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Create a STUNNING Playing Card With Adobe Illustrator !!

teacher avatar Omnia Ali amer, Character Artist, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 -Sketching

    • 3. 2 -Vector

    • 4. 3 -Color

    • 5. 4 -Shading

    • 6. 5 -Details

    • 7. 6 -Presentation

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About This Class

Join me in this fun class to learn how to create a playing card illustration that's unique and stands out !

we'll go through these steps together :

-sketching the playing card first

-then drawing this sketch into vector lines with adobe illustrator 

-blocking the colors for our illustration 

-shading and lighting

-adding details and textures 

-presenting your artwork in the best possible way 

anyone can take this class, all you need is :

-any sketching medium , wether traditional or digital 

-any version of Adobe illustrator 

-a drawing tablet if possible to make it easier to draw

for more classes check my channel

for more artworks check my instagram : @omnia_amer_art

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Omnia Ali amer

Character Artist, Illustrator


Welcome  to my Skillshare channel, i'm Omnia Amer, a digital artist and illustrator for more than 7 years now. find my art 

through my career i've experienced different design areas ,like printable design , stationary and branding ,pattern design, character design, and even Ux design, but the closest to my heart so far was the
character illustration. so i've dedicated myself to this field , and hoping to make a difference by teaching here and sharing what i have learnt with the world !


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1. Introduction : I have always loved cartoon and animation movies. They were actually the first spark that got me to love drawing at a young age and as a girl , I was obsessed with princesses. Movies on got used to draw him a lot. Until now, I just love to draw female figures with different styles in different ways. It's just fun to sketch with, enjoy the most besides princesses. I like playing cards a lot. They're fun and different, the way each said is unique in its own and stands out with its style is just what art is all about. That's why I decided to make this class about how to create the princess playing card. You're just free to choose your favorite princess. I chose Mowlam for this class. So in this class we will go through this journey, starting with how to sketch the cards, and we will draw this inter victor with Adobe illustrator. After that, we will make the color blocking for the character and then the shading and lighting for our character. We also work on some details that will bring this card into life, and finally we will present this card in the best possible way to take it to the next level . Thanks for joining this class and let's jump into the first. 2. 1 -Sketching: So for the first listen, this glass, we'll start with sketching or plain card. I would be doing this with that will be for the shop by opening applying, um, blank document and to thing a new layer with the standard brush and let's get started. I first start with simple body proportions because circle nos. These simple eyes does circles for the cheek and mouth nose, this simple hair dine and that and small bun hair band flying like this. Oh, right, And then draw the neck, the shoulders. Let's continue with the body of the character. Just remember to keep your lines very simple. It's only the initial draft. You can change old this later. I can make these hips a little bit exaggerated. And big was like that. Maybe lead the character where, um, this pants All right, just like that. And maybe we can add some pattern to to her pants. Just like that. You're free to make any pattern that you want. And of course, we can just change old this later. It's only being issue. Rough sketch. Okay, I guess it's nice now, so let's just continue making maybe just a cooler here and as I told you I'd like to make. The proportions may be exaggerated, so maybe I make her arms a little bit too long. Just like that. Maybe just to sin long arms, maybe some stripes here on this leave. Okay. And let's throw the plane card behind. Um, the character, Just something very simple like that. Okay. And maybe some, you know, stripes here and there on her top. Okay, let's make two hearts on this playing card and another cord inside this one and may be any number that we can, of course, changed later. Oh, right. And her hands like this. Maybe we can make some, you know, some cute little shapes. Old around the card. Just some ornaments or integrations for the playing card. You are also free to make your own design. As you know, playing cards always have these kind of ornaments old around it adds something to it. And now I think this rough sketch is quite nice to start with inlets at this you little plants behind her have more contrast to the design and delete this. All right. And another one here. Cute little branch. Oh, God. I was thinking that maybe another one here, like this. Okay. You just keep adding the things as you want. Being this sketch keep will define that dating all along. Yeah, and I think it's it's just nice. Now, as a start, I take the capacity down and create the new layer. And I'll just refine this design a little bit to make it clearer for me, too. Go on to the next, uh, step later. So I am just redraw everything in the previous layer as we did have you just draw it floor , you know, details on clearer. Okay. Just like this. And maybe decide the kind of textures and kind of, you know, the Danes that will go inside each part of the character in the neck. Okay. In the arms. It's just refined them a little bit. Okay, that's nice. And this little built here again, the stripes on the top. Okay. And maybe used to a little cute things on the shoulder. Okay, Maybe these lives can be like this. The two bottoms here and the other arm as well. Okay. And then continue with hips. Maybe I will take them a little bit down fat. Okay. And again with this pattern. Just make it clear this time for the refined sketch. Okay? And continue drawing the pattern again. You're free to make any kind of pattern on this on her clothes, or even just leave it plain if you want. I'm still not sure about this, but I I just continue. You're not supposed to be No steak to the sketch own below the protests. But it's nice to, you know, think it through in this catching poses. And here the hands eventually drove them, make some fingers and some days, All right, I think it's nice like that. Okay. And just redraw this plant in this one, too, okay? And continue with the plants in the background, but keep refining them, okay? And also this one here in this last one, he's done too. Okay, that's numbing the blink hard behind her, just like that, The sketching step is actually fun. Being free to add all these details before going deeper with the coloring and the other steps later is actually fun. You just feel in control the Venus chase nor the design you're making because you're feeling free to change and to make stuff happening. You're there. Okay? Its continue with the plane guard here in the background, right? Maybe then to shoes here. Too simple for the character. Maybe we can make something like that. Like errors in the background that would add more to the theme off Roland. It's exactly just like that. The more the things you add, the more, um, you know, lecturing contrast that you're adding here. And I think it's it's fine now. It's all that he needs now before the come step. So let's just head try to the you know the next lesson and make this into vector with Adobe Illustrator. 3. 2 -Vector: And now that we have finished our sketch on for the shop, I'll just take this as a copy and take it to illustrate or to start drawing this into Victor. So in photo shop, I used their tangle marquee tool to select this sketch control. See and control being a blank document in Illustrator taking this A pass it down and hear from the object. Many you I will just look it or you can control over command to and from the layers panel. I create another layer and select this icon toe, make it target. And from this, um, appearance, I will make it multiply. Okay, this will be the color palette that would be working with. All right, let's leave this now and start drawing into vector. We started with the simple shapes that we're having administrators like this ellipse tool to draw the circle for the face. I just had I to select this color and chef two x two make the color as Zestril and another circle here for this bun. Right? And around. Adric tangle here for this. Okay. And maybe too little circles year for the cheek. All to drag, you know, to copy it. And for this guard, I make this rectangle in the background. All right. You can take these handles and drag it. Maybe just that they modify the corners here, okay? And with the curvature tool, I will just throw this neck here, just like that point by point. Right? You just draw points for to make straight, and you drag the points to make a curve. I just drag this ruler here to, you know, see the center of this scarred, so center everything around this. So maybe I'll just take this little bit like that around this central line that we just made. And for the neck. Okay, this point. And they live but down just like that. All right, I make unlocked to take this sketch a little bit to the left just to center it around the center line guideline. And okay, so now with the mental, I'm just draw this half off her top, just like that. And if you wonder why, why are we making this? It's because, as you can see, this character is kind of symmetrical. So you just draw 1/2 and we will mirror this a duplicate later. So now with a pencil on drawing hair pants point by point like that. And don't worry if these points are you know not Not exactly how they're supposed to look right. And we will just draw this arm with the pen tal also just like that point by point. Okay. And we'll just drop here hand okay. As I always say, Just try to keep it very simple. Try to make it as easy as you can to enjoy the process and try to get closer to what you have in mind. Then I would just like this half and old drag. Then transform, Reflect. And as you can see here, the vertical and hit. OK, it will be married just like that. Okay. And now we have all the body drawn. But as you can see here we have a problem. All these lines that we have drawn are not that smooth. So right, quick, simplify and take. This points up or down. As you can see, the curves gets more there. All right then this one to simplify. Take the points down just like that and you can also use here from the pencil. Even use the smooth tool. You know, as you see, As you can see, it just smooths every line very much. Just like that. And for the hands to Well, just right. Click and simplify. I take the points number down and with a small stool weekend select and use it to smooth everything also. Then we just Yes, select this. Half the body and all. Drag, transform. Reflect and choose the vertical option toe mirror this horizontally, as you can see. Okay, just center it like that and align it with the other half just like this, Okay? I just don't worry off all these overlapping layers. All this will just, you know, disappear won't sweet color this. I used the razor, even see that we can erase any part of any shape. But we just all checked drag vertically. It will. It will erase a straight line. Okay. I'll drag transform vertically for the other half of the top to mirror this and just think that to them and just stretch it her simply little bit like that to follow the sketch behind. Okay, for the neck. Just take it to the left and little bit down like that. All drag, then transform reflect vertically to make it as a mirror just like that. All right. And then with a brush tool, I'm just draw two curves for the eyes to be like this. And transform reflect vertically to be mirrored. And with a pencil, I just draw a simple knows with these lines here. Okay, maybe this tangle card you can see here we have this messed up area. We just select, hit a and select any handle that we're having and take this curve. So it's fixed, had a and go to any corner and just fix it with these handles. Yeah, And with this anchor points, you just drag it until you make a curved and nice. So I just delete this and all drag transform reflects vertically to mirror this. As you can see, we just repeat some of the steps old along the way, so you will just get used to it. And you can always repeat this as as you want. Okay. With the curvature tool. Just draw these banks here for the hair of the character. Okay, maybe you know, a copy this guards to make an inter guard just like the sketch here. Something like that. And again, Don't worry about all these overlapping layers here through the old solved once we call her . Okay? And I think contest raw. These errors for the pen tal Just like that. Point by point. Okay, maybe think about this and take this point a little bit down. And this one here is you can see we just can not a line this point. So hit view and snapped a pixel. You just uncheck this so you can move freely. Move any layer that you are selecting freely around the you know the document. Okay. And with the mental also draw this point by point and all drag to copy it just like that. Okay, Okay. Now, with a pencil tool, I just draw these plants just freehand drawing like this. Very simple. Any shape off plant will do. You can always, you know, search for plants, shapes. I drove this line here your day This a little bit and with a pencil tool, I will make maybe a shape this year. And this one year just some leaves. Okay? You're free to make it as you want. And here for her mouth. Just draw a simple mouth has freehand drawing like this one and continue the mouth shape. Okay, then with their Cingular around the rectangle, we will just draw these to level rectangles on her shoulders just to follow the sketch. And this circle here, like the sketch and this line here. Oh, right. Maybe take it like this. Andro, these little two circles, just like the sketch here. It just It doesn't have to be exactly like this catch. You can always change all along the way when you're drawing impactor, because you just get to see the details clearly. Now, when you're drawing in vector lines Administrator right in this old drag everyday like this with these handles? No king. And just I just drove this. I don t here just with the brush tool making very freely for And keep it simple. Just enjoy drawing with a nice process, okay? And here, with a pencil toe, just draw these this hair band here as if it's flying or something just freely and nicely. Okay. And maybe selectees to And I think the stroke a little bit higher from off here. And now that we're almost done for the heart, I will just have to photo shop again and hear from the shapes. I would choose this last one for a custom shape. And as you can see, we have a lot off shapes here. You can actually choose any one of thes victor shapes. I've chose this heart and draw it like this. And with this arrow, Black arrow, I'll just select all these points control or command C and Goto, Illustrator control or command V to paste it here. And as you can see this, I just showed this option and hit OK, so we have the shape like that. So I just hit I and get the same stroke off the other shapes here in this document. And as you can see, it's a ready, um, done heart. It's just done. And we can also work with just all drag to copy this one and rotate it around like this. We're almost done here and just take this and take it away from the sketch to see the progress we have just made. And that's actually pretty good work. Let's now head to the next lesson to make the colored version of this 4. 3 -Color: for this listening the start blocking our colors from this palette so it would be so easy. So let's start looking at our colors. We just select the face and hit I and select this color. We had the neck, but as you can see, that the neck is not connected to each other. So I just take Head day and take this point to the other part and slept too. Off them and with the pencil. I just draw this to make it through just to complete this shape. And with this Pathfinder, I was like emerging tool. And as you can see, the neck became one tool after it waas two parts and I was elect hit I and so that this color, as you can see, it's above the face. So I just strike like a range and sent back word to make it, um, to the back and send to back. And if it just didn't go to back, I just send it back. I didn't select these two cheeks and so, like the color of the neck and in the mouth. And like this color, you're free. Just select any color palette. You want all right. I'll just take this sketch here and maybe put this color palette off there. It will be easier for us to select. Oh, right. Okay. You now draw these two hair banks or fringes just like this with the pencil toe. Just a free form and maybe select this color for this one. You just keep drawing colors till you find something that you are satisfy with. And I think I'll be joining this one. Okay, We take thes face features a little bit down, and for the hair bun I choose, I just choose this hair color. And for the hair bands, I choose this cutter here like this from the palate. I mean, this board will go like this, and I had a and select any point to modify the shape of any layer that we are selecting here. Okay, let's proceed. And for the tall and just select thes Dube and head, I select any color from the color palette and just keep trying until you find something that you like. Maybe this one board. Oh, right. I just need to take this a little bit up. So I had a enter like these handles and just me fight. So I was simply so that this one and deleted and then all drag and transform and reflects vertically to mirror this part that he ordered the editor just to make it easier for us. And they take these two rectangles here and just with the errors on the keyboard, you think them live it up. All right. Both of them tell you, just make it right and try to find a nice color here from the ballot. Okay, Now it was like two arms here and with the I drop her for you just had eye on the Hebrew to select this color, and you make a range thing to back because it was on top of the with the character top and forth hands I just select and I drop her arrange sent to back to make them below the arms layer and then choose her pans selected and hit I just to choose any color from your color ballot anything that you can prefer. Okay, for these layers here I with just to let them old to take them to, you know, just take them to the back by sending them to back from the arrange menu just like that. I just had a and select each layer. And between them I had Chef on the keyboard to select multiple layers. So I just let them all and I Then send them to back by hitting controller Romansch theft square brackets from the keyboard, square brackets left and the right one to send backward or forward now with pencil tool. I just draw this. I drew this these years and I married the one that drew just like that, right? I think it's getting nicer now. Maybe didn't make this belt here and a tank these points a little bit like this just to be aligned with her pants and choose the hunger. Maybe this one work. Okay, Now let's just color or something else here we will start with these two, and they just need to be a little bit up here. And these circles, I just need some coloring years from you. Just just let something maybe. And for this card against, like, this color and for the outer one, let's just try something else to make it. You know that contrasting with the existing colors we have in the design. Maybe this. Maybe that. It's just a game of waiting and drawing and trying to get to what you have in mind or to get to something that you are satisfied with and for the plants. I just had a to select plans and then hit I to, um, choose any color from the color pattern that we have here. So I just looked something like this and this one like this and this one Repeat this color . I think it works. Okay, just let this branch, and so let the color as you can see that it waas It's not meant to be colored like that. So I just take this one, and I think it just doesn't work. So it's just update this little bit. I deleted. And with pencil tool, I just draw another one and select any color and update the stroke. I don't say this backward. After I beat this one, I just use control or command square brackets to take it to the back the left square bracket. So, as you can see, we just got it below the arm. This one. Okay, maybe under status these leaves here and all drag to copy it okay. It was like that. And another copy by all dragging like this here, right? I just drawing some simple, um, floor. Maybe with this color, we just get back to this later to add more details or even to modify it from Seldon. No, I just use this one. But this time I choose the leaves. First ends, give it, like, a color for something. So but I'd be just choosing some colors here from the color powder to see what we will come with. Okay. For this one, right? Maybe this These arrows just needs some color like this and swap the feel and the stroke like this until the stroke. A little bit up. So okay for the circle, I think it will change its color. And for the three circles to I just head control or command right square bracket to take it up and change its color to, like, the first circle that way. Just made. So I think for now I think it's nice color blocking that we're having here. And we're now ready to take this to the next step and add more days. So let's get going 5. 4 -Shading: now for this lesson, we will be working on the shading and lighting for old thesis illustration that we have just colored in the previous lesson. So let's get started. I will first select this layer and had this icon to draw inside of it. And I will select this pencil tool here. Okay? And I would just start drawing inside of the shape. So I make some shading here like that. Fans, I will hit I to select this color. Okay? And I will head control command left square bracket to take it below the bank, the hair bank, and I'll just use the pencil tool again to draw this highlight. Just like that, I am for the neck. I just throw inside again and draw this and pick the color from here and choose the leading . Want to multiply just like this, right? And another highlight layer with this color here. Okay. And draw inside this hair bun too, with a pencil tool. And choose this color Andrew, Another highlight layer for this payer bun just like that. Okay? I just had a range send back to make it below the hair bank and I A and used handles to modify these points here just to make it nicer. Okay. And make the eyes a little bit down. Choose this color for it May be replayed this a little bit. Select the other eye and irritated like that. Maybe make it bigger. Okay, Just make this bigger and copy transform vertically. All right. I am for this. Knows I'll select this color with the eyedropper. Okay. I think it's nice this way. Now, with the pencil tool we just draw to, um I I bro's here with this color and make the stroke profile from here. Something like that. And take it a little bit up. Maybe change this profile like that and rotated a little bit. Maybe take the stroke a little bit down. And then I just selected old drag transform reflect vertically, just like that. Okay, I just modified this handle and point, and for the years, I'll go inside some shading like this. I select this color and maybe some highlight just like this one here and the other ear of drawing side to make this shading selected from here. Emperor, these two. Okay, let's make this a little bit higher in the passage. e like this and maybe make this just modified like that. I think it's wiser now, Andhra, inside this, change the color, maybe something like this one here and make the blending moto multiply and think that capacity lived with down. Yes, you can see we have these two Well, center back control or command shrift Left square bracket from the keyboard. And we will just go inside this one to make some shading. Okay, Something like that. And the other one, I don't like this one, all right. And for the hair bangs here, I'll make some shading right below the bond and make a little bit bigger just like this. And I'll add some highlights here. Okay, that's perfect. All right. That's what if I this a little bit maybe the color off the lower look and go a little bit dark. And we can make this shaving here and hit ages like this point. Take it a little bit like that. Let's zoom in a little bit and modify this. And maybe you were just redraw this lip this one here, and rotate the whole mouth a little bit and take it to the right and then I'm draw inside. You know, the upper left to draw this highlights here and selected from this one. Okay. And that's all for the mouth now. All right. And just quantify this a little bit like this. I just hit a end, see, like, these points and handles. Okay, maybe something like that. And with the smooth tool and just, you know, small this path a little bit. I don't like that. Now. I will toe let this plans and I draw inside with this brush here. Okay? I'll take its stroke a little bit down and change its color. Just another lighter color. Just like that. Make thes lines. Maybe. I think the busty little's sorry, this joke a little bit down to make a thinner just like this, and I'll keep drawing some random lines around the planned here, just like this one. All right. And then I'm drawing side again to make some shading in this plant. So I just throw some shapes like this and select this multiply layer from her hair bands. And for this plans, I also do the same as the previous plans. Withdrawing something lines inside of it with a brush tool just like this, okay? And I won't go another shape like this one here for the shading that it was select from here as well. And that works for this plant. I'll just do the same and selected had I do so that the same saddens or per princess for the last brush to droll with it. And it just makes simple line like this Here, you just keep trying toe nice and till you're satisfied with it. And I will keep, you know, drawing these send lines here just like that. Okay? And I think it's nice out and with a pencil tool again, I just throw inside this shape. And so, like this color as well. And for the last plant here, I will do the same with the brush and make thin lines old all along this plant here. All right. Just free hands and keep it simple. You're free to do whatever shapes you'd like inside of this plant to make it nicer from your opinion. And I'll and the shading as well okay for her arm, I draw inside to make some, you know, stripes with the lighter colors. So I just make this as freehand! Okay, I'm sure there are tons of ways to make this with illustrator, but this is the way it like to work just simply and freely with no, you know, limitations or on specific steps to follow. I just enjoy drawing the pencil tool and really, just do it. Okay. I am. Just don't click this shape to fight a little bit. Maybe you'll take the sport the way and make this a little bit, you know, bigger. Cand did thes handles here and I'll make some shading. Where The whole arm. Okay, we have got to select the draw inside option. So I draw inside the arm something like that hit I and so, like this multiply layer that we did before and change its color to something that's more purple. And after that, I'll make some highlight here. Just keep trying the color. Still, we find the one that you're here, like Okay, I think I use you know, I just select this these points and handles to modify this leave a little bit. Most like that. Keep dragging. And with this Fars make it like that. Okay. All right. I just take hand and the highlight layer like this one. Okay, maybe I just draw this shape as the end of this leave. I think it will add some contrast in the straight line and, you know, the curved lines. My think I like it. Okay, maybe you make this a little bit thinner and modify this one by selecting the points and just aligning Zim with her pants. Okay, let's get back to this shape at the end of sleeve. Enge was a nice color for it, but I think I just keep trying all the colors. Identify the nice one. Mm, nope. And I don't just like it that much. Well, I think I just leave it like that. Yeah, I think this color is nicer, and it's making some interest. Okay, I'll take this shape or stripes a little bit down. And for this shape, I just selected draw inside of it to make some, you know, shading for a long just like that. Just keep going. Free my best with your hand and draw. And try to select a color that you want as a shading. And you make another one as I died just like that. Okay? And for the hand I think I draw inside some shading because it's below this sleeve, like this one here and make some highlights. Okay? And I draw the back off the sleeve to be behind at the hand with a darker color that ain't select from here. And I send it to back by hitting control or command, um, left square bracket from the keyboard, then take a little bit to the left, all right? And had eight, too, So that these points and handles to off the them a little bit. Okay, I think it looks nice. Ready now. Well, I just select this arm sleeve and hands all drag transform. It's, like vertically to, you know, copy to the other half of the body. As we said before, it's a mirror or a symmetrical administration for the character. So we just copied like that. And for this half of the top, I just throw insider Cingular tool with using the, um, patterns here. You can just choose anything that you want from the textures that we're having here in the swatch panel. Okay, You can just use as we switch this feelings joke and choose any textures that you're having . These textures and patterns are ready set up on the that would be illustrator. That's, um, the CC virgin. You have to check your industry conversion first before you, um, to make sure that you can find these kind of pictures here, but it's actually amazing to work with. And I don't just change, um, the blend mode of this texture layer toe overlay and take the bus a little Obadele, I think looks nice. We'll make the same thing for the other half, withdraw insider tangle with same texture by hitting I and selecting this with the eyedropper tool. And for this half, I just draw inside some shading that is left from here. All right. Okay, so now with the brush tool, I think I'd like to draw this thing here and all drag transform reflect vertically to make it, you know, mirrored to the other part of the top. Just like that. And maybe between them, I just draw this a ziff. It's an under top or something, and I'm simply changed its color and send it to send it backward control or command, um, left square bracket from the keyboard and maybe take global up and update these or modify these points here. And I draw inside to make some, you know, shading because it's inside and it's under the outer top, so it needs some shading inside of it. Okay, I think I just select all these and make a little bit bigger. Yeah, just like like that. Perfect. Okay, that's just to some colors here and see what you end up with, right for her pants. Let's just choose the Pathfinder to make these two apart as one. Just select both of them and to the passport finder. The pathfinder, um, and choose merge. You just keep, you know, playing with the colors didn't find something that it's really satisfying to you and, you know, a little bit closer it. Why do you have in mind? No, I just I didn't like this yellow color. Let's get back to this one, okay? And change this. Change this under top color, okay? No, it's a skirt. So I think we can draw inside of it to make some shaving, some inner shading, like this one here. It actually looks really nice, and I like the colors. I'm not sure whether this is the final colors that with a stick, um, state to whether or not, but I just I like it for, for now, change the color of this, you know, stand for this plant. All right, What else? What can we do here? Okay, I'll just draw some shading here inside of this belt that I will select from here. Perfect. Nice. When you change the place from this, okay? And change the colors for this for these lines. All right? I think that's it. That's head to then. Next listen. 6. 5 -Details: now for this class, we will be adding some final touches and motivations before presenting this illustration for the plane guard. Both Nolan. So let's start. Okay, So for this arm, I think we can just make it a little bit shorter at this step. You something go around your design and see, what is this that you can modify to make your illustration look better And to be more satisfied with itself here in this industry. And I think making the arm a little bit shorter would be Nizer, something like that. And, of course, just modify these drives inside the armed layer and take this end of the sleeve with hand and this back layer up with the arm. And also can you can just reduce a little bit, just bed and maybe for date this further and take it up like this one here. Okay. Just keep modifying. Fold the layers that points handles that you're having in your illustration till you get everything right this up. Okay, I take this. Drives player Little attire made this one bits under just like this. All right. And now this arm is done. I think I would just select these, okay? Just update its position. Take this layer also indicated. Well, I think it looks better now, right? And that's for this arm. Okay. Me take this down just to make the fingers. Okay? I think this are in position. Just made, um, Just added more Syrian. It's he did this and did this character poems. Okay, now that I'm done with this arm, I just to leave this one and copy this one. And and old layers in this one. Too old drag? No, just old drag. Right. Click transformed. Reflect Burghley To make this to make this mirror effect, as you mentioned before in the previous listens. Okay? And take take this to the bad control or command left square brackets from the keyboard just like this and that for the two arms. Okay, so I think I just remove this one and change the color this 1 may be that's just opened the colors, them play around. I just think he was in some popping color like that would definitely take this playing card with the other level. You're free to choose any color you want, but I think all these purples and greens needed something you know, more popping for them to show and that more countries Now, I just love it this way, Okay? And maybe just, you know, three movies. Yes. Just write movies. I don't think the add to the design anymore. Ever this inner card, I just draw some, you know, like a back later reports her skirt to be like, you know, I take for it for her dress or something. I think this color is really nice. And also this error. Just select this and delete it. All right? I make this as the multiply and take you busty a little bit down. And for this line, I just take it a little bit is right like this. And take this point, Just align it with the circle here and maybe drag to make another one here. And I think it's nice. Where did you take a little bit Like this? And then we send this line to the back with the same way. Control or command square brackets. The left want to take, um, the layer you're selecting to the back and the right one to take it forward. I removed these textures from the top. I don't think we need it anymore. I just want to try some stuff here, maybe try some other colors. Maybe something like that. Okay. I just go inside it with pencil tool, like two sleeves. Two small sleeves like this. And I choose this, you know, some pinkish purple popping color to add more contrast. And the same state? Yeah, the same thing for the other half of the top. I just throw inside the pencil tool, this part of the pinkish purple sleeve like this one here, and I choose these two. First, select the color double click and copy this numbers for the color and paste them here to take these colors and the scene thing here. I'm just a little quick control V to paste the numbers for that color. I just removed this one and make a circle to create a new floor. Okay, I just hit. No, Maybe the pen tal and these lines just make a simple to lip or a simple, you know, slower. Okay. And make something like a w shaped like that until, like, the both of them, and had shift him and drag this with heading old to do. Subtract the shape. Okay. And take make this floor a little bit smaller. Maybe. Think this heart You're like that in another one. And just flip it vertically like this. You move this one, all right? And we need this to on they this whole plant, like, a little bit down This one here maybe changed these colors to something like this To be, you know, more toe have more going dressed with the card. I just love the colors. This way. Honestly. Okay, so now for this skirt, I just want it to be like puffing from the card I will draw are tangled on top of everything. I'll select all the layers that make clipping mask. As you can see, all the design is now clipped inside of the rectangle that we just did. Clipping mask masking is actually one of the amazing features administrator that you can mask anything inside of any shape. So now I got the effect I wanted. I have this character and this illustration just popping out of the plane card. I just draw inside of this slower shaving layer like this year. Okay, That's no open. No the swatches and open the patterns to check some textures like this. This one here, the lines. Okay, let's make this panel vigor and choose the large thumbing for us to see what extra to choose to make a circle and choose any line pattern and, you know, take like this, make it bigger, okay? And send it just behind this here. Okay? I think this shape just added a lot of contrast. I make another circle, and this time I will be making patterns. Now for dots. You'll see a lot of dots on patterns here. Maybe I'll choose this one here and take it to the back. Just something like that. Yeah, I think it's It's nice. Just copy it. Choose another pattern. Adults smaller dots here and disputed behind her hair to add more interest and to make it more popping. Right. You just move around your designed to see what you want to add. So I think I make something like this Just a stroke on circle. Maybe here, love it down the left and control C control V make another one here. But now I will be changing the color. Maybe darker and love is smaller. Okay. Still, I guess that's it for this. Uh, listen. And now let's head to the final one where we can present this character 7. 6 -Presentation: And now that they are Advil est step for boring class, we will be presenting our character with the best way possible. Teoh make it ready as playing cards for our character, so just let starts. All right, so this is a final design. What we did in the last lesson. You just use the vessel toe to draw some. You know, final touches here to the I By adding by can I lead or an eye shadow with a pop of color? No, let's just select. I had the feeling about the stroke and use something like this. Incentive to back. Okay, control or command square brackets left or the right one to make one step forward. One step backward. Does that? Well, that just added some countries to the face. Now for the nose. Well, just know by a little bit to make, like a dark side and a lighter side for the lighting and chatters. Just like Pat Transform respect Berkeley, and select this highlight color year. Right? Okay, take this point. Okay. And then I was like, both of them and takes a little bit up. Folks lies now. Maybe just these two points next to each other. And this one little bit out. You see this little bit of a bigger Okay, just it's just modify anything that needs modification along the way has been working. Okay, well, it's the move to another thing. This built in some modification. You just make two points in the middle and had a and select them and this'll circle, just drag it out to bake a curve and the same here. Maybe aligned these two points on each side just aligned with this curve here, okay? And take this point a little bit down, make you just like his shadow for now and get back to this area of later. And this hard. Just take it. Control X in control above old leaders to be in its place before the brushes. As you can see, I have some Russians here voted here in this area. Okay, you just get this, um, add brush and choosing brush on your desktop or your computer and added, and you can just use it right away. This was just Heidi's points just like this. Okay, this is nice. I'll take this gym a little bit down. That's and with these two handles make them closer to each other to make it a little bit pointy. Not to round it. That's for addiction. Okay, times this brush. Now, as you can see, it's more, you know, drawing calligraphy thing. I think you know the mouth line with darker gone here like that. It's just choose something, and they think the stroke a little bit up, maybe through the dark in color, something more reddish. Maybe that's just edit these points. Here, take this one down, okay? And just make a line in this trend, this one, I will be selected me struggling a bit down on his luck in this color to make it, you know, just dark. As maybe like That's okay. Let's add some highlight points to the chin and lips here, but to left. Okay. For the nose making. I make just another line as you did with the mouth with the same brush. This three hands, you know, calligraphy brush. Okay. That's what by these points Cupid and take you pass it down from the appearance panel. Just something like that. Okay. With brush tool, I choose this hair color and I just drawing these final Here's something like this. You just keep drawing and drawing until you have the shape that you want and take this stroke a little bit up, just like this one. Okay? And with the same brush, I make another hair in the other with the other half or other face and maybe some here. Your, um, besides these this bun and make it darker in color. And take this trip a little bit down to make a thinner. Maybe some highlights thin hairs. Here, just make some contrast ads and structure and be paid into this part of the illustration. No more details. You're adding they will have more life to your electric. Many come to life and just pops out of the screen. Well, just like the hair now, Okay? Just like this shaving shape in the plants. Okay. Just thes lines here on this plant. Okay? Maybe taking to down and I would be adding some high life leader here inside of this plans with this color. Yeah, just like with this way. All right with this part of the dress. I mean, a highlight color and something like like this. A bit lighter. Okay. On the other side. Just make a darker and colder. It's 25 points a little bit. The strong side of this guard, some shaving layer behind the capture and plans just add more depths. Do your plane cars. I mean, it would just make it more interesting. Take it dar and change the minimal multiply. Just so you're ready to you. You already repealed the depths from the card. Okay, this brush or stepper brush here even see, It's just have a lot of God's makes each other that makes the staple effect. Thinking just remote these tricks I select and delete there, and I will be using this temple effect brush to draw to, um, you know, to dark shadows or reddish shadows on her cheeks. Okay, let's try this color just like this and take this down and then choose the month by option . As you can see, it got darker because multiply and we got choose, be doing capacity a little bit down and then take it a little bit down. Also, I think I may change its color that so I just true something keys from red and see what we will do. Okay, old drag dress for exactly, just like this one. Okay. Okay. I need another brush. Stable effect here. Inside of her under talk with the darker color to be like a shadow. Some things are just like that. Okay, that's free for her skirt I draw inside with, you know, with cancel to I just draw some finite player. Okay, five points like this here. Okay. Just like this one here and with the stippling brush effect will draw something like that to make, like, a highlight klier beside the one that you just did, you know, with a lighter color, maybe. Okay. And open the appearance panel toe make over gay with a lower passing and just okay, just take no higher. Take this one here. Okay? Me do something like this, you just keep trying and see what you will come up with. It's all about trying and playing and loving the process minutes. Traitor Has so many features even play with, then enjoy working. So for these hair bands, we'll just go inside them with this temple effect brush. To add more highlights to them has chose maybe this color or okay. And with the other willing just drawing inside with people. In fact, uh, brush and made something some shadow here inside of this part of the dress. Also, with this devil effect brush maybe on the other side as well. Let's take this. Let the darker took more. Yeah, that looks nice, because you can see the Red Sea pops out of the car. Really looks nice. And Andrews thing, And I love the colors, so make you finish. Okay, That's Jews, despite of the job. And you just tipple effect brush to make, you know, Darfur shadowing side of it. Maybe something more bearable. Okay? It was bad here and make it sweet and the same for the other half off the job. Use this color off the brush and used to stop a brush that he always, um they used in the previous steps. Okay, Okay, it's much better. Okay, just add another circle year. Maybe you want smaller one here. That sport just a make or administration for playing card. Richer and more interesting. Okay. Just keep adding in trying another highlight, their will be done here in this particular friends, just like that free hand drawn inside of the layer. Exactly. You just need to know more information boat Freehand! And after Patrick from scratch. You can check my previous classes on scared share before between. Helped a lot. Okay. With the kind of cookie brush tool, we could just draw some here. Here. Okay, Now I think we're done. Heck, t derive the text and you just try to name and maybe choose and Hillary wants. I just use used this color here, Prada shoot. And maybe I just to something like thats color. No. Okay. Tries colors to find the one. That's really nice, sir. E Okay. And head team again to write this alter, uh, line Scary of a warrior. Describe the character that we're having and choose any phoned that you want to use. I'll be using up incense regular and take that phones way down. Look, that's draw. This small tank is back. No, it's changed. Maybe swath. Right front on. I'm just not sure this choose this and try some colors. It seems to Yeah, Okay, maybe they this text a little bit smaller and the right end up much. Okay, take this. Move it around until it finds, you know, the right place for it. Maybe made Smoller. It took her and put this year. All right, then head d again and make later. We want you want but this white And here in this heart and it what is here on this off their hearts I just really like it and, like how turned out to be okay with the brushes we were just open another brush library here. That's this card alone floral. You can see a lot of two strokes. Brushstrokes. Well, just chose this 13 goes will with the playing hard and she's even see, it's the classic playing cards pattern. So with the mental, I just draw a line and truth this color stroke. And to be able to play with I just choose on object a stroke down a little bit. You see, if we just take it, um, try to stretch it, Okay? Object and expand the appearance too changed to be able to change the colors of them of these shapes in the garage. So the brush after the consist of thes specific shapes, basic shapes. So I just had a is left, each one of them, and change their colors until I find the nice four colors. That really goes well together with each other to proceed with. Okay, So I'm still thinking of AIDS and the king. Now that we change the colors, I think I like your colors. Okay. It's this Just let them and make other new making your brush better and brushes. You can see it just goes like that and hit, OK, the deformed options and take this away. And let's try that process. Just mates. Just paint. Make a circle and truth This stroke and this unity we just created this drop. We made this and add to the library and white ones. Honky. Okay, Just keep playing around and find ways. Design, maybe take a stroke down. Okay, We have got a part of it. I just added inside off the clipping mask layer. And this time I'll be choosing that rectangle that we used. If you remember in the clip unmasked and take it like that, you know, like, to why did it live up to make the circle appear? Yeah, just something like that. That's exactly what I have in my mind. Okay. Just like this. Make expand appearance. Maybe I just build these calls. Okay. All right. And I think it's looks pretty nice just like that. And I think we're done. Thanks a lot for watching this class. I really hope you enjoyed it. And I really hope you have learned something today that you have added to your scale sent. And you can just use it right away. Don't forget to leave your few back country helps a lot to, you know, improve in the common lessons. And if you like this class and learn something and decided to make a project, don't hesitate to added to the project section below the class. And I will be more than happy to share my feedback with you. And if you have any comments for questions just added to the discussion board below the class And for more, um, glasses about personal characters as stylized characters. Check my other classes on my sketcher channel. And I hope you liked it. Controls in the Amer with you. Have a nice time playing with this, um, the's skills that you learned and can't wait to see your coming projects. Thank you guys for watching