Okay, so I'm going to use mine over tour. And I need to say object Rommel, because once you throw away the object, Rahm Oh, you have to create the next one but the object remote as well. Otherwise it will not to go on top off the I. So here I have toe people. I can don't make my stroke bigger since it is too small. So here, I'm going to make this number tree, and then I'm going to drag in the middle here, and then I'm going to use a free transform toe, so make it smaller. Like so. Okay, so right now I have this like and then creates the eyebrow. I use a line toe and then I can use the with profile uniform for it to create an angry eyebrows. So here I'm going to select the color black for a stroke color. And then I can use a stroke number five and then I create this angry I brought here. So this is one way to create the eyebrow. In case you wanted toe half like sharp address. You can select it and change it to wit for off our six, which will then make it have this sharp edges. But then you have to make it larger in the stroke to make it look bigger. OK, so this is then how you can create the angry eyebrow and then you can also extended like so , or you can kerf it a little bit. It's with the kerf appearing on the bottom off the cursor. So that this, then how you creates the angry I and then here you will wants to create a shadow at the back, so great each other off the back. You can then copy this one pasted in place and then dragged to the right side. So right now I have to accept Copy off that. But what I want to do is I select the lyinto here, and then I disabled the option crime most. I would then be able to create a lying over here, and then I can kerf this like so. And then I select this color here, which is the shadow off the skin color. And then I could feel this in. Okay, so I know that I have felt this in. I can then convert it first to a drawing objects which you can do by goats, come by objects and then union. And then I select it and then I can convert it to a drawing objects. And then I can did I get here and the same thing here. So I converted to a drawing object, and then I drag it to the site off the face. Like so. Okay, so I have thes parts, and then I can use my selection toe kerf them. And this is how it will look like 4. Create character part 2: you can do the same here. You can make this on far a little bit less so that opacity will be less. And then this one as well. Okay, So what? I know I can then go back outside, and then here I can select this part here. The face here deleted. And then this partners well, they'll eat this part. So right now that I am done with the face, I can select the part at the bottom like so, and create a drawing object off the field. Make sure that you select only the part that is not a drawing object. So here I selected and change it to union. And then I can right click on the school to arrange and send it to the back so that then I have the other parts at the front. Okay, so here I have to rest off the face details in the top, off the circle. So here I'm going to go to a layer off the body and then creates the body here. So I select this specific color here, and then those throw can be black. So I creates its with an over tool, like so I can then manipulator form. So here I'm then going to create this like so And then here, I'm going to make this a little bit more awful. Okay, so this is OK. I direct the body on the bottle off the hats and convert it to a the only object like so And then I can create the arms and the lex. Okay, So with the arms, I can then use the practical tool, change the rectangle option to 20 and then I can create an normal for here. Like so? So I said like this and then I drag its to the body. And then here, let me make it a growing off check, a smell. So I dragged her body here. I rotated like so I caught this and at its to the arm one like so And then I copy this. Paste it in arm, too. So I can then dragged the laid off the arm to at the bottom here, and the body needs to be in the top. So I need to do direct earlier off the arm to the bottom off the body so that it will appear in the back off the body instead. Since they are on separately year, you have to choose the earlier and then change them from position. And then I can create the fingers on the arm. Okay, so at the on one, I am not going to create the fingers with the over to here. First of all, I want to create a circle like so. And then I'm going to use the selection tool. So direct them in my holy don't owns. So here I direct this in like so. And then here I have four fingers, so that is enough. Okay, So I know. I assume it in. I couldn't make them more proportional so that they won't be like one big and one small. Okay, so here I pull It recreates this arm here, make this a drawing object as well. So here I interact this to the top here, like so And then that's the or number two. I just go to edit and copy this, and then paste it in arm number two and then rectus to the right side. Okay, so right now I have the hands off the danger. So here. I'm then going to make this a little bit smaller since he needs to have space for his legs . Okay, so here I'm going to use a selection toe kerf this a little bit mortar top. Like so? Okay, so here I have the bottom off the body and then I can create the Lexx. Okay, Here I can create a smaller body and then I can then create Alexe. Danielle. So here erectile options should be 20. So here I need to go to Lackman. And then I create the left Lack like so I used the free Transform told to rotate it the object trying modes I created here and then I can use the her transforms also roti like So Okay, so this is like number one like number two should be on the bottom off the body. So I am going to direct like number two here. And then I'm going to create my other lack like so. And then here dishpan shells go to other sites like this and then at the bottom. I can then use the over tool to create the rest off the leg. Oking. So since this one is like number two, I can create the other part off the lack here, and then I can use the selection tool to direct this to the bottle. Like so 5. Create character part 3: and then here I can a copy of this one and go to like number one. Kristen, please. And I used the free transform toe to rotated through the left so that it's golden fits the other leg. Okay, so right now I have two sides off the neck, OK? I want to create a shadow s well, so here I can manipulate this a little bit as well. So if I go here, I can I use selection toe, and then I can cook this a little bit of top so that it will look like it is a part off the hands like soul. And then this press. Well, okay, so here I can create a shadow on top here. To do that, I'm going to duplicate the hand so and go to replicates. And then here I break it apart, and then I creating another line over here. So let me to create a lying over here, and then I could fit on. It appears since I used an object Ryan mode, I'm going to break this line apart, and then I'm going to curve insights. I said, that's this darker color. And then there are this and here I select it. And then I go to modify it gets a drawing object. Here I am going to go like this one. So then I can duplicate. This morning, I got edits and then duplicated I move this to the left, and then here I break it apart so that I can create the line without the object drawing modes. And then I can select the insight off the lying only inside off their shape and then undergo two left. Okay, so right now I'm going to use the eyedropper toe and then select this color again, and it's in like so. And then I'll select this color with the selection tool. Let me track this to 67% again, like so. And then I go to mother. Fine. Come on, objects and make it a union. And then I drag it through the cried science. Okay, so that is also part of the body right now and then at the bottom. You can also create a shadow for the back off the leg. Okay, so this song can actually you're flipped vertically. I can then make this for the bottom off the hands which will be more logical. So here I drive this to the bottom, like so my double click inside the faith, and then I can delete the parts here. Okay, so and here we lock the belly first. And then here I attract this to the bottom. Like so right now we have the bottom off the other hands with the shadow. We could then go back here inside and then release the last off the belly here because we don't need it anymore. So here there is everything here, and I disabled the old line moments. Okay, so here we have this and then I'm going to create a shadow for the bottom. Okay, so here we can make this under the big coffee, like so and here as well. And then, if repressive also, we can then create this me over here so that we have two parts off the black, like so enable the other thing off the arm, but unlocking it. So here I'm going to practised a lot. Hey, there's okay. So and then I can submit back out selects. So if you don't want the top off the lack and the arms, for example to be that prominence. You can also go inside here and then you delete these top off the stroke. So here, for example, you can. Then there is this setting this and then you go about and then you can do the same here. So if you go back in, you can then go and click twice again inside. After drawing object, you can then delete this part here. And this here s well okay. 6. Animate the character: So after I created a ninja, I want animated. First of all, I am going to convert it to assemble. This one is already converted toe assemble. So if I click on it, you will see in the properties panel that it will show me a graphic symbol instead of a movie clip or a bottle with the movie clips symbol. I come off the animation independently from the main timeline, which just this time lying right now, you can see it here that it is on scene one. So if I have a graphic symbol, it will then and it made its depending on how many frames and where the key frames are in the meantime line, so both off them will be mixed together. So whatever you do inside off the symbol, it will apply to the meantime long as well, Which is so seen one. If you want to use the button, I recommend using it for a website because it is usually a bottle where you click at on a link appears. You can do that by using the coding in adobe animates, but since this course is more about character and mission, I will be explained later on. You see that I have on the graphic symbol when I double click inside. If it he will see that I can then go inside off the symbol here you can see that I am in the inside of the symbol because it is named John one. So here I can find all my layers here. So are more like one like to arm do in the body, the hat and the Shericka. So that is the weapon off the ninja. So what I do right now is I asked the Tween inside if it they are all on a graphic symbol at the moment, the reason I covered them all to a graphic symbol is because I'm going to Tween them. So if you use a motion to or a classic swing, you will have to create a symbol so that you can then between it. So right now, if I go to my hand, I can then at so many classic twin to it. I want my hand to move from the one ends to the other end. So here I have the white thoughts with just the point where I can start rotating it from. So if I have it on the bottle of my hand and I rotated to the other side, it will then be easier to rotate and because it won't move from the middle off the arm. But instead, it will start moving from the bottom off the arm. So the bottom of gun be at the same place if I move it to the right site. So right now we have it move from the left to the right. I go to the frame 25. I can't answer a key from here. And then here I can drag it a little bit more to the left and make it smaller. It wouldn't help with making the proportion a little bit more reasonable when it moves from one direction to in order direction. So this will make more sense than if you are moving it from the middle off the arm. Because when I move it like so you will see that it will rotate starting from this point here. And then it will look like the arms are fluctuating around. So after that, I am going to go to lack number one. I asked a cross between here as well. If you're not soft on which one is like one, you can always click on the key frame and it will show you which one it is. So here I have my luck. One. I can then move the white dots to the top hair and then here I can answer another key friend. And then I can Iraq this to the bottom at the end because I wanted to stand on the ground. And aside from that, I can also drag it to the left side so that it will then look like he is in the standing on the ground in a little bit to the bottle a spell so that they are at the same level. So if I go from the beginning until the end, it shows look like the arms and the LAX are going to be changing in position. So here, you see that the arm is actually going too much to the top. So I'm going to practice to the bottom so that it will make more sense when it is moving so that it won't look too glitchy. Okay, so right now here, this one, it's like that here should be at the bottom. So if I go here, it's shorter than move less frequently so that it won't look too glitchy. Okay, so right now this is also at the bottom. It should also be at the bottom. Okay, So I know if I move it from one different to the other key frame, it's well, move better. Okay, so right now we can move this mortar laugh sites. So then this makes a lot more sense. Right now I'm going to go there. Shuriken. I'm going to add emotion between the reason I adds a motion Tween it's because I want to rotate it. If I am at the frame here, I can choose for the key frame and then I can rotate it several times. So I rotated five times and then you will see that it will start rotating. But I don't have it on the end yet Where it showed Smoove too. So here and the ants. I have to drag my playback line here. We just direct line so that it will know that I want to ask my action there. So at the end, then I have to drag it to the wall so that it will make sense that I am throwing into the wall inside off having it's just rotating in one specific place. Okay, so right now the shuriken, it's moving too fast to the other side. So here, when the playback lying is here, I need to move its to the hands because it shows moved to the same speed as the hence. So here the hands shall be doing this and then the rest it can flow from the hand. You see here that I have 50 frames. So all these dots in between off the line means that they are the frame. So the closer the dots are, the faster it will move and the further apart the dots are, the slower it remove. So right now I'm going to go to layer off my hat. I want this one to have a classic Tween because I wanted to rotate as well. So here I add a key frame and then I track this dough. I thought at the bottom because this is where I can rotate it from. So then I can rotate it to the right site and then make it smaller, like so and here in the middle. I can also make this a little bit smaller in the size, like so here in the beginning. I can then also like this to the bottom in here, Maybe make this a little bit larger. And but I guess to a middle. Okay, So when it reaches the middle here and she'll look like he s crashing and then stretching. So he showed force himself toe crash and then stretched himself out. So this one can actually be direct more to the back so that it would look like he is going to add more power at the back, and then he starts to turn to the beginning. Okay, so I know at the end I don't want to rotate too much in the hat. So then this one will make more sense. If I go to control player, it should look. That's her. Okay, so this is in the batter, and here I can, then the rotation zero. And here in the middle, I can then rotate this five times instead. So that's it will start from here. So if I go here, it should then said, rotating when it is in the middle and here I can, then at an east out, so that then at the end, it will go faster. Like so this will make it. Then go from the beginning until the end, and at the end, it will then slow down. Okay, So I know I'm going to add a classic queen for the body. I can then select the body here, and I can also direct the white dots to the bottom. So I know I insert a key frame. This one should be going to the back a little bit like so this one can go more toe top and then at the end here, insert another key frame, and then I practice back to the front so that it will look like he is standing streets. Okay, so I at a cross between for lack number two. And then here I answer another key frame. And then when he reached just the right side off the left, I can then start making this rotate to the right. So what I do is I move this to the top and then I can move. There's a little bit more to know. Left site and then here at the ants. I wanted to go to the top like so so that it will look like he has used more force. And then this one, I can make it more wider, because then it will make more sense for the lack to be almost the same sighs as the right leg. Okay, so I know we have our number two. We need to, and he makes this morning as well. So I at a classic between insert a key from here. And what I do is I also tracked this White starts to the end. And with this here it should be and the bottom like so. And here I can. Then off the poem at the bottom and then at the middle I can then also off the palm a little bit. So here. Okay, this one is good. So here it goes to the top. And then at the end, I can start a key frame. So I tracked this to the end. I answer a key from there, and then I can then drag it to the bottle. So here it will. Then go from the top to the bottom. Okay, so right now I play you. It should. Then more from the top to the bottom. So here and black number one in the middle, it should be standing to the ground. So here it should be standing on the ground like so. And then we drag this more to a bottle. Okay, so right now we can play it. And you see that luck too has a type of glitch. OK, so All right. No, it showed me changing from one size too in other size. So it is moving to the top. The reason Instead, the center point here is in the center, so we have to drag it to the top here. The white thoughts that we have should be on the top and then here it should be at the top as well. And then this one as well. Because if one is that center, it will then move a lot to the top or to the bottle. So right now, if I play yet, it should then be moving better. The hand should also be moving better. So here, in this case, I need to go to all number two. And here I need to attract its to the ends off the corner. And then this one should be a tent almost at the corner as well. And here the same. So if I play it again from beginning, they should be moving correctly. Okay, so then this one is Okay, So the only thing is that the lack here should go more to the back because it is going back and forth. So here I practice almost at the corner. And then this should also be almost at the corner like so And then they're small. Yeah. OK, so this one is done. OK, so if I play it, they should move better right now. Okay. So that this done how you create the any mission? 7. Conclusion Skillshare: If you want to find the 1st 2 don't note so that you can end it ate at the same time that you're watching your video or you can admit it afterwards as well had over to your project section here on the bottom, off the video. And then you can go to the Attash fouls and then you can don't know the file by clicking on the underlines area. So you see that here in the ninja Sher khan dot fl a At this on the lines, you click on it, it will change the color, turn it a little bit lighter and then you can download it. It will open it for you. This is everything you need to do. It doesn't matter which version you have. It will open it in the version that you have. So nothing will change is just the interface that will change depending on which version you half off. Adobe enemies