Create a Trippy 3D Pixelated Animation using After Effects | Klarens Malluta | Skillshare

Create a Trippy 3D Pixelated Animation using After Effects

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

Create a Trippy 3D Pixelated Animation using After Effects

Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Explanation

    • 3. Black and White Animation

    • 4. 3D Pixels

    • 5. Color Version 1

    • 6. Color Version 2

    • 7. Finalize

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About This Class

On this class you will learn to create a trippy 3D Pixelated Animation using After effects.

We will start by creating a black and white animation with fractal noise effect.

Then we will add that 3D effect and try different color palettes to get different results.

During the following of the class you can experiment with different options or levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist


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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Clarence. On this tutorial, you're going to learn how to create this pixelated three D liquid animation. You will try different settings to get different stars of animations and fully customize the colors. Also, you will learn to create a glowing, dreamy animation so you can use as the loop for your music video. You will need the only after effect for this tutorial, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Explanation: everyone. So before we get started, I'm going to show you the step that we are going to take to create this animation Onda. I created three videos toe to show you the steps on. First, we will create this kind off abstract animation using just after effects. It is old, black and white. Then we're going toe had ah three d effect with kind of this pixels all around. And after we make that three d effect, we're going to add colors. You can customize the colors you cannot different type off ballots or whatever combinations you like. So these are the steps that we're going to take now we need to jump toe after effects to create this. 3. Black and White Animation: Hey, welcome back Now we are in after effects and the first thing that we need to do is right. Click and create a new composition. Here you have the size. I'm keeping these HD resolution Here you have the duration. I have it like nine seconds and I'm just skipping it like this. You can change it just by reading the time year Bigger and color Black click. OK, and now, right, think again. And we need to great new solid color. The size is the same as the composition. The color is black. It doesn't really matter. So just click OK on now we need to go to effects and presets and type fracked up noise and applied on the composition on. Now, after we apply this fractal noise, we need to play around with this with these settings right here. First, let's set the fractal type toe dynamic and now we change the contrast. Ah, let's see. I'm making it like black and white. No, let's play around with the scale. So goto, transform and scale make it bigger. Now let's change the complexity. I'm making this value lower. Basically, I've played around with this and I've seen, which looks better in my in my opinion. But of course, you can play around with older settings and see, what do you like on now to create the animation? Because this is like a static picture to create the animate animation. We just need toe click on this. I can right here on the evolution. Um, from the first frame, we goto the to the end frame and ah changes the value. As you can see it, uh, it creates an animation. So we just quick on the value and set change the value to create the animation on. If we play this, we can see that we created the this this animation. Okay, so now we need to export this, uh, this animation we created so we can open it again. And, uh, at some other effects. So goto file export on da just ah goto output. Toto, change the folder you need You want toe, save the enemies. Click, save and click Grender. Now we just need to wait for the render to finish, and then we are going toe open this thes video and apply some other effects 4. 3D Pixels: Hey, welcome back. Now we need toe import the video we just rendered. So double click on this project section. Now let's open the file on the after effect that's applied on the composition because we're going to apply the effect over the video not over this black solid. On the next effect that we're going to apply. It's called Card to Dance. Let's drag and drop on the composition on. Now we have all this option and before we we change the settings, we need to create a new camera. So go to new camera on and just click. OK, now let's jump back to the video. We we applied the effect on the camera system. Let's changes Change this to a calm camera on. Now we need to play around with this setting Great, right here. Okay, so first goto this Grady Interior and apply the video we just rendered. Now go to this Z position on changes The source toe intensity A Z. You can see me immediately started to do some some changes on. Now we need to play around with this rules and columns. Let's try and make it like, uh, 90 and 120 on. As you can see, it starts to grate some some pixels. Maybe we can make them even lower and see. See how it looks like the squares are bigger, but I'm going with the size. I just just made how the next step is to go to this ex scale. And why scale on change the offset to, like, 0.7 again in why scale offsets your 0.7. Also on the deposition 0.7 Andi. Now let's play this and see how it looks. Okay, so it gives that sweetie look. So after we made this kind of seedy looking effect, we're going toe, add some color story. So see in the next video. 5. Color Version 1: welcome back. So as I said, now we're going to add the colors. Uh, basically, we're going to use this color am affect. I just type it Onda. We can apply it over the composition on that's moving this above the Cardin's effect. Uh, now there's something kind of strange to me because if I apply these effect over the the animation we created with a fractal noise Ah, it creates some different kind of colors compared if I would export this without the the Kalorama So if I export this and open the this video and apply Kalorama it is different from this effect right here. Anyway, I don't want to confuse you so we just ah are going to try them both. Now we are are not going to export this. We just tried with this color Rama. Then we can export things black and white video and apply the color on my effect again. Okay, so let's apply the Kalorama and, uh usually I change this output cycle. Go to cycle repetitions and ah, we can change the value of this cycle repetition. So click on this I come too great An animation on Let's move some frames make the value bigger. That's more some other frames on. Basically, just play around with this. Now, let's see what we created. It looks great even with this kind of effect. Ah, we can export this if you want to save it. But also, I'm going to export the this black and white the animation soul so I can use the apply the color on my effect over this too. So I'm just going toe file port on duh. At school, this car dents the same is the effect on render. 6. Color Version 2: Okay, so I just exported the black and white on this, uh, colorful video. Now we're going to open the black and white pixelated videos of double click on the project section. Um, open it now. Let's apply it on the composition on again. We can, uh, apply this color on effect. As you can see, it now creates Ah, a different kind off colorful effect. But again, you can play around with visit this output cycle cycle repetition on DA again, it creates some different effects. Maybe we can live it in default. Mold. Yeah, it looks quite good. I think if you want, you can live it like with this colors, like a heat map colors. But also, you have this use priests pres it ballot. You can check all these and see what you like. Ah, yeah. Usually I try the sergeant B and, uh, change the colors. For example. Click on this blue right here. And, uh, and let's try some different colors. Like pink. Maybe a blue right here. No, Sorry. We need toe click on this green. Now let's have the purple. Also, you can add another color bike clicking somewhere here in between like a yellow color click . Ok, and uh okay, we Carol, take this and see what looks better for us. I think I need to change this blue color. Yeah, I like this woman. You can click play and see how it looks. I think it looks much better. This is my my favorite version. Anyway, you can you can see that you have different options. Toe change the colors on DA Also on this color, I'm effect. You have this cycle repetitions that that you can change and you make it like, more complicated. I'm living in the like it like it. Waas. Okay, so basically, this is the main idea of the animation that on the next video, I'm going to show you another way off using this animation and maybe at another effect, 7. Finalize: Hey, welcome back on this part. I'm going toe show you how toe create this kind off video as I have shared on my instagram page. If you have seen my other tutorial on how to create a trip psychedelic animation using father shop in after effects, you already know what I'm going to do. But I thought I'm doing this again in case you haven't seen this. Okay, I'm not doing this. A father shop tutorial. So I'm not going toe. Go on for the shop and cut the picture. I have already done it. If you don't know how to do it, you can see it on this other tutorial. Okay, so now let's go to project. And I'm going to open the the image here is the image less applied on the on this. Ah, composition. Uh, it is a different size, so let's make it bigger. Okay, so this is this is just to give you an idea what? I'm what you gonna do. Oh, um Now, let's create a new adjustment layer. Andi. Now you can apply, uh, this, uh, glow effect. Or first, let's apply this, uh, caller balance affect this huge light and saturation and applied on the adjustment layer. Now go to saturation. And, uh, no. Sorry, Goto. You click on this icon, then the now let's do the animation as we did with your other settings. So we can just change the value here, As you can see it. Praise it Changes the fuel over time. Now what we can add to make this more dreamy, we cannot. Theis. Low effect under the stylized Because this is, ah, plugging sapphire lighting. It is better. But just look for sapphire blocking and you will have Ah, some cool effects. Anyway, let's go with the fault one. So under the stylized apply the globe Now we can change the settings. So low threshold that's changes the radius. Basically, I just play around with these and see what looks better. Let's play and see how it looks. Yeah, it looks better, I think. Ah, so, yeah, this is the idea of this, uh, this effect. I hope you understood the settings I used to create all these animations. And of course, if you have any question, send me a direct message in instagram. I always check them also, please share your projects on skill share so I can share them on my instagram page. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial. You can go on my stag rampage and tell me, what would you like toe learn next so I can create a tutorial for it on D. C. On the next tutorial by