Create a Zendala / Mandala Canvas with Acrylics | Zoe Ford | Skillshare

Create a Zendala / Mandala Canvas with Acrylics

Zoe Ford, Paint | Zendoodle | Art Journal

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Painting the canvas

    • 4. Drawing the zendala / mandala


About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to draw a beautifully detailed zendala using a white acrylic paint pen, on top of a colourful abstract acrylic-painted canvas. You will use affordable, easily sourced art supplies to create your project and discover that drawing zendalas is a lot easier than you think!
NOTE: It's really called a mandala, but I like to zendoodle and I like mashing two words together, so I call it a zendala :)

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Zoe Ford

Paint | Zendoodle | Art Journal

Zoe Ford is an autistic artist from the United Kingdom who loves to create zendoodles, paintings and art journals.

She is the author and illustrator behind the e-book 'Freestyle Zendoodle', which is available exclusively from her Etsy shop 'Zoe Ford Creates', alongside her original paintings and prints.

Her zendoodle art has been featured in two magazines and two art exhibitions, and she has received commissions from a world leader in the pen manufacturing industry.


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