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Create a Powerful Text Portrait Poster in Photoshop

teacher avatar Filip Kordanovski, Graphic & Web Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Introduction & Overview

    • 2. Preparing the Image Portrait

    • 3. Playing Around with Text

    • 4. Polishing & Final Touches

    • 5. Class Outro & What Now?

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About This Class


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Hello guys!

I want to dedicate this week's class to you. All my current and upcoming students! This is to show my appreciation to all of you, helping me reach 550 followers in less than 1 month!!!

In this short but compelling class, we're taking a random portrait from the internet and transforming it into a powerful, text portrait poster. This is perfect for delivering a message and at the same time showing of some cool typography skills.

Again, like in all of my classes, we're using very basic Photoshop techniques, but end up creating something really pleasing on the eye.

All I'm asking is 20 minutes of your time! If you're in, join me in the class! I can't wait to see you inside!

Thanks to Marty Geller for the inspiration.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filip Kordanovski

Graphic & Web Designer


Filip Kordanovski is a self-taught front-end web developer & designer from Skopje, Macedonia.
He is truly passionate about his work and he loves to learn new stuff everyday.
Filip has more than 4 years expertise in the field of web development & design and has recently started teaching and publishing courses to share his knowledge with the world.
A truly dedicated persona with huge enthusiasm towards teaching, always aiming to deliver affordable, high quality education/content.

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1. Class Introduction & Overview: Hey, guys, it's May Philip again. This time I'm back with a brand new class on creating a powerful texts portrait in photo shop. You may be wondering why I have decided to create this class. Well, if you follow me on skill shared a past month, you know what kind of classes I create this time, I want to do create something different. Trust me, it's not going to take long, but you're gonna love the finished product. If you're excited us, I am. Let's take a peek inside off one we're actually going to build. So we will be using a portrait image downloaded from the Internet. In this case, Steve Jobs prefer Laboulaye, a black and white one. So we're going to cut off the subject and then place it on a transparent background and then place it on to a black, bigger on fixing the flaws. And then we're gonna play around with the text. Using really basic techniques will make a stunning looking effect off empty letters, and then we'll finish using final touches to portrait and then fix some bugs to make everything looks slick. That would conclude our poster design as everything is looking sweet. If you like what you see and role in the class today and I'll see you inside 2. Preparing the Image Portrait: All right, guys, welcome back to the first lecture here. Let's start building our powerful X poster featuring Steve Jobs. This is a random image of Steve Jobs I have downloaded from the Internet, and it is ready to be a amazing poster. Wanting to note is that for maximum results for best results, your subjects next needs to be looking directly at you just like this image here. That's why I picked it. It is the best choice if the portrait is in this style. Now that you have your portrait, open it up weight photo shop right there and let's now cut the image just like this with the rulers. By the way, if you go to view and then check on Rulers, these will appear here on the left on the top hand side of your screen, and you can use rulers to help you make better selections. So right now this image looks slightly big. If we now look at image size, it's 2500 pixels by 3000 at 200. That's a lot for our posters. That's why I have made these selections here and now If I go to direct angular marquee tool slip the area that we have selected. You see how it easily snaps, and if we go to add it, I'm sorry. Image Crump. There goes our Steve Jobs portrait ready to be edited. Now we can get rid off the rulers by clicking the selection tool and dragging them away off the screen. That easy I did. The first step is done. The next step is select the quick selection tool and then try to make a flawless selection around Steve Jobs Increase or decrease the breast size tool with the brackets. Or you can do that right here. And make sure that you create a perfect selection off Steve Jobs. I'm just going to fast forward now until I make a perfect selection. If you want to take away parts off this election, you can press on Ault and then remove. Or if you want to add to this election, just click on the left mouse button just like this. All right. Once you are done with selecting Steve Jobs, I needed to do select Refine Edge, and this is just to make his here look better. So if we just check on Smart Radius increases size a little bit and then brush over bards off his hair just like that. So the tiny bits are not missing here. All right, Once you are done with that, go to output. Do and then click on new layer. Wait a layer mask, click on OK, and it should create a and brand new lair for you with Steve Jobs inside it. All right, that was the second step. The third step is to create a new document again. With this same image, size is pretty important. So remember the image size or write it down to image signs, maybe and then create a new document with it. So right, like a new document. It was one 1007 171 by 2000 628. Click on OK, and this is the new document here. Go to the paint buckets, dual click on the color picker and choose black and then fill out the whole image weight, black color. Go back to our Steve Jobs image and then click and drag our guy ride on Duthie section here and hold shift so Steve jobs can land in the middle. That is awesome. Perfect Now, if we click on control and this layer here and if we pick the color picker, choose a color black and then just increase the size a little bit. Make sure the A passive and flow are 100 the hardness is zero. Click and drag corners off his head to remove the white positions. Your white big cells. All right, that is amazing. You can try to do that the same thing with his beard as well, maybe in his ear doesn't really matter. Just make the wife color go away. All right, that is amazing. The next step is to create a new layer, go to the rectangular, murky section, press on control de to de select everything and then, with the rulers selected, click on the move to and just snap a ruler in the center off his nose. Just like that, what's next to do is go to the rectangular marquee tool and make a selection off the half off the picture that we have just selected and right click Phil choose color and then choose Black Bresson okay and is going to pain the picture half of the picture to Black press on Control plus D to de select going to move tool and remove the ruler. And there goes our half picture black. And now follow me in the next lecture where we start adding the quote. Thank you for watching. 3. Playing Around with Text: Hey, guys, welcome back to the next lecture and this one. We will be adding text and we will be styling it. So let's start with everything dis elected at these three layers. Present, Click on the horizontal type tool and then click anywhere on the black side off the picture . It is going to create a new layer for you, which is awesome. So what do you need to know? Here? First off set the color off the font to white said, the size de font size to 200 points and then choose a font. For this demonstration, I have chosen deformed named Big John. It is a free fund which can be found and downloaded on Google. You can use any font, but what I recommend is that you use upper case letters because it looks better. It's delivers to message in a cooler way. Overall, it looks more professional, so use caps lock when typing the text. All right, so I'm just going to write a quote here from Steve Jobs, so just going to move this to the top and then start typing. We're going to press on shift enter to enter a new role Once you have done typing this, it might not look the same. Why? Because I've done this, Which trial? It never. Which means that on the right hand side here, where the character menu is appearing, you have plenty of options. And those are the phone size, which we already set danda line height. This is the spacing between the letters. Let's try and see what it looks like. As you can see, the white space between the letters is bigger. Mine was at 188 points. Then there is the vertical scale off the characters. I'm going to leave it at 100%. So play around with this may be the horizontal scale. Again, I'm going to leave it at 100% and that's basically how I've got into this result. This is, by trial and error. Spend some time affecting there's characters. Now the next thing that you need to do is on the top side here we can see deep paragraphs a line. So right now it's the text is aligned to the left. What we need here in this case, is to align it due to write presently moved to and try to make it just like that. So not at what we need to style is the rest off the sink. Now, maybe we need to decrease deformed. Here. Let's see, Maybe something like this, or even, maybe smaller again. This is trialling ever. So See what works best at your side. Just like this. All right. I think it looks nice. Just play around with this until you're satisfied with the result. Make sure that you use this tracking. Maybe. I think this looks nice. Now I'm just going to increase deformed size a little bit. Maybe even more art. That is awesome. I'm satisfied with the result. Well, we can do now is maybe crop off the image a little bit just like that. So go to direct, angular, murky to make the selection and then go to image crop and it will crop right in. So now that you have brought this text here after your trial error, I'm satisfied with the result. What I can do is basically hold control and click on this icon here, and it's going to select all of the text. Now you can disable the layer and the text remains selected which is pretty awesome. And now if we click on the layer that has this black color that's covering half of the picture. If we press on delete, look what happens. The characters are getting deleted and were left out with blank spaces. Now, if you press on control and D, we can see that the poster is almost done now. This is looking very nice, if you ask me now, there are a couple of simple, small problems here that we need to address, and that is three white color off some of the placings here. But that's mostly it guys. After in the next lecture, we're going to style the white color abate. Saudis can be a little more visible, and then we are going to be adding final touches to it. A portrait. Stay tuned 4. Polishing & Final Touches: guys, Welcome back to a brand new lecture And this one we are making the words more legible, more visible. And we are using some couple of tricks that I want to share with you today. So the 1st 1 is just follow along with me and you will have no problems. Make the face active by clicking control and then clicking left. Click right here and now opened the Dodge Tool We just located right here. Go to the color picker. Make sure that the hardness is set to zero. The exposure is said to 100% and protect tones is checked. Now brush over the areas that you want the words to be or visible right there, right there. And that would be it. Okay, Just like that, We're not done. Don't worry. Now go to range and make shadows. And now brush over again. These very same words Click a couple of bitter more times to make them more visible, were faked. And now we're basically done here except this letter and I'm going to do a trick. Because why is this happening? It is because the H from Hungary is going outside off the layer mask, which is the face, or the head off Steve Jobs. So it's going outside. So that's why the age is getting cut off here. But we can do a trick which is collect. Click on the back around layer and then go to the brush tool and paint over the H. However, this is not looking very nice because there's one color here is now standing out, and we can fix this with very nice need. Real trick that I've come up with. And that is I'm just going to zoom in just like this. All right, so now that we have these age letter in a white coloring with the layer selected deface layer here, go to the lasso tool and select a word just like this. Now, if you go to the move tool and if I press on control and see to copy the content and then control plus V toe based it, I can drag and drop the created content over the age here, and it will work just fine. If a person control D, I can now adjust just like this, and if I hit on enter and for zoom out, it's pretty awesome looking. It's not even visible that if there was a problem earlier right there, it just looks good. It fits in perfectly now we are almost done. The only thing left to do right now is to add a thin border at the edges off our portrait, because I think it is a very cool a vision, and we can do that easily by creating a new layer, select the rectangular marquee tool and do an approximate selection over the edges off your portrait with this selected go oppression, right click and then go on stroke. Make the way five pixels and the color white. And if a person okay, and if a person control and D we can see that the white stroke off five pixels is present and that concludes our poster design and just a little fix here. If you don't want this hand to overlap, doesn't really matter. Here you can cover it up. Just go on a face later, here, click on a black color and then zoom in and just paint over so it looks nice. It has it's kind of a black shadow each affect right there. We can do that right here on the right side as well. The very same technique that is perfect. Guys, there we have our final poster design, which Steve Jobs and a quote from him. I did this class, especially in his honor, because it is one of my role models. It is one of my favorite people inventors. Unfortunately, he's not with us anymore. He passed away five years ago, but hopefully this class will help his spirit to leave on onto the next generation's Thank you for watching guys take care. 5. Class Outro & What Now?: Hey, ice. That was all for this short, fairly short class. I hope that you've enjoyed it. I hope that you've created at amazing poster. This is time. This is the challenge that I'm prompting you to do with the skills that you've learned and with the skills gained in discourse in this class, I challenge you to create a poster by your own use the techniques we've learned right now and trying to create something similar or something different. I really can't wait to see the results. So please open up a project. Try making something on your own and post the results there. I will give you detailed feedback on my opinion about your creation. While waiting for my other new classes to be released in the following weeks, I suggest that you check out my other earlier three classes on skill share that are right now stopping the trending page on technology. This is for a reason because I create my classes with a lot of love and a lot of passion. I'm sure that you will enjoy those blasts as much. She did enjoy this one. So until next time they care