Create a Law of Attraction Vision Board that Manifests your Dreams

Kristen Becker, NLP & Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner

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7 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction vision boards

    • How vision boards work

    • Avoid limiting beleifs

    • Freewriting activity

    • Organizing your board

    • Choosing your concepts

    • Board demo and use

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About This Class

In this course Kristen Becker will show you how to make a law of attraction vision board that will enable you to manifest your dreams. You will learn the science and metaphysics behind why visions boards work so well. You will learn about the big mistake that people often make when using the law of attraction which actually ends up magnifying their own limiting beliefs and how to avoid it. You will learn how to uncover your true core desires and dreams and how to make a vision board that will pull you toward them.  





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This was a wonderful overview! I really enjoyed the insights into what you might want to avoid or think about when selecting your imagery for your board. I also like the cadence and melody of Kristen's voice. Great!
I enjoyed the simplicity of the directions and explanations in this course and the content was very easy to follow. Thank you so much and I can't wait to try it.
As an educator, vision boards have been a staple in my health classes. But this class gave me a different perspective on how to generate one. This is a quick yet eye-opening class and I recommend this and I will be implementing these ideas in future projects!





Kristen Becker

NLP & Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner

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