Create a Half-Drop Repeat Pattern Using Hand Drawn Motifs & Adobe Illustrator | Annette Francine | Skillshare

Create a Half-Drop Repeat Pattern Using Hand Drawn Motifs & Adobe Illustrator

Annette Francine, Embrace + Express Creativity

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12 Videos (35m)
    • Welcome!

    • 2 Supplies + ThePrintful

    • 3 Painting Brushstrokes

    • 4 Digitizing Brushstrokes

    • Color Considerations_

    • 6 Pillow Template + Art Board Prep

    • 7 Tidy Up Brushstrokes + Create Motif

    • 7b Creating the Pattern - Method 1

    • 7c Creating the Pattern Method 2 Pattern Tool

    • 8 Mockup Overview

    • 8b Saving the File

    • 9 Thank You + Your Project


About This Class



In this class I'll take you through the process I use to create half-drop repeat patterns using hand painted elements. I'm preparing my pattern to be printed on a pillow, but product creation is completely optional for this class.  

If you'd like to have your pattern printed on an object, there are a number of options available to you, and I’ll refer you to a company that can print and sew items for you at a reasonable price.


This class was designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of how to create brushstrokes and some familiarity with Adobe Illustrator.


For your class project, I ask that you share an image of your original brushstrokes, your final motif, and one repeat pattern created using your unique motif.


Screenshot of where to download the .ase file:


If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Discussions tab.

Alternatives to

These companies will print and sew pillow covers for you as well. Please know that they might require different file specifications. I believe these two companies only print on one side of the pillow.





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Annette Francine

Embrace + Express Creativity


Hello! I’m Annette Francine, an artist from the midwestern region of the United States. I am a huge proponent of embracing and expressing creativity - in whatever form suits you best.


When creating classes, I have beginners and those returning to an art practice in mind. Whether you would like to complete an art project or develop surface pattern design skills, I believe that the process is as important as the outcome. 


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