Create a Travelers Journal - Step by Step - Part I Series | Daisy Marie Productivity Geek | Skillshare

Create a Travelers Journal - Step by Step - Part I Series

Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

Create a Travelers Journal - Step by Step - Part I Series

Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction | Crafting a Custom Travelers Journal

    • 2. Getting Started | Step 1

    • 3. Adding Elastic Bands | Step 2

    • 4. Elastic Insert Holders and Secure Closure | Step 3

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The first part of my “Crafting a Travelers Journal” series of October.

In this class, I will share all about crafting a “Travelers Journal - Notebook” cover. 


The intention of the class is to have fun but also create a planner that allows us to craft a productive life. 

Planning is essential for productivity, but it is also important to love your planner in order to create the habit of using it on a daily basis. What better way than to create a planner that fits YOUR needs and that YOU love! 

So, while planning this class, I decided to break it into easy and fast steps to make sure it wasn't too overwhelming. I also took the time to research and find the most inexpensive materials to help you get started on a budget.

Below are the materials I will be using. Feel free to alternate them with your favorites.


  • Lather sheet, AKA, Tooling Leather. This one piece measures 8” x 11” and I got it from my local craft store for under $12
    • An Alternate option could be; Wool felt fabric for a trendy look. You may need to sew two pieces together to create a firm cover. 
  • Mini punch set: Also found at my local craft store.  This one was under $6
    • Alternatively, you can use scissors or office/paper punchers according to the material of your choice.
  •  Elastic Cord in the color of your choice. $3
    • In this case, I used beading elastic 1/16”. It works great to hold my inserts in place. Also available in local craft shops.  

A great reason to go this route is that you will have material leftover and tools to create more versions in the future.

I hope you enjoy this project and come back next Thursday to create customized inserts for your new beautiful planner.


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels. PLUS, you can see how I have been using a similar journal to stay productive and have fun while at it. 

Follow at @productiveplanning and find out more at

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Daisy Marie Productivity Geek



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1. Introduction | Crafting a Custom Travelers Journal: welcome in this class. We're going to be crafting a Travelers Journal. We are going to be focusing on crafting a journal look and help us free 88 planner that will allow us to plan a predictive love and career. So in the class were gonna be created. The cover for the planner, the elastics that we're going to be using for holding our inserts in place. And then finally, we are going to create a customized ribbon to kind of tied everything together and keep our inserts Security Beauty F Travelers Journal is that it allows you to customize your own concerts and you can at them or move them as you go. So you have the opportunity to try out different inserts and differently out and see what actually works for you to get started. We are going to have a list of materials. Add it to the descriptions to make sure that you do have the theme materials that you need to follow along the class. Hello, my name is Daisy and I'm a productivity coach. I help individuals like you to craft predicted life and career. Now, as always, I want to invite you to follows in social media and learn more about us. At predictive planning company dot com, let's get started 2. Getting Started | Step 1: Although we're not gonna be cutting in this class, you are welcome to do that. And it's fairly easy if you happen to have a tool just like this around the house. This is perfect to cut this type of material. This is leather. If you have fabric, obviously you can just use sisters and up and just go accordingly to whatever fabric or whatever material you're gonna be using to complete the project. But today we're not gonna be cutting. We are going to create it. The planner, the cover for the planner just as it is. And this is in a living by and this is what we're gonna be creating. So all you need is the piece of the material that you that you are going to do that you're gonna abusing. And then we are going to create this little the little holes in the material for us to be able to insert the elastic ribbons. And to do that, I am gonna use the tool that I have, but obvious. But again, as I mentioned in the introduction, you do not have to have this tool. All you need is just something that you can use to create the holes. So if you're using fabric, if you're using leather, just find a tool that can work for what you need. This one is, however, something. If you happen to like the project and you want to create more traveler journal covers in the future, then this could be a good investment. It's open in the center, and what it does is you would just hit it with the hammer, and they will create the whole for you to be able to insert the elastic. So for this class, we're going to create this style off cover, and this style has four. It has four elastics four inserts Inside the planner. You can do more. You can do less. Um, we are. I like to start with four because it allows me to add additional inserts, and it creates a space for the binding. So once I start folding it with the inserts, it will start stretching over here, and it would allow me to eventually add more inserts. So to begin, we need three holes in the top. I do like to leave half an inch between them to allow the binding to have room for additional inserts later on. So right now have three holes in the top. I have one in the middle, and then I have three more at the bottom, and this is how they look on the other side. I got three, Have a middle one right here, and then I have the other three towards the other side. Okay, so let's begin. By doing the three on the top, find the middle off your material, and then that's where you want to do the 1st 1 So you're gonna do one in the middle, and maybe you can align that one with the central one and then towards the bottom. Okay, so right now have my middle and with my tools, Well, whatever tool your using, you are going to center it. And there we have a first hole for the court. We're going to do the same thing towards the center, and now we have thes center perforations. Now we need two more in the top into more at the bottom. And remember, I mentioned before that I'd like to leave half an inch between them just for preference so I can have a wider binding. When I am starting to add When I start adding money inserts former planners, this is totally optional. You can leave more space or less space as you prefer. This is I was going to start looking. Let's continue with the bottom ones. Right? So we have the inserts or the perforations already made for our courts, get three and three and then wanted the ball in the centre off the material. And now we are ready to move on into arranging our elastics. 3. Adding Elastic Bands | Step 2 : Okay, and now we're ready to range are elastics To do this, you will need the elastics that, um of your preference. In this case, I select this one and this one I found like it mentioned before in a craft store. And they are meant for beating, like bracelets and stuff. But they work perfectly fine for my inserts. So you're welcome to get started with ease. So to begin, you want to just have enough material to go up and down preparation to perforation. You want to use just one piece. You don't want to cut one by one. So it just use one, continues peas. And then once we're done, it's when we use what we tie it and that will allow us to just have one nut at the end. So let's go ahead and start with that. To do this. I want to start here. I'll start in the middle to the other middle. Then I will move on to this one to the side bottom, then middle again. The 1st 1 you started at. So in this case, you have to make sure that you have enough space to get your court here. Two times the first time that we went through it in the second time. We're trying to go back in. Then you're going to do the same at the middle and towards the other side. Okay, Now, we started to have 123 and then we're into the final one. Just make sure that one while you're doing it, you're keeping the court type. Not too tight, though, but tied enough and slashed with the material that you're using. Okay. And now is where you want to pull from the longest part to make sure that this part IHS towards the middle. So you need less cord here. Okay, so about this and now, from the longest part is where you are going to insert the last, insert the court through the last hole, and then you're going to meet it with the other end and make are not Hey, keep in mind that there's not will be in the inside off your of your cover. So you want to make it? You want to tie it good so it doesn't come off. And you also want to make it small enough so it doesn't get in your way now Let's just arrange our ribbons around to make sure that they all about the same. Okay? Think of this excess. Not too much. And that should be good for now. Now we have the inserts. Now we have the ribbon to hold our inserts. Now we are going to create the ribbon that we're going to be the closure for the elastic for closing our planner so 4. Elastic Insert Holders and Secure Closure | Step 3: Alright, guys. So now it's time to create the closure for or the ribbon or the elastic to close our planner. And in this step, it depends on what you want to do if you happen to have cut your your insert or your cover for the planter and you have extra material than you can use that for the for the elastic, uh, closure. But if you don't, then you can just use the court with nothing in it. This is what I did previously. I did cut this one, so I had a little bit of extra material. So this is what I use for the closure of my planner. So when I close it, this is how it looks. But does this took completely optional? You can use days. You can use anything else you can use a ribbon, you can use any other materials or whatever you have at home. In this case, I didn't cut this one, so I don't have extra of this. So what I'm gonna do is unjust going to create the elastic, um, closure with just the elastic, and maybe later on, I could change it to something else, but to do that. Fold your clothes, your cover first and measured. Just kind of measure about how much you will need to keep it close and tight. And this is about right for me. So I am going to cut just a little bit extra, just in case. Then this is the part that you are going to put through the center puncture that we made previously. Okay, You know that I have it through. I can pull it. Just don't pull it all the way. Make sure that you do in not on the other side first and the same thing as previously. Just do a Not that it's strong and is nice and tight, but it's not too big that you will get in your way. It's good. Do you want to make sure that it doesn't go through when I pull it to close, my planner? So I'm gonna make it just a tiny bit larger by wrapping it one more time. Okay? Now I can pull it and it doesn't come off. Let's see if it works. There we go. And now we're ready. We have done. I'll recover. We have the elastic for the closure and we We have enough elastics to get us started with the inserts. So just kind of make sure that you have your ribbons in place, that nothing. It's coming off that you like how it feels. Thank you so much for joining and make sure you join in the class for next Thursday, where we're gonna be learning the inserts and customer how to create customized inserts for this cover. Happy planning.