Create a Wordpress Web-Site - For Students, Teachers & Freelancers | Benjamin Halsall | Skillshare

Create a Wordpress Web-Site - For Students, Teachers & Freelancers

Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up a Site & Account

    • 3. Create Your First Post

    • 4. Upload an Image into a Post

    • 5. Adding Pages & Creating Custom Menus

    • 6. Adding a Second Wordpress Site


About This Class

In many of my classes I ask students to create a Wordpress blog to document their progress, write their reflections and share completed assignments.

In this course I share some some essential setup skills for setting up a Wordpress web-site or blog as well as some tips for writing posts, uploading images, creating menus and managing Wordpress layouts.





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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create gr...

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