Create a Surface Pattern Idea Book - 5 Day Challenge | DK Ryland | Skillshare

Create a Surface Pattern Idea Book - 5 Day Challenge

DK Ryland, Illustrator, Surface Designer

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10 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supply List

    • 3. Class Project

    • 4. Day 1 Outdoors

    • 5. Day 2 Favorite Room

    • 6. Day 3 Favorite Place

    • 7. Day 4 Things that Inspire You

    • 8. Day 5 Things you Use Everyday

    • 9. Tips and Tricks

    • 10. Thanks!


About This Class

Hi! I'm Danielle Kinley Ryland, a Surface Pattern Designer and Artist out of San Diego, CA. Today I'm going to show you how to create a Surface Pattern Idea Book. My favorite thing about Surface Pattern Design is that the possibilities are limitless in terms of subject matter. I use my Idea Book to capture and infuse my everyday life in my pattern designs. By the end of this class, which includes a 5 day sketch challenge, students will have started their Surface Pattern Idea Book and will have the know how to use this book to inspire future patterns and spark new ideas. 

This class is for current or aspiring surface pattern designers or artists looking for a creative boost and a way to use the world around them to inspire their art. If you already have surface pattern design skills in Illustrator or Photoshop you can start using this book right away to start developing your next pattern. If you don't, and you are new to the surface pattern design world, there are some amazing beginner and intermediate level classes on Skillshare that I would highly recommend to go along with this class: 

Intro to Surface Pattern Design by Bonnie Christine

Introduction to Designing Repeat Patterns in Illustrator - Elizabeth Olwen

Pattern Play: Layered Designs by Dylan Mierzwinski

Music: Springish by Gillicuddy