Create a Simple DIY Display Frame for Photos and Greeting Cards | Jane And Sonja | Skillshare

Create a Simple DIY Display Frame for Photos and Greeting Cards

Jane And Sonja, Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

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5 Videos (13m)
    • How to create a Christmas greeting card display with ribbon

    • Options for the frame for the holiday greeting card display

    • How to make a greeting card display from wood trim FINAL

    • Adding the ribbon to the Christmas card display

    • Styling and finishing your DIY greeting card display


About This Class

We love sending and receiving greeting cards at Christmas time but don't always have a nice way to display those cards, especially the flat photo cards we receive.

In this class we'll show you how to make a simple, yet super-handy display for those all those cards and photos you'll receive this holiday season! Specifically we'll show you:

  • several options for the frame itself
  • how to make an inexpensive frame using wood baseboard trim;
  • how to attach ribbon upon which your cards will hang; and
  • ideas for displaying it all!

You'll receive a handy printable Project Guide with measurements if you're creating your own frame. 

This project originally appeared on our blog Sustain My Craft Habit and is one piece of our larger holiday mantel. We invite you to visit and sign up to join our community where members receive free goodies each month including beautiful floral greeting card templates.






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Jane And Sonja

Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

Jane and Sonja are craft and DIY addicts who share their love of simple, low-cost and nature-inspired craft and home decor ideas on their blog Sustain My Craft Habit. With Sonja's background in the fashion industry and Jane's in academic sciences, these sisters bring you the latest trends and beautiful DIY ideas with thoroughly and clearly presented instructions and tutorials.

Follow us on Instagram @sustainmycrafthabit and Pinterest for beautiful DIY and craft inspiration daily!

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