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Create a Gmail Signature Using Canva

Morgan Province, Training & Development Specialist

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Part 1 - Introduction

    • Part 2 - Brainstorm

    • Part 3 - Canva

    • Part 4 - Gmail


About This Class

Are you ready to set your emails apart?

This short tutorial walks you through how to create a customized Gmail email signature with a free online design tool called Canva. In less than 30 minutes, you can create a visually appealing Gmail signature that shares important information about you and leads readers to key destinations online, such as your website or social media pages.

Presented by Morgan Province, the Training & Development Specialist behind Built by Books.





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Morgan Province

Training & Development Specialist

Hello! My favorite things in the world include writing, helping others become stronger leaders, reading and playing with my two Westies.

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