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8 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Demonstration of the Website

    • Rendering HTML with Flask Functions

    • Deploying the Website to a Live Server

    • Maintaining the Website

    • Adding a Navigation Menu Bar

    • Adding CSS Styling

    • Creating a Python Virtual Environment

    • Building Your first Python website


About This Class

This course will guide you step by step through the process of building a website with Python using the Flask framework.

The course is suited for students who are not experienced with Python. The content also includes videos on how to construct the HTML and CSS part of the website. 

Once students build the website locally, they will then learn how to deploy the website in a live server so that everyone can visit it via its public URL.






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Ardit Sulce

Python and GIS Expert, Founder of

Ardit comes from a tutoring experience in Elance and Upwork where he has built a reputable profile in the Python and GIS domains.

He is also the founder of PythonHow - a web portal for learning Python, targeted to people with no programming experience.

Ardit now teaches full time on several platforms creating high quality courses focused on practical learning with real world scenarios. He is also a facilitator helping his students solve their problems in Python and GIS.

Ardit has an educational background in geodetic engineering with a master degree in geospatial technologies and as he is a self-taught Python programmer.