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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Healing Garden Introduction

    • 2. Healing Garden Lesson 1

    • 3. Healing Garden Lesson 2

    • 4. Healing Garden Lesson 3

    • 5. Healing Garden Lesson 4


Project Description

Make a Bath Sachet

Wash off the stress and aggravation of the day with a relaxing bath soak with herbs from your own garden. Bath sachets are a fun and easy way to use the herbs you grow—think of it as tea that you bathe in instead of drink (though you could probably do that, too.).

We’ll make three different healing bath teas to use in the tub or in a bowl for a foot bath:

  • A traditional relaxation sachet with lavender and optional essential oils like lavender and ylang ylang.
  • An uplifting sachet for those ‘no good, horrible, very bad’ days with mint and essential oils like lemon and grapefruit.
  • A healing sachet for when you’re sick with thyme and essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon.

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