Create a Minimalist Logo Design in 15 minutes. | Chris Dang | Skillshare

Create a Minimalist Logo Design in 15 minutes.

Chris Dang, Professional Graphic Designer

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10 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction video

    • 1: Get Inspired by well-known designers

    • 2: Set up the file

    • 3: Overall looking at the logo

    • 4: Create the circles

    • 5: Introduce to the powerfull tool

    • 6: How to use that tool efficiently

    • 7: Rotate the elements

    • 8: How to fill in the color

    • 9: Final touches and create shadows


About This Class

Hi all, my name is Chris Dang, currently living in Moncton, a small city located in East Coast Canada. I am a big fan of minimalist, modern design, let alone logo design and I hope everyone is reading this has as much passion as I do for the logo design. In creating these videos, I wish I can spread my little knowledge in not only using Adobe Illustrator but as well as in developing a sense of how to come up with the better ideas in the very first steps of a designing process. I hope you'll find the useful tricks and information that you've been looking for after watching the lessons. This class is particularly the level 1 in the total 3 levels that I will be creating in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more!





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Chris Dang

Professional Graphic Designer

Hi awesomeness, welcome to my portfolio, it has been a pleasure to me that we finally meet. Astronaut, doctor, football player, TED speaker, CEO, entrepreneur; I'm none of the above, just a guy loves creating good stuff. I strive to provide the ultimate experience every client deservedly should have. Let's get together, talk, work, have some coffee, and last but not least, have some fun. Yayyy!

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