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Create a Wordpress Web-Site - For Students, Teachers & Freelancers

teacher avatar Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons ()
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up a Site & Account

    • 3. Create Your First Post

    • 4. Upload an Image into a Post

    • 5. Adding Pages & Creating Custom Menus

    • 6. Adding a Second Wordpress Site

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About This Class

In many of my classes I ask students to create a Wordpress blog to document their progress, write their reflections and share completed assignments.

In this course I share some some essential setup skills for setting up a Wordpress web-site or blog as well as some tips for writing posts, uploading images, creating menus and managing Wordpress layouts.

Meet Your Teacher

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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses


For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create grunge style text or my basic and advanced split screen tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your projects and am always happy to answer your questions.

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1. Course Introduction: how that has been household actually introduce you to my WordPress class here. So basically what we're gonna be doing in this class is introducing how to create a WordPress block or website on wordpress dot com. We're going to run through all the set up that you need to do when you're looking into wordpress dot com for the first time setting up inside, looking at how you can set up multiple sites within wordpress dot com for your different blocks. Once you've developed a site on wordpress dot com, you can take it to a regular hosted WordPress site or a hosted site on wordpress dot com. We're going to run through how you set up the page is how you set up your blawg on Also, then how you set up the navigation for your website as well. Okay, we having with a couple of different themes in this WordPress Futural, I'll be adding videos as we go along on. Those videos were based on two things. One is my experience as a Web designer and graphic designer working with were pressed on the other is your question. So I'm really excited to get your question on the community forum in terms of how you're working with WordPress, perhaps highlighting different themes that you've chosen to work with the UN included in the video shoot Charles as they are now, always gonna be expanding on this course on looking for new questions and new content to upload to course and to share with you as you develop your websites or websites in wordpress dot com. So let's get going. We're gonna die a straight in on set up an account on wordpress dot com on then look at how we can create our block. Our pages, customize our home page and then move on from there to Jason. More advanced, set up in work in wordpress dot com. 2. Setting Up a Site & Account: Okay, so here we're gonna walk through how we set up a new wordpress dot com website and really, we're gonna walk through the different steps and talk about some of this different set up wordpress dot com or makers do. But they also talk about where our website ongoing future. So we're gonna step through these steps on, then move on t think about writing and creating a good glogg or website with the WordPress platform. So the first thing you do is we're gonna come to wordpress dot com. Then we're gonna click, create website. Now it's first step is really selecting a theme that you want to use for your website on. Actually, at this stage, you can pick anything. It's really easy to change the WordPress theme later on on there lots and lots of different themes that you can use as well as these default ones. And as you kind of move into working with WordPress more and more, you can pick designs that suit your needs more either from free WordPress themes, which is what he's called, or from paid for WordPress themes, which can give you a lot of extra functionality Now for this site and refocusing on images and texts. So I want to pick out theme that works well for me. I like a nice clean look. So I'm gonna go with this Eden, look on the top right here and pick this for my initial set up. And so now for the domain here, this the main I'm gonna be using a free dot wordpress dot com addresses. So we're just gonna enter in Ben House? ALS demo. Okay. And see if Ben Houses demo dot wordpress dot com is available. So it's available for free. Or I can pick that girl from for free so straight away, if you've got a URL or website address from which I'm calling you are l available here, then you could select that to buy that. And if you're interested in having an online profile and it's definitely something that's worth having a look into and thinking about whether you could buy a domain name that you can then go on to use for teachers that are setting up a course and they want to use WordPress is a platform for their students to block that, I would recommend that they use a name where it had to includes the course number at the start of the name. So, for instance, of course, I'm currently teaching is C. T. C. H. One on one or create technologies 11 And then I could have that on, then my first name and last name and see if that is then available. So using a code like that could mean that you can easily find your students website addresses. And I know that a lot of teachers are using WordPress has a platform for their for their students, toe blah gone or to use. So we're going to stick with Ben households Demo for this example, and then we're gonna select that. Now, we've got three choices here. One is the free plan, which is what we're gonna use here. And then we have the premium and business plans. Okay on basically will get more functionality when you're working with these plans. But essentially, they're the main blogging and site management functions will be available in the free WordPress site. Now, the nice thing about WordPress is that you can always move that WordPress site to one of these premium or business plans. If you want to later on. So it's a great place to start to experiment or even to prototype new designs with in the free platform. You can get used to some of the tools that you have available in WordPress with the free plan on. Then move on to using the premium or other plans if you want to. Okay, I would recommend having a glance through the learn more functions. We're gonna dive straight into WordPress here and select the free plan. Okay. And then I just type in my email, address it on. I'm gonna And then I'm just gonna use Ben households. Demo has my user name here as well. And tie 10 password. Okay, so once I've done that, I'll be able to create my count. Now, just double check that you've got your email address right on. Do you know your user name? A swell. And I'm gonna click create my account here. So WordPress is doing a little bit work in the background, and then we'll come in and will be able to have a look at how wordpress is set up. So this message that's popped up in safari it's really about whether I want to save my password for this particular website to log in if you're using a shared computer that I'd recommend that you don't do that. But if you're using a computer to your own and you're confident that it's secure and you can press a safe password, and that means that when you come back to this website, then you'll be able to look straight back in. One other thing is the WordPress is telling us here is that it's sent us, Ah, verification for our email so we can jump to our email program on. We should get an email in our inbox with a confirm email address message we could just click on that will take us back to WordPress on. Let us know that we've verified that email address that we're We're ready to go. So now we're in the wordpress dot com dashboard, and we can go ahead and have a look at how we can create block post script pages, work on our menus and navigation, and that's what we're gonna go ahead and do next. 3. Create Your First Post: Okay, so now that we've got our wordpress dot com website set up and we're gonna have a look at the back end, look at how we publish a post. Look at the difference between pages and posts on then. Look also how we manage the menus. OK, so the first thing to mention is that WordPress is set up initially as, ah block. So basically the first thing that's listed here under the publish menu Mr Add a block post . Okay. And basically, you've got two different types of post the block posts on the pages here and they're essentially with pages. You're making a more traditional star website whereas with a block you're making a website that's more like a diary where in the default settings there, the latest post or block post will be listed at the top of your website. Okay, so you don't necessarily control the organization of those blood personal that you can a little bit, you can organize it in sections, whereas with the pages, he set up a page and then you have to add it into the navigation system in order for it to kind of function as part of the website. We'll have a look at all those different sections. So the first thing we're gonna go ahead and do is add a block post. And then look at how we edit that block post. So we'll click the add button here, and then we come into the block Post editor. Okay, on will type in the title, Okay. And then in wordpress dot com, we've got the the editor down here, which allows us toe type in our text are paragraphs on, then also do some formatting for those paragraphs. Okay, So basically, we have several different types of paragraph that we can weaken drop in here and in order to, um it's a bit quicker. I'm just gonna drop in some placeholder text so that we can really look at the editing tools rather than watching me type in some text. Okay, so the text we're gonna grab t drop in here is called Laura nips and text on. Basically, I just copied and pasted some of that into here. You can copy and paste in a word document or from a website straight into WordPress Onda. We can then go ahead and kind of headed his text We've got some text in here, and if we scroll down, we conceal that text. We can also have a look at the HTML code. So if you're familiar with HTML, you'll be able to see that code or type in your own HTML, which is also useful for things like embedding videos from YouTube. So for the text itself, we've got some options here. So, for instance, if we grab this second paragraph on, we can have it as a quote, it's gonna add a style to OK, we've got some other options here for different parts of paragraphs and headings, So the main heading would be the heading of our website. But if we wanna have ah subheading down here, the way that you would out that is by using, for instance, are heading to option for that heading, and you'll notice that I don't have to select that paragraph to apply the heading. I could just have my cursor flashing on within that space, so if we scroll down a little bit more, we can add a another subheading, okay, and the subheadings quotes a useful for things in here, but also a useful for accessibility. So if you are interested. Accessibility, which could be people using screen readers to view the content of your website would have it read back to them than the structural heading tags are really useful. And if we jump into the HTML now and look at this, you'll see that we've got H two html tag under the subheading here and then a block quote Paige Jemele in here. Okay, so let's jump back to the visual saying that we have here. So what? We've got this set up. We can either press preview to preview a post or we can hit Publish. Okay. I want to have published our post. We can go ahead and view that post. Okay? And this is what this post currently looks like. OK, if we click on the text up here on the bench hustle demo, then you can see we've jumped back to Ben Halsell. That demo that wordpress dot com and you can see that post is the first post listed on our website. And if we close this window just to illustrate or go back to view all the posts here on at a new one and our paste in the Laura MIPs. Um, but just edit it slightly so we can see that it's a different page. Then you can see when we publish this on go to view the site so we can view the post. But then when we go to view the site now, you can see the second post appears above that first post. Okay, so we get in that diary light set up of this WordPress block. So we got some nice elements in here for the main heading and subheading. Okay, on, then, also for the block quotes. We've popped in there as well. So go ahead, create your first post, and then we'll move on to have a look at how we can add some different elements into our WordPress block. 4. Upload an Image into a Post: Okay, So this quick tutorial, we're gonna have a look at how we embed an image within our post. There's two ways that we can do. This one is by embedding an image within the actual text off the post on the other is by creating featured images featured Image is useful appear sometimes in the navigation off the website. So the 1st 1 is to insert an image right into the post. So where if we place our cursor within the post here is where we're gonna insert our image , we're gonna come below this quote down here and then click Add media. We don't have any media uploaded here, so we're gonna upload our media. You can also see here that you can add Media VIII or else. So if you're on a Google images search or something like that, and you can get the u. R L often image and you can actually embed that image within your page from the U. R. L So the girls basically the website address off that image and we'll have a look at that method a little later on circuit upload media, we're going to come to our images folder across on the left here, and we've got a few images that we can choose to upload. So just navigate to an image that you want to upload. And it should be a J pic normally, which is what you'd be uploading PNG or a gift file and those of the files that you can normally upload to a website to a click Choose. Now there is a file size limit for images when you're uploading them to work for us, which I believe is one megabyte, so it won't have got our images set up here. We can edit some of the contact, the images. So if you click on the little edit button here and you can see we have options to add a caption to our images were adequate. Caption here. Okay, we'll see whether a caption appears on. Then we have the whole text which will appear of People aren't viewing the image difference . If they are using a screen reader at because they don't see, they hear what their browsing, then we can type in the text. We can use the same thing for that as well. Okay, we have a description of the image to which will leave blank for the moment. We can also copy the U. R L So if we want toe have that image link from somewhere else, then we can copy the u R l to link back to it, which is a useful feature toe have. So we'll click. Insert. Okay. And you can see that image now pops up within our text here. Now you can see the caption that we entered pops up below our image on. We can also align that image. We can alights the left to the center to the right of the text. Um well, we can have no alignment, which will leave that for the moment. Okay, so if we update this now, we can go ahead of you the post, and you can see we now have an image in our WordPress bog. So we're on the page. If you want to edit this page, then we can scroll down to the bottom and you can see the edit button for this page is listed here. We can also navigate when we loved in Teoh the site OK, which allows us toe access some of those features within the WordPress back end. Okay, so we can click headed here. We can now go back in and headed this post. Okay, so let's go back to all posts. Okay? So you can see now we've got a couple of posts here on day by default. That image that we embedded, the own image we have on that page is set as the featured image. Okay, so that's how to add an image into a wordpress block. 5. Adding Pages & Creating Custom Menus: Okay, so now we're gonna have a look at the difference between block posts and pages. Okay, so we're gonna add an about section as a page on the site, and then we'll have a look at how that that functions alongside the block post themselves. So if you want to view, the site from here will come across and we can click on the link up here, which will take us to a new tab to our WordPress block. And you can see here in the blog's were really viewing those different block posts that we've added. And we've got a list of recent post weaken search the site, which is really useful. So if we go back to my site, we're gonna add a page now and we're gonna make it about Paige. Andi, I'm gonna type some text in here, and then we'll look at where this about page appears in the structure of the site. OK, OK, so in this quick about Paige, I'm just introducing myself and the reason I'm creating this block in order to teach WordPress. So first of all will go ahead on publish this page. Just have a look at where it appears in the structure of the WordPress site. Okay, so if we go ahead and do the page will see a couple of things happening. The first is that we have a page here, Okay? And then if we go back to the main part of sight, then we don't see a link to that page. Even if we scroll down to the bottom here, we can't find that about page, Okay, So doesn't appear in the list of the block post that we have him. So let's go ahead and have a look at how we create a navigation to get to that page, which is really important. So if we go to my site, okay, we'll go to pages where we can see the about page, and we're gonna go to the menus option here, and we're gonna add a new menu. So we're gonna come across here. So we got our primary menu on. We're going to get our primary menu to use a new menu which is going to include the pages we conflict pad heads, out pages, the home page and the about page. Okay. And you can see here when we click the Plus, we've got the option to add Children to the menus. Weaken. Basically, add menu items below other menu items, which will get into a little bit later. So we're using menu, too, for our primary menu. And if we save that and come back to view our site and we can see we've got our website when we click menu we've got home on about and now we can navigate our website using that menu. 6. Adding a Second Wordpress Site: Okay, so if you already have ah wordpress sites it up, then you do need to create a new one. You need. Teoh, go to the top, left here to your sites, and you'll either see had new WordPress here or switch site. If you click on that, then you can select a different site or you can start a new WordPress block, and that will run you through the same process where you can pick a theme at a new domain name and then