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Create a One Page Website with!

teacher avatar David Utke, Web Pro and YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Why and When to use

    • 3. Get a custom domain name

    • 4. Setup Your Carrd Account

    • 5. Carrd Website Builder Explained

    • 6. Design Your Carrd Like a Pro

    • 7. How to Setup Your Custom Domain

    • 8. Conclusion - Thank Your For Enrolling!

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About This Class is a unique website builder that allows you to create a beautiful, responsive one page website. Carrd is perfect for anyone looking to create an email opt-in form landing page that stands out, about me websites, personal portfolios or an online resume.

In this course, we cover the essential steps required to create a website with Carrd. We cover unique design aspects that leverage on page anchor links as well as specific guidance on how to best design your site using Carrd's website builder.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Utke

Web Pro and YouTuber


David Utke is a professional blogger, web designer and a highly rated user experience consultant.

Starting in 2009, David first began learning web development and WordPress for his own online projects and now translates technical skills in an easy to understand way for beginners with his educational courses.

He currently lives abroad, travel vlogs as a hobby and runs his online business from cafes and workspaces.

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Welcome to the course and my name is David. I'm going to walk you through step one to step done and how to create a beautiful, responsive one-page website with cards Eco, car dot co is a very unique website builder that allows you to create a beautiful one-page website. One page as in one page, not two, not 31 page. Now a car deco is perfect for any type of about MY website online portfolio, or if you're looking to create an Instagram bio link website. In this course, we're going to be covering all of the essential steps that you need to know like getting your custom domain name and name. Sheep had a set of name servers as well as how to design your card deck co, website using their website builder. So if you're ready to get started, click the next video and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Why and When to use So why card dot co. So car deco is a fantastic one-page website builder. That's perfect for anyone looking to create like a beautiful about MY style website, online portfolio, online resume. Maybe you want to create like an email opt-in form to link from your YouTube video description. Maybe you want to just create like a beautiful Instagram bio link websites. So like on your Instagram account, you can only get that one link. Card deck has fantastic because you can create a very beautiful, impressive like Instagram bio link website where you can have all your resources and social media links, etc. And it's really, you can customize it and make it unique and add your own personality. And this is why I like cardiac code because it's a specialty website builder. Really has a nice market for these specific needs. And best of all, you get a 14 day free trial. And you can also just use card dot co for free. So they have a free plan and they also have a Pro plan. There's no reason to upgrade to the pro plan unless you want to have your own custom domain name and you want to unlock more of the premium templates, but you can use the free version completely for free to great effect for creating any type of numerous website that you want. But I really just overall by cardiac Cove because it fills this specific niche. And I think it's a very creative option for creative types in professionals who need something a little bit of a step up and who don't want to deal with something as complex as getting like installing WordPress are going expensive about mountain money to Wix or Squarespace. They just want a simple solution to create a bunch of, to create like a handful of very premium beautiful one-page websites. If that's the situation you're in, then cardiac CO is perfect for you. And so let's continue. 3. Get a custom domain name: Welcome to name So beginners are often more familiar with GoDaddy for domain name registration. But I personally use and recommend name cheat because they have lower prices when compared with other domain name registrars. So to get started, it's very simple. You just come to this search bar and you type in the domain name that you want to register. So I'll type in something like my super amazing Okay, let's search and see if this is available. Ok, so my super amazing is available. And so I can go ahead and just click the Add to Cart button. Now if your domain name is not available, that means you have to come up with something else. So just come up with something until you are able to register your domain name of choice. Anyways, I'll click the Add to Cart button. Okay, item has been added to my cart in now what's quick? The Checkout button here. And that is basically it. So this domain name registration page, you can register a domain name for up to, for one year, up to nine years in advance, auto renew on or off. It's up to you. And that's it. And so then just go ahead and click confirm order and then creature Name Cheap account and that is it. And so you just registered a domain name. 4. Setup Your Carrd Account: Welcome to Car dot co, so this is card dot code. This is there a one page website that's beautifully designed now to get started with card is very easy up two options. You can either click, choose a starting point where you can click the log in. Now if you click on the choose a starting point, you're able to edit any template for free without having to sign in, et cetera. And I think that's really nice because you can just jump in and try card and see if you like it. So let me go ahead and click to select for this gene D template. Now the issue is you're able to then edit the template. But like when you come up here to save, then you're going to have to sign in any ways. And also if we click on starting point again, in navigates, who wanted these pro templates? For example, if I click on this, then it gives us a call to action to sign up and we can start a free trial for seven days. And so the advantage of signing up with card is that you can send for free. You don't have to pay no credit card and no PayPal. You can just seven days you get to try all the features of card. That's why you want to create an account and sign in because you can set up a custom domain name, you get access to all these, say, icon and advanced forms, etcetera. Because if you're just on this, you are going to be limited as to what you can add. For example, like I can't add widgets, add forms, they can't embed. And this is available with pro quick to learn more. Basically, everything is geared towards getting youth a login. So just go to the login page, click the sign-up form, and then just create an account and then continue on with the tutorial. 5. Carrd Website Builder Explained: Welcome to my dashboard for card. So I'm assuming that you've signed up, you create an account in that you started your seven day free trial. So let's get started. Now, I just want to give you a quick broad overview of card and basically all the different templates and what I would recommend for what specific topic. So let's get started. So these first two work fantastic for a simple About Me style website, I really like this one. This is a great example of a, a longer template, longer page template that you could design. I would use something like this to either a have as a personal portfolio or about MY website. Or I would even maybe just create like my favorite resources, kinda like make your own version of kits. Kids for like YouTubers where you can showcase your favorite camera and your gear courses, et cetera. And just link to it from say like your YouTube video description. That's something that you could potentially do. Something like this is a, just a great simple about MY website. Like just nice little card. We have your main social media links. This would be perfect to link to, from say Instagram's should tell people weren't more about you. Let's continue on. Now. My personal favorite is write down over here. I really am impressed by this template and I can show you how to design this template too, which I'll get to later in this tutorial video. But I like this because you click these different buttons. And I like that this layout changes and you're like, whoa, I thought because only one page. But what's cool is that these are actually anchor links in the page sections are just hidden. And so I really liked the way that is laid out. Now, a card also does come with specific like email opt-in forms for example. And so if you're using Mail Chimp or convert kit and you just, you know, those already come with Fantastic email templates in my opinion. So I don't really think this is the selling point for card. But you do have this option because with a paid plan, you do get the ability to have multiple websites within your card account. So hey, if you like if you're signed up to Lake no chipper convert care, a weber, et cetera. And you want to have a nice, beautiful template landing page for your website, YouTube, social media profiles. Part is great. It's a great little option. And so that is broadly speaking, what you can do, you can create a nice, simple one page about me website that's nice and short into the point, you could create something a little bit longer and more detailed. You can create something that looks a little bit more impressive and creative, the width, the way it's laid out. And you can also just take advantage of having a simple contact page or you could just have a like an email opt-in form. Click here to subscribe whatever you wanna do. So those are all the different templates that you can take advantage of with card. And lastly, they also have the blank canvas. And so the Blink canons is a little bit tricky to get to you because you literally have to click this right here and there's, it's not, it's not really a strong indication that you can click it, but the blank canvas is right here and you can completely build your own website from scratch using cart. 6. Design Your Carrd Like a Pro: All right, let's build our own card website from scratch. Now the goal of this section of the tutorial is really just to show you how card works. So then you can quickly and easily jump into any template and you know how to edit effectively and easily. So let's begin. So first off, it says nothing here yet, so that's text. The only thing that we have right now is texts. And so the change texts, you just click it and then you can come up here and you can add in what you want. And so for example, if I'm going to make a personal website, I'll call it my name. Okay, so there we go. Now if I want to have a bold so you have to pay attention. So the markdown languages are rate here. So literally if you want to bold it says you have to put two stars next to it like that. And then it's, now it's bolded. Okay, and so now we can click on Done. And now you're like, well, that's nice, but how do you make the text bigger? Okay, so click it again. I'll tap there. You have a couple of different options. So under the paintbrush, you can change the color, you can change the font, you can change the size, width, line spacing, margins, appearance, alignments. You get the drop shadow. You get a lot of features with this. So let me go ahead and increase the size. And you may get like really that's a little bit too big. Ok, we'll crew will make it like that. Ok. And then let me come down here and let me see where the drop, where's that drop shadow? I'm gonna go ahead and click that and we can edit it will drop shadow like that. And that is looking good. Okay, so I'll click done. Okay, so now I have my name there. And so how do I add other things? How do I change this grayish background? To change the background is easy. Just click anywhere on the background and then the element comes up so you can edit it. And so now you have the option to have a video if you want a color gradients, et cetera. So let me go ahead and click on image. And so if I click on, upload my own custom image, your image has to be two megabytes. So can't be, can't be a massive image. So I'll just open this one up and then we'll set this as the background image like this. Just do that. Let me click on Accept. And there we go. And so I'm not really liking the way that's looking. So let me come back and I'll come I'll come back to color. Ok, so you can play around with that. As you like, we have different options to embed videos, a gradient color. So gradient would be like this video obviously. Now, let me go back to color and you have your option to add patterns too. So I can add like noise or I can add square grid or diamond, or vertical lines or diagonal lines. Okay, and then let me reduce the diagonal lines like that, or maybe make the diet and whites bigger and keep it like that if I want. And let me change this to a nice white color. Okay, so there we go. So that's how you can change the background quickly and easily. Now when we click on this plus sign, this plus sign is where you can start adding in things easily. So if I want to add in an image, and then we'll click on upload. And then let me go ahead and click a picture of myself. Ok, we'll take that one. Just quickly adjust that click accept. Greats. Now we have alt text optional if you want to link to URL, that's optional. And I would come under a paintbrush and then we can change the width, can make it really big. If I wonder, if I can make it really small, we'll make it relatively small. Now the shape, I can change it to whatever we want. So we want to make it a circle. Great, done. Okay, that looks good. Now how do I move that? How do I, how do I get that up, doc? You drag and drop that simple. And there we go. Okay, so now we got, now it's certainly come together a little bit where we have our image of herself, maybe a name. Let me go ahead and click on the plus sign and click on text. Okay, so now the text is right there. How do I adjust the text? Again? Make sure to select the a that we detect, then you can write in whatever you want. Now, obviously your eyes should be over on this box. Do not be staring at this because it will get confusing. And so this text is way too big. So let's go to paintbrush and let's click this iss and let's make this into a reasonably small paragraph. There we go. And so the facts are still taking place on this one. So do you want the drop-down? Do you or do you want the drop shadow? So maybe I don't want to drop shadow so I can get rid of that. And I could just get rid of it altogether. It's like no drop shadow for that. I just want the title. Okay, and then let me come to appearance. Lowercase, uppercase. Alignments may come up here to the weights and let's make that a little bit heavier so it's a little bit easier to read. That's just pinch more. Okay, that's alright, that looks good. I don't like that. Push net down. So now I want to change the grid size of this. So here we go. I just selected the grid. Okay, so I'm just clicking around like this is selecting the image up top there. That's slipping the title that okay, now I'm selecting means higher squid section so I can make this wider if I once. So, you can make it really wide. If you want a really narrow, it's really up to you. There's no there's no right answer. It's just how you want to structure it. I'm going to leave it a little bit wider like that. And let me click on done. Okay, so now we have a nice image. We have in our name, we have a little description of ourselves. And so why don't I go ahead and add in some buttons, for example, or maybe a separator. So we got that. And so let me go ahead and click on a divider and minimize this divider like that, so it's not too wide. So that could be a little bit distracting looking at that with the links going on there. So maybe that's not such a good idea. So how do I get rid of something? Let me go ahead and click Done to get rid of something, click it. Then right here is the trash icon so you can delete that element. Now let me click on plus n. Let me click on icons. Icons are really helpful and you get a ton of icons with card. So it's just come down there. So we have email. And so come down here we have different symbols that we can have. Literally look at the facts, location, PDF, calendar, parallel plane, globe, check whatever you want, then you have specific navigation. So if you want to have an anchor link on the page and have someone click the down arrow and then it navigates them to the specific down section. Or you could just can't keep going on and find your specific social media links that you want. And so if you want to add in, you know, YouTube, for example, adding YouTube right there. If I want to do that, that's fine. And then you can just find whatever, whatever social media links you want to add. You can do that. So I'll have an, I'll add YouTube, okay? And so we have U2 and I can change the URL, so I'll just link to, okay? But obviously if you want to link to your specific URL, you can just go ahead and do that. And there we go. So I'm going to add another link. Okay, so maybe email me, email is okay. But maybe I want to make this into, will say like Instagram. Okay, so now you have to come down if it's alphabetical order. Okay? So let's take a look. Instagram, where is Instagram right there. Okay, good. And we'll click on path is not domain, will just make this Instagram in the And then we'll click on done. Okay, there we go. And so you want to add more easy. And so it's come down here. We'll click on Add again, and then we have email. Alright, that's looking good to me. And then right here is where you can change the URL where you want your emails to go to. So euro had so just link to your email client as appropriate If you want to go that route. So just click that. I'll click Done. There we go. Now let's go ahead and add in some buttons because that would make a lot of sense, right? So let me go ahead and click on a button there, and click on add in. Let me click on, minimize that and click Add again. Okay, so I like that. I'll leave it, I'll leave it just like that. We click on done. So now we have our title there, we have three buttons there. And so how do you, how do you adjust the buttons? Easy. So we'll come up here. And so say if I wanted this to be, will say, of course is going to be courses. And then we'll just click on done, ok and then go through each one of these individually and add it as you want. So we'll make this one read sources, resources, and we'll click on Done. And for this last one, I minimize this. Okay, and then we can just link to something else that we want to link to. And so if I want to link to like like I went, went to website creative Pro, just leave it like that. And I can just click Done. Okay, So I can link to my courses, Resources, website, greater Pro, whatever it is I want to do. Now what I really like about card is that you can add in and make these their own individual sections. So how do you do that? Okay, so begins with the plus sign. Then you have to go to this thing right here. This is control, OK, hashtag control. So I click on control. Now we're creating a page section and this is the anchor link for the page section. So I'm going to change this and make it course choruses. Ok. And now I'll click on Done. Now, how do I add things to the courses? We have to click on the plus and again, next. Next you need to go to container. Okay, so the container is your text area. Here you have different columns that you can add in. So if you want to make the left column say like if I want to make the, keep plugging everything. So I'll make this like 40, for example. And that makes this image with this box smaller than this box. And so this is nice because what you could do like in the previous template I showed you in the previous section. You can have an image over here. Then you have tax over there. If you want to go that route. So you can do something like that, or you could just come up here and click on at default and just leave it as is. And so again, to change the width, you can just come up here to the paintbrush and adjust the width as needed. Sandy's let me click on done. Now we can add things to this section. The reason you have to add a container is because if you click the plus sign, you click any of these items, they're automatically going to populate in this top section right there. So anyways, let me go ahead and click on the plus sign up top there. And we're excited that click the plus sign again. And we'll just say, we'll just say I want to I want to copy this, okay. Maybe I wanted to have a duplicate of this. Boom. And then I just want to move this down there right here. We'll leave it there. And so I don't, maybe I don't want to say my name anymore, so we'll click a, I want this to say We'll see courses, okay? So when people click on it, they know where they are. So courses. And we'll click on done. Okay, so now we can click on plus and then click on text again and then go through the same process. And so now we're right back to where we were. So we can come down here. And then I can come down here and turn off the drop shadow again. And so just x-a that, okay. And then come down here and then my teachable teachable courses. And we'll just leave it like that. We'll click on done. Now that I have a section, how do I link this button right here to this section only? Okay, very easy. You have to click on the buttons again. You have navigates courses where it says URL, delete URL, and you've done, you type in hashtag courses. You type in HashSet courses because it says hashtag courses, they're just linking this section to this specific section. And then you click on done. And that is really, that's really it. And so you want to keep going through each one. If you, if you want to build your own custom page, that's all, that's all you have to do. And so if I say if I wanted to resources was the process guys, you have to click on the plus sign and click on Control and then change it to something that you can remember like re, sort says, OK. And then we'll click on done. Now what I want to add text and I want to add content to underneath this, I don't get, remember, you have to cook plus again and go back to container. There you go. That's simple. Click on Done. And so with the section again, you can start adding in new things as you want. So we can come down to the video and we'll just upload video or embedded video. And so I can just embed any video I once. So this there'll be YouTube video. They have set up a quick that's okay. And we can keep on going plus sign. And there you go. And so then you have a bunch of different options. We can just keep going through everything can I didn't buttons, list, image, buttons, video, icons, audio, gallery, table forms, timer, widget. That's a really cool, really fun. And so let me, anyways, let me navigate back up top there. Let me click on this. Instead of, instead of Debussy p, You don't make more sense would be contacts. Ok, so this mail icon maybe just create a dedicated contact page or contact section. And so there we go. So I have this section right here. And so I can keep adding items to this. So maybe we'll add in some images. Okay, so that works. We'll come down here. And so suddenly click on Upload. Let me go ahead and upload an image that I have. This image. Okay, so this one of myself. There we go, and we'll click on Accept. And so as you notice that it kind of copied this element that was already up there. So you don't have to add it like that if you don't want to. Again, you have your full feature of what you want to add. So if you want to add in a gallery and see you wanna have multiple images, you can go ahead and do that. And so we can click on untitled there, upload there. You come down here again, was that picture of me? Was it? There it is. Okay. Click on that. Now again, has to be under two megabytes. It can't be that big. And so we have that image there, okay, there is one gallery we can click on add and then just add another image as you want. Okay? And so I can come down here in what can just pick another image of myself. Okay? Alright, I'll add in this one. I'll click on Accept. And there you go. And so we come into the paintbrush and you have a bunch of different styles. You can change the width as you want. You can change the size of the images as you want. Spacing between the two images. If you want to have the corners rounded or whatnot, margins, etc. So let me go ahead and click on done. Alright, so, so far we have top section, quick cross-section resources. Now I want to add in a contact page. So again, what's the process go to Control. Okay? And so to changes to con, tax, Ok. And then click on Done. And next we go to plus sign, again container. And right here is where we can start adding in things we weren't. So a quick here and I'll say, okay, I want to add in a form. Now the form is great because you have contact sign-up or custom form. I'm going to leave it as a custom form. And so the recipient email were, or the message is going to go. Okay. So i'll just edge of David at Gmail. Okay, I'll just enter a random email they have, and I'll click on done. Okay, so now I can edit this form as well. So we can change here, we can change the fields by clicking this button. You can change the language and the color weight. That's the set up. You can change it with a paint brush. You can change the different fields button covers over here. So if I wanted to make, make this, I go right red. I could do something like that. And there you go. So now how do we, how do we set this up to be specific like links again, alright, so we click the buttons there. And then next I want courses is linking to hashtag courses grates. And so minimize that. And resources is going to link to hashtag resources. Oh, OK. And contact is going to link to hashtag con tact. Okay, and then we'll click on Done. And there we go. So that's a nice, nice, broad overview about how to structure everything. Ok, so now anyways, if I come up there and we'll just say published card, dot co, URL, whatever. So you can publish to a custom domain name or you can publish to a card dot co URL. I'll just published through a card that co URL because it's quicker and easier. I just want to show you what the site looks like. Now the title, the title is important because the title you put in here is the search engine title. So for example, like if I type in web, say webs, a creative pro, this is the page title right here. So like what you put in here is going to be this section of your site. So don't just put in something hi or hello or gives it, give it some thought. So I'll put in like David, yuki, pays operator. You tuber, YouTubers, and web Pro, whatever. And then description. What's description? Description will be this section right here. So again, you want to give it some thought and put in something relevant. Ok, so this is the SCO, This is the SEO, or this is the meta, the script. Scrip shun. I can't spoke as. Alright, so there you go. And so we can say publish to a card URL. What card URL? I'll just type in any random thing, checking. Alright, it's available. We'll click on Publish. All right, so now it's publishing the sites. Okay, so it's click on View Site quickly. And there we go. So now it's set up properly. And so someone's to click on courses than the course page comes up quick back. We'll click on the resource page and then the section comes up. And that's broadly speaking, how you can set this up quickly and easily. And I really like this layout because you can just link to this YouTube or Instagram, bio, et cetera. So anyways, let's back out of this. Now one other little thing I like is like once you start sending up the hashtag area, you can come up here and you can manage your specific hashtags quickly and easily. Okay, so if I just want to view the core section, I can just come up here at the hashtag, click on courses. And now I can edit the course section without having to be confused by having all the, all the elements laid out on the homepage. Okay, so the add-in animations is also easy. So just click this and then all you have to do is click on the triangle we can think and then pick on an animation and then this will happen. This is what will happen when someone loads the sate. And so we'll just click on fade-in. We'll click on done, and then we'll click on publish changes. Click on OK. And now we can view the animation. So when someone opens up our sate, it can do something like this. And you could do that with each of these items here. Okay, so if I click on this right here, so for example, we'll click on the box here. The whole section selected, okay? And so I can click on the triangle. Say OK, so I want this to bore in, and we'll click on Done. And then let's click on play intimation. Ok, so this kind of blurs in like that. We can keep going with this. We could just say fates array. That makes sense there. Okay, we'll play the animation. There you go. So you can go through each one of your sections and change that as appropriate. So I can come here and click on courses. I can say, all right, this will fade down. And then I want this, I want, I want this section to have this have its own animation. 7. How to Setup Your Custom Domain: And last let me show you how to publish your website to a custom domain him so Reno and publish this to a card dot co URL. So to publish to a custom domain name is easy. Just click on publish to a custom domain. Now right here, you have your option to put in your domain name that you registered at, named cheap. So you can put it in as either www dot or you can put in the naked domain in. I personally recommend going through naked domain name. That's what I'm going to be using. Now right down here, it gives you a bunch of different information that you need to put into your domain name register. So go to your name cheap accounts, and then go to your domain name. Then you want to click on this tab over here that says Advanced DNS. Your Advanced DNS will look like this. Now you have to go ahead and add a new record. So click on add a new record. And now we want to add in an a record. So we'll just take this and we'll just go ahead and highlight that. And we'll put in the IP address right there. And now what's the host? The host is this the symbol, okay? So it's the symbol. Just do that. There you go. Now click it again and do add in another a record. And so highlight this one quickly and easily. And we'll go back there. Ip address, boom, host, at record. There we go. And then the last is the CNAME records. So we highlight this. Then we highlight this good copy. Click on add new record. Then you want to navigate to where it says CNAME record, target, our website. And then the host is www. There we go, www. And that is it. And so make sure to check the little checkmark right here. There we go. Click the Save that, click to see that. And that's it. And so now over here we want to navigate and we want to click on publish changes. And site successfully published to your custom domain name. And it says domain initializing allow up while for an hour to complete totally normal, it's called propagation and propagation usually takes about an hour, okay, and once your site has properly propagated, it should be good to go. So here is my personal website powered by a carta dot co. We take a look at the page title up there. We have My name slash youtube and web row. And it hasn't. We have an SSL certificate in just everything's all set up so I can click on resources and everything works as expected. Now one little thing you may be wondering, what's the save icon? How do I update that? Very easy. So when you're in your website, you want to click on the publish tab right there. And then you want to click on the media icon and right under here, that's where you can update this. So if you want to change this to something right here, you can just upload the icon right over here, and that is it. And so now you should have, you should have a good understanding about how the Page Builder work so you can jump into any of these templates in quickly and easily, edit as you want. So let me just go ahead and open this one up, for example. So like this is my personal favorite. I think it looks fantastic. And so it's like, okay, I don't like this purple background. I can change this to differently gradient or different color or it can edit different image. I know how these sections work, I know how to update everything I know had changed titles, images. Now if I want to change like these specific information that's associated with each one, I can do that, etc. So anyways, that is it for this tutorial. 8. Conclusion - Thank Your For Enrolling!: All right, that's it for this course. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you got tremendous value out of it, and I hope you were able to create a beautiful responsive website with card dot co. It's one of my favorite website builders, particularly for Instagram bio links because you can create something really unique and with your personality in it. Anyways, I'm starting to ramble. My name is David. Thank you very much for enrolling and have a great day.