Create a Paper Cut Light Box in Procreate: From Sketch to Final Piece (Free Brushes & Color Palette) | Lettie Blue | Skillshare

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Create a Paper Cut Light Box in Procreate: From Sketch to Final Piece (Free Brushes & Color Palette)

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction


    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Exercise 1: Layered Landscape

    • 5. Exercise 2: Texture, Light & Shadow

    • 6. Exercise 3: Adding Color

    • 7. Exercise 4: Making an Animation

    • 8. Bonus Animation

    • 9. You made it!

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About This Class

Hi! My name is Lettie. I am a freelance illustrator and co-founder of INobice Design and Software. 

I love to create all kind of illustrations in Procreate, especially realistic paintings, watercolors, animations and paper cuts. You already know how I create my paper-cut style portraits so, in this class, I will show you step-by-step how to turn your iPad into a layered paper cut light box.


This time, I don’t want you guys to worry about how to draw trees, the sky, mountains or any other element of the composition. I want you to be focused on making the illustration glow and cast rich shadows to get a enchanting scene. So, I’ve put together a set of brushes and two color palettes for you. You can find them on the “Project and Resources” section.

We are going to make together three fun and easy exercises and I will share with you lots of useful tips along the way.

For starters, I will walk you through my process to create a nice (paper cut) landscape. Then, we will add texture, light and shadows to our landscape and turn it into a paper cut light box. And finally, we will create a magical multicolored animation of our wonderful light box.

Whether you are a Procreate beginner or expert, this class is for anyone looking for improving their skills and learning new techniques when drawing digitally.

Ready to have fun creating a paper-cut light box? Let’s get started!

Basic knowledge of Procreate is recommended but not required to take this class. Having said that, let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator


Here you will find my most comprehensive Procreate classes. They will take you from Procreate beginner to master in a few days. Each class is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Procreate. You can watch the classes in order or jump into the specific tool or feature you want to learn more about. The choice is yours!

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Lady, I'm afraid and administrator on Calf on their often advises on and software I Love to create all kind off illustrations seem procreate, especially really sick paintings, watercolors, animations and paper cuts. You already know how I create my paper cuts style portrait. It's self in this glass. I will show you step by step, how to turn your iPad into layer paper cut flight books. This time, I don't want you guys to worry about how to draw trees, the sky and mountains or any other elements off the composition. I want you to be focused on making the illustration glow and cast rich shadows to get on in shunt in sin. So I put together our landscape set of brushes and tickle or politics for you. You can find them on the products on resources section below. We are going to make together three fun and easy exercises on. I will share with you many useful ticks. L on the weight fourth status. I will walk you through my process to create a nice paper cattle landscape. Then we will texture light and shadows to our landscape and turn it into a paper cut flight books on. Finally, we will create a magical, multicolored animation. Whether you are appropriate, beginner or expert. This glass is for anyone looking for improving their skills. I'm learning new techniques, one drawing digitally, ready to have fun, creating a paper cut like books. Let's get started. 2. Downloads: a really paper cut lie box is made of layers off hand cut paper silhouettes carefully arranged inside of books. L. I d. Lights off one or more colors. I used to make this seem glow and cast reach others coming up with the same for the scene. Cartilage pieces on assembled in requires a little patient in time. So in this class I will show you how to create a digital version that will only take you about 45 minutes. Let's start downloading all the brushes and color bonnets that you will need to fall along with this class. Go to the Projects on Resources section. Here you will find tickle or Pollitz on one set of brushes. Tap on each file to download them, then tough more and finally copy to procreate. This is a grayscale color palette that will make your life easier if you want to draw more elements or add more layers to your illustration. This is the color palette we are going to use in this class. So let's change a wonderful color palette for this win. I'm here. You have old the brushes I will lose now that do have downloaded everything you need to follow along with this class. Let's dump into the next video where we will start making our sketch. 3. Sketching: we're going to create our whole illustration using the brushes we just unloaded. But first we need to make sure we create a nice composition. So let's make a quick sketch. I will use this illustration as a wallpaper for my iPod. So, as you can see here, this is a screen size canvas. Well, these class I've chosen on all see let to frame the landscape. If you want to work on a difference in Lent or landscape, it's okay. You will be able to follow alone with your own illustration to Okay, let's use the analyst, um, brush and to play the Sylhet exactly in the middle of the campus. Go to actions, don't on drawing guide, then top on any drawing guide and choose symmetry. Then quad rond and finally tap done. Now turn off drawing assist. We just need the axes as a reverence. We don't want procreate to mirror everything you draw. In case you want to add something else. In this way, we just need to move the owl until the blue points meet their axes. Now that the sale it is centered on the campus, we can turn off the axes. Visibility. Okay, decrease the lay opacity. I will also changes slightly the background color. Now we are going to create a rough sketch. Susan sketching bra, HB pencil, for example, and create and newly let's name it and the starts kitchen. I will Landscape will be composed by a few mountains and trees and lake the moon on a few stars. So we need to arrange all these elements before going crazy and start stumping mountains and trees everywhere. Okay, we will draw a few rows off spruce trees in the foreground. A lake around here, if you mountains, um, the many rows of trees mountains I mean the many elements in general we make the three dish , our illustration will look, But don't get crazy or you will end up with too many layers. Okay, let's draw the moon on a few of stars. I'm now go to the all air happened whole donate with two fingers. Choose a let decadent off the layer top Invert, make sure you have inverted this election. Create a new layer name. It's all just black in top fuel layer. Yeah, I have chosen white to avoid reflections in the video, but our whole frame should be black. OK, well, what we have done is different. Our sketch with the owl silhouette. Now we can only see the part off the landscape that ease in sight off the out. We can also do days going to the brush set in, stopping with chip fingers on the shape sores or tapping invert shape stump now and fill in the gaps. Now that our sketches dumb weaken, start working on the first eso size. In the next video, I will be showing you how to create a layer that landscape illustration using this is sketch on the custom brushes. 4. Exercise 1: Layered Landscape: in this video, we are going to use these rushes to make a layered grayscale landscapes super quickly. We are not going to focus on drawing details this time. Onley forms. So if you won't agree, your own landscape elements simply make down line and then use the color dropped to fill them. Okay, let's start the crazy. A positive of the sketch. Create a new layer and place it on the need. We will start off by doing this sky. She is the lightest, great off the color palette that I gave you and feel the layer I can barely see the sketch . Let's turn it wide. Yeah, much better. Imagine that this gray layer is a piece of paper. What we have to do now is to cut out this does on the moon. Instead, off Cuttino the holes using a hobby knife, which would be pretenders. For our bill of iPod, we will use a racer so top only razor write books on stars. We are going to make a few holes for light to shine through, increasing on decrease in the brush size, we can greet stars off different sizes and decrease in size even more we can create something similar to the Milky Way. If you also want a few shooting stars on your sky, use the light pen, please. Way so mean and out to see how your illustration is looking. Okay, I think it is looking good right now. Let's see. Let the moon stump brush in. Oops, too big. Let's decrease the brush size and try again. Okay, Alice Guys Doan for the lake. We need to create a new layer. Let's name it. Make tap on this selection tool. Ben Rectangle. Tap and drag on the campus to make a rectangle on selection and the fill it with white. We will have two degrees these layer opacity just to see the sketch in. In my case, also, the owl seal it. If you all its black and you can perfectly see your sketch, keep the capacity off these layer to the maximum. Well, I will show you now how dimensions brushes work. I will turn off the visibility off all the layers so we can see the baby's better on deal. It is layer we no longer needed, great any layer and choose the's great color. I've created three different mountain brushes, but they all work the same way with them. You can create mountains off different sizes randomly. You will get an individual mountain off a different size each time you top on the screen. If you draw a line, you will get many mountains, speaks off different sizes and, ah, little bay the scatter. If you draw a line on hold rdn until lying created Po, perhaps at the top, you can control how far or close the mountain tapes are. I'm aligned them simply holding a finger on this screen. That was easy, right? Well, let's turn on all the latest, um, place that mountains where they should be. Um, what is my sky? It seems I forgot to turn it on. I will have to move these a little bit down there. Well, let's create a new layer. Name it mountains, too. Just the mountain to brush on the next great color. New layer. Next great color. Same brush, new layer next gray color. And let's choose now that mountain one. When creating paper cut light boxes in procreate, the farther away the layer is from the background. That darker degree we will choose for eat this way we make the different elements look like they are also far away from the light source. So if you want to add more less than me with mountains, trees or whatever, use the grayscale Pollitz instead. Okay, we have a lake, so we have to create the water reflections. We can keep it simple and Onley make the reflection off the mountains that are close to the lake. Or we can reflect all the landscape stars and moon included. I won't draw trees in the forefront, so I will create a reflection on Lee for the closest mountains. But Fif free to change the layout however you want. I will create the water reflections for the mountains three and four. Let's start with the number four silly layer duplicated and use that transform to to flip the image, move it here and now use the selection tool to move the other mountain, Duplicate them mountains, three layer. Flip it, move it here. And as I said before, you can duplicate the rest of the mountains on the sky layers. If you are not going to draw some trees over here, Okay, Next step. We have to merge the flip less. Moved the result of layer just above the lake layer and apply. Go Schindler. About 15 or maybe 13% looks good to me. Let's rename the layer what air or infections. Create a new layer. Pick the next gray color and select the pine trees brush. It works. Lydon Mountains brushes. See, So let's make a line and move it if necessary. Don't forget to name it in creating new layer. Name it. Choose the next color. Increase the brush size. Let's draw a few more trees. New layer name. Next cooler increased the brush size again. I will invert the color off the trees. Number two to see what I'm doing. Uh, now I can keep moving on modifying the trees layer for a while until I am happy with the result. Still not happy with the result. So I was implicated. The Layer movie. It's about here and merch both last. Okay, now that I am finally happy with the result and we have warm up with this Easy s a size before start having fun with color. In the next video, we will add light and shadows to our illustration 5. Exercise 2: Texture, Light & Shadow: the next step is to Axum. That's to 11 escape textures. Lines and shadows will help us to get that sense of it as I want. Final goal is to create a paper cut light box. In this video, we're going to focus on ad in the paper texture and creating the necessary light effects. Full D. C. Look like a really light books. Having said that, let's make me slit like riel pieces of paper. We have two options. Give the same paper textures to older forms or different textures. For the first option, we need to create a layer at the top off the layers panel. She is a medium green color, a nice paper texture brush. Let's increase the brush size on a passage E and pain with it all the canvas. I'll see him in for you to see the texture. Um, I think it's too subtle yet to settle for my taste. I will duplicate it. I think it looks better now, so I will murch the layers and apply the ad blend moot to enhance the texture. If it is it still to subtle for you, you can duplicate the layer again. Choose a different blend mood or goto adjustments and modify the brightness off the great color. OK, but what if we want to use different textures? Well, to give a different texture to each layer, we will use clipping mosques. We have to agree to remove the paper text layer just above the way we want to apply the texture. The dress number three, for example, by simply turning the texture lay into a clipping mask. We are applying the texture on Lee to the layer below. So the process is creator layer, turn it into sleeping mask. Choose a nice texter. Don't apply it easy. Right now our trees have different textures. Well, the second option is more time consuming, So I will come back to the first option with God to paper texture. But what about the thickness? Our illustration looks really flat, right? To create a paper sickness, we need to duplicate all the forms by the water on the war reflections. So let's do it in vertical er off these layer if you still have it white and implicate, Duplicated, duplicated. Now we need to turn white All the duplicated less directions. Option number one, She is white tap on hold with two fingers to select the layer content and then top feeling option on the two. Go to hear saturation and brightness and said the brightness do the maximum. Repeat the Matha do prefer until all your duplicated layers are white. Select all the duplicated less and moved on a slightly by tapping on the screen a few times now. Our pieces of paper are thick. We've chosen white because the light that comes from behind eliminates the edges off our pieces of paper. We will decrease the opacity off these layers later, but first we will draw the light that comes in between each piece of paper. Duplicate all the white last, and let's turn off the back room layer so we can see the moon better. Once you have all the layers implicated, use the go Schindler to make everything glow. This party is trialling on error. I always a start applying more Go Schindler to the layers are closer to the light, but I usually end up modifying these layers, and the percentage of the Kocian blur effect later on because they look too bright or because they are not bright enough. Don't worry about that. You can easily modify these lays at any time. Okay, Now it's time to decrease the opacity off some off the lays in a real paper cut lightbox. The pieces of paper that are closer to the light source are more eliminated than the ones that are far away from it. So to make this look like a really light box, we have to reduce the capacity of the white laced representative thickness off the paper. As they move away from the light source, I will keep capacity off the first mountains. Acid is right now and the start decreasing the A positive off those layers from here own. I will decrease the opacity of these layer about 10% the next one about 20% on DSO one. But once again, this is not accept science. We might have to change these person to jeez later. It is a bit difficult to see the difference between something that is ah 100% opaque and something that has its so passively reduced because we have many different shades of great right now. But you will clearly see the difference when we apply colors in the next video. Well, they finish this part off on a new layer, we are going to make a great in dark in the dark on the bottom off our illustration. This will emphasize the light in effect we just created Use a dark grey to feel about 1/4 off the campus now Tapingo Schindler and said it about 50%. Duplicate the layer, flip it vertically and move it up. Mm. I feel something is off in my composition. It kind of looks a bit some bones, so let me see if I can adjust it. I also think that this is not bright enough. So let's make sure our background layer is on on Dwight and we're going to apply the explain. Manto. All the white blur lands to increase the brightness. If you think this is too bright, you can decrease the lay opacity and also used the Kocian blur to again much better, right? So let's keep going. No mountain, too, on Blur Mountain. Three on in these gays. Let's zoom in. This part is ju bright, so tap on the razor picked us off. Airbrush decrease the brush will pass it day, increase its size and erase carefully until it looks good to you. Next blurred layer. Uh, let's amount to see how this is looking. Okay. Next, I'm going to decrease the opacity off base one. In fact, I will decrease their positive off all the blurred trees. Less What else? Um oh, the like. It looks a bit dark, so I'm going to set It's a pass iti to about 8%. Okay, this is starting to look like a real paper cut, like books. Right. In the next video, we will bring it to life, adding colors. 6. Exercise 3: Adding Color: our grayscale illustration looks really nice, but we wanted to look spectacular. So in this video, I will show you how to add one more color state. Create any layer here and name it color. Okay, lets start coloring our light books using only one color. Pick a color from the color wheel or the color palette. As you prefer on. Simply feel the layer. Now let's may so magic Open the blend mode. Spinal cheese color and data. Yours Truth Luke. Ladies cool, huh? Let's see how it looks. If we invert the color room nice, we can easily change the color of our illustration going to hue, saturation and brightness. I'm playing with this letters for a while. Let's use two colors now here the layer on Let's pick these pale turquoise use the selection tool to make a rectangle dragon dropped the color and now happened hole on this election button until the menu appears and then topping verse Election, which is a pale purple and feel this election exit selection Mood goto adjustments and used the cash in Blur to to blend the colors together. We can also play around with this Grady in flipping it tapping on the layer under an invert corners or going to adjustments. A sweet it people. We can get a more dramatic gore dreamy effect, creating a new layer on top, set in the blend mode to an and using white or light color and an airbrush, and start adding more lights to our landscape. I am doing days really fast on. I am not being very careful. I just want to show you the kind off effect you will get doing this. If you use a smaller brush it spend a little time and you are more careful with your strokes. You will get better results. So just keep in mind that if your lightbox does not blow enough, you can always use this little trick. Okay, once you're happy with the result, joined me in the next video where I will show you how to create a super cool animation 7. Exercise 4: Making an Animation: in order to make our lightbox illustration more interesting in this video, we're going to create a color change in animation when creating animation using procreate, we need our illustration to have as few layers. It's possible this way is easier to know exactly what is going to appear in each frame and have more layers to play with. So we need to merge most of our layers. But when we merge multiple layers that are said the different blend modes, the resulting image may change. See, sometimes in a subtle change, and sometimes it's a big one that depends on the blend months with used. So I will undo these and show you a little trick to get around this problem, exit to the gallery and duplicate appropriate file. So we have a backup with all our last intact. This will be our backup file, and we will use these other file to make Oh, our animation. Okay, we are going to turn off the visible date off the black hole on Textor Latest. We don't want them to be affected by the colors. We will apply later to the rest of the image. Three. Finger done wants to make the copy and paste menu appears. And now Tappan Copy Old. This will make a snapshot of our current campus, so we just have to talk paste, and we will have all our visible layers merged in a new layer. See, we no longer need told his layers. So before applying further edits to our illustration, let's clean and organize our layers panel now select all the layers and group them when we use procreate to create animations. What they asked us is to use our layers panel as a timeline panel. That's why we need to be very organized. The first frame in our animation will be the layer or group of players. In our case, situated at the very bottom off our panel and the last, the uppermost layer or group of plays turn on the visibility off all the layers because only the lands that are turned on in the moment we create and he made it file will appear in it. In this class, we are going to create very simple animations. But if you are interested in learning many cool animation techniques, take a look at my class. Turn your drawings into animations using Onley appropriate. Okay, Our first time dimension will have on Lee three frames. So we have to duplicate the group twice. Now we will feel the car layers. I will use these yellow for the 1st 1 Um, I will turn off the visibility of the group so you can see the result. Now go to the next group and repeat the process using a different color. Of course, you can use color drop to feel the layer to next group. Honest. So in the color in Philly Now go to actions and then share. We went up on any of these options. What procreative is to export our layers and green with them? An animated GIF, PNG Or before Jeff BNG options will create loop animations on. Then before one create a loop but will allow you to share its on Instagram plus Instagram will make the loop for you. I will use jet for you to see the loop. But if you want to post it on your instagram feed, use the end before option. This is a preview window here We can see how the animation is looking on. We can also control help fast, all slow it goes before exporting anything, I will set face to 0.8 seconds per frame on top. Full restoration to export it. Save it wherever you want. I will save a tone. Photos on this is a result that was easy. Right now. Let's make our animation longer a nicer adding to color. Grady INTs duplicated up group then having selected color layer, use this election tool to make a rectangle now see like a different color and feel. Don't forget to accept selection to a news Go Schindler to blend the colors together. Nice, duplicate the group and, having only color selected, used the transform tool to flip vertically. Dig radiant. Now, in between these two groups, we are going to add a blue frame. So go to this group duplicated and move it. Here we will end our animation with a purple all so we need to duplicate the Purple Group and place it at the top. Let's close the group's just to move them easily on duplicate the one with the purple colored play. Move it to the top on Let's export our animation. If you have enjoyed what's in your animation, come to life and you want to learn more tricks in the bonus video, I will show you how to gradually increase and decrease intensity off the lights before changing to the next color. 8. Bonus Animation: the animation we're going to creating these video is going to be really cool, but a little bit more complicated than the previous ones, Only a little bit. Okay, I don't want you to get lost, so we're going to name every single group we make. The first group will be the number one duplicated rename, and this will be the group number two. Okay, Now we're going to gradually darken our in astray shin to make it look like the light loses intensity, create a new layer. Justin, top off the inserted image and apply over. Elated. She let this great color unfilled the layer, duplicate the group. This will be the group number three, and we will change the color off this layer for a dark agree, repeat the process once more. But now few Blair with black. Now we are going to duplicate the groups to increase the intensity off the light again, close the group. So it's easy to move them, duplicate the third group on, move it to the top off the lace panel, duplicate the 2nd 1 move it to the top and do exactly the same with the first group. Now we're going to increase the intensity off the light a bit more. Duplicate these group rename it See room, create a new layer, said it to overlay in Fill it with this light gray color. Let's check out how our animation is looking. Increase the number of friends for seconds so the animation doesn't go to slip, and I will export it for you to see bigger. But you don't have to sport it yet. Okay, let's keep going. Now we are going to duplicate the group's 1 to 4 and move them to the top. This way, if you run out of place, you can flooding all the duplicated groups. Okay, we're already increased. UN decreased the intensity of the light. Now we are going to repeat the animation, but sleeping the colors depreciate the group number four. Tap on the color layer and use the transform tool to flip the colors vertically. Now we have to repeat the duplicate and move process. But with those lights change, we have to flett the colors every time we duplicated grip. Yeah, this process is a bit tedious, but I think it is totally worth it. You can change the colors as many times as you want and repeat the process again on again to make a longer on cooler animation. As I will not change the colors again, I will flatten all the groups to have more layers available. Let me name them again so you can follow alone better if we want our lip animation to look great. We have to finish where we started it. So we need to duplicate a few layers again. Repeat what I do. OK, Beckett. In these last we are decreasing the intensity off the light. No, we are increasing the intensity off the lights again. We could end our animation here because if we made a loop, the next friend would be this one. It lost his name when we flatten the groups. But these layer is actually the first we created. Okay, let's create one last effect. After increasing and decreasing the intensity of the light using to Grady ins, the next step we are going to take is to keep the intensity of the light and just switch colors. So go to layer number one with the blue sky, duplicate it and move it to the top. Duplicated again a few times we are doing face to make these frame appear more time in our animation. Do the same with the layer number one that HASA poor Bo Sky. We're already half a lot of lens, so I will duplicate it and plays the lubricated layer at the top off our laying spinal by simply dragging and dropping it into the canvas. Here it is. See, let's go these layer 18 so we don't get confused on duplicate the layers several times. I want this image to have the same duration in the animation than the previous one, so I've created four of them. Let's make this color changing effect. Repeats a couple more times by selecting driving on dropping the layer into the campus. First batch off, duplicated less. Let's diss. Let these one if it wants to hand duplicate them again. Okay, lets sport our final video so cool, right? I can't wait to see yours 9. You made it!: Hey, you made it. I hope you like the class Learned a lot and feel inspired to create your own paper. Cut lightbox or boxes, please share your progress in the class project section. I love to see what you guys create. I take glass products regularly, so I am always there. If you need my help with anything, are feedback. I love stating. So it really means so much to me that you watch my classes. If you've got a minute place, leave a review off the class that tells me sketcher and hope for students. What do you think about why I'm teaching on it Helps all the people to find my classes on the platform, which is really important to re. If you want to know more about procreate with me and elevate your skills as a digital artist, visit my schedule channel where you will find a bunch of classes focused on drawing and painting. Using this awesome up. If you really appreciate what I'm doing, you can support me, um patriot. And of course, you can also follow me on a sketcher instagram on Facebook. Well, thanks again for watching, and I hope to see you in my next class.