Create a beautiful portfolio website with WordPress (free and easy)

Manu De Mey, Webdesigner, 3D enthousiast, teacher

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. 01 Intro

    • 2. 02 Your Project

    • 3. 03 Registering at WordPress

    • 4. 04 Settings: Logo, Baseline, Theme

    • 5. 05 Adding the First Project

    • 6. 06 Adding a second project

    • 7. 07 Adding the Navigation Manu

    • 8. 08 Adding an About Me Page

    • 9. 09 Some Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Create a beautiful and professional looking portfolio website with WordPress totally free and without prior webdesign knowledge. No hassle with hostings, no monthly fee.

Link to

Whether you are a photographer, a painter, an interior designer, a pattern designer, a graphic designer, a sculpter, a cupcake baker or any other creative person, this website is for you!

The website is ideal for showing off your work because it organizes your work in a portfolio structure rather than in the typical "blog" structure from WordPress (don't worry, you can still also blog in this website if you want to).

This class will show you how to setup your website and add your first projects in a few easy steps. Your website will be up and running in less than one hour!

If you think this sounds too good to be true, here's how it is possible:

WordPress offers a free account to anyone wanting to build a website:

1. The free account has a subdomain url, (something like 

2. The free account will sometimes show advertising on your website

3. The free account will only let you install free templates (called "themes" in WordPress)

All of these 'disadvantages' can be overcome:

1. You can have your own domain If you want ( in stead of if you upgrade from the free to the Personal Plan which is only 5 $ per month and that is still cheaper than other portfolio websites like Squarespace (12 $) or Wix (8,5 $)

2. You can switch off the advertising if you upgrade to that same Personal plan (5 $ per month)  

3.  I found a free theme that makes your website look quite professional (if you follow the tips in this class). 

So if you don't mind having a subdomain url ( and don't mind if there appears an ad on your website from time to time, then you can have a professional looking portfolio website (like the one in the screenshot) completely free!