Create a Healing Herb Garden | Laura Foreman | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Healing Garden Introduction

    • 2. Healing Garden Lesson 1

    • 3. Healing Garden Lesson 2

    • 4. Healing Garden Lesson 3

    • 5. Healing Garden Lesson 4


About This Class

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your favorite herbal bath products and thought, “Hey, I could make that.” Although you can pop over to the natural food store or local herbal shop and buy the dried herbs you need to make your healing herbal creations, it’s cheaper in the long run to grow the plants yourself. This is a crash course in creating a healing herb garden of your own. By the end of the class, you’ll know what to grow, when to harvest and how to dry your herbs and flowers for use in bath sachets (which we’ll make), teas, oils and other healing concoctions. Pamper yourself with healing plants to improve your mood, relax your body and ease your soul.





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Laura Foreman

Gardener. Writer. Photographer.

Writer by trade; gardener by blood. Growing up, I helped my mom in the garden--weeding, planting and eating much of the harvest before it reached the kitchen. When I left the nest, I continued to garden, this time in containers, at each of the apartments I lived. I've learned a lot along the way through trial-and-error and tapping into the knowledge of other gardeners.

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