Create a Trippy Psychedelic Animation using Photoshop and After Effects | Klarens Malluta | Skillshare

Create a Trippy Psychedelic Animation using Photoshop and After Effects

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

Create a Trippy Psychedelic Animation using Photoshop and After Effects

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Photoshop Texture

    • 3. Displace the Image

    • 4. Make it Trippy

    • 5. Costumize Your Colors

    • 6. Make a Silhouette

    • 7. Dreamy Glow

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About This Class

On this class you will learn to create a trippy psychedelic colorful animation using photoshop and after effects.

We will start by creating a texture on Photoshop and then move to After Effects to animate it.

Then we will see different options to get different color palettes for this animation.

During the following of the class you can experiment with different options or levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist


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1. Intro : Hi, everyone. My name is currents and on this class you're going to learn how to create this kind of animation. We will start on father shop to create texture and then move toe after effects to animate it. Also, we will learn how to change our colors to get a unique animation and play around with all the treaty effects. You will need the only photo shop in after effects to do this animation, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Photoshop Texture: Hey, welcome back. So now we are on photo shop, and the first thing that we need to do is to create a new document because we're going to create a texture so we can animate it later, after effect. So you have all this kind off option options to set ah size. I'm having this HD resolution. Let's rename this on DA. Yeah, everything else is ok. Are you bi colored background Transparent. Ah, you have to keep in mind that the said the size toe adjust the the silhouette size that you are going toe to use later. I'm using this HD, as I said, so he'd create. Now the next step is ah toe feel this Ah transparent space. We are going to do that by by the breath brush tool Click on the brush tool and ah, just set some different colors to feel the whole space. Let's start with some blue about the size of the off the brush. I've tested this before and I have noticed that this ah size of the brushes is the best one to keep toe have ah best good result that say, or at least like like the one you were so in the intro. Okay, Now let's ah, change the collar. Maybe maybe a pink. Just feel the spaces in the in the middle of the blue collars. Now let's speak another color like yellow Andi feel the other spaces. Um, OK, so as you can see, there are still some transparent parts, so provide that. Just go on the layer, hold old command and drag it up. Toe doublet. Kate Layer, let's do this again. Still, there are some space, some transparent parts, So just creating you layer on da drag it up below the other layers on. Just use this been bucket too and applied. So here we created the the texture that we're going to animate. We just need to say this that is Ah, Jay Peak. So file, save us on. Yeah, let's save as a J peg. And that's it on for the shop. Now we're going to move on after effects to do the animation 3. Displace the Image: everyone. So now we are on after effects. Ah, just create a new project. And here you have the composition. Here you have the project section. Here you have the effects were going toe open the trippy pattern or texture that we created . So So just double click on this project section. Let's import this and just ah, applied on the composition to create the composition automatically if you want. Ah, As you can see, there is this video of 10 seconds that we created. If you want to make it longer shorter, just right, click and ah goto compositing settings. And you have all the settings like the size and the the resolution. Also the duration here, if you want to change it, uh, there is the space to do it, but I'm living it. Ah, 10 seconds. Okay. And the first effect that we're going to apply is called displacement map. It's here under the express presses your displacement map. Just drag it in tow our composition. Here you have the effect. With all of these options, I'm going to show you the most important ones. But you can play around with all of these. The 1st 1 is this Maximum horizontal displacement Ah which will help us to create the animation? If you change the value as you can see, basically this place the image horizontally. Also, the maximum vertical displacement displays the image Vertical e But the problem here is thes black parts. And to avoid that, just check this rapid so surround. Andi, it's ah feels the whole space. Okay, so let's set this these 2 to 0. Because to do the animation, basically, we have to give different values off these options in different frames, like in this frame in this one, this one, this one until until the end. So, uh, also another important thing is ah, toe, check this like a cloak. I can this one and this one. Let's leave the first values toe zero. Now let's go to another frame and you can change the size from negative to positive. It's not really important that seemed this too. Now let's go to another frame on. Do the same thing just just changed the values. It's not really important. Okay, so now that we are near the end frame, it is important that if you want to create a loop, the values on the and frame should be the same with the with the start point. If you don't remember, they were zero in both cases. So let's go to the to the end and said Thies, door to zero. Now let's play this. Okay, So as you can see, we created the loop. But now we are going to make this. Ah, more colorful. 4. Make it Trippy: Okay, so the next effective it's called Qala Rama. So let's go to this. Affects them presets and type drama. Onda applied on the composition A Z you can see again. We have, ah, a lot off options under this effect. But I'm going to focus on the most important one, which is under this output cycle. You have this cycle repetition. Here. Check on it on. This is where we are going. Toe do the animation. Basically, we're just going toe Change the values off this cycle. Repetition like this? Yeah. So now again, the same logic. Let's leave it one as it was the same logic. We're going to give different values in different frames toe, create the animation. But first, just check this. Ah, I come right here. So let's leave the 1st 1 in the value of one. Go to the next frame and change this. Go to another frame and ah, it is ah is the same logic as we we did before again in the end. Ah point. We need to make the cycle of repetition the same where the start point. So let's make it one to create the loop. Let's play this and see how it looks. Okay. So as you can see the videos like a continuous, we have achieved the loop effect. Now I'm going to show you a trick on color armor that you can do. 5. Costumize Your Colors: Okay, So if you're not like me and you don't really like all these rainbow colors, you can always change that by going toe. This use present palette. You have all these options under this space right here. You can try them all and see what? What do you like most? Um but, uh, I have noticed that this Ah, sorry. This sunset option gives. Ah, nice result. Nice scholars. Um, you can check them all. I don't want to waste time with all of them, but another important option is this. I want to be color where it shows this. Ah, three, three basic colors here. Ah, red, blue and green Onda. Um, you can, ah change the the position of the color and see how it looks on the on the animation. The next cool part of this is that you can change the color, but just double clicking. For example, under this red color, let's make it. Let's Ah, let's make this think it. Okay, let's leave the blue on DA. Change the green. Of course, you can choose their colors. I'm just explaining my process of choosing colors. Also, if you want to have another color just quick somewhere between two colors. Like here on Let's get ah, bright blue, baby, Let's position it somewhere else. I don't know. Maybe let's move this around a little bit. Oh, no. Let's hit. Save and see how it looks. It's not bad. I like this. Okay, so now we can render this. We can save this video because we are going toe. Use that later as a background for our silhouette. Eso Let's go to this file. Uh, export render you have the options under thistle. Uh, but let's just leave it, Leave it like it is And just saying with somewhere under this output to Yeah, I'm just sitting save and ah, click render and wait for it. 6. Make a Silhouette: Hey, welcome back. Now I'm going toe teach you how to create this kind off way. But we before we would get there. If you have enjoyed this class until now, please, uh, I would appreciate if you give a good review toe this. Also, you can post your probiotics section of skill share, and for sure, I will review them and maybe at them on my instagram page two. Okay, so as you can see here, you have this stiletto. We're going to find a picture similar to this. And usually I go to this splash that come and, uh, just type silhouette. Just search for Seelert pictures, and you will have a lot off. The truth from this is a good option. Ah, please be aware that you have tow Find a picture that Swedes the size off your animation. Ah, here, for example, is the same one that I used on my animation I posted on instagram. Okay, so I have found this picture that I liked and sweets my animation, so I'm going to copy this Command control. See? Ah, let's create a new document. Um, and we are going toe change the size like the animation. So in HD resolution, he'd create and based it. Command Control V. Now let's Ah, just this toe to our size old chief to give the promotions. Okay, so now I suppose you have found a picture with, like, white highlights. And Aled, this black parts Onda uh, you have to get rid of this off these. Ah, why parts. So the easiest way to do that is to go to select call, arrange and just elect this white part. And you can play around with this. Who's Niinisto to get the highlights? You want this player rounds with the details, so click OK, and, uh, just delete this now, As you can see, we have ah, transparent background. So let's just say this as a PNG save us and, uh, BNG mode and ah, it's safe break. Okay, now we will go toe aftereffect toe, adjust it with a our animation 7. Dreamy Glow: Hey, welcome back. So I created a new project on aftereffect and where we're going to upload the animation and the silhouette. So double click on this project section Onda important The silhouette double click again toe to import the the animation we created the I'm uploading this. Ah, this one with the colors that I changed Let's apply Let's create the composition by the animation. And of course, you can please the silhouette over the animation because they have the same size. In case you don't have the same size. Of course you can adjust it by going toe. This said right here and dragging the picture. Okay, so, um, I see that there are some, like, white parts on in my silhouette, so I'm going to apply some curves to make it darker. So just go to a fax and type curves under this color correction and applied on the Sylhet. Ah, layer, Let's play around a little bit with this. Yeah, okay. I'm not doing ah like a big change in it. Now, the most important effect is this glow glow effect. But before we need to create Ah, an adjustment layer So right quick and the new adjustment layer and make sure it's ah above the our two layers because because it's going toe influence both off our layers, um, on effects type glow and apply this style light under the stylized boulder in fact, golden glow and apply this ah glow effect on our adjustment layer. Now, as you can see, it immediately does Ah, in effect, let's go to another frame so we can see better How it looks like. Okay, you can play around with all of these, but usually I just, uh, try different, different levels and see what looks better. But one important option is this glow radius, which gives this like dreaming glow. Um, make sure to make this in, ah, higher value. Also, you have these glow dimensions right here. If you're type horizontal, you have this horizontal glow vertical. It's the opposite. And, uh, yeah, I'm living it. Ah, horizontal and vertical. It's is better to me. Also, you have this color and color be on color. A is the color off globe. For example. If you want it pink, you have ah, like a big shadow. It doesn't really can be seen a lot. Yeah. Now you're going to see it, I think. But, um, the living it right, Yeah. I'm not messing around with all of these options. This is the main effect I wanted. Let's play and see how it looks. Maybe we can lower this glow. Try sold. No, it's OK, I think. Yeah, of course you will have ah, different picture, and you will have another result. But in my case, I think that's Ah OK, of course you can take this further. Maybe. And then Ah, a text or something. You can add on a music like a soundtrack, but ah, extend the main effects. And of course, you can experiment with it and come up with something new. So this is for this tutorial. I hope I was helpful to you on DA. I would start to upload more tutorial soon so you can suggest me what kind of tutorials you want. You can check my page and see what I do and tell me that, like, I want to learn this kind off effects. Okay. So please leave a good review and maybe share your projects. Ah, um yeah. See you on the next one. By