Create a Profitable T-Shirt Website in Under an Hour: Crash Course on Printful | Douglas Butner | Skillshare

Create a Profitable T-Shirt Website in Under an Hour: Crash Course on Printful

Douglas Butner, Live in Love

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About This Class

Welcome to this crash course on creating one of the most profitable t-shirt businesses it is possible to make, using Printful. I am designer Sir Douglas Fresh, and I have opened at least a dozen types of T-shirt shops in the past three years, selling thousands of shirts around the world. This is one business model I that I love, and the sublimation products are top-notch. I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish of getting your website online, all you need beforehand is a purchased domain and hosting account.

Here is exactly what we will do:

Install Wordpress

Install Woocommerce

Select Woocommerce compatible theme

Integrate Woocommerce with Printful

Upload 5 pieces of art

Create 5 Sublimation Products for each piece of art, socks and shirts, 25 total

And all in under an hour!! I filmed this entire course in one 42 minute take!!

I picked out the method which I think is the easiest, most profitable, and most professional way to create your T-shirt business. We will be using Wordpress with Woocommerce, and Printful to print and ship products.

Remember, this is a crash course. We do not stop or hold hands along the way. We are getting the website up as quickly as possible. It took me 42 minutes to go from a blank domain to a live shop with 25 products that is ready to take orders. I know with some enthusiasm you will be able to launch a shop in under an hour as well!!!!!





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Douglas Butner

Live in Love

I am the creator of Current X Change. We make content-mapping apps that empower creators. Learn more at


I also founded Aquarius.Academy, an academy whose mission it is to catalyze each consciousness being's connection with their higher self, and their highest self, love. We release content for free on our Facebook page and on our Skillshare page.


I am an active graphic designer with a variety of skills and disciplines. Besides des...

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