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Create a YouTube Thumbnail in CorelDraw

teacher avatar Dan Webb

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning

    • 3. Create the Background

    • 4. Take a Selfie

    • 5. Add and Edit the Selfie

    • 6. Text Layout

    • 7. Create the Logos

    • 8. Exporting for YouTube

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, I will walk you through the process of creating an engaging thumbnail for a YouTube video using only CorelDraw. By the end of this class, you will have created a thumbnail for a YouTube video using CorelDraw and will be encouraged to use what you learned to create a thumbnail of your own design.

I designed this course for people like me who don’t learn well when they are overloaded with information but find it easy to learn when they are doing and having fun. 

The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to learn CorelDraw.

I use CorelDraw X8 in this course but most everything can be accomplished with previous versions too.

  • Introduction - About the class.

  • Planning - we will look up the specs we need to follow for YouTube thumbnails.

  • Create the Background - We will create an eye-catching background and learn how to create a halftone effect.

  • Take a Selfie - We will use our cell phone to capture a selfie to use for the thumbnail.

  • Add and Edit the Selfie - We will add the selfie to the project and edit it to make it fit in and stand out.

  • Text Layout - We will add the text to the project and make it stand out.

  • Create the Logos - We will get the logos off the web and use the trace feature in Corel to make them into vectors.

  • Exporting for YouTube - We will export the thumbnail using the specs we found in the earlier lesson.

  • Conclusion - Thank you more to come.

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Dan Webb


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Dan Webb, and I'm gonna be your teacher on this course, So we're gonna create a YouTube thumb now. And the thumb now is the little picture you see in the search results that inspires you to click on it and watch the video. So we're gonna create. It's actually the video for this course. So we're gonna create that using entirely Krell drawl, and I'm going to walk you through every step of the process. So there really aren't any resource is for this course because I want you to create everything while I'm creating it with me. So once you take your own picture and I want you to follow along every step of the way and create your own and then I'd like you to post it in the student projects so I can see them also, I'd love to see your work, and then after the course is over, I would like you to get creative and actually create a new thumb now of your own in your own style and posted also so I can see those also, if you like this course, I would really appreciate you just follow that way you can see any updates that I do in new courses I put out and also contest that I run. Resource is I put out things like that and I'll keep you up to date. I would appreciate if you leave, Ah, leave a review for the course, and if you have any questions at all, just asking the questions and answer section and I'll be around to answer questions and help you out throughout the process, So let's get started. 2. Planning: Okay, so here we are at the YouTube help website, and I just wanted to check it for image size and resolution here and what they actually require. So if you look at this here says your custom thumb name, it should be as large as possible. It will be used to preview the image in the embedded player. And we recommend your custom thumbnails have a resolution of 12. 80 by 7 20 with a minimum of 640 pixels. Okay, so we're gonna go larger than that. Um, 12. 80 by 7 20 is a little bit smaller than what I want to go. We're gonna go 1920 by 10. 80. So we'll be fine there. And we want to be uploaded in formats such as J. Peg, Jeff and Ping. And we're gonna use J Peg. So we'll have to remember that when we get to the end and remain under a two megabyte limit , will have to also remember that. So we make sure that our final image is of the right file size and try to use a 16 9 aspect ratio, as it is most used in YouTube players and preview So what this is is actually the the with compared to the height. So it's a ratio. And let's talk about that a little bit. So let's jump over to crawl draw here and we jump over to Kerala. Drum is going to start a new document real quick so we can explain this. So I had the unit said the pixels right here and so 16 9 ensure you what that is. So I say I drew a little square here, other rectangle, and I made it 16 nine. Okay, if you zoom in here and look at this, you can see that's the aspect and ratio they're looking for. And then if I was to grab the corner resize handle, it will always stay that same aspect ratio. If you grab one of the sides, it's actually gonna mess it up. But if you grab any of the corners, you keep the same ratio. So if you look and I go, here you go 7 20 And that didn't work because this is not locked. This locks the ratio. Someone undo that. I'm a lock this so they stay together. So 7 20 hit, enter. And now look at the look at the top number. It's 12 80. That's that. That's that number. Remember, if you look over here, that's that number of 12. 80 by 7 20 All right, jump back over here. If I was changed this to 10 80 you look at the top number. It's 1920. So it's keeping those in sync with each other because we're locking the aspect and ratio. So 1920 by today's what we're going to use by someone to explain that that that is all that means. So if you were, if you wanted to use that aspect ratio But you're at a lot much larger image or something like that you wanted to mess with you could always go in here and just start a rectangle and just do Let's turn this off. I don't think I don't know. I think you have to 1920 by 10. 80 and you know it won't go there because we have about locked. Now I'm gonna change this to 1920. Okay, so there's our aspect aeration, or you could go all the way down to 69 then scale it up. And now you can take that rectangle and make it whatever size you want by using these size , the corner sizing handles and you will be the correct aspect ratio. Now, if you notice that I snapped this to my page, which is this page is already set up to handle a 16 nine aspect ratio. You notice it fits. So anyway, I just wanted to go over that with you and go over the requirements here before we started . So we make sure we don't have to go back and resize and crop and do all this stuff and try to make our image fit into something we didn't plan on, so let's move on. 3. Create the Background: way are in crowded role. First thing we want to do, It's when I hit Create new document up here and give it a name thumbnail. Then we want to change this year the size to custom because we're actually going to all these air set up for print documents. So we're gonna change that. And then we want to change inches two pixels because we're actually creating an image for the Web. So are unit of measure is pixels. I want to make this 19 20 by 10. 80 and I want to make this landscape and then in the primary color mode, CME, like a is for print graphics. So when you're actually gonna print something on paper, RGB is for screen graphics, and that's what we're creating here. So we're gonna turn that toe rgb, and then that's all we need to do it, okay. And then if you zoom out a little bit, you'll see. Now we have a page here that is the size of the image we want. So we're going to start out by creating a kind of sunburst thing that's over. That's centered over here, cause I'm gonna have a picture of me over here, little selfie of me over here and then the in some text over here. So let's start out by creating that I'm a zoom out a little bit and I won't do Center it right around here. So I grab a rectangle Emma, start off the page over here and drag a rectangle with its center right about where I said it right about there. If you missed, you can always just move it around. It's like the select tool and just dragging around until it's where you want it. Or use the arrow keys, multiple ways to do things. All right, so now I want this to be kind of like an hourglass shape. This is gonna be like a rising sun kind of thing. Um, like the Japanese rising sun kind of thing, but without the circle in the middle. So I need to add notes to the center here. But this is a rectangle, as you can see down here, and we need to make it just a curve. So I want to go to object and convert occurs. You can see control cute as the same thing. And now I want to add a node right here in the center. So an easy way to do this is let's go to the shape tool, which I always call it. Noted it for some reason. But it's a shape tool. If you click on a node and hit the plus, it'll add a note in between the one you have selected in the previous one. So I sit plus and you see one just popped up there. Now, if I hit one here, it will add it there and we don't want that. So I'm a control Z and then click that one and it. Plus, there we go. And as you can see, I just did that and did undo and made it go away. Don't be scared to try stuff. Don't be scared to try stuff and they just hit on. Do if it doesn't work out right? So that is the way to learn. So now that I have those two nodes there, I'm just gonna drag on both and have them snapped at the center. And for that to snap like that, you have to have your object snap on. So if you go up here to view, snap to you can see the different things that air on and I have page on and pixels on turn pixels off. But I want to leave objects and page on. All right. So that is why it snapped the center there. Okay, so now I want to make this into a sunburst. But first, let's give us some color. So space bar gets us back to the select tool, and I'm gonna make it this bluish color here. And then I'm gonna right click on the nothing up here, so it has no outline. And you see, the outline just went away. Okay, so now I move that just a little bit, almost rotating around the center of making copies of it. So if you select it and then selected again, your rotation and skew handles a little pop up, so we're gonna grab the rotation one here. I'm gonna start rotating this thing, and we're gonna put it about one with away from the other one. So about like, one more could fit in the middle there. And then we'll hit the right. Well, right click. And then the copy item icon pops up. So we know we're copying this instead of just moving it are just rotating it now. You just hit. He was let go, and it will put a copy there. For each time we do this, we're going to grab all the ones we've made to make this quicker. So instead of having to window around everything, you can hold down the alternate and just drag a crossing window and it will select everything that that's crossing. So now we have all that select again. Grab the rotation, right? Click and drop it. Go down. ALD dragged across them selected again. Date that around. Right Click. Drop it. Okay. About one more, I think will be good. So Ault dragged across them. Select. Now we're gonna have to zoom out. Just a hair we couldn't actually. Middle Mouse button will allow you to drag down. Well, im allow you to pan around. That's also right here, but middle mouse button automatically changes back, so I like using that. Okay, so now we need to get back to the Select Sexual select again. We have the rotation, start rotating this, and we're going to put it about one away. And I'm paying attention down there that I'm overlapping two of these so I can go back and to lead them. So right click and that go. And now these two down here are gonna be fat. Or so let me get rid of those. So I see that one there. I don't need it to lead on the keyboard Now, in there, I don't need to delete on the keyboard. So now we're pretty much done there. So that's our sunburst thing. Now what I One thing I want to do is I want to make this where there's all one curve now. Right now. If I select them, I have. You can see I have 14 objects on the layer one. So that's do again. Ault and drag across them and now have all 14 objects, and I'm going to combine them all. So that would be this item here. Their combined them all every year we combined them. Now they're all one curve on later ones. That's a curb on layer one. Now we want this to fit to the page, so we have page snap on. So we're gonna and that will come in handy here. Now we're gonna use the crop tool so crop effects. Whatever you have selected only. So we had to select this and hit crop and then let it snap to the corner of the page. Click and drag a window down to the other corner of the page and let go. Now we that's our crop square or a rectangle, and now, if you click out here, it's going to do nothing. That's why it's too saying no out here. If you double click in the middle, it will set this in and crop the objects that we're gonna double, click and now cropped it all to that rectangle back to the selectable. Now let's add some color to this page. What to do? So let's first hit F Ford A zoom to fit to do so, you have to add a rectangle, and you could just draw a rectangle on the page because we have that snap turned on. But I'm gonna show you a trick here that you can double click on the page border shadow down here and I will bring out page settings and you just add page frame and hit OK, and now you'll notice it added this page for him and this is all the way to the back of everything, right on top of the page. So at the very back, we're gonna start with yellow here and now you can see the yellow is behind everything. And I'm gonna right click on the nothing here to get rid of the page. Border color, Another stroke. All right, now, that's not the colors I want. So let's go ahead and set thes colors. Start by selecting this one The blue on my double click on the blue Phil, and we will just drag this down a little bit so it gets a little more blue, less purple. I think that's pretty good right there. Okay. I want the yellow to be a blue also, So I wanna let's it's like that double click on the yellow and I will start with that blue . So, uh, here's the eyedropper. It's like that, and that's start changing that a little bit. So if I'd lighten it up a little bit, just dragged this down a little bit and see what happens. There we go. That right there is pretty good. All right, That's what I was going for. So that's our start of our background now I'm gonna do, in effect on this and this effect is actually a bit map effect. So the first thing we have to do is select this. Select everything here and converted to a bit map. So if you go to the bit map menu and convert the bit map when I'll show you here if I wanted to the color transformers when I wanted to do and see I can't use that right now. So if I convert this two bit map and RGB is correct and 300 BP eyes fine. So we hit. Okay, I can see Turned into bet mapping sort of. See that Now we'll go back to bit, maps, color transform. And now you can see these are available. So I'm gonna use this half tone effect, so select that now you can see it has a meet. I think it's made out of circles. It's like 1/2 tone. You change the radius toe really, really small to really big. But I wanted to be, um What about their I think I think I like that you can change some colors of it too, and, um, unless it has a whole lot of colors in. It doesn't really affect things much so that back to six and okay, so that's what we have now. Now that's our background I want to go with before we move on on us. Say this pops up into the folder, I want to put it in. It has the name that I gave it earlier and was going. It's safe. Okay, so now we're saved and we'll move on to the next lesson. 4. Take a Selfie: way we're gonna work on getting a selfie here that we can put onto our thumbnail. So, um, change modes here. Okay. So I'm just gonna You might want to get toward a window, something like that. So you can get good lighting and, um, get where you're lit up. Well, so you can see it on the thing. I'm gonna put myself over to one side, and that way I can, um, point up to the side. I'm gonna be pointing at the Texas on the on the So I'm just going to make face and look at the lens and point up to the left here and and then take the picture. So here we go. Okay. See how those came out. All right. That's about what I wanted my whole heads in there, and I think that I work good. So now we're going to transfer that to my computer and we'll modify it 5. Add and Edit the Selfie: way are back in Grill Draw, and now we're going to bring in the selfie that we took. So I am going to bring up the window. I added to this directory here, and that's gonna drag it over and drop it on top of CorelDraw. And now you can see it. It added it to my project. So now I'm going to cut me out of this, so this is a little bit tedious, but and there's a way to do it in photo paint also. But if you're just using CorelDraw, it's totally possible. And actually, I don't mind doing it this this way. There's actually two ways to do it in grilled roll. One is to create a a power clip. What's this right here? And you can place it inside of a frame once you draw it, and I'll show you here how that works. So if you had a safe frame of a square right here and then I wanted to take this picture, select it object, power clip, place inside frame and it gives you a little pointer. I'm going to select this frame here. It's not Let me do it. Here we go I was just missing. It was what I was doing. So you have to get right on top of that. But now you can see that it took and place that picture inside their Undo that because that's not the way we're gonna do this. So you could actually just draw on outline around here and and place this inside. But we're actually gonna cut this image of and do it that way. Someone get rid of that, and I'm gonna draw a line all the way around here. So the way I would do this is I would just start on one side of the image here, zoom in here and then I'm gonna start Freehand drawing just with the mouse. I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect, and you'll see why here in a little bit and you'll see why I'm doing it this way. Also in crowd role. But that's going to start drawing. I'm just gonna click and just start dragging the mouth so it runs around my shirt pretty close. If you zoom in, you can get pretty close and you can stop at certain times and you can go back and adjust it like right? There wasn't that great hit F 10 here and we'll get the shaped tool and we can start shaping this thing a little bit and moving and around. If you need some help on some of these standard features. A crowd role. Um, you could check out my crowd, draw quick start, and you'll have a good overview of all that time. I hit F five and click on the very end of that to make sure you click on the end of it when you are start drawing on the net. So click and drag from the end. And what that does is that actually allows us Teoh, connect to the other one. I didn't do a very good job there, but I'll go back and fix it. This doesn't matter too terribly much. Alright, right there and f tandem. I go back and correct a little bit of this and this is kind of hard because it has object. Snap on. So we're gonna go up here to view, snap to and turn objects off, and then I'll make a little bit easier to to move things around because I was trying to snap to itself which is a little bit goofy for curled. Rato have that in there, but that's the way they have it set up. I like it, though, but it's always you always turn it off. Okay, I think that's pretty decent. There's a little bit of ah bumping my finger here. I'm gonna go ahead and drag it out there. And if you want to add a note, you can double click on the line anywhere, and I'll add a note. So that way you can soon are you can. That way you can edit it from there. All right, so now we're going into my shirt there, must drag over, and we're gonna zip right up through the air around my ear, and then we'll stop for a little bit, so freehand get over the top of the end of the line and this line has to be selected to start on it too. So I start right there. Stop right there. You can see that all this is still selected, so that means it's all one part. Go around. I You're here. Get up close and personal with my self here. Oh, sometimes it's hard toe. Adjust your hand and not go wacky. All right. - Okay . Just about there. If you had a tablet and a pencil, it would probably be a lot easier when she used to using that tablet. But I do not have that. So this is the way I do it. All right, So now we're just going to go down to the bottom here among turn object. Snap back on. So view snap to objects that way, I think snapped there. It's not to the corner of that cook again there and then go all the way over here and snapped at the other end of this. Okay, so now we should have an object that is drawn right around me. I mean, I need to fix my here. Here. I already tell that Fix that real quick. And if you need to a note that you can see how that thing wants toe move the other one when no one's moving and always click on a node and hit cusp. So that's that right there. And then they won't affect each other at all. But you. Then that way you can get a sharp point to, but we don't want a sharp point. on this one. But anyway, that's good enough. Sometimes you zoom in and you can get a little too concerned about little bitty things. Okay, so there's that. Now, if I click on this, you'll be able to see I should be able to just fill it in. Yep. So, me, until it So one thing we're gonna want to do is we're gonna actually put a outline around. He also. So what we're going to do is get the Contour, which is then Justin Effects Contour. But I already have an open here, so we're gonna do a one step, and we have three different ways to do it to center inside and then outside. So we're gonna do the outside contour and we're in its go ahead hit, apply and see how it looks. All right, That's 30 pixels. I'm gonna make a little bit smaller. It's go. Let's try 20 Low Giampaolo Ada, try 20. Apply that. Think that's better. And I want to Philip White apply. And I would say that's good there. So all right, now we have our contour line around there and we'll be able to fill that How everyone here in a little bit. But before we can use this inside line, you can see now that once I click on it, it's a control curve on layer one. So we want to get this broke apart. So now I click on that. You can see you click on that white line that we did. It's a control group, so we wanna ungh group that. And to do that, it's not ungh group. It's actually control K actually, which is break apart. So hit control K and now have to objects. So if you look at objects appear, there's actually a combine and break apart, and we just did that, but so we just break apart. All right, so now we have two things. We have a curve there and we have a curve there, and we're gonna use this curve here to actually break this thing and that we have those broke apart. Now we can just select the inside one and the image, and then we select intersect. And then what that does is and actually where ever that line intersected with the bit map it cut it. So it left another one on top of it. So see, there's my cutout picture. Now you can see I could put it over there. But first off, we want to make sure we bring the white with it, because we're going to fill that. All right, so let me just move that up, out of our way. We're gonna zoom in here, have to soon, men. And now I'm gonna select the the White Outline and Philip White. It is on top of my pictures. I want to control page down a few times one time. Okay. There's my cut out pictures. I want to make it the right size to go ahead and select those two and hit control G and group them together. All right, now, let's get it set on the corner of the way we want it. Yeah, but hang over a little bit, and I'm going to grab this top and drag it down until it fits in there. Nice. Okay, so there's my image there. I mean, four Ah, little side note. That is a way in grilled raw. You could actually I used that same technique, So you select that select that hit intersect. And then now we have our one sitting on top of that. And now we can soar like in photo paint. Weaken, We have, Ah, sort of like a mask. So narrator the outline. And now we have that sitting on top so we can do whatever we want to this back thing, and it will not affect me. So if I got a bit maps and effects and maybe I go back and do that, I'm going to a blur and say, I just do a type of blur there. I'm gonna try to pronounce it and bring it way up. You see, Now the background is really blurry and to get down a little bit. Okay, so now I have a nice, blurry background behind me. So anyway, another little way to use that hit Delete four to zoom in. Now we're moving right along here. So we have my picture there. And yes, we do have a little bit of lying around that. We're gonna worry about that, Rosie. I'm gonna worry about that right now, and we'll decide later if we want to fix it a little bit. But one day I do want to do before we move on is I want to crop this So we have the group of the two objects selected. So I'm going to with those selected hit crop and then go from the bottom of the page. Are you sure? I get that down there. Yeah, right there. And click and drag up until I make sure I have all my the rest of my image in there and then double click in the middle. And now you see it cropped it toothy thumbnail page size. Okay, Before we move on, I'd like to make this image pop a little bit more. So we don't have to go into the photo editor or photo pain or anything like that. All we have to do is select it. And Crowder Hasam, that stuff built in right now, we have a group of three objects I'm gonna control. Select, hold down control and select. Now you can see I have the bit map. I'm gonna go toe effects, adjust brightness, contrast into intensity. Something's going to mess around with this until it looks like I wanted to Look, I'm gonna reset it toe, get back to normal and going to bump the contrast a little bit. I like to make these things pop a little bit. Weo We're getting there now. Okay, so it went from that to that. So much more pops. So that's a little more attention getting okay, So now we've done that. One other thing. I wanted to show you what actually happened here. You can see on my ear and on the fingers here. There's a little bit of the background showing through. We're gonna fix that. So if we go in here and we control select that bit map again going See down here, we have the bit map selected, and you can see when we did that intersect, it actually just added that line. Used that line to cut this thing. So all these nodes, they're still there that were part of that line. So I can zoom right in here and then adjust this so hit knocking it the shape tool. And now all my nodes Air still here. So there's one. There's one right here so I can move that one in a little bit. And once you're gonna have object, snap on. So we're going to view snap, turn off objects, and then we can move these around a little bit easier. So now see how that fix that. Heres the middle mouse button pan over here. Fix my finger right here. Going to fix my finger over here a little bit. And now I accidentally selected off of it. So we need to control and select the that map again. And they were. The only reason you were using that control button is because we actually have a, um we actually have a group going on here, so that gets inside the group. All right, that's fixed. There's a little bit right here. And then I'll I'll call that good. So let's see. I'm okay with that. All right? So I don't get the select tool and it at four. And now we can move on to the next section, that text. 6. Text Layout: e. Okay, so now we're going to add our text. So we want this is, say, create YouTube thumbnails in CorelDraw. So let's type those in all on separate lines. We use all caps and everything. Returning caps, lock, create YouTube, the mills in CorelDraw. Okay, there we go. Not very nice looking. Okay, let's choose some phones here to make him a little nicer looking. So for create. I know I'm gonna end up wanting at white and let's see, I think that was the one I liked. I've played around with some of these that you can see that there some already there. It's not too bad. And that one, I think that's what I want right there. So, Bauby, okay? And if you don't have this on your system, I believe it's a long Google fonts. I think is where I got that. But if not to something that you like and go on, So it's I don't know, goes that big. And now let's grab all the rest of these a copy, the effects from that. So in and it there is copy properties from. So once you have things selected, you copy properties from its asking you what properties you want. So we're going to say text properties and Phil really could do everything on this. But that's all we really trying to get. Okay, I give you another one of selection. Icons are icon cursors, and we will select. Create. Okay, Now, we got all those okay and is not important and make it smaller, but crawled all down here and thumbnails. I don't want running into my head, so we'll make it not that big. Yeah. Okay, let's start there. And I want to put something around these so they are not blending into the background. So I'm just going about box on there and I'm going Teoh. Well, we will get the selection tool, select it, and we're gonna skew it a little bit. Like so And then is an arrow keys has centered up a little bit. That's pretty good there. Okay, so let's pick a color here. I like to start with something in the in the object, so let's go ahead and we'll start with right clicking on this. So we get rid of the outline and then we will over here, and we're going to grab the eye dropper and go around here until we find something we kind of like, I kind of want to be darker. So it's trying that, and now we can just click on it down here. All right, so now it's control page down until we're at the right spot. 12345 times. All right, So there's that one. That's copy and paste this a few times so we can use it elsewhere. Copy, paste. Definitely gonna use it here and then copy paste and then use it. All right, here. Taking it that much smaller is gonna mess up this queue. But I fix it afterward, after the fact. Okay, so and take both of those and control page down. There we are. Go ahead and bring that one Singer it up a little bit. And I said, we need toe select again and skew a little bit more, so it matches the other one. That looks pretty good. All right, So now what? I want to dio I might change the color these again once we get the other things done. But I want to create a logo for each one of those. So I think we'll do that in our next lesson. 7. Create the Logos: Okay, So now I want to replace YouTube and Krell draw with their logos, so we'll start with YouTube. I'm a jump over to the browser here. Okay, I'm on type YouTube. We'll go and then images and let's see, here we will take that land. That looks good. So it's just right. Click on it and hit copy image. I would jump back over to Krell. Draw is, you know, a little bit and control V to paste it and came in as a bit map. So we're gonna trace it that center line trays, no outlined, trace and logo, and then just let it do its thing and see what we end up with. Doesn't look too bad. I think that looks pretty good right there. So we're gonna hit, okay? And now we'll be left with a group of four objects from a control. You done group them. Now we start getting rid of some of this stuff. Delete those believe that now we have. Sometimes I like to just color things just to see what all I got. Just see if I had a background there and I don't So group that back together. So select it all on hit control, G. Okay, now we have a YouTube logo and we had to put a background on that. But let's get rid of this YouTube set that down there looks pretty good. But let's go ahead and put a background around it. Go and grab a rectangle and just drag a rectangle around it. Center that out. We're gonna hit, select them both and hit C center horizontally watches. So you have most elected at sea, and then e that's horizontally and vertically. And now we'll hit f tend to get into the shape tool and just around those corners off, that's pretty good there. So let me make it white and give it no outline, and then we will take it backwards. So it control page down. Okay, now we have it. Select it all and control Geo. Group it. Now aside, I in here much better. Okay, let's make it the right size. Create YouTube. Some now is okay. Now we need CorelDraw. Let's jump back over to her browser. Okay. We could tell you krill draw. Oh, go. Okay, let's check this one out. It looks like that work. Copy that. Jump back over to crowd role. Don't pace that in. We could move that right up here, So that's wonderful. Let me go ahead and control you on group it, and I'm gonna get a graphic. Sweet down here. Troll. You on group it again. All right, there's krill draw and group that and then all this together and group that bring the size down a little. Okay, we're getting there. I don't mind me doing this with their logo. Okay? It's now I want to put up outline around it. I always call this. Make it like a sticker. Do that. Just gonna kind of make a a little outline for it, okay? No, I'm a draw. Some lines here, Some down here. My object snaps not on control Z to undo that kind of you snapped objects. Start down here and snap that down. Here. Also snap to that. It's pretty good. Connect those two together, and then the way these lines work is if you have to objects and they're not, they're not the same curve that one. And shifts like that one have to objects. You can combine them, but that's still not combined right here. So if you hit F 10 you'll see his zoom in here I congrats this note and pull it apart because it's not the same node. So you have to do this, select them both and then hit, combine, join the two nodes. And now they are. So that would not have filled properly unless you did that. So now you can see I have these two. And if I draw a line between those two all their selected, it will actually close it up. We don't want to do that. We don't actually gonna go down this way. I'm just drawn this kind of free hand because it's small and it's not going to really matter in the scheme of things. Okay, so there's that Someone put all three of those together, so I'm going to select that. It's like that two of those, rather and I'm going to weld them now. It's one big piece. Do a rectangle and we'll get Dan. Let's it down this way and draw a rectangle around the whole thing and go well into that piece right there. So we can well, those together to. And now I'm going to first. I am going to F 10 shaped tool and around these corners down here, space bar to get back to my select select the 1st 1 I did. And well well, those together to now I can make him white control page down a couple times. I mean, group all that together, control G four to see everything and on the go ahead and drag it over here and start making it the right size and get it inside there at least. And they had f four. So we have everything, and I forgot to take the outline off of that. We will do that here in just seconds. We said that there was, like, the girl drop behind it and delete it. Now I want to take that outline offer there. So I need to get to where I just have that I have a group of three objects. I just want this object so in a control and select, I have a child curve on their ones. That's my curve. And I'll right click on the no outline over here. All right, Miss, Like that again. And I'm going to I had to select off of it, inspected again. So I wasn't So I had the whole thing. I'll get a little smaller. I think that looks pretty good. I want to be totally covering up my finger here. So and always moved me over a little bit. I think I'll do that. So grab that. And the start dragging and then hold down control. Now snap it in tow the horizontal drag me over to see there. It gives me a little bit more room and I need to crop me again So that the crop tool and let's start way up here and crop all the way down to that corner of the page. Double click. Okay, now it's center, some stuff up, and I think we'll be pretty close to done. I'll make you to bigger and create up to her the top a little bit. I think all these need to pop out a little bit more. Are these three right here? I'm gonna call this one. So I wanted to do that. When I need to do is right now it's two rectangles. I'm going to weld those two together. Weld. So now I just made it one outline. Okay. That way I can do it. Some drop shadows on these two to make him pop out a little bit more. So let's let's try that. Let's go to it's Grab that and we'll have the drop shadow to and drag one down. Here we go. It's like that one. Do drag one down from there. Been more than the other one about their stand out just a little bit more. I think this create seems to be centered up with, uh, thumbnails of stuff down here. And YouTube needs to be over this way, too. One way to get a better look at this is going and scroll your wheel back and and see what looks like If we were to see it in the results, I don't think that's too bad and creates gonna be bigger, and then we'll call or done. I think that's pretty good right there. Save it. And now, in the next lesson, we will discuss out putting it to the right format so you can use it on YouTube. 8. Exporting for YouTube: way have our thumbnail created. And now all we have left to do is out. Put it to the proper file type. So if you remember in the first video, we wanted it to be 1920 by 10 80 that's what our documents created at. So we got that when you need to be under two megabytes, so we'll keep an eye out for that. And we wanted to be a J. Paige file. So let's make that happen. So the way you want to do this, as you want to say, file and you want to export four the Web, then I'll bring us up a dialog box that shows us they preview and weaken hit this little button here to make it fit. We want to change it to A J. Paige here, and we want to make sure output sizes right. And since we created it in the right size, it's maintaining that proper size. Okay, and now if we look over here, it shows us the output size it's gonna created at So is 100 and 67 kilobytes. So we're well under two megabytes, and we're bigger than they said. So we should have. Ah, we should be within their specs. So let's do Ah, save as that opens us up to our box here and we're in the same folder that we put herself in. So we're going to call this thumbnail dot j peg and was hit. Save. Okay, so let's go check this out. So if I jump over to that directory, I have my J. Peg have a backup of micro file. I have my CorelDraw file, and there's thumbnail dot j Peg. Let's open that up and look and see what it looks like. Okay, there we go. There's are finished thumb now. J. Peg. I think it looks pretty good. 9. Conclusion: Well, that's it for the course. I hope you follow along. I hope you learned a lot, and I hope you create your own YouTube thumb now. And if you did, I would appreciate it if you just posted into the project section. That way I can see it and check it out and see your work. And I encourage you now to create one of your own of your own style and post that they're also so I could see it. I if you like this course, I would appreciate it if you would just, um, follow my channel. I keep you up to date. That way. Leave a review for this and share it with your friends and keep an eye out for my next course once coming out real soon. Thanks.