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Create a Lead Generation Ad on Facebook

Haydn Adams, Creative Technical Educator

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16 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Navigating to the ads manager

    • 3. Specifying your FB page

    • 4. Creating and saving a custom audience

    • 5. Placements of your lead ad

    • 6. Setting budget and schedule

    • 7. Setting up the Identity, format and media

    • 8. Setting up the text of your ad

    • 9. Naming and Saving Your Form

    • 10. Form Type & Intro

    • 11. Selecting the fields of your form

    • 12. Creating a Privacy Policy

    • 13. Setting up the Thank You Screen

    • 14. The Confirmation Button

    • 15. Review results of your lead generation campaign

    • 16. Downloading your leads


About This Class

One of the most underutilized but more powerful tools of Facebook advertising is the ability to capture leads through micro targeting. While likes and video views are good, leads, whether it be email addresses or names and addresses are gold. 

Harness the power of Facebook and create a compelling lead campaign that you can use to grow your email list. I'll walk you through

  • Step by step on how to setup a lead generation campaign
  • How to review the analytics after a campaign has run
  • How to download the leads in either a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.
  • The setup of a privacy policy!

What you'll need for this class:

  • A Facebook business page
  • A giveaway of some sort (a gift to people who sign up)
  • The ability to upload files and text to your website

I'm new to the world of Facebook Advertising

That's great! I'll walk you through from the very beginning, explaining each step of the way how it is done. The best part of Facebook is that you can always tweak your results and improve and grow. 





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Haydn Adams

Creative Technical Educator

As faculty in the School of Illustration and Web Design at the Academy of Art University for over 12 years, Haydn brings his wealth of knowledge of education and curriculum design, and brings it to small businesses. During his tenure at the University, he has taught over 15 different classes and written curriculum, syllabi, CLO's (course learning outcomes) and rubrics for nearly a quarter of the aforementioned courses. 

In addition to being in the classroom, Haydn runs two busines...

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