Create a Standout Visual Résumé with Visual Thinking | Catherine Madden | Skillshare

Create a Standout Visual Résumé with Visual Thinking

Catherine Madden, Information Designer, Artist, and Doodler

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Warming Up with SFDs (Shitty First Drafts)

    • 4. Breaking Down Traditional Resumes

    • 5. Exploring Less Traditional Content

    • 6. Hand Drawn Charts in Adobe Draw

    • 7. Computer Generate Charts in Google Sheets + Tableau

    • 8. Closing and Resources

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About This Class

Re-think the résumé! Whether you are actually seeking a new job, or just need a better way to explain to your mom what it is you do for a living, this class will help you come up with fun, interesting, and impactful charts and visuals that communicate your professional or personal journey. 


If you have avoided updating your résumé like the rest of us, join visual thinker and designer Catherine Madden to learn how to make it a more fun and creative experience. Follow a series of exercises to learn how to break down the traditional résumé into simple charts and visuals, consider different types of content that showcase what makes you unique, and decide on the appropriate format. 

This class builds on the foundational visual thinking concepts from Catherine's first class on drawing data, but will get more specific about execution with three different tools: 

  • Hand Drawn Illustrated charts using Adobe Draw
  • Computer generated static charts using MS Excel or Google Sheets
  • Computer generated interactive charts using Tableau 


This class is great for anyone who...

  • tired of seeing visual resumes created using a template builder 
  • ...wants to truly stand out as a creative and analytical thinker 
  • looking for a simple way to communicate their personal value proposition
  • ...needs a fresh perspective of their own self view