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Create a Website With the Twenty Twenty From WordPress!

teacher avatar David Utke, Web Pro and YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. 1 Welcome to the Course

    • 2. 2 How to Register a Domain Name

    • 3. 3 How to Get a Shared Hosting Account

    • 4. 4 Setup Nameservers

    • 5. 5 Install WordPress on Your Website

    • 6. 6 An Overview of What The Website will Look Like

    • 7. 7 Setting Up Security, Permalinks and Back end Settings

    • 8. 8 Delete Demo Content, Themes and Plugins

    • 9. 9 Add Breadcrumbs

    • 10. 10 How To Design Your Blog Posts

    • 11. 11 Edit the Theme Menu

    • 12. 12 How to Design a Logo

    • 13. 13 Create Your About and Contact Pages

    • 14. 14 Create Your Legal Pages and Edit the Footer

    • 15. 15 Add Email Opt-In Forms

    • 16. 16 Get Related Posts with Jetpack

    • 17. 17 Add Social Share Buttons

    • 18. 18 Analytics, Search Console and Sitemaps

    • 19. 19 Thank you for Enrolling!

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About This Class

Learn how to create a professional, responsive website using the FREE Twenty Twenty theme from WordPress.

The Twenty Twenty theme was released as the default theme for WordPress in 2020 and has numerous design features. A gorgeous homepage with a parallax image, single column blog post design, a clean content focused layout all the while being highly responsive.

In this course we cover from step 1 to step done about how to create a website with this amazing theme:

  • Get a domain name from a domain name registrar, Namecheap.
  • How to get a shared hosting account at Bluehost.
  • How to properly install WordPress.
  • A complete design tutorial on how to make an impressive looking website.
  • Pro back end settings, permalink and security tips.
  • How to add social share buttons, analytics and more.

The Twenty Twenty theme from WordPress is an excellent choice if you've been looking to create a website with a dedicated homepage as well as a theme that is content focused with a well design blog post layout.

This course is a complete guide on how to create a professional website and blog using WordPress on a self hosted web host.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Utke

Web Pro and YouTuber


David Utke is a professional blogger, web designer and a highly rated user experience consultant.

Starting in 2009, David first began learning web development and WordPress for his own online projects and now translates technical skills in an easy to understand way for beginners with his educational courses.

He currently lives abroad, travel vlogs as a hobby and runs his online business from cafes and workspaces.

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1. 1 Welcome to the Course: Welcome to the course and my name is David, founder of website creative pro dot com, And I'm going to be instructing you from step one to step done on how to create a beautiful amazing website using the free 2020 theme from WordPress 2020 Theme looks amazing on mobile devices is a beautiful free theme and has a lot of back and customization that I think you will find it very useful now. This court is comprehensive and covers all these steps you need to know in order to create a fully functional website. That means getting a domain name from a domain name registrar, getting a hosting account, setting up name service and then installing our theme and designing our website. So if you're ready to get started, click the next video and I'll see you on the inside. 2. 2 How to Register a Domain Name: welcome to name cheap dot com, now named Cheap, is my preferred domain name. Register of choice, but you may be more familiar with Go Daddy and Go Daddy is a very good company that they provide a lot of good services, but for strictly domain name registration name, Cheap has the much better prices, and to get started is very simple. You just go to the search box and type in the domain name that you want to register, and that's it. So let's go ahead and do that. So my super amazing blogged dot com Mrs. Take a quick look to see if it's available. Okay, and then it comes up and says, Yep, this is available and we can go ahead and add it to our carts. Now I strongly suggests going with a dot com for your website at lisa dot com dot net dot org's or dot co. As those air top level domain names. And I would ignore random extensions like that club dot best etcetera. Anyways, all we do is click add to cart, then we can view item and then we go to check out and there we go. And now we have. We can register demeaning for one year at a time, or up to nine years in advance toe lock in that nice low price we have who is guard for free, and that's basically it. And now we can just go ahead and confirm order, and that will involve you creating a name, cheap accounts as well a submitting your payment and that's it. 3. 3 How to Get a Shared Hosting Account: Welcome to Blue Host. That calm now blows is the number one recommended Web post by WordPress, and they're the weapons. So I should just going within this tutorial. Now blue is you get a free SSO certificate included. What that means that your website will be security, this little check mark next to blue hosts. And so that is a ranking factor for Web states in terms of the eyes of search engines like Google. And you also get a one quick install of WordPress and 24 7 support. Now I know it says Freedom a name for the first year, but guys free is not free. It's free for the first year, but then you're going to be paying an inflated price a year after year, so it's much cheaper to go with. Name cheap, long term now to get started is very simple. You just click on the green get started button, and now this will open up into their basically their shared hosting plants. So a shared hosting plan is basically a small piece of an industrial strength server, and you're just renting a very, very tiny piece of a server. Now I recommend going with the choice plus or plus plan. Basically, these plans provide enough resource is to allow your website to grow to 1000. Visitor day, 2000 busier day. That's type of deal basic is too limited because you can only have one website and pro is just too excessive. Because we have a new website. We don't have any kind of we don't have any traffic, so pro is for established websites. So what's ideal for us? His choice plus or plus plan. Anyways, I'm going to go with choice plus so well, quick on the green select button. And now here you can enter in a new domain name or use a domain name you own. Do not create a new domain name because this is going to register a domain name through Blue Host which we don't want to do. We already register a domain name that name cheap. So just put into the main aim that you registered at name cheap here. So type in my super amazing block. Quick on next and there you go. So then just felt your account information as required then package information is where you want to pay attention to blue host offers yearly plans. So 12 24 or 36 you get a really nice discount with longer you sign up for. I would recommend personally to register for a two month plan because it usually takes about two years to really grow a website. And then after two years, you can reevaluate the growth of your website and has come down here. We don't need site lock security, and then that's it. And so does so much for two years of posting. You get 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with anything for any reason, and that's it. So come down here. Submit payment information. Click. I have read and acknowledge boo those terms of service, etcetera, and that's it. And so submit everything and then blew. Host will have an on boarding process that you can follow to boost dot com. So after you go through the on boarding process, which I suggest you just click on Skip, skip, skip each step, you'll get to this area, which is your dashboard for your hosting account. Now you may notice that your domain name is not coming up properly. It probably says I temporary box something something That's because you still have to set the name servers at name cheap to point to your hosting count, so let's get to it. 4. 4 Setup Nameservers: Now it's time to set up and name servers. So we have our domain name at a domain name register, and we have our hosting count at a Web host. Now we need to connect the two. So in order to do that, we need to log into our domain name register and then have our domain name point to our hosting account. Now, what were functionally doing is basically we're making it. So when anyone visits are demeaning, they're going to be getting the files that are found on our Web host, and that is basically it's so named. Service is quick and easy takes five minutes, so let's get to it. Setting up name servers is quick and easy. Now, this is the welcome email that you should get from Blue Host upon purchasing a Web hosting plan. Now, this is the primary domain name that is associated with the account, and and this will be basically the demanding that you use when you're signing up for Bukos . Now, when you're in your a dashboard for Bo's, you're looking at something like this. Like box temporary domains, etcetera. You're like How do I get my domain name to appear. Reason is you guys just set up name server. So it's quick and easy, so just go to name cheap go to domain. Let's go to manage. And then under your domain, you want to scroll down to where it says name servers. Now, here you have. It should say custom name cheap, basic DNS. You want to make sure to go in select custom DNS. Then all you do is put in the name servers, which is and s one blows and s to boo host into your name server section within your domain and then click on the check mark to save. And now it will say that could take up to 40 hours. Stick effect I have never seen to take 48 hours. Usually takes 20 minutes or so. So go make a cup of coffee. Come back A log into blows and everything should propagate correctly. And your domain names should be appearing within your account as expected. So anyways, that is it for name servers 5. 5 Install WordPress on Your Website: that's install WordPress. So installation of WordPress is very easy with blows. We just go to my sights and then you go to create site. And here is where we can select a site name, insight, Tagline. This is not important. We can change this later. Once reluctance. WORDPRESS. So we'll just put anything I'll just put in my websites and tagline. I'll just keep it as tagline. What's more important is to quit this advanced have. Now the email address you put in here will be your recovery email, just in case you ever forget your user name or password for your website will be sent to this email address. WordPress, admin user name. Pick something that you will remember. Let me go ahead and do that and, alas, is set a password to log in to your website on the back end. And there we go. Now we just quick on next and it says plug ins here. We do not need any of these plug ins and we want to install on the root domain name, which is this. We don't need to add anything to the directory. So the go ahead and click next and WordPress is installing. Okay, so you should get to this screen where says we're press installed successfully, so your website should have wordpress installed on it. The admin location for the website is W P dash admin. This is the girl that you'll go to to lock into your website. So anyways, toe log into the website. Right now, we can just click this button where? Says Loggins. WordPress and that's it. Welcome to WordPress. You've just successfully created a website. It's that quick and easy. Now let me just log out at this really quick and just to show you what it looks like when you're at WP Dash admin. So when you go to your website slash WP admin, you'll be looking at a screen like this, and this is where you enter in your user name or email and then your password to one against your website. So for future reference, whenever you want a law against your website, you just go to WP dash admin and an entering your use name or email and your password 6. 6 An Overview of What The Website will Look Like: okay. Just to give you a heads up. This is the site we're going to be designing. I'm going to show you how to create this gorgeous home page with this nice background image . A welcome message how to add related block posts end to customize the footer we're going. I'm going to show you how to set up deep walk post page. So it looks nice and very functional. And then how to customise thes specific pages themselves? How to add breadcrumbs. How to add this nice feature image. Uh, And then how to add an email? Opt in form as well as adding the menu in the header and it swallows the menu in the footer . All in all as well as all the little back in details that you just wouldn't know about when creating a website. So if you're ready, let's get to it. 7. 7 Setting Up Security, Permalinks and Back end Settings: security and back and settings. Let's get to it. So step one is to go to where it says user is users in your menu and click on it. Okay, so now you should have one administrator accounts, Okay. And so this one administrator account means that this is the admin account for the entire website, and this account has full access to the website. So instead, when you publish content, you want to go ahead and make sure to create an editor accounts and an editor account basically is just for publishing content. So what I mean is that if we just take a look at the home page of the website and I scroll over the by this now in the down here, it says the author name. And so someone could take this information and basically use it to help kind crack into the site a little bit. Now, that's a worst case scenario, but would be better if you just published everything under an editor account. Because if anyone is able to get the basically the user name here, then they conform. Think a brute force attack the backing of the site to get in again. That's like an extreme scenario. But it's just one little thing to add security. So you want to go ahead and just create a new account, so you have to give it a new user name, so it could be anything you want. Okay. So I could just create a new user name and it has to be a different email address as well. OK, and we just delete my name. Okay, So you have to create different user name and a different email address, and then you want to go down here and you want to change it to editor, OK, And that is it. And so now we can show password, and you can go ahead and create some really strong password of your choosing. I'll just keep this, uh, so just go to hide and then a quick add new user, okay? And so now this is an editor accounts, okay. And so when I go into, we'll say posts right here. We have one post, and it's by the author here. And so if I go to a quick at it, I can change this instead of it being the author being my admin account, I can just change it to the editor account. Okay? And so just click on update. And so to do that in the actual block, post itself with me. Just open this up. Just quickly. Go ahead and open up the hello world block posts. So I just want to make sure that one of your published content just go in here and make sure the authors selected as your editor account. Not your admin account, because just adds a nice layer of security. Just in case. The worst case scenario, someone breaks into your website and and they break in with the editor account. They can't do anything they can. Basically, like publish contraire, delete content. That's about, like, literally your block post. They just do a backup for your Like what? Weapons Again Extreme. That's an extreme case. Okay, so once you have that set up now you want to go over to settings and then you want to go to where it says Perma links and with Perma links. Now most suggest post name, but I personally like the custom structure of slash block. Okay, so slash black slash post name. This just gives a night's site architecture to your whole website where all the block posts are under the blogged. It allows you to have pages that can redirect to basically affiliate links. Uh, you know, it just gives a nice structure, and it just looks clean. So if you just take a quick what we take a quick look at like, uh, domain names Web, say, Creative Prue. And so if we just take a quick look at this now, like I use this structure on website created pro dot com. So we have blogged domain names and it just looks clean. It looks very nice and orient nice and organized. And that's also why it provides a good structure for search engines. Provides a nice user experience for visitors because, like they know exactly where they're going to be just just nice if we take a look. This, like garage great domains for creative. They're like it looks terrible. Okay, like, this looks so much better. And so that's why I personally like Block. But if you want to have an option, I would say Go with post name or go with block slash Post name. Do not go with dates. Dates is four time sensitive content. Okay, so that would mean like, if you have a news website, etcetera, you could also put categories into the post as well. But that would only be for like, a really massive website like we're talking about, Like the penny hoarder, This website, you know, like when this website was launched, it was just a single man block and they were basically publishing content under the post name. But again, it's like that both authors, So they started just using the category structures. So where all their posters structured like this. So if we go open this and so it's like the penny hoarder bank accounts, bake assistant So everything's organized under the category. This is only for like, really, really large websites. Okay, so that's basically the euro structures I recommend. Okay, so dates are for news or into website where your time sense of constant, you know, post name is ideal. If it's just a tiny website of I currently like, the website is going to be max 15 pages. That's not what we're doing. We're going to be, you know, I'm assuming you want to create a website with multiple pages, multiple categories so go ahead and put everything under the block. But again, it's your website is up to you. But I'm just letting you know the thought process that goes into these decisions. 8. 8 Delete Demo Content, Themes and Plugins: do you eat themes? Delete demo content, Dele plug ins. Let's get to it. So right now, I navigate over to appearance and then beams. Now, with this installation of WordPress, you will have multiple themes installed. All of these themes are created by the team behind WordPress. They come up with the theme every year. 2016 17 1920 is actually what earlier ones, too. There's 2015 2014 but they're now dated, so they don't really Adam. But he's air still added anyways, for security reasons again, we won't just go ahead and delete themes that we're not going to be using. So whenever team you decide to use, which is born 2020 theme in this tutorial, you should always just go ahead and do it any other theme. You don't want to have two or more teams installed just because, like if there's a security issue in some other theme that have happened, have installed, it makes your state vulnerable. Again like these are always worse case scenarios. But again, that's why you're watching this tutorial video because you want a pro to tell you what to do. So just go ahead and Tilly all this stuff, and then we just wanna have one theme installed. There we go. OK, now we want to navigate over to plug ins and plug ins. Depending on your Web host, you're going to get a bunch of plug ins installed s Oh, I definitely recommend, uh, we don't have to have this blue host installed. And so right now we can go ahead and hello, Dolly and the motor marketplace of you deactivate boo Hospitals Motor Marketplace. Just go ahead and delete these imply and click, OK, And now we have jetpack and a kid's mitt. We'll just leave these for now. We'll touch on this a little bit later. All right? So now for demo Constant. So when you go ahead and click on dashboard because now that you uninstalled the blues, plug in now you have the standard installation Award Press. Now, one quirky thing about this theme is that it's sometimes installs demo constant, so you have to double check this. Okay, so right now what I did was that I clicked on it, customize, and now the customizer loads in the site loads correctly, but sometimes you'll have demo kinda. Sometimes like the website all of a sudden change of Well, what is this? So all you have to do is don't publish, don't hit anything, just click X and then go back, open up again and then click on customize again. And then this theme, this style will just save as is now, if you did happen to publish it, all you have to do is basically go into your pages here and go ahead and delete all the demo Continent was installed, so just letting you know right now, it's to continue with this tutorial. Right now, we only have a sample page and we have the privacy page here, then under posts. The only post we have our is one hello world. Okay. And so that's basically where we're starting from with regards to designing our sights. OK, so if you want, if you're following along, that's where we're at right now. So again, posts. We only have hello world pages. We only have two pages installed Privacy policy sample page, which just came with the installation. Okay, So again, if you have any other pages like this or you have demo content was so go ahead and delete it because I'm gonna walk you through how to design the website properly. 9. 9 Add Breadcrumbs: let's install breadcrumbs. So what the heck are breadcrumbs? As I said earlier, this section right at the top of the website is called bread crumbs. That breadcrumbs are very hopeful for visitors because now someone who visits the website, if they find this specific page, they know exactly where they are. It provides deep linking to your specific category pages. Your block post as well is just providing a nice structure for the way your website will be appearing in the search engines. And it just it just works well overall for private good user experience in a good site, architecture. Now, to get started, we have to first go back in to our website and you want to go to plug ins and we're going to be adding our first plug in so quick on add new. And now you want to type in Yost S E. O. Okay. And Yost s CEO is an S e o. Plug in S e o means search engine optimization. It allows you to basically optimize your pages your block post on your website as a whole to rank better in search engines. It's not ah, magic. It's not like a magical thing, but just gives you the tools in the control over your website on the back end. Okay, so now that Yost is installed correctly, we want to click on S E O in our WordPress dashboard. So now you have a little icon right here that says, s e o. Go ahead and click on it. Now you want to go to search appearance, and you want a quick on the tab where it says breadcrumbs. And now you want to make sure breadcrumbs are enabled. So it may say, disabled for you. Just click on Enabled. Okay? And now we want to come down here, and we want to make sure that the bold last pages bold ID. So this page is last pages bold it, which is why we have it. And then post years probably says none. And you want to go ahead and select category, Okay, because this is the category of the site where this block post is under. And so I like to add the category to the specific page within the breadcrumb. OK, so go to category and then click on save changes. And there we There we go. All right, So now we open up to say and let's open up our black post. Okay, so now it's block Hello, world. And you're like, Well, where's the bread crumbs? As only part one, you have to turn it on and make it available. Step to its the actually add breadcrumbs. Okay. And so there's a couple different ways. So if you do something, if you search for something like Yost S e o breadcrumbs Okay, if you do this when we come to this page now yos has their own to true. It's fairly complicated. I think it's a bit wordy, but basically, you have to take this function right here and you can take this and then you can jump in to where it says appearance and then you go to editor theme editor and then within the theme editor. Okay, I understand you want to find something that's a single PHP something like that, Like singular PHP. That means that that that this is basically the template for all our black clothes and then right here under award says Main I D site content right there is where you can copy and paste in, uh, this code and then bread crumbs will appear as appropriate on your website. Now I know. Why. Do you like I don't want to do this. I don't want to mess with this code. Is there another way to do it? Absolutely. So we can go back to plug ins and within plug ins. We can go to add new. And now we just want to look for something like P. Why are c p Y r c Oops, P r. I see. There we go. So I guess p. R. I always get that confused P r y See, now what you want to do is you want to find which has added custom content to post and page should be the 1st 1 But make sure to select this one because this has all the same logos. It's very easy. Just not be paying attention. You want to install this because this allows you to add content to the top and bottom of your black post quickly and easily. Uh, so just go ahead and install and activate it. And so what this allows you to do is allow just add content to all your blood posts at the top or bottom with ease. Now we want to go back into settings, and then you want to go to P R Y C D V P. Add content. Okay, so now we have the continent that top. Now what we want to do is we need some, uh, we need some short coats, So the short coat is WPS CEO underscore bread crumb, and it's in brackets. Okay, so this is short code. And what short code is is that it makes basically, uh, de breadcrumbs appear. So it's quick save changes, and there we go. So this is content top, and then we have the breadcrumbs short code in there, and then let's reload our page. And there we go. So now breadcrumbs are appearing as expected, but you're like, Whoa, this is off to the left. How do what I wanted in the middle. No problem, guy. I got you. So basically have to use the center tag. Okay? So just you have to just this which have to do a little bit of html. It's not complicated. Just called a center tag. Okay? And make sure to close the tag, make sure to close it. All right, so And then we can click on save changes and let's open up again. And there we go. Now it's centered. Now, if you want to make detects a little bit smaller than the rest of the content, you can also do that as well. So you can just add another attack in the tag is called small, literally called small and then same process. Make sure to close the tag. Okay and their ego. So that's it. I have small center, and then I have the breadcrumb right in the middle. Let's go ahead and save changes and let's reload it. And now breadcrumbs has been shrunk. It's right in the center, and we are good to go with Broke. Um, so there you go. You've successfully installed breadcrumbs. So now, after this, let's near it out and edit our block post. 10. 10 How To Design Your Blog Posts: block post designed. So let's get this done. So there's quite a few things that we need to take care of for this. I went ahead and just insults. Um, demo content, some demo text. Alright. So first off, let's get rid of this horrible beige. So ugly. So it's quick on customized. All right, so now you can come down here where it says colors and you have background car, and it's this horrible, ugly, terrible beige fleck. Wait. Cook on published looks a 1,000,000 times better. All right, let's click X. All right, so that it gets rid of the beige. Okay. And now the next thing we need to do is like, what? We got breadcrumbs here, but do I really need to have the category again up there? And what about this stuff? But I really want to have this content here. Will you have the day and comment and the user name for the website? Like by the user name? No, I would prefer personally to hide this information. Okay, So how do we do that? How do we get rid of this? And how do we get rid of this? It's very simply just have to add in a couple a little bit of CSS. So it's not that complicated. Uh, on a side note, CEO says like DPU t k ee. Basically, if you just ever want to change that, you just go into appearance are so you go to your users and open up your users and then you go into the user tab and then right down here if you want to select like a different nickname By what? Like, if I wanted to appear as David instead of the wagon, you could just do that. And then here is where it has a biographical. This is the my bio. This is the bio. And so you know, like you see on some websites where at the bottom like, for example, on website create profile, come down here to the very bottom. We have a little picture of me and then a little bio. It's basically controlled by this, okay? And so right now it's like I changed the nickname to my actual name. I have the BIOS. You can vote this bio right there, and this is the profile picture is generated by something called grab a Tar. Okay. And So what rabbit are is is globally recognized avatars. So you could just sign up toward press. And then you associate an email with an image. It's very, very simple. I'm not gonna walk you through. It's intuitive enough where you can figure it out. It's not rocket science, but basically, that's it. And so if you want to go ahead and do that, you can do that on your own. Okay? But it will come up like this. We have a little picture, and then you have a little bio that's all controlled under users. And then you come into your users and then you edit it. Okay, so I selected my name. Teoh. Show has a nickname and displayed name publicly as David. Okay, we just quick on update, user. All right, so let's go back to her block post. Let me reload it. And so now it says David and said that weird whatever it is, but I still want to hide it. I don't want this. So let's go ahead and go to customize. And then we want to come down here and go to additional CSS. Okay? And this is where one ad in so What we want to do is we want to add in post meta display none. Okay, so posts meta display known copy paste that in, and that should delete it. Okay, so that that section is called your post meta, and we just setting it CSS to display it None. Okay. And now we still have the category up top there. And so basically, we need to get rid of the category. So basically, it's entry categories. Inner. Uh, so that's what this is actually called entry category entered. And so we want to display none for that as well. So it's just go ahead and copy and paste that in. And then that's it. And so there we go. That's how we kind of remove that. And now we just have a nice tight page title right there. Let's go ahead and click on Publish, and that is looking good. So all right, so let's go back. All right, so now we have the page title. We have a little bio at the bottom. Uh, so it was good to say identity. Identity is where you can change the name of your website. So if you want to just call it like I'll call this, uh, mice my name tag line. I don't want a tagline personally, so I'm not gonna I'm just going to leave that blank. I'll just type in my full name. Mostly like that. Okay. And now we have different theme options where we can have archive pages, show full text or a summary. We want the blogged to show a summary. Okay, So that means like, if you have multiple posts, you don't want each. You don't want your post page to show a full tax of all your blood close because it creates a super long page. You just want to create a nice short page and then show author bio again. That's up to you if you wanna have a bio there. But we can just click that off if you don't want to show a bio. So I'm gonna leave that off. I don't really want to show a bile and let's click on Publish. All right, so let's go ahead and ex out of that. Okay? So now this is looking quite nice and a couple little things we can do. So first off, you can add an image to your block posts. So, uh, let's just go back to get out of that. So we just reload this. Okay, so first thing that you want to pay attention to is a couple a couple little things so we can set a feature image. And so a feature images basically an image that's going to be associated with the block boasts. For example, if we take a look at like, website created pro dot com, the's air all feature images associate with the Block Coast. But as we opened the post up, you're not going to see an image. So I see that I don't add an image here. I purposely do it as intentional cause I don't like that images other than for as a feature image or to display something specific. But anyways, to add a feature image and you should add a feature image is to just go into your back posts and go here and set feature image. Now, what I personally recommend doing is using something like Can va and then using a template like I use YouTube thumbnail template all the time and then just create all your images and use the same exact templates. So all your images are the same exact size. Okay. And so I went ahead and already downloaded these images. Okay. And so these images are right here. So let's just open this up and I'll just Microsoft picture managers. So this is a massive image. I don't need this image. I took from Taipei Taiwan, to be this big, so I'm just gonna go in here and reduce the size to say 50. All right? So that looks a lot more manageable and save. Okay. And then I'll go to this one, and I'll do the same process again. So go office picture man Joeckel to edit picture resize. And I don't need it to be this big, massive image. Reduce it by 50%. That looks good. Quicken save. Okay, so now these images are ready to go because we want small images. We don't want to be loading up big images that slow down our website. Now the first thing that we need to do is install a plug in, so let's go to plug ins and we want to install a program called Smush It. And what Smush it does is that it automatically optimizes images. Smush it. So what this does is like when you upload an image to your website via WordPress. It will automatically compress the image and make it a more efficient file size, so it takes up less space on your hosting count. It loads more quickly for the end user. Google's happy user Happy? You're happy because it's taking up West Space and it doesn't reduce any type of image quality as well. It's just install smush than activated. And there you go. And so let's just jump back into our post and I'm going to go back into my hello world post . And let's just add a feature image. Okay, so let's go ahead and click this set feature image. And now make sure to give your images a specific title. OK, so I'm going to call this, uh, tied. Hey, okay, and we'll just drag and drop that in there. Okay, now, once we have this image installed smooching and progress. So basically it reduced the image size of impressive by 7.4% so that's great. Now the all text there, What should you put we the empty If it's just for decorations purposes? If it's demonstrating something that best explain what it's demonstrating. Okay, so I usually like to just describe what the image is. Okay, so this Taipei, uh, square. Okay, whatever. Then we'll quick on set feature image. Okay, so now we've successfully set a feature image, and that is it. So now we need to take care of categories, so un categories. That's terrible. Like you want to add categories to your site that are keyword focus and are related to what your website is about. OK, so if you're starting a travel blogger, if you're starting a blogged about a specific sports or affair like outdoor sports or indoor activities or whatever the heck your website is about, you want to pick categories like I would say, Start with like three or four that related what your website's about and that are very broad And so, like a category like idea would be like travel. OK, I'll just call this one travel tips, okay, and you just want to go ahead and add a new category. Let's go ahead and you can get there. We go in an uninsulated on categories, and then we're going to delete this later, we don't really need something called a new categorized. Okay, so that's it for categories. And now tags are basically ah, ways like you create a unique post that's unique for the rest of the website. That's about a very specific topic. Then you can tag it as something I normally don't use tags. I don't find them that helpful. They just end up creating a lot of redundant pages for search engines. I religious stick two categories, primarily. All right, so now we have a block posts. We have our feature image. Uh, now, one other little thing to pay attention to is because we in saw the Yost s CEO plug in. We have this area down here to edit our block posts as we want. Here is where you want to pay attention to your S CEO. So you basically you want to make sure that you have a keyword focused hideout, so keyword focused, blogged, posed title. You know, writing titles is an art form. You want to incorporate your keywords, but you also want to make sure it's something clickable that people would be interested in watching. And then if there's space, you always gonna have a separator and then the name of the website, and that's basically how you want to kind of structure. And then you see this orange bar. It's kind of just giving you a rule of thumb, so to speak, about how to best structure a block posts and then you're made. A description is basically you can change the text right here to basically describe the Black Post to a potential searching for visitors. So, like if you were able to get this post on the first page of Google when it comes up, what's it going to say? You should incorporate phrases that people are looking for that are related to the block post. So, for example, if I was second but like Type A travel, for example, we can just type in, like tie one travel. Okay, time one. Travel and see What are people kind of looking for? And so it's like as since I typed in Taiwan and I typed in travel. If we take a look like Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan and Taiwan, Taiwan and Travel Taiwan travel like you know, that's why the meta descriptions important cause, like this meta description. If it has the keyword phrase a user typed in. It helps rank the piece of content for this specific phrase. Uh, so anyways, let's a let's just say it been like how It's amazing, amazing, amazing things to do in Taiwan. Whatever. Okay, amazing things to do in telling. You should definitely take the time to write out a thorough description. Uh, and that is it, then readability right here. Readability just gives you ideas about how to better improve your contents. Okay, so just like again, like this rule of thumb that's not like it has to be green, but this is just telling you things to do and things to change. All right, so now, for the actual block post itself. Now, what's really cool about 2020 Theme. Is that first of you? Quick. A block right here has this text sitting over here so we can go ahead and make this, like, make this larger, and then I can come in here and make this large. And then I could just make this regular. And I could also add in a drop cap if I really want to for this part right here. And so now if we go to update the post. Okay, so now let's just take a quick look at the block post. Okay? So now we have a nice clear title. We have a nice, lovely image right above it. Bread crumbs. We have Big Tex that grabs our attention. Hopes us, like pay attention to content and the text gets smaller. And this is why I like the 2020 theme because it's a sake. The whale is really nice. A singular calm. I really like. I think it looks really nice on mobile devices that looks great on desktop. The goal of a website is to get people to read. When you have people's attention, they click on things. They subscribed. They do what you want. So you don't want to have a bunch of distractions s. Oh, this looks fantastic. OK, And so now one little thing is just make sure you're you're all right there. You can click on edit your oh, as you want, So I'm just gonna leave. That's how world, but like again, keep your euros short and sweet. Okay, So for example, uh, if we come down here like hosting her review, how good is this budget friendly Web post or the, uh, like, 10 best domain name registries for for whatever. Uh, so, like instead that calling and 70 titling this page like block slash, Uh, the dash 10 dash best mean register is four. Then the year I just keep it short and sweet And just, like, best domain name registers. And you want to do the same thing with your euro structures. Okay, so basically that is it for the block post section. Okay, so we have a nice title here, make sure it's keyword focus. I told you how to structure the girl. I showed you how to add breadcrumbs. I showed you how to kind of lay out this and how they, like, pay attention to the image. I showed you a plug in that optimizes your images, and that is it. So right now, you should have. You should be all set with the block post and go ahead and create, like a few categories relates which your website is about. Make sure to pay attention to how your block post Look in search engines basically for post for bog posts. You want to go with the keyword folk first and then you want to go with the site title. After that, make sure that fell a good made a description that incorporates key words and phrases that people are actually using and also is accurate and describes the post as best you can. So anyways, that's it for the block post section. 11. 11 Edit the Theme Menu: so menus are basically what this is called. It's called Your people Referred to is like the navigation. Whatever. With WordPress, it's referred to as your menu. So this is your menu. And oftentimes most teams usually have some type of header menu, and then they also be footer menus to the footer. Is this area right down here? And so you can have a menu down here now to change menus is a very easy. You just go into appearance and then you quick on where it says menus. OK, okay, So now I've gone ahead and already created a menu make You may have absolutely nothing, so just go ahead and create a menu caught menu. Call it navigation, whatever you want and say create menu. Okay. And now this is the menu right here. Now, here is where I can select different pages that I've created so so far, I don't have any pages really to add. We only have one sample page, so I can just go ahead and add that, for example, to the menu. Okay, so this is my sample page, so I can call this like, I'll just call this example just so demonstrated to you. OK, and now let's go ahead and click on Save menu. And so right now I have one menu created. Now, if you click on the tab or says manage locations, right here is where you can change what menu as activated. For what? So when people are under desktop, expanded horizontal, mobile foot or menu social menu basically have a lot of different options. This team. So what you want to do is just from the drop down. It's like the menu just created. So desktop horizontal are just quick minutes like menus like Menu Mobile Menu, Just like Menu. And I'll just leave it as that and click on save changes. Okay, okay, so now let's just go ahead and let's reload this. And as you've seen, it just changed to example. Okay, so now if I click on customize right here now, if we navigate over to where it says menus, we can save you all locations, and you can also change menus from here as you once. Okay, So, uh, right now, I could just come down here and select different menus as you want. And this is basically how you can also change the menu and the way things function right there. And so this is basically your mobile menu. That's it pops up. And this is your menu over here that you can quickly add from the edit menu location. Now, I know some of you will ask. Will what? Which men? You should go. How do I get rid this magnified A want etcetera. Personally, I like to have this menu on my website. I don't like to have these type of expanded menus on, and I also like to keep my men use very short and sweet on any website I create like I literally have at met Max. Five items to quicken. Max, You know, I really keep things minimalistic. That's best this best I can, and I suggest you do the same. So anyways, if you want to get rid of this, uh, this right here because we don't need this hoop here when we're on your desktop, this will appear when someone's on their phone, and then this will hide, and I'll hide into this and come up here, which looks great. That's fine, but like we don't need it when someone's under a laptop or a tablet or desktop. So just go to customize again and now under customize your school again back Teoh menus. And right here you have to click on this thing right here. There you go. OK, so that's where you can adjust things. And so we have mobile menu current. No, we don't need. We don't need to be showing the mobile menu when people are not actually on the site. And so I wanted just so a desktop horizontal that's up expanded. And so we just want desktop horizontal. And there you go, and that's it. And then quit. And then I would keep the search function there and then click on Publish. But anyways, if you wanna have specific control over your menu, you can play around with this again, just come into customized. Then you just click on this menu button right here. Then you can adjust. How it looks appear in appears at the top, and that is that is basically it for menus 12. 12 How to Design a Logo: Okay, so I went ahead and added another block poster. Right now I have to blogged post. And now how do you add a dedicated home page to this site? Now this looks all right. And the reason why you're able to see just an excerpt and not the home whole pages again, remember, customize always in the customize. Then you go to theme options and make sure it says summary. Okay, so that says full text. It's going to be full tax. Could be way too long. You just want to add summary. Okay, so you won't have your blood post be eight summary Now, in order to make a dedicate home page. It's very simple. We have to start with our pages, so go into your pages and go ahead and click on Add New. Okay, I'm going to go ahead, entitled this deed home page and just click publish. Just caught home quick, unpublished. This will make sense in just a bit. Just just go ahead and do this. So now I have one page called home, and then I'm going to create a new page, and I'm going to call it block. So let's just go ahead and call this the blawg page. Click on publish. There we go. Okay, Now we want to go into settings, and we want to go to reading. Okay, so here, under settings, reading is your home page displays your latest post or a static page. We wanted to display a static page. What? We want the home page to be We want to be home. What? We want the post page to be We want to be block. Okay. And now block post show at most 10 posts. Yeah, I would keep it as 10. Or keep it as, like, five or six or whatever. Maybe like, six is more appropriate. We don't need us massively long. Blocos Page six is ok. Each post needs field. We always want to keep it as a summary and then click on save changes. And there we go. Okay, So now let's take a quick look. All right, So now we have ah, dedicated home page, And so the first thing we want to do is now we want to jump into our menus, and we can add our first menu item, which would be the bog postpaid. So let's go to appearance. Let's go to menus and let's go ahead and click on view. All and let's go ahead and add block. Okay? So make sure that says blogged, and we can go ahead and just delete this one. We don't need that. Okay, let's click on Save and let's go back to the same so quick on blogged and the blogged will show all our waiters block. Post looks great, but how do we create a beautiful, stunning home page? Let's do that right now. All right, So let's go ahead and add a big, gorgeous image to the home page. Now, if you're going to customize your not going to see the option that I'm going to be talking about, that's because you have to jump into your page. Okay, so let's go back into pages and let's go into our home page, and now we can set a template. And so right down here you can go where it says, Template says default template. But we want to do is we want quick on cover template. Now we need to add a feature image. This feature image will be added as the cover template, and so a place where I really like to get templates from cover images. Whatever is unspool ash dot com So I can just type in. We'll just happen Earth and let's go here. That looks beautiful. We'll just go ahead and download this. Okay. Okay. So now have successfully down with this image. Now, this image is going to be massive. You don't want up with this image as is, but I jump into Microsoft Office more quick edit, and we want to resize it. So right now it's 3500 that is Wait way too. We don't need it to be that big. Reason why we want to get smaller is because if we make it smaller than it's a smaller file size or website with load more quickly, there we go. So we would just like that. OK, OK, I'll quicken save. I'll go ahead and call this, uh, the hero image because that's typically from webs and terminology. But that's kind of called and so we'll go. It's like feature image and all drag and drop my hero image in O. K. And then all text would just leave that blink and then set feature image. Okay, Now, we have a cover template. Let's go ahead and click on Update. All right, Now it's real voted and off while I So now we have a nice cover image. But what is with these ugly default colors? I don't know. They each. Now this. Like what? Red. So it's just get rid of that so they get rid of this or change it to something else. If you like it for whatever reason, quick on, customize. Then you go to cover template and then here because again customize cover template, then overlay background color. Here is where we can basically eliminate this color altogether. If we once or we can change it to something else, okay Or, you know, I just completely or just just get rid of it. I don't want anything. I was turned down the OPC. There we go, OK, and I think that looks lovely. Says click on publish. Okay, in what's Quick X? Okay. And so there we go. So we have a nice fixed background image. Now it says home here. So this is where the first thing in terms of Sulu want to pay attention to. So whatever you're saying is about you wanted to have something that's a little bit keyword specific here. So you know, if this is, like a travel travel the world. So, for example, if I was creating, like, a travel, say, and like my keyword with my sights about travel, this I'm just my whole points like this is where you'd like, wanna have some specific keyword phrase. Okay, this reward to say then we have, like, something like travel the world. Okay, then they pay attention always to your page title. So again, you can change the page title quickly and easily right down there. So for the homepage, I personally would lead off with the site title first, and then the keyword freeze, travel the world, travel the world with ease, whatever trouble with ease, and then write a meta description again. Okay? And that's basically it for in terms of the S U S. So for all your blogged posts, you should be cured first. Then the page title or the page title first, then the name of the state home page is the opposite. So let's just reload that. Okay, so now we have a nice page title where we have the name of the site first, then a description of the site. And then we have a nice little menu in our navigation as his blood, and then are awesome block posts that are looking good. Okay, so now we have a dedicated home page, but there's mawr that we can do to make this even better with me. Let's take this home page to the next level. So I want to add some constant right here. Maybe my latest by pose. Maybe Annie mopped, inform pages, whatever. And I also want to get rid of all this stuff down here. How do you do it? This team Very easy. So the first thing we need to do is navigate back into our plug ins, and then we want to go to add new. Okay, Now you want to look for a program called stackable stackable? All right, so stackable page builder Gutenberg blocks. Let's go ahead and install it. What this plug in does adds very beautiful feature rich blocks to our WordPress editor. Go ahead and activate it. Okay, So stack bulls act Mejlis head back over to you pages. And now we want to go to where our front page is. And now we concert editing the constant area underneath here. Now, what I would strongly suggest doing is do something where you have, like, a parent, like, uh, give it a title. Okay, so give it something like this is the H one tax and allocated age to text. So it's like, Welcome, welcome to my travel block. Okay? And then I'm going to just change this heading and all changes to each too. And I'll quick on sensor. Okay, then underneath this heading, I would give, like, a little welcome message. So I'm just gonna put in some, uh, dummy text. I'm not going to sit there and right, But, you know, I would definitely recommend that you go ahead and you just like credit. Welcome message. Like welcomes my sight. My name is Bobo Bobo. Bleh. I'm a designer. I met this. That Explain what the site is explained to people what they can expect to get from the state and why they should visit. Why they subscribe, etcetera. OK, so let's just take a quick look. Okay, so now we have a h to tag, and then we have a nice little paragraph that would introduce what they say is now what's add our latest block post. Now. This is why we installed that plug in so co click on your plus sign Now with WordPress, operates as a block editor and makes designing really easy. So with WordPress, you have most used common box formatting layout, and it's widgets embeds all this good stuff, but there's a lot of plug ins like stackable that add additional features. So it's just open up, stackable. And now Stack Will has accordion Blackwood's post all this good stuff. So we we want to add in our latest posts. So just quick on posts. And now, when post fire up over here, you have lay Oh, you have designs. So it's scroll down there and let's click on free, and now we can see that there are a couple of different designs we can use for free, so I'm going to select block post this one, and that looks fantastic, OK, and now we can minimize the design and we can either changes to a list or we can keep it as basic. But I'm going to keep it just like this, and now there's different things weaken, jump into the styles. You can change the column size you can make. Make the tax centered. If you want. We can keep going with this down here, we can add a feature image weekend. You know, we can come in here and we can turn off the excerpt if we don't want it to. And we can just have our latest pieces of content right there. Like, if you want to give, this is the only title like we can come in here and just type in Ah, late latest blogged posts. Or maybe I want to capitalize. That latest wait is blogged posts. Okay. And so will come in here each, too. And let's go ahead and censor that. That's good Gun update. And let's open up the site again. Take a look. So everything looks okay. We got this gorgeous here Image called that not called action, but like we got nice, each one that grabs our attention. Scroll down, introduction. And now we have it set up to show our latest posts, and it looks really beautiful. I mean, for a free theme. This looks quite impressive. And now let's just get rid of all this stuff in the footer here. What the's are are called widgets. So to go into your site, go back to appearance, go into widgets and under witches is where you can delete all this extra stuff. So you have foot or one and four or two. OK, so this section, this is for the one. This is foot or two, and so we can just come in here and delete all this stuff that we don't want or need. Okay? And so we'll just go and delete the search function there. We don't need our recent posts. We definitely don't need comments. We absolutely do not want meta we don't want we don't want, like, a site admin and log in, log out feature. We don't want our categories displayed either there, and we don't really want archives. Okay? And so now everything has been successfully removed, and now it's reloaded again, and that looks good. So now we have little introduction. Are waiters block posts. And now right down here. This looks quite nice. Uh, So how do we remove WordPress? Let's take care of that. Next. So let's go ahead in, uh, quick on, customize. Okay, So next you want to navigate back into additional CSS. And so what we want to put in is a one put in right there. This is the power dash by Dash WordPress. Then we have the display. None. And that will eliminate the powered by WordPress. And there you go. So now we have a nice layout for the homepage. We have a gorgeous image here. H one title for the website. Welcome message. Latest block, post and ice clean footer with not a lot of random links and we remove powered by Wordpress . So now the website is really starting to come together. 13. 13 Create Your About and Contact Pages: Now I want to add in about page in the contact page to my menu bar. So how do you do that? Very easy. So we just want to navigate two pages and go to add new. And now we want to create an about page first. So let's just call it about a B O. U T. And that is it. And now the about page is never about you personally is about the website. Why it was started. What gives you the authority to write it? That sort thing about pages could be very long and detailed, or they could be very short. And I usually like pretty about page for website create pro dot com, for example. It's like I have a little bit of story, but my background who I am, Why do I create this? Say etcetera, And then I have helpful guides on the about page. Or you can have an email opt in form. Or you could just go with something really super short and simple. Either one is fine. I would either create something very short and simple, or I would create something with a little bit more depth in Link two guides willing to an email opt, inform etcetera. Anyways, let's go ahead and click on Publish and also notice that I call it New New here. Question Mark new here wasn't so about this is the about page. Neuro is slash about so you can call it about, uh, you can call it whatever you want. I would definitely keep the euro slash about. Now, let's go ahead and at a contact beaches. So we go to add New Quicken just a new again and we're going to go ahead and create contact beach and so we can call this con tact us. Or we could just create something like need. I need to get in touch. Question Mark. There we go. And so let me just go ahead and publish that. And now if we take a look at the Euros is need to you get in touch. I don't like that. So I'm going to click on edit and let's get rid of that and just call it contact. Keep it simple, Okay? And let's update this. And now with school head and take a quick look. Okay, so now we need to add a couple of things here. So add a little bit of a text here and give people an idea of how you want to be contacted . Like thank you for visiting, You know, something like that. Thank you for visiting. Keep your message. Keep your keep your message shorts. And to the points points, uh, was a civic 2 to 3 sentences. Do you three sentences only Feel free. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page. Facebook, Page two. Whatever. And then you could link to your Facebook page or, you know, whatever. So we'll go ahead and update that. Now, if you're a business or whatever, you can either give a phone number to some for people to contact. You call you specifically, or you can give your email address here, or you can add a form to this page. And so let me just make this larger text, okay? So let me go here and let me go ahead and add a form. And so a form basically is a field that allows people to quickly and easily contact you. So if we just go to the contact page for website, create pro bone, we have this nice form here where people can just add their name, email, subject and message makes it very easy for people to send you a message. How do you do that again? It's a plug in. So you just go to plug ins and let's go to add new. And now what we want to do is good to WP forms of search for WP forms WP forms. It's literally what the plug in is called. There it is right here. Let's go ahead and click on Install. This is my personal favorite a plug in for forms Now, quick on activity. Okay, so now it gives you this little on boarding process. You can read the full guy here, or krieger for us form. Let's just go and create our fort First form and all we want is a simple contact form. So we just quick this That's all we want. We just want a simple concept from we don't need anything complicated. Uh, this is a feature, rich, uh, you know, form builder that you can use for your website. But, you know, we just need something simple. So now we want to drag quick to edit and drag recorder. So we can basically move this around as we want. Very, very helpful. And then here we can basically changes. So do we want my last name now? I just want simple. I don't want name email, comment, message, whatever. And that is fine by me. And so let's go to basically save first off, and then you can go click on embed. And here is the short code for the form one Click this close. This Let's go back here. Let's go into customers. I hope not Customize. Sorry. Let's go into at its sorry edit page. So about that. And now, once we're in edit page, you just take the short code that we generated over here when you clicked on embed. So you take this again, and then all you have to do is come down here and then copy paste the short code in, and that is it. And cook on update and view the contact page. Okay, there we go. So now we have a nice little form installed and we have a little bit of text. And there you go. So feel free to play around with the BP forms export in more detail, but this in general what it's going to do. And so when someone emails you through this form, the email that it's going to be sent to when people quick submit is the basically the email that was associate as the recovery email when you set the whole thing up, when you see your WordPress installation up with blows, so everything will be sent to that specific email. And that's basically it for the contact page in the About page. Now let's Adam to our menu. Now we have that squared away so we go back in here and let me go to appearance and let's go to menus O K. Snow, which just go to about and need to add need to get in touch. We'll click, add to menu, okay, and what's could conceive many. All right now it's open up to sight again and take a quick look. And so I like that we have about I like the way a block, but I don't want to say need to get in touch. What the heck, How do I I want to just say contact so I do that. Go here, drop down, then you can manually delete this and change it to something that makes more sense. Contact. Keep it something short and sweet by contact. OK, now click on Save That's real with Satan, and there you go. So now we have about contact block and to change the order that is very easy. Just quick click drag and drop, and you can also make items sub items. So if I wanted to have a drop down for like about. If I want to create like a resource is page and then create like a drop down, I can do that. Where I can see I could make, you know, blogged about as a drop down a blood contact to drop down about about etcetera, so I don't want to do that. But just letting you know it's a simple. It's just clicking and moving things around, and that is basically it for the menu. So now we're all set. We got about contact blocking the menu Be just go ahead, write your about page of your contact page, basically bare bones set up, but you can explore aspects of that in a little bit more detail, and that is it 14. 14 Create Your Legal Pages and Edit the Footer: Okay, so now it's time to add legal pages to our site. And you do that by adding these pages to the footer. Basically, you want to add a privacy policy, terms of use, any disclaimer. And if you're going to be promoting with Amazon Associates, you definitely want to be adding in the Amazon Associates disclaimer in the Footer because it's required on any page that has IM's own the links. You have to add this anyways, so we just go into our pages, okay? And what you want to do is navigate two pages and then just create a page and call it a privacy policy. Create a page, call it terms of use, create a page, call it disclosure. Okay, And then after you create these pages and then you want to go over to appearance and then you want to go into menus. Now, once you're in menus, you have one menu currently created, which is basically the menu for your navigation. So we want to create a new menu. So we click on this since that says, creating new menu and just for organizational purposes, I would just call it something like a footer. You know. So we know which one this is. And let's go and create menu. All right, so now we can click about disclosure and terms of use. Oh, sorry. Disclosure. Tim sees privacy policy. There you go. And let's click add menu. And there we go. And now it was click on Seve menu. So now that we've successfully created a footer menu, one last little step is you have to go to manage locations And which where is this going to apply? Right, So now that now we have menu being used as the desktop horizontal menu now for the foot or menu, you go here and we just like footer, that's it could conceive changes. And now it was Reload this. Okay, let me reload this. There we go. OK, so now we have, uh basically, it's closer terms used in privacy policy in the footer, and that is it. And so now if you want to have a place where you could go ahead and add maybe this disclaimer, you could just take this. Then at what I would do is I would just go to maybe appearance and to go to widgets, and then here you can just add it in there. So maybe just dragged this over click on text. And then, uh, I don't want to that there we go, and then click on pace. There you go. Then click on Save. And then let's just rewrote this to see how it looks. Okay, And then there we go. OK, so now we have a basically the disclosure for Amazon. We have a B scare. We go page in the footer and it's looking. It's looking good. And so that is it so that we have successfully added the menu. We have a nice home page and we have a nice We have a bunch of legal page in the footer and the appropriate disclosures. Now I have a page dedicated website career pro about how to basically write your legal pages and not show. Yeah, you have to sit down, right your legal pages. You don't need to worry about this if it's a brand new website. But I'm saying, like when your website starts making money like you're like, wouldn't you start making like, $1000 a month from a website? You definitely want to sit down with a gun accounting aware and get this taken care of, because now your websites transitioning from, like a little side thing into, like a proper business anyways. A privacy policy page the whole point of privacy policies to tell users the information gabbing process for your website. End of story Terms of use Page is used to describe to people what their green to when they're using your site and by visiting the site. And if you don't wish them to abide, they don't wish to abide by how you want them to interact with, say, etcetera. Then tell them how to opt out, which usually involves them. Just leaving the site and not coming back and then, like a disclosure page, is just to make sure in any interest, they're not obvious. That might not otherwise be obvious. Like how us it makes money or or anything like that, like, you know, affiliate disclosures or disclaimer that, Hey, this was a sponsored post by this company. They have to say that, Okay, you can't just you have to just disclose things like that that are not obvious, and that is basically it. So for the footer disclaimer disclosures, all that legal stuff that we need to take care of and throw into the footer 15. 15 Add Email Opt-In Forms: Let's add some email, opt informs to our website and so uneven opt in form. It's just basically a weight that we can collect emails to start email marketing. Now there are tons of providers out there that recommend other videos on this channel. I recommend either a convert kit or Mailer lates or a Weber. Uh, those are all good options sending boots and other good option. But this is convert kit, and so let's go ahead. And so when you sent to convert Kate, you're able to add forms and you just click this button. This is obviously form. Now you have your option to add in line moto slide and sticky. Uh, we're gonna be using the in line function. And now here I like to go with Mills at this. And once the form lows, then right here is where we can just edit the way this looks. So I like this background, but I do want to change this button color to something that pops a little bit more. Maybe a little bit more about red color like that. That's a little, uh, something. So, you know, just like the right color. Ah, there we go. Ah, there you go. OK, I like that. There we go. And so you can just play around with converting winter walk in here. But you can basically edit d Basically, the background of this You can change the Texas by clicking it quick and easy. Its very nice And so we just click on Save and OK and now we go to embed. And now you may be thinking like, Wait a second. I goto WordPress, right. Well, you could, but then you have to download and solve the convert kit WordPress plug in if you want to add forms or you can just go to basically javascript html I personally like to use javascript and so we can just take this script and there we go. And now within our wordpress, we can go to settings and then we can go to P. R. Y. C add custom contents. Okay. And so we installed this to help install breadcrumbs within the broad post at this to the block post. But another cool thing we can do is just We can add a form right to the bottom of each and every blood post. Okay, so now we just want to scroll down here and says Content bottom, right click and then paste. And now we can go here and click on save changes. Okay, so let's go ahead and check it out to see if the form has been successfully added. And there it is. So now we have a form at the bottom of every single blogger post. So there goes lengthy SC useful thing about this program right here. PR y. C. Because we just now now all your block post will have this added automatically without you need to go in manually one by one. Added Now, you can absolutely go in one by one at it. So, for example, by quick edit post And let's say that I just want to add this may be in the middle of a black post. You can do that, but to do that, you just have to do it manually. OK, so maybe it's like maybe I have some great texts here and I'm talking about something and then a good leading with beats just having email, opt, inform us Anyways, you click this little button and now which you want to look for is HTM l. Okay, custom each team. Oh, there you go. And then click on paste and then preview. And then there you go. We can update and let's take a look again. Okay, Now we have our email. Opt, Inform added right in the middle so you can do it manually. You can use a plug in that allows you to add content to, like the bottom or top of what block post whatever. And that's basically it for how you add email, opt in forms and so we use convert kit. But you There's plenty of other options you can use, but that's it in a nut show if you want to start engaging in email marketing. 16. 16 Get Related Posts with Jetpack: Okay, so now I want to go ahead and add some related post to the bottom of my block posts. So this is basically related content. It's powered by jet packs. Is his website crave product? Calm and jetpack is a free plug in, created by the team behind. WordPress offers a lot of different features, but the one feature that I really like is this this related post feature because this provides nice internal linking helps people keep people on your site. Eso anyway, so get started is very simply, just go to your WordPress admin, and then you won't go into plug ins. And now, with most WordPress installations up, you do get jetpack in a kid's mitt as default installations. So let's go ahead and activate jetpack. Okay, so jetpack has been activated, and now you have an option called jet Pack in your menu bar and go ahead and click set up jetpack. Now, you may need to create a WordPress account for this, uh, so just go ahead and do that as part of the side of process. You're My whole point is like your experience will be a little bit different. So now it's telling me to just approve this states. Okay? And then that is it. Jetpack is set up, so it presents you with this payment plan. Option Weaken. Just completely ignore this oak ahead and reload. This jetpack is free, but they do have an up sell feature to get you to pay again. Ah, you're you're depending on. If you have an account or not, you may be looking at something a little different, but anyways, you can kind of just ignore this and jetpack is installed and working as expected now to enable related black post is very easy. We just want to go into our settings right there. Okay, Then you want to click on traffic and then right here after underneath traffic, you want to come down here and then show related constant after bought posts. Then you want to highlight related content with heading and then show a thumbnail and image and that's it. And now it's all set. That's it. OK, so you're good to go. That's all you had to do. And now you should have related post. Now it may take time to populate because it's based on your site's content. If you have, like three or four posts. Don't expect every late post you know, published 10 15 vodkas. Then this will start appearing. So don't worry if you don't see it right away. If you only have a few block post takes a while, it takes a You have to have multiple pieces of content for this thing to start working correctly with showing related posts. 17. 17 Add Social Share Buttons: Now it's add some social share buttons. Try and see that three times about social share buttons to our website. So I currently have Facebook Pinterest and read it. A service that I really like to use is called Add this add this is helpful because one fried analytics on the back end so you can see what piece of content people are sharing and where, and then gives you a broad overview about how many visitors your website had. Uh, so basically, how do we set this up? Easy. We have to go into tools and then we want to click on add a new tool. We want share buttons. Now you can play around with all these, but the ones we're going to be using is the share button feature. Okay? And said We're gonna floating or in line. I'm going to keep it as floating. Let's continue and then we can either have. It's smart sorting, which basically at this will show the basically the networks that people interact with the most on an individualized level, or you can have selected by you really up to you if you're gonna do selected by you at a minimum you want have Facebook and Pinterest? Those were the two biggest traffic sources for Are your website? For most people would be Facebook and Pinterest by far. Maybe Twitter, maybe email. And so I'll just leave all these Facebook Pinterest Twitter. You know, Twitter is really only popular in America from not saying it's not popular, but Facebook and Pinterest that you have to have those and then you can just click on Add more services is that if there's anything specific that you really want to add, maybe there's something local to your country. Maybe like WhatsApp. For example, if you're European like what's? That's not popular in America, so that's not something we use anyways. Let's go here now under the three K area weaken. Have the share counter the show shares when it's shared 20 times. I'll just change it to that and then left and right. That's fine. And when on mobile, I want the buttons to be small. All right, and that's it. So we'll click on Activate tool. Activate tool. There we go. All right. So what do we do next? You have to quit this where it says get the code, okay. And then right here is our script. Since we just take this script again, copy. And now you should know where we have to go. So what we have to do is now we have to install a new plug in because we have to insult this in the header or footer. So the thing that we need to do is go to plug ins and we want to go to add new. And we want to install a plug in called headers and footers. So headers and footers is deployed and we want to install, and it's this one right here. So we just install that. Okay, great. And what's click on Activate and Awesome. So let's go into settings and then go into insert headers and footers. Okay, now we can't script in the Header it script in the body. It script in the Footer. So I'm going to put this share code in the footer, okay? And then we'll just click on save, and we just wait for the state to save. That's awesome. Great. Now it's open up the website, and it should appear some social share buttons over here. Yep, we're good to go. So now it's really coming together quite nicely, so that's basically it for how you add social share buttons 18. 18 Analytics, Search Console and Sitemaps: Okay, so let's add analytics to our website. So this is Google Analytics. You can find it by just googling Google analytics and when you're locked and you'll be looking at a screen like this so you can measure you can select different properties to measure. So we're going to be measuring a website. So come down here and click. Continue. And next you can add your website name. This is for your own internal use. So I'll just call like my blogged, for example, then put in the euro. So the euro from this website is http s and then it's the domain name and then dot com okay , and in industry category. So this will compare your websites performance to other websites in this industry s so you don't have to select industry Katica, if you don't want to and then click on it creates. I know once you create create, you're going to get some code and then you can copy and paste this. And now you just take this code and then you go back to your plug in that we just insult previously headers and footers and you go install it in the script. Okay? so specifically says, copy paste this code into the head of every Web page you want to track, and that's it. So boom paste and then click on Save and that's it. And so now, once you have analytical code installed, then you can head over to Google Search engine console, Okay. And what Google search engine console is basically allows you to claim ownership over your website, and then you can check the performance of your website on the back and to see how it's actually performing within the Google search engine rankings for different terms and whatnot. It's very, very helpful, but it's not helpful until maybe, like six months into the future, there's just something to do now. You don't have to do it now, but just something to be aware of because this once your website's getting traffic, it'll tell you like, Hey, you have this pages ranking on Page two for this, and people are finding it via this phrase and things like that. So, anyways, that's basically to get set up. It's just you go here all your else, all euros, and then you just put in your domain name there and quit. Continue and because you have analytical code already installed, it will just automatically verify your account. And that is basically it's how you get it set up with analytics in search engine console. And then this just something said it. Forget it. And then you can come back to school analytics and search engine console. Maybe in a month after you've been publishing content, and then it becomes more helpful long term. But that's basically it for installing analytics. And one last little thing to pay attention to is to make sure that you go ahead and submit a site map once you're logged into search console. So once you're logged in and your site is verified, you can just head over to site maps, and then here you can enter these euro of your site map. Now, a site map is just basically a map of all the content on the website and just hopes years content get index more quickly in basically the index and ranked and has good helps Google understand what your website is about. And so it's just the best practice. So anyways, to find the euro of your site map, you want to head over to Yoast s CEO in now. You want to go into where it says features and you want to come down here To where it says XML site map years should be on by default, so already has it available. And so, to enable the excellent statements for us, see the same map generate read by sight. Naps are probably, uh and so we could just click on this. And this is the site map off our website right here. Site map. That index, you would just take this copy and paste that and then you just paste it in there and then click on submit. And then oh, you know then that that's it. And then a Google will verify. And that is basically all you have to do to submit a site map. And anyways, that is basically it for this tutorial. So we've created a lovely looking home page. We create a nice little menu, each one tag. Welcome message. Related, added related pose have our share buttons there have our, like legal pages, Aims on associates. Disclaimer. There we set up the block post to look really nice. I chose you how? It's a basically structure black pose at breadcrumbs. Uh, you know how to make this Just have a nice overall appearance. We did about page, contact form, etcetera. And so I think we're good to go. This is a nice little set up. This website looks beautiful. I think people would come across this website and put you like, Wow, that looks really nice. That looks really premium. And it's a free theme. You just need to know what you're doing. And so anyways, guys, that's why I like the 2020 theme from WordPress. 19. 19 Thank you for Enrolling!: Okay, That is it for this course. I hope you got tremendous value out of it. I hope you were able to learn something and create a very beautiful, impressive website using the 2020 theme. Again. My name is David, founder of website created pro dot com. Thank you very much for enrolling and have a great day.