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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Course Objectives

    • 3. About Your Instructor

    • 4. Getting Started

    • 5. Who Should Use

    • 6. Pricing

    • 7. Using Sites by Leadpages

    • 8. Building A Popup & More

    • 9. Customizing & Design

    • 10. Publishing Your Website

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to build a website for your business using Leadpages. You do not need coding skills nor do you need to pay an expensive developer to build your site. All you need is the content and the right tool for building your site, Sites by Leadpages, which I will introduce you too and teach you how to use.

I will be taking you through the exact steps in a demo video of creating a website using Sites and show you how easy it is to build your website. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Jennifer Nelson

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Hey there, I'm Jenny! People IRL know me as the email girl :) Thank you for stopping  by! You'll find many classes are geared towards email marketing and other budget friendly channels that you control! I try to make my classes fun and engaging, and most important - PRACTICAL. Every single one of my classes include strategies that you can do TODAY!

A bit more about me‍:  I work with companies to implement marketing automation tools and develop automation strategies that drive engagement and increase revenue. I've spent over 15 years in the media and ad tech industry. My core experience comes from working in the heart of New York City’s advertising hub. My professional experience stems from working for both The New ... See full profile

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1. Intro: This is your lucky day Today I'm going to teach you how to build a website from scratch using a tool that I absolutely love. And trust me, you're gonna love this tool to I'm going to teach you how to build a website with no coding skills required. You don't even need to have design skills. In fact, you actually don't even need to have a concept of what your design is gonna look like. Four year website because the tool that I use has tons of templates over 200 templates that you'll be able to use to create your very own website for your business. Your side hustle your startup. You're blawg. Whatever it is, I'll show you how to build this website in under an hour, and this course is going to be helpful for you. This course is for anyone who has a business that's launching or that will be launched very soon or that has already launched. And you just don't have a website up for your class project. I'd like you to submit the very first draft of your home page of your website that you create using the tool that I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show you step by step process of how to get it up and running from scratch. You don't have to publish it yet. I just want you to create that very first draft of your home page. If you have any questions while you take miss course or while you're working on your class project, just drop a question in the community section. I'll be given feedback, and your peers may be a bit offer. You think back as well. I'm excited for you guys to take this course, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of your class projects. 2. Course Objectives: welcome everyone you're joining be training by Jenny Miranda using sites by leaping just to create your very first website and again, your urine. This training, it's usually because you are a solo Quran. You're a coach on info canoe or some kind of entrepreneur where you're doing a lot of the business on your own and you don't have the resource is to hire a big development firm or you don't have the time to really spend hours and hours building a website. And that's not your core expertise, right? We all have a lot of, you know, as entrepreneurs. We all are Jack of all trades, for the most part. But we want to spend more time running our business and being strategic about our business , not more time creating our website. And trust me, even in this training off show you like my website. I built it on WordPress, had some skills, I was able to build it on WordPress. That wasn't a developer by any means at all, but I spent so much time tinkering at it when I started it three years ago, just because there were so many nuances to creating a website. No templates really were out there for what? I need it. But now, with sites, you'll see that there's plenty of templates you don't have to start start from scratch, and they're all driven towards getting you the the conversions and the commercials that you want that the sales that you want from your. 3. About Your Instructor: just to give you some introduction on who I am. My name is Johnny and I am a digital marketing and email marketing consultant. Have a background in advertising in tech startups and, um, as well as working into the traditional media space. So lots of my background just comes from the advertising world. And then that's that's merged into the marketing world as it is today, especially as it relates to digital marketing. Um, some of my most all of my core clients as I went in my consultant area, R E commerce clients. So I work a lot with e commerce clients on conversion methods. So that way they can get sales off of all the products on their sites. And with that said, I also do trainings and one on one conversations team consultations, um, as it relates to email and conversion conversion methods, as well as funnels with clients who are not e commerce store. So I worked with a vast number of clients, just depends on what category they sit in bell that will determine whether I'm working with them on implementation level or training level, and I run a lot of trainings and host a lot, of course, in similar to this where I teach infra preneurs, Ursula Preneurs coaches and any penny person who wants to die. Why their own marketing? I'll teach them how to do it in any of my training's. 4. Getting Started: So, like I said, um, this course is all gonna be is all going to be about creating your free first website without having to go through the big expenses or the time that it used to take to build a website. So this is for anyone who has either a company that's going that soon that will be launched soon. Um, you have maybe a side business. You may be just a blawg, and you want to, you know, make some revenue. Walk that blawg, whatever it is, if you need to build a website for your business, this is going to be the course for you, and it's gonna teach you how to do it very quickly and efficiently with, while not sacrificing quality. What I want you to do. If you haven't already, you'll probably be easier for you to go ahead and access the sites by leave pages and get on their as soon as you can. So that way you can get your feel around it while I'm doing the demo and you don't have to . But that's something that might be helpful. So this link over here, if you just go to the middle funnel dot com slash website builder. It will take you to link that will provide you with access to creating your sights account . So I'm gonna explain a little bit of the set up process because it is a lead pages software and they've bundled pretty much all of their most awesome everything that they do into this one subscription monthly or annual membership that you can do so I'll talk about all those other benefits that you'll get out of creating on account with them by. We'll get there. But for right now, if you haven't already, I would say access this links have voted to go to the middle funnel dot com slash website builder and go ahead and get access to that link and I'll talk about setting up an account , okay? 5. Who Should Use: wait. All right, So in this training what? I'm going to go through a couple of things. So we're gonna take a tour around the league pages site. Just you can understand what it is, what it is you're paying for. If you did sign up for a membership, of course, I'm talking about sites, one of their future products in this in this training. But there's so much more that you'll get by just signing up for it. We'll talk about that, and then we'll just get started and creating the actual website and I'll show you help Quick. It is I'm actually gonna literally create a website for you guys on this training, and we're gonna just navigate just so you can understand the feel of going through it will go through the templates and then I'll just end off with just any kind tidbits and trip, tips and tricks that you guys shouldn't know 6. Pricing: If you haven't like I said, go to the middle funnel dot com slash website builder and I'll take you right to this page , which is the lead pages site. So as you can see leave pages, its core business is creating landing pages for businesses. But its newest ad on was website Builder, a drag and drop website builder. So it's pretty amazing. Once you sign up, you'll get access to everything that they've mentioned. That you have access to here and it will be will be a game changer for you. So I'm just gonna go ahead and click on, um, try out free trial. So the nice thing about it is you get a free trial. I think it's about 14 days and you'll be able to just test out the full features before you actually make a commitment so quickly. I'm just gonna talk about the pricing options that you have your So there is a monthly plan , an annual plant. I personally amount the annual plan just cause you get to save a little bit more by doing annual. I've been using them for three years now. I've been happy with them, so it really makes sense for me to take the savings by doing annual, so you can see if you do annual, it just works out to being 25 25 a month. If you do pro works out to be in 48 a month, which I believe that's about like 5 600 annually. And if you do advance, then it comes out to about 200 a month. Big differences between each of these is that 25 think that's just for new businesses. Anyone who's just starting out, you can start with the 25 just upgrade later. Anyone who's in the growing business areas that you're established, you're just getting, you know, lots know your revenue in, and it's pretty. It's, you know, you know that this could work for you. And then if you're marketing agency, that's what I would save 200 a month for that because May benefit of the advanced is you get to connect more domains and sub domains to it, OK, and then, if you did the monthly, the difference is the price just goes up, just like you know. So instead of 25 a month, it's 37 a month instead of 48 a month 79 months, so you can see the huge savings that you get by doing annual. So it's like a 40% saving, So we're just gonna just keep it on annual right now. It doesn't change what you get in each of them by. Here's the where the court differences are. This is where you want to think about which plan is good for you. So, like I said, everyone is getting this new site builder website, Dragon Drop builder that they recently launched. So that's amazing bonus for you guys. So no matter which plan to sign up for, you'll get the website site builder. Um, you'll get to connect the re domains with the pro plan. So what's good for that is like me. I have different domain to have a domain for my main company site. Have a domain for my online school. I have a domain for, um, kind of like my niche blawg, um, logging company that I have. So I like to just kind of attached to those domains all to one account. If you have more than those domains and that usually if you're an agency before. I want to host many clients than that man's would be for me. If you don't have that many domains, you just need your own. Delaine. You know, you're just starting out just working on a log, then the the standard plan is just fine for you because that's where the main difference is gonna come in because you all get unlimited landing pages unlimited pop up. So these are other features that lead pages, has the props or the things that pop up when someone comes on a page. Thank a Would you like to take advantage of this discount alert bars are the the drop down bars that fall down from the home page. When someone lands on your page, there's no cap on the amount of traffic that you have, which is amazing. You also get free hosting long all of the plan. So free hosting is amazing because most website boulders you pay for them. You pay them for to build the website. No, you build your own website. But then you also have to get a hosting company. You know me. When I built my website, I built it on WordPress. I paid WordPress to get it built. Um and then I actually had to then get it hosted. So, you know, there's didn't eventually switched over to the other WordPress. But at the end of the day, most companies you're gonna have to pay for Pope. So the fact that you get free hosting it's amazing that you get that, um, you also get all the templates of have. So again for anyone who's just starting out. Having templates that you could just work off is amazing for you because you don't have to tinker around with trying to figure out how to place things in different areas, and then you get integrations. You get the Facebook ad builder and all of them. And then you get their weekly group coaching webinars, which is also super helpful. Um, the only thing that you're not getting in the standard pin. You could decide if it's used that you really need it. A B testing. Trust me, I don't think it's amazing future. That's great, but I don't think you'll be utilizing it that much if you really knew online sales and payments. Like I said, e commerce is mainly people who were going to use this, and I don't think this is the best platform free commerce. Sure, if you have like an event, you can collect payments through here, and that could be what it might be good for. So, like you're coaching, you do events. But other than that, I wouldn't say there's a reason for have needing that text often also is very nice future. I personally use it because I like it. But that's only when I'm doing kind of live events that I want someone to be attacks. But, um, so all the all the other features, it's I would say it's pretty, you know, optional for you, depending on whether you want to use them. So what I'm gonna do so if you decide to sign up, go ahead and sign up and you'll get the free trial, and then you can decide if you're going to stick with it or not. But let's pass that. That's gonna be up for you to make that decision. Once you do get to that 7. Using Sites by Leadpages: but I do want to do is take you into the accounts, and once you're signed up, you'll see a couple of options on your screen. The main feature that they have main product that they have in your subscriptions are the landing page builders. Now that's a whole another. Training and Met landing pages are amazing for the pages. That's exactly what they were created for. But we're not gonna talk about that right now. We're gonna actually navigate over to sights and sites, is what we'll be using to create a website. It's once you go over the sights, you'll see that there's an option to create a new website, and very simply, all you have to do creating your Web site. Is it creating website? And then you're gonna look for the different templates that are available and choose a template. Okay, now it really depends on what it is that you're worth going on and which one will be the best for you. Here in your during events, they have a business conference Temple temple that you can use your real estate company. They have a real estate template that I use if you're a restaurant restaurant. But you can you. So I'm gonna use this one right here, which is a coach podcast host. This one pretty much mimics something that I would create for myself. I'm just gonna look at the template. Looks good, has its navigation. It was need people to schedule call with me and very visually pleasing visuals. Place for testimonials. So I'm going to use this templates. All I'm gonna do is use template, you name it. That creates working its magic. All right. Perfect. So now have been taken to the actual screen, the template where I can go ahead and make my changes. So I'm just gonna start up with the basics. So what I want to do first is customized my own logo and put little We'll go in there and all I did was click on the logo, and then here it's gonna let me choose. And I already have images uploaded here. So you're gonna want to upload your own Imagine logo. Now my goes just to find them here. It is perfect. And there you go. Now I have my local. If nothing else that I need to do here. If you wanted it to be text. You can do that. One thing I'll do, actually. So if, um, do this if your local doesn't load, it's nice to have a little text options that the person could see. So I'm just gonna change that over to my colors, and then that's it. Actually, usually I just that and in perfect. Okay, so that's all I need, Just in case the image didn't load. I have a text option there. Okay, Next thing I'm gonna do is just scroll down. We'll worry about these navigation items a little later in a bit, but now I'm gonna scroll down. And so as you can see, I'm in my first section here. Now, this is obviously not mean. I want to change it and put my own image. Here's all I'm gonna do. She back up the bits, you can see that I clicked on this pencil, and that means I'm gonna edit a section and I am going to change image, and I'm gonna use this image right here. So I think that would be perfect and just put close just so that way it pulls up in all text and then boom, I have that I'm just gonna hit that over there on when the X out of this and then now you can see it already boom. Just like that, The first section of my website is already being It's not even, you know, it's not the template picture that we just saw. So before I go further, one thing I actually want to take you guys through. Just so you know where I'm navigating, as in doing this is in the pages navigation area. They let you work on the different pages. So these pages home about services, classes and contact, These are all of the navigational items. Okay, So as I'm working on the pages, I can edit them here just by going to the settings. I can also delete them if I don't want them. Or I can also add extra page if I needed to. If I wanted an extra area on that, So not gonna go into more of those because I think those are just extra things that you can do. But for the most part, if you're just creating this from scratch just to get something started, they usually given you something a lot toe work with already. So you don't need to create more pages, the layout area, just to explain that. So this is where we're gonna be in the most cause of layout is basically all of this. Okay, so the hero, this section here is here. Okay, I closed the hero and I opened up the text and image area. Then it will take me here, OK? And I can close that. Go to text area, and that's here. So it's all organized, So that way you can easily know where it is that you're going. Okay, So I'm gonna go back to the hero area cause that's the area that we're editing. And I'm not gonna go ahead and edit any text right now just because this is a demo. And, of course, my own personal website would be something that would be mine. Of course. Okay, so we're not gonna do any text editing because that's self explanatory. Next thing I'm gonna do is great thing about Lee Pages is that they give you all these call to action's buttons already set up. So schedule consultation. That's something that I do a lot. I want people to schedule call with me. So I'm going to click on the button. This little at click event will show up. Then a click add click event and then I'm school down. And depending on what you have, if you have callin Lee as a calendar schedule, then lead pages actually gives an automatic. I'm open of camel. They pop up and will be a pop up. If you don't have cabinet and you have something else, then all you have to do is link to an external. You are okay. Now I have counted Lee. So all I'm gonna do is plug in my calendar Legal. I'm just gonna go ahead and copy it from my page handling to pace it in here. And the other thing I'm gonna do is change this color, but I want it to be my brand color of pink and then the texts. I'm gonna make that white and then that's it. OK, now, the other place that we saw, this federal consultation, if you remember, was appear it a tough So then it added that one as well. I'm gonna basically be editing all of my schedule consultation links to be my likes. Not gonna change the color and actually something gonna show you. So I want to be blue. It's perfect is want to make sure you have save after all of these. So I didn't hit save yet. Now it's saved. Perfect. All right, so now I have that in gonna score months. I have my first section done just like that. That took me, what, three minutes? My first section is done. My second section. I'm gonna scroll down here again. We'll ignore the text. It's gonna be something that you guys can edit later. If you have a copy radical free to do that. But I definitely want to change this image, cause it's not me here. And I am going to actually so already clicked on the pencil Since something about lead pages is, once you click on the pencil for the image, you have to look at the look. Go to the bottom of the image to see Look for this little image icon. So I clicked on the pencil image and this popped up. So now medical from image icon and I'm gonna look for a picture that would fit right in with in place of that. So I'm going to use this one and again on that move. Perfect. And then this schedule of consultation and can I'm gonna want to edit that. First, let's change it to the whole pink with the text, make the text white, and then go to this little link area here and have been Captain Lee pop up, placed the link, then save. Then we have that second area again. Once I want to edit that with any testimonial that I have from my own clients. I'll put that there. But for now, I'm just gonna change this to my brand color one of my brand colors. And I used yellow for this one, and that's it. Her foot. All right, move right along. We just close the south. You can see the whole thing. And the other thing? That's nice. This template already has places for lead magnets to be conducted. So here we have it. All these things. So I would put my own lead man magnets in here. But again, for now, what I'm gonna do against I can customize is at it with my own pictures. So something I want to show you. Look on this little pencil icon. This opens up the content settings, but that's what section this is then actually pan over, close out the contents settings and this is the whole content area. So little trick that I'll show you because I don't like the name of this. I want to call this beat magnet section. I'm gonna click on this little pencil, Call it lead section because that's what this is from a K hit save. And now I'm going to go. So here, in this role, two Okay, that specifically where these images sit and you can see column One is this column two is this column and column three is this call. So I'm going to click on the settings for column one, and what I'm gonna do is actually rename it, so it could be easier for me struggling contents. I'm gonna remain this one rafting, and I'm gonna rename this one Sabotage. And of course, I would rename it whatever my actually the magnets are when I fully added this. But for right now, for the struggling content, I want to change the image there to be something personal to me. Andi, actually, right now, I'm just gonna choose this one. That's like a flat way. And that load. As you can see, it's a little too dark. So something or to write. I should say something I'm gonna do image color overlay. So if something you can do when this text doesn't really read while over the image is choose click on this little color icon over here and then what we're gonna do. He's So I already have a shade picked out over here, which is this. Just click on that. So what that is is a black with an overlay. Tinted. Okay, Something I'm sure you did that. You won't have that creators. So you have to do is make sure you click quick. Make sure it's black. So 000 mixed black and then this little toggle is going to change the opacity. Okay, so if I make it lighter, we'll see what happens. It's become lighter. That's too light, so I can make it a little darker. And I wanted to be a little dark. It's just gonna talk. Go over just a bit. And that's actually perfect. So I'm gonna leave that just like that, Okay? You have to actually cook on it. There we go. All right, so that one is done. I need you the next one. Okay. Said close out of this on crafting content. Same thing that changed image here to something. But I want choose this image. Yeah, insert same thing here. I'm gonna need to just that image apace. City scroll down that. See if I can use one, but I already have. That's too dark with Check this one. That's about right. So there we have the and I could make a darker by one or two. But you guys get the point and then just sabotage, and it's just that choose. And then I use this one, and I want to make that dark. Of course. And what we have are leave, maggot, that lead magnet image. It's all set up. So just to show you what would happen So when someone clicks this, the idea is for that show. You What happens if someone were to click on that link to say yes? I want to get this access. This pdf then this is what would appear. Okay, so this little box so they can opt in. So that's amazing to just have that option. Um, so you can easily build a public just like that on your site. 8. Building A Popup & More: Okay, so in if you did have a lead magnet, you would edit this to collect the email addresses and everything. And then what's great about leave pages? You can easily connect it to your email service provider. So you just click on their integration options and you see all of the email service providers that they link up too high. So you have lots of different options, and it's really step by step. Once you get there, Smelter click on Male Chimp and that's just gonna ask you for a few little credential criteria and then the law it's connected. And then that way, in time, signs up. Someone signed up to get this resource goes right, Thio chin and they'll collect an email address. Okay, you can add on any types of fields that you want as well, and you can even send out a thank you page if you need to, which you can create your thank you Page is, by the way, in lead pages as well. So all their super simple not gonna go through that in detail, which is no, that's an amazing part of having this 9. Customizing & Design: I'm gonna go to my next section here, which is the This is the whole area about talking about podcasts. So I actually have a podcast that I'm on something. I just do the same thing here and paste a link to that Paul cost. And I am going to go to external year out. That's what it is in a paste it there. And one thing I do is I want to open up in a new window just because it's a podcast interview. That's not on my sites. It was someone else who interviewed me. So it's not their site, so I don't want to take away from the navigation of my page. I just wanted to open up in its own browser. So that's it, Um, actually gonna leave that color yellow. Just have it stand out a bit more. Of course, I want to change this picture. I want to show you something in terms of adjusting images and let's just pick safe. I picked this image here to see what's happening. This box is covering my face. I don't like that. So I'm gonna show you a couple of things, so let's just get out of this. I want to stay in the card section area, but I want to work on the Rose. So if we look at the Rose, there are two columns. This is the first column, which is this half. And then this is the second column, which, you can see is where this white box starts. So one thing I want to do is actually move this white box over to the other side. The other thing I want to do with this white box, it's just loosen the transparency a little bit. I'm gonna click on settings and I am Blink Teoh. Just this I'm going to add, Do you want it to be white? And then I've been changed at opacity. So let's see what's about. It's good for me, Very. And then the other thing I'm gonna do. So I have that is, go back to the actual part area that hit settings again for the actual image. And here's what I want todo cae recited. There we go. So I've done right here is strong the margins a little bit on the right. So that way the box covers a little less of my face. I'm gonna close this. You can see how it looks in full. And that's perfect. I love it again. Here. I would edit that another testimonial and then back over here. Let's just edit this section to be my colors again, which is choose this food Perfect. Now I want to put my cavalier link again in there. Perfect. And the other thing that I do is change the color that city, that box that's try White, that should work for this. And there we go. And then let's now last part it's just edit this splitter section. Can I want to change that? Hillary would make it, I think, And then I want to edit this little icon here. So this here is a widget, so it's just making the same yellow. Okay, so let me just show you what this is. So you guys know over here in the widgets area that is where you can flying more things that you can add to your pages come down time icon, show stroll, social share icons. Which is this So basically, if anyone clicks on this, they can share it on their Facebook page with anyone else So really nice um, and you can edit? Yeah, you can put whatever other channels you wanna share that on a swell. And that's it. So, aside from all of the copy edit, but I need to do I really just built the home page off my website. Have a first page bill. Okay, These other sections that I'll show you, but we're not gonna edit for this training are just, you know, the about me section you, of course, one edit that how you want Services section. Okay, the classes, the contact. And that's it. Um, you can edit as you want one thing I'll show you about the contact page. This is actually a forms. If you click on it. An actual formal pop ups, you can edit whatever it is that you want to collect for your forms. And then same thing. As I told you before, you could connect it to your email providers that way, Or you can just say notify mix of someone says contacts you, you'll be notified. Okay, so that's it. We actually created my home page of my website. We're not gonna do the other pages. That's gonna be something. They'll be very similar to create a home page, but I want to show you previously you can see exactly how this looks said that build the preview. And there we go. There's my website all created. Someone can schedule a consultation if they need. It's not gonna actually load while I'm in the premium mode, but that will. You'll see how that works when it's an actual lifeboat. But they confederal a consultation. They can look at all my services and understand what I do. They can understand more about the lead, Mannix, that they can provide more about the partners that I work with. Listen to the podcast, that imperative and then against get a Constitution easy is that. 10. Publishing Your Website: So there you guys have it. You now know how to create a website in that only took me 30 minutes and have it live and published and then ready to go. So I'm just not sure very quickly. If I were to publish this, what's gonna happen is you're gonna be able to publish it on any of a domain that you have . So one thing that I'll show you is if you chose the standard claim, you're only gonna have access to one domain that you can create. And you would just create that domain on any domain provider. So I would say Google domains is a good place to create a domain on me by it. It's gonna cost you, I think, $10 a year and very simple is that if you don't have to have a bottle domain yet, then it would just be hosted on the pages sub domain, which is fine, too. But you don't want that for the long term. Of course, you want it to be hosted on your own domain. So that's gonna happen when you are ready Coalition to be that option, and then you'll be able to choose the right now it's only show me one, but eventually, once you created domain will show you my www dot dot com. And then you could connected to that. So any time some of those who www dot my website dot com, they will be able to they'll be taken straight to this. What's like that you just created? 11. Conclusion: so that wasn't so hard, was it? I hope that you guys got a lot from this lesson, and I hope that you're able to work on your class projects immediately. So that way you have a website that's up and running pretty soon. And like I said, share your drafts in the key media section. I'll give feedback on projects that I see and let you know Any pointers that you should have. Building a website shouldn't cost you tons of money. It shouldn't take you tons of time. Not in today's day and age. We have to launch with the minimal, viable product, and that's what you've learned how to do in this course. So thank you for taking this course and hope to see you around soon.