Create a Jewelry/Accessories Fashion Line from Conception to Production And Everything in Between | Enovia Bedford | Skillshare

Create a Jewelry/Accessories Fashion Line from Conception to Production And Everything in Between

Enovia Bedford, Owner Mixie Management LLC

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13 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Design Classifications

    • 3. Trends Part 1: Forecasting for Next Season

    • 4. Trend Part 2: Who's Your Market

    • 5. Budget

    • 6. Costing: How to Price Your Product

    • 7. Supplies

    • 8. How to sell: What's your perfect pitch?

    • 9. Sourcing and Production

    • 10. Product Shots

    • 11. Line Sheets/ LookBook

    • 12. Deliveries

    • 13. Getting Paid!


About This Class

This class is for the creative entrepreneurial soul. If you've toyed around with the idea of starting a jewelry/accessories or clothing line I can teach you where to start. If you already have a jewelry/accessories or clothing line and have come to a creative roadblock, production issues, sales pitch problems, or just don't know whats next I can send you down the yellow brick road. At the end of this class students have learned how to create a line from conception to production. How to complete a detailed trend report for upcoming seasons with "key words" for their customers. Students also learn how to prepare line sheets, price/factor goods, and sell to boutiques. I frequently check in with students and discuss innovative ways to update potential best sellers, the most popular colors and trend of the current season how it relates to the next season, and what's next in the world of accessories design.





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Enovia Bedford

Owner Mixie Management LLC

Enovia Bedford is the owner of Mixie Management LLC a full service fashion consulting company. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry and is more than willing to share her knowledge. Her experience comes from working in costume jewelry for 10 years in all aspects of the business. As one of the driving forces in trend forecasting for top jewelry showrooms in NYC, she has designed for Forever 21,Bebe, Charlotte Russe, Candies for Kohl's, Torrid, Hot Topic, White House Black Marke...

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