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Create a Portuguese Tile Style with Procreate

teacher avatar Stephanie Neto, My Prints Collection | iPad Lettering

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Download the Materials

    • 3. 3. Overview of the Sample Kit

    • 4. 4. Tile Stamp Technique

    • 5. 5. Applying Texture and Metallic

    • 6. 6. Symmetry Feature

    • 7. 7. Free Style - Using the Grid

    • 8. 8. Rustic Effect

    • 9. 9. Tile Texture Brush

    • 10. 10. Adding Lettering

    • 11. 11. Tile Frame Effect

    • 12. 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to create a quick and easy Portuguese Style Tile (or any tile style) that will definitely help you to stand out online.

You can download for FREE a sample of 5 procreate brushes that I will be using HERE (the page is password protected, it will be sent to your email address).

I can't wait to see what you create!

To see the full Portuguese Tile Brush Set Collection Click here.

Access the Pinterest board HERE to get inspired.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephanie Neto

My Prints Collection | iPad Lettering


Hello there and welcome!

I'm Stéphanie, a self-taught letterer, love enthusiast of digital lettering and the creative behind My Prints Collection.

Every Tuesday, I share a new tutorial and freebies. I'm known on Instagram for my sarcastic and creative quotes.

Check them out for daily inspiration: @myprintscollection and make sure to subscribe to my Newsletter for more tutorials, freebies and updates.

Happy drills

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1. 1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. I'm Stephanie and under Grady behind my prints collection. As most of you already know, I'm Portuguese and I've used my heritage. Teoh being starting to parade this collection. I hope you enjoyed it. Engine deposits as much anxiety. Today I'm going to share with you guys three ways to create gorgeous Portuguese. When you watch this class, you will have access to a sample of five brushes. A one line lodge edge G tile, text shot. He all got a stem. The seller style. You will also have a crit. And Leslie, you have two brushes with which is a frame. So you have the edge and the side. Lastly, watch you will have as well is this boiled texture than also You will have these Portuguese typology which all the callers that I prefer to use that I will be using during this course telling t down the brushes are on the classes description or on the project section. Moving on. I will show you how to uses brushes to create a Portuguese tiles or any tile saw that you might like In this class, you will learn how to use the title stand brush and how to go over them at some details. How to use the great symmetry feature. How to use the monoline edge, a brush to go over my stem and the color palettes. How to add some static Details. How to Use a Thomas Guide Bush to create a more freestyle resign. How to use the tile texture brush to create that texture on the edges off entire. How to actually lecturing on your piece by you urging the text. Feature on procreate. How to create a rustic style if act how to create a friend tired by using the French brush . And finally, of course, how Teoh some calligraphy or text all of your pieces. Thes pieces look incredibly difficult to create, but you will see their quashed simple when use the techniques and the guys provided to correct your shapes. When I really like about the tile effect is that you can't create unique pieces of art and add some metallic effects, and it will definitely help you to stand out online. You can also combine this process legion. Let drink do you express your ideas and surprising is very positive way all we need to take this classes and Objects Pro Great Act and a Silas. I will be using the apple pencil, but you can. Is any saddle sport even your fingers sash Mets get started. 2. 2. Download the Materials: so the first thing that I want to do is to show you where you can get the materials, and the resource is that I'll be using, and you can use as well for this test. So if you have to the description of this class on the school's website or APP, you also the project section. You will see a link, and you should click on. That link will take you to a page to double the materials. The page is password protected, but just click on it. It will open a template where you can put your details and a password will be sent to your email access to the library. Once you get the email way the password. Click on buildings, have the bottom will take it to the library and just put the password. If you don't find the link, just go to my Web side on the library. On the iPad section, you will find classes and go to my skill share shots and identify the one that you're taking. In this case, the portrait is time Portuguese tile. Please damage and insert passport. You have two options to download the materials to your iPad the 1st 1 is directly on your weapons, and the 2nd 1 is using your destiny. If you're on your iPad, click on the link and it will open a tab, which will give you two options. The first wants will be down load brushes, and the 2nd 1 would be to download the color palette that I'll be using anything uses well . If you click on the brushes, for example, it will show you open in an itch. Should be it'll shut it shipped, showing you to open in program. If it doesn't leak on the three button, she's locates she on your list and then import to procreate. So once you've done that, for example, the Rushers Creek in short and the brushes Boger directly to your brush library in procreate at the very top, you'll see these the collection that you can use and repeat the process for the color palette and that color palettes. We'll go Teoh your collar, uh, pallets. Library. If you're using a desktop, you get down this insisting the process. Just download the brushes and the color palace to your desktop, and then copy and paste the those two sets. Teoh, a cloud, it could be Dropbox Google drive. I personally like to use Dropbox, and from there you go to your bed. Open the Dropbox, for example, and just drag to the brokerage act. If you want another option, open gene ABS talk. You have to import, and when you should go import, you will equal to file. So you have to locate where you stored that file. All your drop monks and want to do that again. The brush set Go Teoh Brush library and the color palette. It's Teoh, your color library Moving on. You can use these brushes for even your easier out. You create amazing and unique pieces of next. I will show you how I like to use these versions and textures, but there are a lot of combinations to use thes and achieving different effects. You can reply my process or add your uniqueness. Just a side note. I will be all I will always be using a 10 80 by 10 80 canvas size, which 300 DPR 3. 3. Overview of the Sample Kit: So once you've downloaded your sample, your keep brush and your color palettes or just go to over years, I bet open D procreate ash and killed your brush and brush library at the very top, you'll see that you will have your simple kids, which will come. We'd seven brushes and not five decided to put two more brushes and also your color palettes will go your color palette library. So you have seen Portuguese style palette, which you can usually jomana line going back to my brushes. You have the monoline edge large edge. So I'm gonna choose a home like this blue and going back, I have the monoline selected. So basically, you can increase of decrease the size of the brush. And if you play along with it, you'll see that you have, um, this edgy effect at this harsh effect on the edges of your brush. So this is the monoline large edge which you can use and we will use. Do you go over our design and then you have on the tiled text ship basically the tongue texture. What? It will do these without, uh, lifting your pencil. You can create a the facts. So it's really easy and quick. It will get that smudgy tile effect on your piece of art. We will go through how to best use this brush as well. And then you have a stem, which is the Algarve ist em. Let me see the sauce so you get increased to criticize and just stamp it. And you have already a child Teoh work with and we're going to go over how to use this as well. So let me clear. And this one, it's the Marcello style. Without lifting your pen again, you can create a tile effect in less than five seconds a little bit more, but you know what I'm saying? So this is the collar. I like to go with a darker blue for this one, and then without lifting your pencil, just go over your campus and it will create this nice, rustic effect, as you can see on the edges of your design your time. So it's a little bit different from the previous one. Another technique so you can easily create a canvas leads a time effect, and then you have also a grid which will go over on one of them classes which, if you increase the grids, you can use this guideline to create a tile. It's more for a free stuff. For this, I strongly recommend Teoh, check out Pinterest. You have a lot of inspiration that you can use and you can use this grid I selected moving around to create. You're perfect design so and the last one that we are going to go through is the husband Frank, which has to process the edge and side. So this frame is quite cool because you can create a friend as big as you want without not a lot of effort. So if you see here, this is the edge of a frame and then the other brush is the side of the firm. So here's them and the brush waas, designed in a way that it will easily fit into the other brush. So this way please side or this side, so it will on work. So we these brushes, you can create a frame and then you're gonna get go over them and at some details, had some metallic, some coloring, some whatever the creativity is your left and yes, and then at the also What you have available is a metallic back from that you can download to your photos and then one of the projects. We will use that export to our design and add some metallic effect on our piece of art. 4. 4. Tile Stamp Technique: open a new canvas. I could be the screen size. As you wish. Go over, Teoh. You're a brush library and select the dog are stem And then we are gonna go with, like, do and see size and you and step. So basically what you can do with this is you can select Move around, select uniforms if you want to increase or decrease to keep the proportion off your peace so you can decrease or increase. And with this dump, what you can do is create another layer and stump it again on and so on. And so long Stamps stamps them and you can move tile by tile where you want to prove it. Or you can just duplicate one that you like, so you can add it here against both. Move it here and you can both in uniform and increase again. You can add as many as you want in place them here and then, but it's here and basically you've created a You have your guidelines for your tile. What you can use this for. You can leave it as it is, which had a cool, um, effect. Already underneath, you can create a layer and create a tile fixture underneath your tile, its use but thistles, a template. And the cool thing about this template is that you can go over with the monoline edge brush or you can add some topics on the next video. On the next election, we are going to add some effects. All this basic piece. 5. 5. Applying Texture and Metallic: on our purpose lesson. We've learned how to create and Teoh add the steps all together. You can leave it as it is and ads alleging, but we are gonna add some texture. I like the blue color Teoh, add to this piece and we are also going to add some gold. In fact, I think that the combination of the blue and the gold is very Portuguese. Dorian, Ted, this is a very Portuguese style. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna work on only one off the stamps, so I'm going up, turn off, it's clear of them and then increase over here and on top of my layers, I'm gonna create a new one. I'm gonna select the blue collar gonna go. I'm going to my brush library. Gonna select the monoline. Large edge. See, size This size is good, and I'm gonna go quickly over my stem. You know that the piece is done. I'm gonna turn off my guideline. I have it here. I'm gonna use as I said, blue and gold. So let's start with boots that I had some, um, texture Duke it. So what I'm gonna do, just in case that I need a layer. I'm gonna duplicate it. So I'm gonna do blue gold Lose gold, gold, blue So this is gonna be called this kind of the blues track chop here it has already the prefect itself. Now you add the gold texture. You have a metallic background that you can dumbbell. And at your photos and an import, I already have it here ready to go. What I'm gonna do is on top of that one, actually, at the bottom, I'm gonna avenue layer, select color, white track and choleric. Make sure that this is on top of this one. And now on this layer, we want to start revealing them that gold on the white line that if we clear on top off the metallic bond, we are going to select the razor brush, which is the monoline one. And he are gonna start coloring. So I want it. She creates a little bit, and we they raise it, too. Let's go over the campus and add some gold effect. I'm gonna speed up the video for this process and there we go. We've created this blue and gold effect on this. You can add more faster game changer. Collars, It's up to you. But I want to duplicate this tile. Teoh, add them to my canvas. So what I'm gonna do is on the right that we've raised. I'm gonna select icon select Go to my four layer and click Clear. And as you can see, you have it just here. I'm gonna turn the raise this layer off moved in gold over here, And then I'm gonna click on the blue layer and merge down and my simply duplicate it. I can move it around on at as many child as I want to my canvas. And here we go. You easily created a tile. You can adjust. Make adjustments, Won't you place the stem precious and we are done. 6. 6. Symmetry Feature: So we've created a tile with the stamp brush. I'm gonna show you a very cool feature that procreate as has, which will speed up the process. So if we open a new canvas like this and select a caller, go back to the stamps and stamp it so on our purpose, I said that we went through every single detail. But what we can do is if we go over here at a new layer and then we can get your actions canvass turned the drawing guides on addicts and then we're gonna same a trip here quadrant , and then you need to have the assistant drawing on in the rotation. Symmetry off. What this does is when it's off with me at it will do like this. But if you have it on, in fact, it's completely different. See? So let's go back and turn this off. It's done. So Ondine stem player, I'm gonna try to put it on the right position. I'm gonna turn the positivity with down to see what I'm doing on delay that we've created. I'm gonna sweat the monoline brush this says is good. And what I what I'm gonna do to create to replicate this time really quickly is go over my lettering. See how the tie up this feature is helping you. So it's not really in a good position. So let me quickly adjust. So, like this way are good to go. Let's go back to round there. And when we go over, did I hear it will reflect on the rest of our campus? This is such an amazing tool. So if I go, I'm going to speed up the video. There you go. So if we turn our garland off, you've created really quickly a tile. And now you can expect this uniforms and then reduce this place it duplicated and add as many you want Sandy drawing I off and we've quickly created a tile effect. If you want, you get in at some gold. It's of blue or other colors on our progress lesson on, and we went through this process. But one thing about this collection, as you know, this collection, this sample is part of a bigger collection. You have more stamps, more brushes, and you have a special brush which you don't need to use. A background which is called, which is my metallic brush. And with this brush, what it will do is create a new layer. And if I go Teoh my metallic palette, he'd will quickly help you create that gold effect your design without, um having without needing a background, a metallic to do so. So he turned us off. And you can also, on the background of allies at a new, higher 10 years, the tile brush to create a that sounded like, really quickly. 7. 7. Free Style - Using the Grid: So as you may notice, on the percent the sample, you have a grid. It's one of the greats that I offer wonderful collection. If you open a new canvas and go to your sample brushes and you'll click here on the grid, you can stem and quickly have a guideline that you can use you at another layer on top of it. And you can create your free design your free time for this. What I do recommend a little bit more advance is to check out the description below the class, which has a link to my PIN interest board, and you will have access to a board that I've created, which is called the Tiles through Angle Portuguese. And you have so many pins that you can use to get inspired. To see other styles like this one is very cool. So you have a lot to choose from to get inspired and to use that great um, as a side note, this is Portuguese because I really love it. But this so many other styles that you can and go for like Moroccan on their so many just go on paying interest it get inspired, inspired going back to the pro grade up used. You can use the stamp Atalay on top of it and fact. Being creative with your tile can reduce the capacity of your temperate and go out. Use your imagination. I can't wait to see what you come up with and use the techniques that we went through and the Russians that I've provided for the age at edge or the tile texture. 8. 8. Rustic Effect: to create a quick, rustic effect. We've just one brush and more than 5 to 10 seconds. Just use the brush that I've provided. So open a new cameras I'm gonna use on that and then go to your color palette. I'm gonna go with a dark blue, and we are gonna select the Marcellus style, and then we adult lifting the pencil. I thought painting here seat if you lift your pencil will create that problem. So really smoothly still or your canvas. And the last five seconds we've created a tiled background with this cool, nice, rustic effect as the background. 9. 9. Tile Texture Brush: from the canvas that we've created. We are gonna add those little tiles behind this one. So gonna go to my layers and a new one, move it underneath this one, and then I'm gonna select the tile texture brush. I'm gonna go over my color palette, Select this dark, um, brown and see the size this is good and just laid out 15 years pen. Just paint your camera so really quick. So it's quite cool because it have this that crown. So it's not a solid color, but that grading that looks very rustic. And what I like to do for this is actually place on top of it on top of the rustic layer. And then I like to reduce your capacity a little bit around 50%. And you've created a wall. Cool. Um, with this tile brush 10. 10. Adding Lettering: I'll not previous lessons. We've learned how to use the rustic brush and how to use the tile texture brush to create this canvas. Now we are gonna add some bettering. This is where you can go while where you can put your ideas out there and this background serious in Yiddish is gonna have to stand down in line. I think this is so beautiful and gorgeous and unique. So what this app has as a cool feature is, um, First of all, it's open. A new layer is recently procreate, has released a picture called text. So if you just want to add some text click on a text, say that you want to say you want to ride Portuguese tiles and then over here, you can, um, customize your lettering. You have a lot of funds that you can choose from difference. Like this one. Um, you can metallic bolds like the style you can increase the size off your lettering. Just meet in creativity here so you can increase the size of your lettering. You can increase the spacing between your letters. You can't also increase Theo size as well after the spacing. Actually, here is the space between your lettuce, for example, and then the baseline. You can move it as well, and you can also reduce t a positive as well. If you want to go for a more rustic effect here against a legs. Teoh, put your text at the middle on your ride left. Here, you can underline your text, and here you can create this outline off your lettering. And if you turned us on, it would turn your letters into Capital Letter Capital. So just let's go back. Teoh have a huge at it. It's style. And as a crew feature as well, you can import funds. Uh, just have a look and keep an eye on my instagram. I'm preparing a couple of cool phone said. I will make available, and I hope very soon. So moving on you click done. You have your background, your tiled unica lettering. Just click on select and you can with around increase, decrease and really quickly. You've created a tiled texture, wade some veterans, but if you're like me, you waas, you love lettering and you lock calligraphy. So I've created this word over here that put it on top. So this word was created A wave, my Gonzalo brush, which is a calligraphy brush. This one is not on this set. But if you have over to my website, it's a free brush that I have available that you can dumb vote and let me quickly show you the brush. So let me have a year. And this brush is pressure sensitive. So when you go up thin strokes when you go down six strokes and you can just size great those gorgeous, uh, calligraphy pieces or sigh lettering. So with this words, um, that's turn the capacity. Let's create something different. Something also not school with blue. And I'm gonna select my Gonzalo brush for this effect. I'm gonna go over my lettering. Just way go. So we have a night's work. What you can do is at some effectiveness, you can duplicate this layer the bottom one week, go to a select a black collar, then go back to layers, click on G layer and then here on this select. We can move this a little bit over here and click adjustments blushing blur, and we can add some and texture to the lettering, physical effect and also you can add some gold lettering so you can use the background that provided. Or if you decide to go to a my shop and see the full collection, you will have this pool metallic brush, which which you can easily go over and add some cool Metallica feds back to your brother to your trip. 11. 11. Tile Frame Effect: Lastly, what you have on your sample kit is two brushes, which you can create Hey on and inter. Drastic advantage, old frame. So let's open a new canvas that's select darker blue. That's guilt. The sample of brushes and this least one frame. While it's actually two brushes, you have the edge and decide so on. The what we are gonna do is that's over here. Then you're gonna add a new layer in select son. You hear that? Since they are on different players, you can select this one. Put in place with this, uh, with the edge you can keep stamping, or you can just replicate and add as many as you want them, all of them. But it's here. You can't rotate, so that's top of the here, and then that's duplicate. You can duplicate as many as you want. Just rotate, and it should be a perfect match. You can always go over it so you can create Kate Frame. I'm gonna speed up the process, so we've easily created a frame. It's not perfect because it was done really quickly. Bob, you can go over this frame, played the techniques that we went on our previous listen and you have a frame. And on top of it you, Jim, at some texts or pretty quickly go to word with his Hello. You can have some text uses the procreate text picture. It's really up to you. But this is a cool wide you create a friend. 12. 12. Final Thoughts : and we are done for this class. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it. I think these techniques are quite different and new. You have a simple kid. Don't forget to download that simple kid and go world and user created gvt to use and to create as much as you want. And make sure to tell because I do love to see your creations. Just a side note. This is a sample of precious of my entire collection. On the description below you'll see. I linked to my website for my Etsy shop where you have the full collection. The full collection has 33 brushes and I'm gonna go quickly over the collection and and yet so on the collection In the collection, you will have a guide, so this guide will be provided inside of it. You will have more details about how to use the brushes on the kids in that kids and what you will find is and the example of brushes until you will have more brushes. So what? You will find our thes stock brushes so you have to monoline large to monoline edge on has large I just want as as a small edge, you will have the brushes that we've to discuss during this class, which is one metallic that does respect and one large a metallic, which has Does this affect another as much as this one and you have to tell texture. You will also have more. Some Teoh go wild. So you will have a nine stamps so you can see that you can go while. And there's so many different styles that you can use so and so many combinations that you can go for with these campus with stamps and you will have more rustic brushes. So the one that we've used, you have more deep with different designs. So let me quickly show you this one, this has a white background. This is this has a, um, darker about background, a dark blue. So you have nine a rusty brushes that you can use as a background to your lettering and go wild with your creations. And then you have a three grits that you can use for your freestyle. And finally you have a more frame brushes. So you have this, um, design, which is the flower one. You have the imperial frame. You have the Lisbon frame and you also have the angel friend. The angel frame is already ready to go. Just select the brush and stamp and you can great your lettering and that's offer. Discuss. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Check out the link if you want to see the full set and if not, feel free to use the sample. Go wild, injure your creativity and stay tuned for more upcoming clashes. Happy drills.