Create a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator using Texture | Mel Armstrong | Skillshare

Create a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator using Texture

Mel Armstrong, Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

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12 Videos (58m)
    • Welcome

    • Materials

    • Project Overview

    • Gathering texture

    • Processing texture in Photoshop

    • Processing texture in Illustrator (Live Trace)

    • How to create an illustrator texture brush

    • Applying texture to icons

    • Create a Half Drop Repeat with pattern maker

    • Create a Half Drop Repeat Manually

    • Apply your design to a mockup

    • Wrapping up!

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About This Class


Have you ever wanted to create designs in Adobe Illustrator that have texture?  Have you tried, but struggled to make it work without your computer going into meltdown because it can’t cope with the massive file size?  I like creating patterns in Photoshop, but a lot of clients require vector designs so it's always good to know how to use both Photoshop & Illustrator to create patterns. 

Texture adds dimension and perspective to what might otherwise be a flat design.

 In this class I’m going to show you how to create texture in Adobe Photoshop, then apply it to designs in Adobe Illustrator keeping the design completely vectorised.

You will learn: 

  • How to find texture in the environment around you
  • How to process your texture images in Photoshop & Illustrator
  • How to apply your texture to icons in Illustrator
  • How to create a texture brush in Illustrator
  • How to create a half-drop repeat in Illustrator
  • How to apply your pattern to a mockup in Photoshop (with smart objects)

For your class project you will show us how you gathered your texture, the before and after of your texture, and the before and after of your pattern design with texture. 

I'll also provide you with a free mockup to display your new design on as well as some free texture photos that you can use for your own projects.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Camera (can be a smart phone)





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Mel Armstrong

Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

Hello and welcome!

I’m a full-time illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand.  I’m obsessed with creating beautiful things, from craft to illustration to sewing to IKEA flat packs (no kidding).  

I’m also obsessed with learning, which is what drew me to Skillshare.  Years ago I stumbled across this little (well actually big) gem, did some classes, then voila, I became a teacher!  I teach what I love - illustration and surface pattern ...

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