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Create a YouTube Thumbnail in CorelDRAW

teacher avatar Salman Ibrahim, Graphic Designer and Web Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Type of Thumbnails

    • 3. Setting Up the Environment

    • 4. Designing the Background

    • 5. Gather Icons and Cliparts

    • 6. Designing the Foreground

    • 7. Inserting the Text

    • 8. Exporting the Thumbnail

    • 9. Conclusion

    • 10. Tips

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About This Class

This course gives you a brief insight of what are the essentials of a thumbnail and how the thumbnails should be designed, The whole designing process is divided into small parts so you can follow along and keep designing your own thumbnail for practice while you take the course.

After taking this course you will be able to design your own thumbnails effectively and understand the best practices.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Salman Ibrahim

Graphic Designer and Web Developer


I'm a Graphic Designer with 4 years+ of experience in Graphics Designing. I hold a professional degree of Web and Graphics designer, with Graphic Designing being my area of interest. I have worked in CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects, alongside CorelDraw being my area of expertise and interest, for its flexibility.

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1. Introduction: Hello, I am Solomon. And in this course I am going to teach you how to make a unique terminate. For that, I'm going to design a terminal that I used for this course. We will discuss the types of thumbnails that will help you choose your preferred type of thumbnail that best tools your niche. Even design it and badly using cotton row. So make sure you have quarter law available on the goal. Follow along and make your own thumbnails while you take this course and share your work in the student section so everyone can see, and I can provide feedbacks as well. There's no such thing as resources before getting started because we will only be using cholera. This course is designed for beginners as well as intermediate graphic designers with a small Knowledge of Goldenrod tools. We will only be focusing on designing a nail and norm that tools and they're working. You can follow me to get notified about new condemned being released by me. Also, please write a review because that always helps to improve the content that I am making. So without wasting any more time, let's get started. 2. Type of Thumbnails: Hello and welcome to this course. In this lecture, we will talk about the types of thumbnails. So before going to the designing part of the course, we will first understand the thumbnails and then choose what best suits our niche. So based on the types of thumbnails being used on YouTube, I have classified them into three types. These are as follows. Text-based, Tammany is image-based thumbnails, text and image based on males, and we recall them, the composite laminate is talking about the text-based dominates. Only the text is used as the main part of the terminator. In the text-based Annales, there can be an image in the background, but images cannot be used as the part of foreground of this terminal area. And these type of thumbnails are used by bloggers to show famous plays in the culminated with the text above it. The next day with thumbnail is the image based on news. These thumbnails do not contain any text, but the image. These type of thumbnails are most commonly used by giving generals because games do not require anything to be on families. And anyone seen that dominated can easily guess what the video contains. Well, Agile does that asked? Now moving on to the last day of thumbnail, the composite dominate. These type of thumbnails consist both text and image and are most commonly used across new book. They have seen on general slate backchannels, comedy channels, broadcast channels, etc. For example, the thumbnail use here is taken from everything Apple Pro, which includes both text and image as the particle Tata name. So I hope that you have understood everything regarding the pipes of thumbnails and I will see you in the next one. 3. Setting Up the Environment: Hello and welcome to next lecture. In this lecture, we are going to talk about setting up the environment before getting co-design autonomy. So to setup environment, we will start with creating a new document. And create a new document. We will first name or document. After that, we're going to use that reset designation as default RGB. It will be the conundra default by default. But we are not going to use it as our preferred destination because rarely fall uses CMYK colour scheme and we want to use RGB because the RGB is used for representation of things on screen while CMYK is basically used to bring the things on paper. So since the determinant is always staying on the screen, so we will go with RGB and levy use and not use the custom one. We will use the default RGB. The reason behind using not, not using customers dad, when we use custom alot of things scene in the background and which results in lower resolution of the rendered for goo and the end. So we will use default RGB because it is the most convenient a destination to design things. And after that, we are not going to use the size of the paper because it will again end up in resulting the pre-set destination as customer. And ultimately, when we are not willing to use the width and the height of the beeper. So everything will be same as a default. And only thing that we are going to change is we're using default RGB because it dominates or resting on the screen. So after that, I create a document. And once I create the document, at this step, I am going to use the units as pixels. And now we have retained the breadth and the height. For the width, reduced 1284, the height, angry seven bundy. It is the Recommended dimensions, but you do. You can increase the size by keeping the ratio similar to 12-18 720. But I would not recommend this because if an only result in increasing the size and nothing more than that, because the thumbnail is a small, tiny image that is shown as a preview on the video. And it is not, it does not have to do anything with the actual video, so we'll go with the Recommended dimensions. However, some video providers also suggest using some smaller resolution because it will result in a smaller image size. But these are the, well the DNS hand-on D-I-R dir Recommended dimensions for the. So that's all for the, and that's all for the setting of the environment. And I will see you in the next round. 4. Designing the Background: Hello and welcome to the next lecture. So by now, we have learned about the types of domains and setting up the environment before designing the terminate. And in this lecture we are moving towards the, designing the background on the timeline. So to design the background, first of all, we have to think about the color scheme that we are going to use throughout our time here. In my case, I am designing the thumbnail for my course in which I am teaching about designing a thumbnails for YouTube. So I'm going to use the color scheme, red because the YouTube logo has a Colorado. So to design the background, first of all, I'm gonna make a rectangle exactly similar to the size of the domain. So to do so, I'm gonna double-click the Rectangle tool. It is going to make the rectangle exactly the same sense. After that, I'm going to color it red. And since this is a bit darker, so I'm gonna go with the lighter shade of red and blue. So I'm gonna click and hold the color. And after that I'm going to select and lighter shade and let you use this one. So that shows this. And after that, I have to create, I'm trying to make a play button in the background to add the designing elements to the background. We could call it the plain background would not look so cool. So I'll just create a rectangle or a square actually. And of the DAD earning or not. And modi curves by pressing control q and now two-step shaped to. And I'm gonna select a corner and deleted. And now I have to rotate it 45 degrees and African cutting stretch it. Little viscera would look like the Limited. And I'm going to color it again. But this time, I will make several copies of this. I will remove the outlines of the shapes. So it looks apart and copy this and just flip it. So this is all about the background that I am going to use for my thumbnail. And you can go as per your ideas and your thinking and making it. But the most important thing that is here in this actually to talk about is that what color are you using for the background? So the background color always should be the main color of the whole color scheme because it is the most visible part of all thumbnail. So that's all for this lecture and I will see you in the next one. 5. Gather Icons and Cliparts: Hello and welcome to the next lecture. In the previous lecture, we have designed the background of our tannin. And in this lecture we are going to talk about gathering the icons and clip arts. Sickly parts are basically the small, a tiny images that we are going to use in our thumbnail to enhance it a little bit. So glib parser available across millions website, on the internet and distributed by various designers freely and bade as well. So I'm going to show you a few websites where you can get your desired icons. So let's jump to the browser. And the first West played that I'm going to suggest to you is flat on flat icon. On this website, you could find the sets of icons. You can find these social media onsets and many things. And also you can search for individual icons, like you want to search for, band for Ben and results. You will get individual icons for. And if you choose any of them, most of them are free and sometimes there are bad ones. The one with the crown icon are the premium icons and they are paid. They're not actually free. So I'm allowed to use one and show you how it looks. So I'm gonna choose this one. And for that it will give you a few options to choose the PNG Yuan and the SVD. So the PNG will be the one with the cross brand background and it will show you options to choose the dimensions. And the highest one is 512, and sometimes a few icon debt is much higher. Standard is 512. You will find no icons less than 512 pixels. And the other option is to download the SVG file. Also, sometimes you will see that alerts here at the bottom of the premium. You can choose any of the options, and it gave me two options to download, that is premium download and the freedom loading. In premium download, you can download the free as well as the bad ones and you do not have to attribute the author will design the icon actually. And in the free download, you can download all the free icons that are available across lactic bond. But you have to attribute the author always. Either you want to use it for rapid or you want to use in any of your personal project. You will have to attribute the author because it is always better to work with the author who designed the FQP. So the other website is it the icons? And you can also find the similar icons in the same way. Here, you know the icon bags, you can download individual icons. And one thing that I'm going to show you at flight upon is that menu select individual icon. You will see what bag it comes from. It comes from business and office back, and it has to 50 icons. And if you want to download the whole bag, you can just register here and download the old bad available for free. Since this icon is freed up at lunch will be frequently you can register and download the cold pack and use all the icons. And another thing I want to tell you is that since you want to use the icons in corn row, so I would suggest you to download them in SVD because sometimes you may want to change the colors of the icon. So it is always best to choose the SVD because it allows you to edit the color red letter and the India does not allow. The last website that I'm going to show you is I upon finder and it works. Again. The only thing that is different is that you will only find the free icons here. There's no paid icons added the icon Finder. So that's all about the icons and clipboards. And I have selected a few icons and clip arts as well from these websites. And remembering attributes. I personally like to use ladder con for icons because it has the wide range of icons available. So that's it for the icons and clippers. And I will see you in the next one. 6. Designing the Foreground: Hello and welcome to the next lecture. In this lecture, we are going to design the foreground for Anthony L, that is the main element of timing. And after that, the thumbnail VB, almost complete. So I have already collected a few clique bars and I have created the YouTube logo as well. And we have to put these things together as well as we have to design the foreground of the timeline. So for designing, i will just create a rectangle, a forest, and the same side of the page. And I will reduce the size of a little bit. The reason behind making it exactly similar to the size of the pages that I want to give the racial similar in bringing it to the foreground and which shift and data. In the offer that i'm gonna make, rounded edges, I will select the rounded edges and I will increase it to dendritic cells. See how it looks. More like. Yeah, I got the girls look good and now I am going to change the color. So four-color, I have created a color palette here that I'm going to use for our mitochondrion. In the previous lectures, I've done both the color scheme and I have talked about the red color. The color scheme I'm following is that I am using to shades of red and yellow and 20% black or gray. How inequality? So these are the color schemes that I'm going to use to all determinate and I have created a color palette. It is always a good idea to read a color palette for yourself so you don't have to always go back to the colors and select the differentiated, especially if you're using a different. It is good to have a color palette available on the goal. So you don't risk the time and going all the way again to the color band and then switching to the same shade of color. All this will always keep a color palette available to you. So now I will select this one and fill it with this color. And the background elements are kind. He didn't know. So move them a little bit away from each other. So and for that, I'm going to set up the clip art for so I'm gonna take this and we'll put this right here. Or maybe here and reviews this way doublet. And that I'm going to pick the scissors. Since it has a red, I will change the color. To change the pillar. I will, just, since I have done little bit them in SVD, I will just ungroup it. And after ungrouping iris and leg disbarred the remnant and select Color family kind of Bennet. And Philip in this column. And this realism. Now, again, room down here and rotate it. And they did, don't worry about being high ending on the foreground. Fix them, then you Hoagland fixed dog and everything goes well. And since it is, again had the red colors, ungrouping and then pick the same corner, will be at them. The barbs. So I was head of all the clip ours now expand to fix this scissors. Shadow bool and rub a little bit of shadow. Looks now. And I didn't do similar with books that I have in foreground. I would add drop a little bit of a shadow. So it looks good on the background. And now I have to remove the outline of this frame. Looks something like that. We'll also add this. You do little work, you see how it looks. I think it looks good. So that's it for the foreground. If the hole is going to look. In the next lecture, we will talk about adding the text to the family. So that's it for this one. And I will see you next week. 7. Inserting the Text: Hello and welcome to the next lecture. So by now we have completed our thumbnail and the only thing that remains is the backstory. And in this lecture we are going to add text or autonomy. So before adding the text, let us first understand what ROS does. The best place in a Communism Act is very important part of the family. And in my case, since my course is all about creativity on thumbnail. So I will go with some creative text instead of some serious, some decent looking text. In your case, you will choose the best text that suits your video type. Also, we have to put focus on some specific words in our text of dominated. So let us first insert the Texan at dominate and freeriding that I will isolate you do and, and I have a central line at E. And let's reduce the size a little bit and center. In our books. Glen center, I will have to select and text and then the books and press E and C if we don't know. So after doing that, I will choose my desired texts style. So I will choose the snap ITC. The Century Gothic will also look good. But since I have said that my course is all about creativity, so I will not use the decent textile. Instead of it. I will choose the VAD, one more aligned center again. And so I gave it in the text and adjusted a little bit more and maybe more smaller. And after that, I will select the text and breath control to break the words apart, break each lane apart. And now we can see that this lane is separate. This land is separate and this is separate. No, all of them are no brick. And now you want to focus on some text and we want to highlight them as well. So for that, I will select a color from Cal appellate averaging, right one for you do Linder 2p and also color coded Rob. Because this course focuses on YouTube thumbnail and it is being designed and correlate. So I've been focused on these two words. So after that, the terminated is almost complete and we have inserted text, we have interrupted click bars. We have designed foreground, we have designed background and all of the stuff is now completed. So that is all about adding the text intermittent. You will be uploading your thumbnails on your YouTube channel and make sure that you use the similar or the same text style grows all your thumbnails because consistency is the main part of graphics or representing something. Make sure your text is all this. And so that's it for this lecture and I will see you in the next one. 8. Exporting the Thumbnail: Hello and welcome to the next lecture. In the previous lecture, we have completed designing our thumbnail, and it is now completed. In this lecture we will talk about exporting the tunneling. We'll do some other uploaded will formats so we can upload it on our videos. So before exporting the thumbnail, we have to keep in mind a few things that there is nothing except the terminal is present in the document. Even if it is outside began was we have to make sure that it is not present there. So producible, I will simply just, first of all, let me show you what will happen if I exported this way. So it will export level file and exported or press shop could control plus E And afraid export. In the preview, we can see that there's a thumbnail and also the color palette is also being exploited in this. So we don't want it to be this way. So to avoid this, we have to make sure that there is nothing other than determinate present on the canvas or the document. So I will simply cancel it. Delete the color palette. And now again, I will confess control ie to export it. In this part, we have to choose what format we want to use. Gloves border image. B and D are portable network graphics is the loss-less compression. So it is ideal for using on web applications and it is ideal for reusing on YouTube as well. And the other format that we can use is the JEPD bitmaps. And the IPD is a loosely compressed emitted, which means that when you export an image in JPEG format, the size is much smaller as compared to the number of colors in the image. In PNG, we can not store, do much colors but the epidemic and support more colors than B and D. So if you're in, if you're done, Mill has digital photo than deputies, an ideal format for you. But in case if you are not using a camera clicked or digital picture in your family, then you must go with deep END because it is lossless compression file and it gets, it is ideal for using all the publications. So I will use PNG since my thumbnail does not include any images in it and it is completely the traffic work. The PNG and exploited at the time of export. You can see that how things are working. In my case, there is a little bit of grass PR and part of the page is inside the document and an interface this before exporting. So I will just cancel it and see what things are causing the error and this is the scissors. Now why this is causing the error is because it is, it has the shadow which is dropping outside the canvas, which is why this is happening. So to avoid this, I will use the power Eclipse. And do youth power clip levels simply select all of these except the outer and group it. And after that I will call the object bio clip lays inside frame and this one. And it now goes inside the boundary. And we can confirm it by that we've written and everything is inside and the power clip now. So anything that is inside barrel clip is done on the part of the background and nothing will drop out the background. So let us see what happens if I export now. So as you can see that after using the power clip, the problem of what the transparent background being included in the dam Nelis is all because of the biochip that I've used. This is how you use the power clip. And I am not going into detail of a perfectly but because we are not talking about all the things we're, we're talking about done in n. This is how you exported. If you see something's going wrong than you can fix it by using various ways. There are endless possibilities in corroding anything. You could have just Chrome the shadow as well. I have unity power. You're on ways to solve various problems that you're facing. So I will simply just export it now. And the image is exported. After that. Just go to the folder that the images. And here is the image that we have exported. This is our terminal exploited. It is 300 dots per inch. And if you have followed the standard dimensions that it 1200 AD and cross seven Gandhi and it is the standard size. So this is all about exporting thumbnail. And we have completed our world process of designing and exporting the thumbnails. And I hope that you have understood everything very well. Made your own toenails and hear them in student section as well. So I can read reviews to us well, and other students can see your work. Do 9. Conclusion: Hello and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we will talk about somebody over OS and then benefits of using all those steps that we have gone through Newton discourse. So by now, we have learned in this course the dichotomy O'Neill's setting up the environment before designing the Tammany, designing the background of the thumbnail, collecting and adding the clip arts to the damnable designing foreground, and then exporting that I made with the best suited format, the benefits, these things, daddy. You can choose the right date of thumbnail. Reply with your audience. You can create a template for uniformity of your thumbnails across General. So you'll generally looks in uniform instead of some random dominates for each and every video on your channel. Using clipboards, instead of designing, it can save a lot of time. I would recommend it using a clip art instead of designing any clipped by yourself because it can save a lot of time as well as why not use it when someone is giving it to you for free. And also the Clippers are being designed but professionals, so they are pixel perfect designs. So always use clip art instead of designing them and make sure you give proper credit to the author. So these are the benefits about following the standard practices for designing a dominant. If you need any help during this course or after this course, I'm always here to help you. Just, you can just text me on Udemy or multimedia combs and admittedly are to help you. 10. Tips: Hello and welcome to this lecture. And this lecture we will be talking about the dips on designing autonomy. First of all, let's talk about choosing the type of the terminated. So before you choose the type of thumbnails for your Chenin, resets YouTube for similar examples. Find out what type of thumbnails do other channels used in similar categories. Mc, rather, these terminals for your videos as vendor Naropa. And in the end, you are free to choose either you want to go with determinants being used by similar channels, or you want to make your own choice. It's all up to you after closing the type of thumbnails in the next part that gums is designing the background. Always use background as a template for your terminal. So when you're designing your background, and after you finish designing it, save it as a template and use it for your future terminals. Using the background as a template has many more benefits. And the most important benefit of it is that it will look more professional. Former chairman. Having a template is a benefit because as soon as people see your tom Melander feed the willow RED channel, the video actually belongs to. And when people see the same type of template again and again in their field, they will have a positive impression of Lucena that how often you pause the video and how active you are on YouTube. After designing the background, the next part that comes is designing the foreground. And the foreground is all about telling your audience, wonder videos all about. So when designing the foreground, made sure that it is as short and descriptive as possible. It should give us the viewer and instant idea of what it is all about. Avoid adding do much of the content in the full round, because adding do much of content in the foreground will eventually lead to the less impressions generated on the video. And the text is something that may or may not be the part of a Tomlin. Yet it is an important part of the foreground and the terminal itself. If you fall into the category word, thumbnails contain the text. Make sure you always use the same font in your old thumbnails. Make the text and the right size so that it is readable. Smallest possible devices do not add too much of the text that a user a minute to read. The dominant only because the user is not here to read your dominate. Instead, he is there towards the video. So make your text as descriptive as possible again. So this is all about the types of designing the thumbnail. And I hope that you have understood everything, whatever.