Create a Great Work Culture--One Person at a Time

Bobby Bakshi

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12 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Setting the Stage

    • 2. Get Clear About Your Personal Values

    • 3. Why 101%?

    • 4. Getting Clear

    • 5. Mission Statement

    • 6. Get clear about your desired end outcome

    • 7. Make sure your intention is your choice

    • 8. Make it real and be accountable

    • 9. Approach your intentions with focus and tenacity

    • 10. Now put all of yourself into what matters to you

    • 11. Trust that you already have all the answers

    • 12. Enjoy your victories


Project Description

Create Your Personal Mission Statement


What does leadership mean to you? Do you identify with the leader in you or is it something you see in others? What stops you from achieving your best? What would it take to have the life you truly desire?

Use The 101% You principles to get clear about your purpose, one employee at a time.

WHAT’S THE 101%?

We all have the same 24 hours. The question is how do you spend them.

#1. You can only give a maximum of 100% toward anything.

#2. Be clear about what matters most. Focus on it 100%.

#3. Count on an extra 1%: The Power of Inspiration.

That extra 1% comes through us, from within us--a Universal force for good. It’s that unexpected delighter you never saw coming and cannot plan for. Your focus on what you want attracted the resources that you need to make it real.

In keeping with our focus on the extra 1%, all my offerings are priced with an additional “1.”  We all deserve better and you deserve more. May the extra 1 positively symbolize “this and more” in all areas of your life.


Step 1: Your Intention: Get clear about your desired outcome

Step 2: Your Choice: Make sure your intention is your choice

Step 3: Your Commitment: Make it real and be account able

Step 4: Your Work: Approach your intentions with tenacity

Step 5: Your Power: Put all of yourself into what you do

Step 6: Your Integration: Trust the answers that emerge

Step 7: Your Gift: Enjoy your success


Assignment #1:

Think of a peak event in your life. We have all had them. Most peak events have these 3 ingredients:

  1. You felt it was impossible to achieve when you set out.
  2. You were clear what you wanted was your desire and your choice.
  3. You draw great positive energy & delight when you recall that event.

Peak events are typically something artistic, academic or athletic. Think of the earliest moments in your life, like learning to ride a bike.

Share it in the discussion if you choose. At minimum, keep a journal to savor your journey on this course.

Assignment #2:

After you watch the lessons that describe the 7 step process, think of your peak event (or another one if you choose) and see if the 7 steps apply.

Share them in the discussion if you choose. 

Assignment #3:

Continuing from Assignment #1, now look at your peak event and see what personal values emerge from that experience. Take the values and construct a mission statement.

For example, if your top 3 values are: courage, confidence and fun, you may create a mission statement as follows: “I co-create a world of fun and confidence by sharing my art and being rewarded for it.”

Share what you come up with in the discussion. Definitely ask for support. You’ll know when it fits you just right.


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