Create a Vector Illustration using Image Trace | Taylor Shannon | Skillshare

Create a Vector Illustration using Image Trace

Taylor Shannon, Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Hello and Class Project

    • 2. Sketching and Inspiration

    • 3. Uploading Sketches

    • 4. What is a Vector?

    • 5. Let's Digitize #1: Image Trace & Smoothing

    • 6. Let's Digitize #2: Coloring Outside Lines

    • 7. Let's Digitize #3: Coloring Inside Shapes

    • 8. Let's Digitize #4: Adding Texture

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you’ll turn your own sketch into a vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator's Image Trace tool! You will learn various techniques for using Illustrator to bring your design to life. Some Illustrator tools and techniques we will be using include image trace, the smooth tool, the blob brush tool, the live paint bucket tool, and the shapebuilder tool. You will also learn how to add some vectorized texture to your illustration to bring it to life. I’ll take you through my typical workflow as I create a vector-based illustration!

This class is for anyone who has wanted to dabble in Adobe Illustrator, or for those who want to expand their skills. This class can be a springboard into creating your own digital illustrations with a hand-drawn look to them. Some basic knowledge of Illustrator (like setting up files, saving, etc.) is preferred, but you can take this class even if you have no prior experience with the program.