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Create a Vision Board in Procreate with Bonus Mindset Hacks

teacher avatar Kimber Shook, Artist | Designer | Writer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. What is a Vision Board

    • 4. Free Resources

    • 5. Brainstormimg

    • 6. Gather Additional Supplies

    • 7. Vision Board Accessory Stamp Set

    • 8. How to Create Our Vision Board

    • 9. Photo Mindset Hacks

    • 10. Positive Mindset Hacks

    • 11. Vision Board Organization

    • 12. It鈥檚 Ok to Dream Big!

    • 13. We Manifest What We Believe

    • 14. Gratitude Journal Benefits

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

We are going to create and use a Vision Board with bonus mindset hacks in Procreate that will help you receive clarity and focus on your goals while gaining a positive mindset.

This is for you if you have so many goals that it's hard to gain focus and clarity on what you truly want. This is beginner friendly for Procreate users.

1- You will learn what a Vision Board is and why a digital vision board is easier and adaptable to start getting clarity and focus on your goals.


2- We will brainstorm with some questions from your provided workbook to get you thinking about goals in certain areas of your life.


3- You鈥檒l need to gather digital photos representing your goals along with a few digital photos of yourself and anyone else in your household.


4-聽We will create a vision board with mindset hacks, like affirmations, that start pushing your mind and beliefs to positive and productive thoughts.聽


5- You鈥檒l also learn that adding your image onto a photo that represents your goal is crucial to your vision board.


6- We briefly go over that we manifest what we believe and not what we want and how we need to start thinking in order to start believing our goals are possible.

7-聽We will also discuss how a gratitude journal is beneficial and necessary to maintain a positive mindset.


This class is very useful to gain a clearer picture of what your future self and life may be like while achieving inspiration to take actions.聽

I鈥檝e taken the exact same steps in order to overcome getting fired after 17 years due to company downsizing, maintain hope when I became wife/caregiver and even get inspiration into achieving goals that could be perceived as otherwise unobtainable.

I鈥檒l be using my iPad, Apple Pencil, the Procreate app along with some digital photos.

I will supply you the following:
路 Vision Board Procreate file (large version) & (smaller version)
路 Vision Board Workbook Procreate file
路 Vision Board Accessory Procreate Stamps
路 30 day Gratitude Journal Procreate file
路 60 day Gratitude Journal PDF in 2 page layout for note taking apps, like GoodNotes.

Music by GoodBMusic from pixabay

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kimber Shook

Artist | Designer | Writer | Teacher


Hello, I'm Kimber. I’m a Procreate Artist, Hand Lettering & Font Creator, Designer, Writer & Teacher. 

As a self-taught Procreate Artist, I’ve been able to to stay focused on my goals with a vision board. It has allowed me get clarity while staying inspired to take the steps needed in the right direction towards manifesting my dreams into reality.

Skillshare has helped me increase my skills to where I’m able to expand my income by implementing what I’ve learned.  I’m looking forward to sharing my skills and abilities with others looking for the same results.


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1. Intro: What if you could visually see your dreams in front of you so you can convert them into actual goals and in turn, inspire you to take the actions needed to create them into reality. Hi, I'm commercial, numerator, designer, broker, artist and teacher. My superpower is my positive mindset. Well, technically it's not my superpower since I have to work on it daily. But it has allowed me to overcome obstacles and struggles in my life. Some of the tools I use to boost my mindset and maintain focus and clarity is official board as well, some mindset. So this is for you, if you love Procreate as much as I do and you want to get a little clarity and focus on your goals. And since I'm in my fifties and I've been using a vision board in one form or another throughout the years. I can honestly say you're never too young or too old to get started. In this class, I'm going to show you how to create and use a vision board and Procreate. We'll go over what a vision board is and why a digital vision board is easy and adaptable to your goals and how will actually give you some clarity and discovering what you truly want. We'll discuss the various tools I supply and where to find them. We'll brainstorm using the workbook I provide that I'll have you concerning what, who, when, and even where it comes to creating areas of your life that you desire something more, will then gather supplies and discuss where to find them. This is where we give ourselves permission to do a little online shopping for our future selves without actually having to pay for anything. Will also grab some digital photos and some selfies. We'll work through the process of making visible or into her own style, will begin to add goals. And our reveals some incredible minds and hexa and visually hands our board, our mindset and our photos. We'll discuss why we manifest what we believe rather than 11, will take it a step further on the benefits of a gratitude journal and why you should be using one today. Finally, we'll do some recapping and all reveals more amazing goals I manifested in a short time I started developing this course. You'll be shocked at the proof. I'll be using my iPad, the Procreate app, some digital photos, and my Apple Pencil, but you can use a stylus or your finger. So if you're as excited as I am, Let's get started. 2. Class Project: For the class project will be creating it in three stages. First, we'll fill out page from our workbook. This is where we will be answering some questions. What, who, when and where regarding areas of her life. This will be in a brainstorming session. For the second stage of our class project. We'll share our vision board that's created in our own style. This will not only be beneficial for yourself, but for others to get inspired. Lastly, we'll share our finished vision board with several of our goals. So by sharing your finished vision board in the class project is not only beneficial to others, but also yourself. It's affirming and declaring it into the universe. You're definitely not going to skip this step. 3. What is a Vision Board: In this lesson, we'll go over what a vision board is, the different types, why you should be using one, and why a digital vision board is easy and adaptable. A vision board is a collection of images, objects, affirmations, and quotes that represents our dreams and goals. There are several types of vision boards that you can actually use and create. My should be used efficient board. Inspiration, motivation, visualization, confidence, clear intention, focus, clarity, happiness, and a night passions. I discover creating and using a vision board and procreate has been so convenient and modifying, organizing, and adding my goals just by importing, deleting and Heidi them whenever it's necessary. I can do a freely in just a few minutes without recreating it from scratch. It in discussion or project areas class, I would really love to know if you've ever used a vision board before and if you have what type? Riskless but a vision board is the different types. Why you should be using on, on why a digital vision board is easy and adaptable. In the next lesson, we'll go over the free resources I created and where to find them. 4. Free Resources: In this lesson, we'll go over really cool resources I created for this class. The vision board procreate file is available in two sizes. I wanted to offer both a small and large size due to Procreate layer limitations. There's a vision board workbook procreate file. We'll be diving into this file by answering some questions in our brainstorming lesson, I've included a vision board accessories set procreate file. This is a stamp set used to create digital pins, photo frames, tape, sticky notes, and binder clips for our boards, There's a vision board gratitude journal procreate file. You can use this directly inside the Procreate app. But if you prefer to print the file out and use a traditionally with a pen or pencil. I'll show you how to do this in the gratitude journal benefits lesson. I wanted to create and include a two-page PDF layout of the gratitude journal for those that love to take notes inside a note-taking app, like I do. We went over the free resources for this class and where you'll find them in the Skillshare website underneath the project and resource section. In the next lesson, we'll go over a workbook and answer some questions that will help us discover some of our goals. 5. Brainstormimg: In this lesson, we'll be reviewing our vision board workbook and answering some questions. This workbook contains questions of what, who, when, and where in the following possible areas. If you wanted to work down the list, you simply only need to hold the checkmark and all the other layers. It will disappear. If you want all to repaired, simply hold the check mark again and they will return. I would recommend adding a layer above the page before starting to answer. This way, you can always go back to change your answer more easily. You can choose to either type your answers or use one of your favorite calligraphy brushes to handwrite your answers. These are just some questions I created to get the wheels turning in my own head about more specific details on when it comes to my dreams and goals. The questions are not near as important as a process of exploring a more in-depth mental visual picture in our mind in regards to a specific dream, there are no wrong or right answers. This is only to get your mind thinking about all the possibilities and maybe even narrow it down a little. I also provided a blank page at the bottom of the layers. Take a few moments to review the questions and answer as best as you can. These are not set in stone. I suggest only fill out the relevant questions pertaining to your goals and dreams. You'll find the question, why towards the bottom of the layers? I want to separate this question and give it a whole page. I personally found this question tends to overlap several areas, but this question is extremely important. This question alone can motivate, inspire us to start taking action. The stronger or why, the more courage and confidence may incorporate into our daily lives. But the steps we need to take to achieve our desires, how this question has a way to overwhelm us by jumping to the angle before we have a chance to fully enhancer way of believing that our goal as possible or mental visualization of seeing ourselves accomplishing the school has such an impact that will either start researching, educating ourselves, reaching out for guidance or help, or even plaintiff unnecessary steps. A vision board assist with this visualization process. Here's an example I created using the wealth page. This is a great time to take one of the pages that you answered in this workbook and save it as a JPEG or screenshot and upload it to the project section of this course. We discussed a few questions regarding what, who, when and where, when it comes to certain goals we'd love to achieve. We also went over, why do we want to achieve these goals? My the how to achieve these goals usually follows later. In the next lesson, we'll gather some additional supplies for a vision board, like digital photos, screenshots and selfies. 6. Gather Additional Supplies: In this lesson, we'll gather some digital photos that will represent our dreams and goals. We also gather some selfies and any other members of the household that we want to include in our goals. Here are just a few internet search examples. This is not a complete list. And just a few examples. As you're scrolling the Internet searching for ideas and goals that you want to add to your vision board. Don't let the price deter you from adding it. There's just a couple of things I want you to consider. If you have a specific idea in mind, you something close to it. With additional fish and board, it's easy to come back and change it to a more detailed version at a later time, you can mix and match elements of a photo. This means if you'd like a fireplace war in Ireland, kitchen in one photo and not delivering them or the kitchen. Save the photo and we will temporarily add it either alone or edit it and add it to a different photo. Once we find the right fit. Once you find an element that you like for your vision board, simply take a screenshot or hold the image and save it to your photos. Need to find more images. Here are some other websites for you to consider. To make it easier to add your photos to your vision board. I would suggest adding your photos and screenshots to a separate problem. This way they're altogether and organize when we're ready to start building our vision board. Still not sure what to look for. I highly recommend Pinterest. This is a great site for visual inspiration. Simply search using criteria from the workbook. Google Images is another great source for ideas. Here's a great tip. If you have members of your family or significant others that live with you and you want to include them in your goals. Make sure you have a picture to them. This includes pets. If our heart and mind once I'm in our lives now, it's important that we include them for our future selves. Here's something to keep in mind. We cannot dream for somebody else. We are all individuals responsible for our own thoughts, actions, and desires. We discussed the photos you'll need to gather along with any selfies and other members of your household you want to include in your goals. I also suggested creating a separate album to hold our pictures and screenshots so you can retrieve it more easily when creating your vision board. Please consider that price is no object when it comes to your dreams. This is a vision board. This is for your future self. In the next lesson, we'll go over the vision board assessors set. 7. Vision Board Accessory Stamp Set: We'll go over the vision board accessory stamp set and how to create some digital office supplies for a vision board. Make sure you imported your vision board procreate file along with the vision board accessory stamps it into Procreate. This stamp set includes tape, sticky note, photo frame, two different versions of pins, as well as two different parts for binder clip. With the tape you can just stamping go or if you'd like, you can add some design and even shadows. Using the tape stamp. Pick a color, chooser size, and tap the screen. If you'd like to add a design to your tape, you can alpha lock it by swiping right with two fingers and drawing your design. Let's do a quick review for tape. I like even my sticky notes, a little bit of dimension. Let's add a shadow by duplicating it. Turn off a lock one on the bottom layer by swiping two fingers, right? Let's fill color to black. Turn alpha lock off by swiping two fingers to the right again. Grab the move tool and tap to bottom rate in the adjustment panel. Tap Gaussian blur. I like go into about 3%. Then I'd like to go to the blend modes and change the multiply. I also like to give my sticky notes a little bit of lift by using the Warp tool. Let's go to the top layer, grab the Move tool, tap warp, and start at the bottom right corner and slide it towards the top left. Let's do a quick review of the sticky note. The photo frame can be used alone or you can use it with a sticky note stamp and change it to a secondary color. Just make sure you position it beneath the frame like this. If you'd like to add dimension, you can add some frame shadows. Here's a review of the photo frame. I like to use the push pin one for the shadow, for the Push Pin tool. You can also choose to add some highlights and low lights. Here's a quick review of some options. The binder clip is created with two stamps. Stamp the bottom part, alpha lock at a straight line towards the bottom using a darker color. Then on a new layer at a gray handle and reposition in place. You can choose to add another layer underneath the handle in black. I also like to add some highlights to the top of my binder. So I alpha lock it, change it to a lighter color, grab charcoal brush and brush the top. Then I like to go over with the smudge tool using an airbrush. You can review the steps I like to use for the binder clips here. Keep in mind this is your vision board. See you can create as many accessories or as little as you want. We reviewed the assessors stamp set and how we can use it to create tape, pushpins, sticky notes, photo frames, and binder clips for a digital vision board. In the next lesson, we'll begin to create our vision board in our own style. 8. How to Create Our Vision Board: In this lesson, we'll be using the bishop or Procreate file and creating the vision more into our own style. By your style, I mean changing the colors, choosing a different designer, print your own accessories from the accessory Stan, set or doodling your own. Add any characteristics that appeals to you. I recommend to you usually view your vision board a one to two times the daily minimum, both morning and nightly. You want to ensure it will be something you will look forward to and immerse yourself into what the possibilities. The most important thing to remember is there is no wrong way to create this. It is not permanent and it can be adjusted at any time. Just make sure you save your file. This way. You save some steps from recreating it from scratch. So if you haven't done it yet, hydrogel eat some of the layers, you know, you definitely will be using and it will give you some extra layers. If you need it later, you can choose to click off the frame color or change it. If you want to add a print our texture to your frame, click the clipping mask off, add a layer above the frame as your printed texture, and then change this layer to clipping mask. I've written out the steps here. Should you choose to review? If you choose to, either design behind your corkboard, makes you add a layer and move it above the background color. Choose a color print from your favorite brushes. There is no wrong wage. Create this and it's not permanent. It can be adjusted at anytime. Just make sure you save your file. Here's a brief review. Even choose to change the color or design on the my vision board, sign or remove it by deleting it altogether. Always remember to group and label as you go. Organizing your layout isn't something that has to be perfected at this point. But it helps with later lessons and visualize what it is that we are striving for daily. This vision board needs to appeal to your sense of attraction. As you can see, I'd like to have some form of a layout because it's important to be able to scan our vision board daily. You can even add some cool stamps or doodles. This is also a great time to add a screenshot or JPEG of your digital vision board into the project section of this course. We talked about creating a vision board in our own style by suggesting changing the background, changing colors, adding accessories, adding stamps, adding doodles, and don't forget to share your vision board in the project section of this class. This is very beneficial to both you and your peers. Who knows, you may inspire someone else to move forward with their dreams. In the next lesson, we'll go over some photo mindset hacks. 9. Photo Mindset Hacks: In this lesson, we'll learn how to edit your photos in a way that allow our mind to visually see that our goals are possible and assist our heart to actually feel as if it's already occurred or will occur in the near future. We achieve this by erasing the background on our images and stacking them on top of our gene photo. A gym photo is just a photo that we will use on your vision board that will represent our dreams and goals. Inside Procreate, we're going to import our photo. This will be an image of ourselves. Just go to the photo button. Good or album. I'm using one of my husband and I. It's a couple of years old and the quality isn't the greatest. But it'll still achieve the same results as if it's newer and professionally shot. Grab your favorite eraser brush. I'll be using a soft airbrush that allow me to skim close to my image without having to be perfect. I'm changing to a more defined brush. This is a medium just so I can get a little bit closer to your race of Linux and crannies. Still it won't be perfect and that's completely okay. We didn't spend time of perfection. This is a digital vision board and our image will need to be shrunk down anyways, so we won't even notice the Falls. I want to emphasize how important it is to add members over household if we choose to have them in our future life. Next, we'll combine our image onto our gene photo. Click on the image layer, go to Copy and head over to our dream photo. Tap that wrench, add and paste. Don't worry if you don't have the exact image you want. You can always use a placement holder. This is a generic image we will use on our vision board until we can redefine and narrow down exactly what we want. Here are some examples. We'll need to reposition accordingly depending on the photos we choose. Normally it's a given to never enlarge an image because of pixelation. But since we'll be reducing digital vision board anyway, we won't even notice the pixelation or the imperfections. I suggested earlier about adding members of our household on our vision board. I suggested this because it's important not to contradict what our heart and our mind already desires now in the present without of the future. With this in mind, I'm even including my pets. Now let's add our edited Jim Federico to our vision board. We will need to adjust the size and place an accessory in place above our image, group and label. Notice how the imperfection doesn't show up once it's resized on our vision board. Let me show you something. Take a look at these examples. I know it'll be difficult to feel the same effect that I do when I see these examples until you actually create your own photos. But can you see the difference between the dream photo alone, a dream photo with just me now with my family that I currently live with today. Can you see how by just adding more of our current loves that we don't want to change at this time and carry them over to really enhance and empower mindset into believing were already there inside our gene photo. Now let me show you some examples from my own vision board. Perhaps these will help you create your own ideas for your own goals. Here I added my own info to a top teacher Skillshare photo. Here, I add in my household images to my dream kitchen. I even have a my cat to the counters since he's always get in trouble. I can only guess will be the same way once we have our June kitchen. Happy and healthy because health issues run in my family. Either the goal to lose weight. I took a photo of me standing on a scale and even add a text over top. And once I get to that, I already have my finished school hidden to be displayed later. I chose this limit because it is recommended for my height and age. But I wanted to do this in steps to allow my brain to believe it's possible. I know personally how hard it is to achieve this particular goal. This is a limited belief. A limited believe prevents a restricts us from actually believing something to be true. We'll go over this more positive mindset lesson. Just by seeing this particular goal is achievable. I've already taken the steps to eat healthier and exercise more, which also boost my positive mindset. Here's what my top goals ever. I added a few of my screenplays. Here. I've added a recent book I finished. And here's one of my work in progress. By seeing this on my vision board at all, inspire me to keep going and finish. I've recently added a Mac computer with top of the line features to my goal. And because money is no object for my future self, here I lumped together a six-figure BankAccount. I looked this pic of cash close to my best-selling author books, but I also added my NFT goal. This is just a screenshot of the top NOTs or are overlaid on my profile pic and my name. Here's my df for selfies. I just used my head reduced and distorted it enough just to give the illusion I'm inside the car. I even erase the selfie is so the rearview mirror is viewed. Now, it's time to start editing and adding your photos to your vision board. If you don't have a photo, draw one. If you don't know specific details, just cover the basics. For example, if you always wanted to write a book and even if you haven't started yet, I can't think of a title. Just use best-selling book, at least until you're inspired or motivated enough to start writing. And the title comes to you. In this lesson, we erased backgrounds, have images, and add them to our dream goals. We talked about adding other members of her household, as well as the option of drawing our own images. We also talked about using a placement holder until we know more details. In the next lessons, we'll do some positive mindset hacks. 10. Positive Mindset Hacks: In this lesson, we'll go over some positive mindset hacks through half a ceiling and creating some positive thoughts that allow us to have more good things come into our life. These will include affirmations, feel good quotes, changing limited beliefs, repetition, positive habits, and being grateful. Affirmations are declarations and encourage and empower positive thoughts. These are great tools to use on our vision board, Boston to incorporate in our daily lives good quotes. These quotes are Manchus that make us feel happy inside. Here are some examples. Changing limited belief. A belief is an acceptance of a truth or validity of something. A limited belief prevents and restricts us from actually believing something to be true. By changing limited beliefs, we combined, retraining our thoughts and re-framing our perception on how we view something. Here's a smallest to get started with changing our limited beliefs. First, identify our limited beliefs. Especially if it's something negative that's actually isn't factual. Second, reframe how we think. Turn our negative frame of mind and start changing it to positive. Third, rephrase how we speak. This takes time and practice. We need to change our words to allow it to be heard as being believable forth. Become aware. This is where we need to stay alert. We need to notice the more positive things we think and talk about, the more positivity comes our way. This is vice versa as well. So it's always good if we catch ourselves and adjust our thoughts quickly. And lastly, emotions are power. This is a huge discovery in my own life. The more emotion I feel, the more I get back. Have you ever heard of like attracts, like, the more positive emotions we feel and experience, the more positive energy we attract back to allow us to supercharge our mindset even more. Repetition. This is just repeating something over and over through our thoughts, speech, and actions. Eventually it'll become second nature, creating positive habits. First of all, how does take 21 days to develop? This means if you want to make a change, we need to remind ourselves to do something, either by making notes, are sending reminders that will remind us until a habit is formed. I am a huge fan of making lives either on a sticky note or on my phone. Being grateful, this is being grateful for all that we have now showing graduate with our thoughts and actions. Using a gratitude journal daily, we discussed some positive mindset hacks like affirmations, feel good quotes, limited beliefs, repetition, positive habits, and gratitude. Make sure you ask them affirmations that any feel-good quotes to your vision board. In the next lesson, we'll go over some vision board organization. 11. Vision Board Organization : In this lesson, we'll go over some vision board organization that'll help us keep our board organized and our thoughts focused. We'll discuss grouping, layering, labeling, layout, hide and delete function, and modified by grouping images together relating to a goal. It will help us when we scan and review our completed vision board. Daily. Layering is a great option. Should you choose to come back and change it later? Always label. This way we can find our images more easily. Layout. I like having some form of a layout to my vision board. I like to take a mental photograph so I can visually see my goals even after my eyes are closed. The hide or delete function. If we have a huge goal and are aware of the steps we need to take, we can simply view the next phase of our goal as well as the overall goal. Once we reach our next step, we can hide or delete it and have the next step show. But I still recommend having the finish dream or goal remain visible. Asked for modify sometimes with our goals and our vision board revitalize our dream isn't as strong as we once thought. We usually discover this where we just don't achieve the motivation to inspire us to take necessary actions to even get started. This means we need to modify and rethink our dream. We review that grouping, layering, and labeling our vision board is helpful, efficient, and productive now and in the future, we discussed having some form of a layout to allow us to visually see our vision board even when our eyes are closed. We also discussed about the importance of hiding and deleting and even modifying our vision board when necessary. This organization also allows our brain to visually see a more defined and structured path to our goal. Nothing great time to add your vision board to the project section of this class. In the next lesson, we'll go over why it's okay to dream big. 12. It鈥檚 Ok to Dream Big!: In this lesson, we'll go over that. It's okay to dream big and you should definitely give yourself permission to do so. I want to ask you these questions. Do you have a gene that seems impossible? Does it seem to be so far out of your reach that even a rocket ship when it reach it. Did you answer yes, that's free. Make sure you add it to the vision board. Did you answer no. Then I have another question for you. Why? Why are you limiting yourself? This is your vision board, this is your life. You have the right to dream as far out there as you want. If it's just because you truly don't want anything that big in your sites so you don't have to experience failure. That I want you to give yourself permission to dream. Some of my biggest dreams feel impossible to reach right now, but that's okay. It's still always good to have a hope of the possibility. If you are GMR, We must be kindred spirits. If you don't dream, how do you envision a better life? If you don't envision a better way than you're not motivated a change. That means there's a good possibility that you've accepted. It is what it is. That's great. As long as you're honest with yourself and you're happy. I'm happy with who I am and y-hat, but that still doesn't stop me for dreaming for more. Yeah, I know that's still a possibility to be even more happier when I achieve my goals. Let's talk about wish versus dream. A vicious, something that we desire that's out of our control. A dream is something that we desire. This actually obtainable by taking action. This is an example of a wish, and this is an example of a dream. Make sure you add your wishes and your dreams to your vision board. Even announcing our wishes to the universe has a way of making some of our wishes come true. You have an obligation to your future selves to dream big. By allowing ourselves to dream big, it allows us to experience everything along the way. What do you think? You become? Thoughts are things. Focus is everything. If you want to reach for the stars, find the motivation to educate yourself on how to build a rocket ship. Or find a really good side hustle to start saving, to pay for a ticket, to get onboard. Surrounding ourselves with supportive people, they encourages us to dream big is also important. This doesn't mean it has to be physically, it could be virtually. It makes it easier not to give up when things get difficult. That's why allowing ourselves to dream big and putting it out there to the universe is attracting like-minded people, spend official to get support to keep moving forward. We discuss giving ourselves permission to dream. Big question, why we are stopping yourself? And to acknowledge that miracles and dreams happen daily for many, even without a plan or a vision board. In the next lesson, we'll discuss why we manifest while we believe rather than what we want. 13. We Manifest What We Believe: In this lesson, we'll discuss why the manifest, what we believe rather than what we want, and how we can begin to believe that our goals and dreams are actually possible. Manifests is to bring something tangible into existence through attraction and believe. Envision calling it a takeout order with the universe. You know, if you want to exercise and condiments, you know how hungry you are. Just knowing in 2030 minutes you'll be eating and feeling satisfied. Knowing that by putting your clear intentions out there to the universe, the universe will find a way to get to you. Although usually it'll take a little longer than 20 to 30 minutes. Attitude is everything. Emotions are important with believing. There can be no self-doubt when it comes to your dreams and goals. If you choose to be inspired and manifest action, you need a positive mindset and faith in yourself to make it happen. Have you heard of the law of attraction? This basically it goes hand in hand with manifestation. This turns our dreams into reality. It does require steps towards achieving what you desire. Just know that there are many successful people out there that believe and practice this way of thinking. See it, feel it, and achieve it. We talks about being clear with our intentions. The attitude is everything that emotions are important. And to let go of all self-doubt, to have faith in ourselves, the law of attraction, see it, feel it, and achieve it. In the next lesson, we'll go over the benefits of a gratitude journal. 14. Gratitude Journal Benefits: In this lesson, we'll go over the benefits of a gratitude journal and why we should be using one daily. I've included a gratitude journal procreate file. Should you choose to actually use it within the app? This will be a 30 page layout. You can choose to duplicate additional pages or an entire file and relabel it monthly. There's a cover Instructions, a daily gratitude page, as well as some ruled pages. If you would like to use the della gratitude page along with your journaling pages, simply swipe left, duplicate and move into position. You can also choose to save this as a PDF. So you can print it out and use it traditionally to use with a pen or pencil. Go to the Wrench icon, share, and share layers, PDF. Once this is saved, you can choose to print it out. This will be an 8.5 by 11. If you need to resize, simply go to the Canvas, resize, setting, and choose your size. Adjust your pages as necessary. Here's some benefits of a gratitude journal that I've discovered since using one. It increases positivity. This allows you to focus on the good things. It decreases negativity because it's about being thankful for what we already have, sleep better. This helps you clear your mind by journaling nightly. This allows you to review the day and clear your mind a worry before falling asleep. Appreciation. This allows you to appreciate even the little things in life, as well as for what you already have in the present and what you will have in the future. Satisfaction. You will actually become more satisfied with who you are, what you have, and who they'll become. If you have a good notes for another note-taking app that allows you to import PDFs. I've included a two page layout version for you to import. I prefer my digital note-taking here because of its features, simply go to GoodNotes, tap the plus symbol to Import. Go to your two-page PDF and import. As you can see, it's laid out in two pages as if the books open, simply swipe left. Should you choose to go home, tap the home button. And this will return you to the instruction page. We discussed about duplicating pages, as well as duplicating additional files. We also talked about saving it as a PDF so we can print it out, as well as changing the size if needed. We also discuss the benefits of a gratitude journal like increasing positivity, decreasing negativity, sleeping better, having more appreciation and feeling satisfied. In our final lesson, we'll do some recapping and also reveal some incredible goals. And I manifested into existence just by using a vision board. 15. Final Thoughts: He talks about a vision board and how to create it in our own style. We also discussed some photo mindset hexanol allow us to visually see ourselves directly inside the dream photo to actually start believing it can occur someday. As well as some positive mindset hacks. These are like affirmations, repetition, and rephrasing our way we think. And we discussed how important it is to dream big, as well as we manifest what we believe rather than what we want. Along with how a gratitude journal allows us to become more aware of how thankful we are for what we already have and what we've already overcome. I just want to say thank you for spending some time with me and really dive in deep into this vision board. I'm so excited to see the projects in the project section of this class. I know there's a lot more out there to cover in regards to some of these positive mindset hacks. But I wanted to give you a foundation to get started. In my own life, I found positive mindset and a vision board pretty much go hand in hand. You can certainly use a vision board without the positive mindset. But I found personally that a positive mindset enhances the use of a vision board. Manifesting doesn't happen overnight. It's almost like the universe wants to make sure you really want this. And by wanting this, I mean that you are taking the actions before the universe even sends it your way. Manifested a Creative Market shop, as well as this course here on Skillshare. Take a look at the following. I manifested these into existence by using a vision board and keeping my positive mindset. I really want to incorporate all the skills I learn using Procreate by opening a Creative Market shop. Unfortunately, I applied twice, and both times I was denied by the emails I received, it was recommended that I improve my portfolio. I didn't even realize every single portfolios out there. So I actually took classes to start improving my portfolio. Then the universe that may assign. I received an email requesting me to reapply for Creative Market shop. Guess what? I was already prepared, had my portfolio almost done per the request. I guess what? I was improved. There was no way that I could have done this had I not been prepared by having my portfolio ready. So when I received a request to apply to the teacher challenge, I couldn't resist just by being prepared, by knowing I wanted to create a video course and be prepared by taking classes. How to do this. I was ready when Skillshare accepting me into the challenge. I know that you may just consider this to be serendipity, but that's okay. In my mind, it was manifestation because I was prepared and I was ready to go. Here's just a couple of things I hope you'll take the time to do. Make sure you share your project leader review. Follow me to get notified up my next class. And if you're on Instagram, follow me, I kinda ship.