Create a Great Work Culture--One Person at a Time

Bobby Bakshi

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12 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Setting the Stage

    • 2. Get Clear About Your Personal Values

    • 3. Why 101%?

    • 4. Getting Clear

    • 5. Mission Statement

    • 6. Get clear about your desired end outcome

    • 7. Make sure your intention is your choice

    • 8. Make it real and be accountable

    • 9. Approach your intentions with focus and tenacity

    • 10. Now put all of yourself into what matters to you

    • 11. Trust that you already have all the answers

    • 12. Enjoy your victories


About This Class

A company's culture is created one employee at a time.  This course helps individual employees get clear about their personal values, vision and mission before connecting it with the company's vision, values and mission.

Bobby Bakshi, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Resonant Insights LLC, is a proponent of leading with clarity of purpose, one employee at a time. SIGN-UP for this course to learn how to create a culture of common understanding and intention, starting by each employee getting clear about their purpose and how it connects with that of the company they represent.

Learn from case-studies of those doing a great job (e.g. Zappos sold to Amazon for $1.25 billion) and those who have learned the hard way (e.g. "United Breaks Guitars").

Bobby Bakshi will guide you through the steps to creating a thriving culture regardless of the size of your company.  Remember, as Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) says: "Your Culture is Your Brand." Bobby believes this happens ONE EMPLOYEE AT A TIME. This course is a simple way for each employee in your company to connect with your brand by first figuring out their personal brand.