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Create a Simple Countdown Animation in Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 00 - Intro - Create a Simple Countdown Animation in Adobe After Effects

    • 2. 01 - Setup and Animating the first number

    • 3. 02 - Duplicating the Layer to make the other Numbers

    • 4. 03 - Add the End Text and Enable Motion Blur

    • 5. 04 - Add a Color Background

    • 6. 05 - Outro - Class Project Create an Animation

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. 00 - Intro - Create a Simple Countdown Animation in Adobe After Effects: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this class. In this class, I will show you how you can easily create a simple count on animation in adobe aftereffects . Like the example you see here, the process is actually quite easy. And we just a few basic steps. You will have created the animation felon role now. And I feel in the next video. 2. 01 - Setup and Animating the first number: Okay, two starts. I just make a new composition. I choose 1920 by 10 80 30 frames per seconds in a duration for now or 15 seconds. Okay. The first thing that I cannot do is type text and s recounts thing down from 10. I use the largest number I used to pen behind, tool to center, the anchor points. And I used a line panel to center. Let's on the complication how dishes are starting points and I to shin fic phones and quiet and big fun size. Okay, The next step is to make the first animation key frames, and I will use them scale in the opacity travel, press the s for scale and the tea for capacity. And now if I press you, you can exist in both another way. You conduce you. This kind of things is going opening all the arrows that I like to use the short goods. Okay, um, at one seconds it will end at this position. So I will morphed there Key frame to dare. And now I'm making your key frame here. And I will set scale to fashions percent and what we will have now It's just quiet. Fly in effect. Okay? And tow an answer. The bits I go to 10 frames. I adds another opacity key frame. It's one seconds, another opacity key frame and it's one second and teen 10 frames, not our friend. Key frame to start. The opacity will start at zero. Now you can say it's flying in and getting darker show. Now it's 100% obesity until here and here, the size doesn't change anymore. And from here I wanted to fade out. So I go to the last key frame by pressing this arrow and I came so best 2 to 0. And because thief key frame sharp both a tender prevents in between here, nothing will happen. I just do a simple easy East and I will do a quick preview. I'm here sharp first number fading in and fading out. Okay, I will end the timeline for this text here and what I will do now. And I will enable motion blur. But I don't turn it on yet, So that's our proof. You wish a bit quicker now 3. 02 - Duplicating the Layer to make the other Numbers: Okay, The next step is dip plicating this frame and the way I stepped them. If it's the duration off. One seconds new, uh, number half ester starts. Ah, turn on my recliner. Aargh! I pray do a click. I will do it here that you can sheets. If I double click here, it will automatically select the text and I can enter the new number nine And that pressure outside its okay show, then nine. And this step, I repeats. That's because Sheriff made all the animation steps. You can just dip locates and changing flecked typing to eight. You can see AIDS. You can see if I opened the key frame. It's is the same so you only have to dip locates the layers Now dip locates and go to in the beginning off the new seconds three seconds and should be seven. Click outside's no quick pre few. Now you Scots, then nine aids seven. So I will continue the rest. But what you can do now if you want to speed up things a little bit if flecked or four of them and deprecate him and I first moved him to the correct starting time and you can see they have already the specific steps and I will change them in the order. Sure that it is clear step. Ah, double click. This should be six. Double click. It should be five Deva Claire condition before tree duplicates him again. Going to eight chickens, Woolston and more states from to one. A quick review. You can see your quick animation is ready. You're for countem from then And because I think you should count them to something you could or eater, that's zero, but I add to text. 4. 03 - Add the End Text and Enable Motion Blur: So I dip locates this layer and just to keep it simple for me, I looked arrests and I'm gonna work here with Dex centonze. Then I like you can see what you're typing because it was not there yet. So and move to orient. Double click again, that be New Year. And because I have two sentences now off to Roush, I have to center it again. But that this done quite easy. Select and select. Been behind till again and I've got snapping on. So I just have to take that and it's center now and then I can use that lying panel again center center. And I think the texts Happy New Year can be a bit longer on the screen, which I extended the time. But I also have to move the key frames, and I only moved the last capacity key frames because I want to have toe assume effect. The same time is to rest. So now only the text stays fishable longer and that it's the very quick countdown toe unhappy New Year effect. If you want, you can do the capacity decrease a little bit longer, so make debts. 15. Frank's duration from 15 to This is a little bit longer. Fade off. Okay. Um, all the layers chef motion blur shy will turn on motion. Blur here, and I will do a pre few in ash. You can see here. If I turn off, you can see here the blurt waitress and defector and Adolf. It's sharp. Traditional help to make the movement a little bit more fluids. So here you can see it's ran Directorate motion blur. 5. 04 - Add a Color Background: okay. In this parts, I will let cooler backgrounds look this layer later. New. So let's And I like at the blue cooler and we can change the color layer. I think something like this. Okay. And this is my simple animation counting down from 10 until a message and in disgrace, I chose Happy New Year and we can safe. This is an animated Fif or S and simple movie file. And this conclusive lesson. Thank you. 6. 05 - Outro - Class Project Create an Animation: Thank you for taking this class. I hope you liked it. If you do, please leave for riff. You s dish will also help order students Discomfort this cloth. If you created an animation, please suppose your product so that other students can see it as well. Thank you for watching. And I see you in the next class.