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Create a Simple Text and Picture Transitions Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction - Transition Animation in Adobe After Effects

    • 2. Info on your Project and how to find Free Images

    • 3. Design the first part of the Animation

    • 4. Create the 2nd Part of the Motion Graphics

    • 5. Putting the 2 Parts Together

    • 6. Wrap-Up and Project Info

    • 7. How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video to Project Page

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how the make this Transition Animation, containing Pictures and Text as Clipping Masks in Adobe After Effects

Although it might seems difficult to make, it is quite easy and I will show it to you from start to finish.


(Small / Low resolution GIF, to reduce file size)

After this class you know how to make a Transition like this, and see what the possibilities of (Clipping) Masks are Motion Graphics Design.

For your class project, you can (re)create a similar Transition, or Design something different in AfterEffects.
(You can download the project file from the “Class Project” tab)

The best learning experience is by making a project, so I would love to see what you create.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. Introduction - Transition Animation in Adobe After Effects: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this class, creating simple text and picture transitions in after effects. My name is Sebastian Destiny Theater. I'm a graphic designer living in the Netherlands. I learned a lot of new skills following classes or skills here and with this cloth I want to share back with this awesome community after effects is a great program with a lot of possibilities. At first it may look a bit intimidating, but when you get started, it gets everyday a bit easier to make cool stuff it it's in this class. You will learn how to make this transition information containing pictures and text slipping mosques. Although it might seem difficult to make, it is quite easy and I will show it to you from start to finish. So hit ting role. But now and I will see you in the next radio 2. Info on your Project and how to find Free Images: but I really like about skills. Here is learning by doing. I believe it makes a big difference in the learning experience, so please use your product Bates to post the different stages off your predicts. Inspiration or questions you may have. The emitters are used in this class are from the website been splashed home. It's a great website in the picture steak you can download there are completely free to use . To keep things simple, I researched the pictures in photo shop to the size of my animation, in this case 1920 by 10 80 before importing them in after effects, you can download my product file from the class product up. It contains the images I used, as well as to complete aftereffect files so that you can use it. It's a starting point for your own credit or as a reference when you want to check out. How did specific parts In the next part, I will start with the first steps off the products, so please start the product, but posting your inspiration or if you have already from pictures, you want to use your product, you can post him see you in annex parts 3. Design the first part of the Animation: I for one. In this video, I will build the animation step by step. The first step is making a competition. I already dated, but I Tuesday settings 1920 10 80 30 frames per second and 11 seconds duration. I can rename a my conversation to winter Spring. Okay, I've got the to pictures that that gonna use to make it easy. I just free composed them and I will show you why. I just, um, close down for now. Call this Windsor Spring and I copied them on the timeline spring, both winter. Okay, well, that's is the preparation steps to the winter pre come. And I start here to make the winter parts in the winter part. I have two layers to add a cooler full. It's in a text layer. Compensation layer. New soul. It's and I chose a nice blue somewhere around this will do. Okay, put this behind. The next part is to type the text winter. I choose my type tool click winter. I know that I want to be a big phones bake. You can choose any Frankie wants. I align the center points and I aligned text centered in the conversation to make Ah, winter to zoom in. I used It's a treaty effect on the texts Tony enabled. So we're treaty and I go forwards a little bit because we 1st 12 sheet a picture, one seconds and 15 frames. I opened the position. Make a key frame. Move this little bit forwards. Make another Keefe a frame and zoom out into three D space. This procession will depend on how big your type ish or what type you chose. I will show it's a little bit. What's This has happened. So it's coming to work. You and I stopped when its coffers, everything okay and I go to three seconds in and there I want toe. If it's completely at the position, I you want to efforts, just, you see, use them. Next part is to make the text and all for months before the picture, the text is above to picture and then I go to the layer of the picture. Choose all four months. You she is useless, the layer winter and now the picture is only fishable in the bars off the text itself. I can run a quick pre few. So you know, I have now have completed the first parts off the animation. I will close the winter 4. Create the 2nd Part of the Motion Graphics: and I moved spring and a little bit out off the way we go now to the spring animation parts . Okay, we're now in the spring pre come, and I will at the green soul. It's new. So let's and tuition eyes green color something a little bit like this, and you can always change the color off a solid. Later, my going to layer followed settings, and you can just, ah, choose another color. Okay, we have to picture. We have to green and we need the text and go to the type tool. Choose the text spring. Make it a little bit lighter in weight sent to the anchor points and centre text to the complication. Okay, I now put the green soul. It's on top off the picture, and I choose and alpha inference. It's Trek mounts using the text layer spring and how you can see the photo shining crew, the green shallots. I go now to two minutes and 15 friends because I need some time in the beginning to allow for the transition animation, and I go to the opacity properties using the T, and I'm gonna animate the upper city off their soul. it's 100 prevents at the beginning, off at two minutes and 15 frames and then go to four seconds. Just go to zero and give it any she's and basically that's all we need to do inside to the spring composition. 5. Putting the 2 Parts Together: okay to show you what we've got now, the 1st 4 seconds, the winter animation. In that four seconds, the pre competition offspring starts and I will show its it's going thing quite a corrupt. Now and now we're gonna make transition from one frame to another. All right, now we're going to do two things in preparation for the animating process Layer. Newell, I it's a Noah picks and we're gonna move toe, spring layer and the no object down that position 16. 20. And as you can see now, they're moved to the bottom. But they're gonna do now, IHS parents both the complication layers to the no in just for to keep it clear, I start to know at this position all rights on what they're gonna do now is animates the position off the now click the still butch. I keep one original key from here. Echo din frames forwards. Put another key frame and I now take steps off five frames moving Danil each time A little bits, if you can see both layers. Now move up, move five frames forwards and go back to the original value. So we've got a little bump now up, down, up, down five frames, forwards. It's moved up. Look more now, Beck. Five frames to the original position. And now I move for our 10 frames because I now move it to the center. 5 40 It's to show you what we did rich, no moving up, moving down, moving up, moving down and moving up all the way to the center. And this Would this affect you create a simple bounce. But I did in my original was Easy East movement. And what's happening now is that the background. It's not coffer by the composition layer again, because the movement is freder than layer risk offering. So to fix this, we just put the blue solids all the way on the bottom. And we have now a blue backgrounds for the Bartsch, where that animation would worry, feel the black box wreck arounds. All right, we've got the animation almost ready. We've got the first part. Do a text winter, the little bounce spring and fading back to the picture. What I include now it's just a fade to black and faith into the original picture so that I can create a looping animation today to do this on a make a new solids. Go to nine seconds. They are new soul. It's just take a black color. The black starts at nine seconds. Take the opacity a key frame. Go 20 frames Pfirter. If you frame another 20 frames, you frame and at the ends, not our key frame. What we will do is make the first key frame. They're a proficient obesity and the lost key frame as well. What? This will do this. Just create simple fates, black and fade in, and always needs to do now fish to its original picture on the backgrounds. No, we'll if it starts in the middle 10 seconds and go to their beginning. So now the picture is face herbal. Not yet. What I need to do now is ends the fish ability of to spring layer. It fades out toe black. Now the layer in the new picture is in, but not yet feasible in its fates. In well, now we created a simple fade in fade out to create a simple loop. This is older. It's thank you for watching this part 6. Wrap-Up and Project Info: thank you. I hope you like this simple technique and learn some new things along the way. The next step is to start making your own perfect. So please start it. But boasting your inspiration, brainstorm least or if you have already from picture if you want to use you can boast in a swell. This will allow us to give feedback on your products. And please remember, I'm here to help you. So please post any questions you have on the discretion boards, so let's get started. 7. How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video to Project Page: in this shorts video, I will show you how you can embed a female or YouTube video onto your projects. First novel and it's my projects in this guy store is already a female video in, But I will show it and the process again. If you go to your female page and you choose the video you want to invents, you can go to them. Share option, no window will open. And here you can make some options. For example, out of play the video for short videos, you can look them. Then it will play continuously. And all this information historic in a text file, you just copy. And then here you twos and bets media in your projects and you can just based the coat into it submits. And here is the video from female. The process for you to push quite the same. You go to YouTube, you choose to share option. I have no videos on YouTube to effect, so I just take a general video and you can, um, choose the embeds. You can even make more options and also did this cope it GOP. I choose here, and Bets Media and I based the goats submits. And here the YouTube video is in your products. And when you shave your project, the videos are embedded onto your projects. I hope that the shorts info video is helpful. Thank you.