Create a Getting Things Done System and Increase Productivity

Tony Staunton, Reading, writing and teaching.

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24 Videos (1h 4m)
    • An Introduction to this course

    • Step 1: Set aside a block of time

    • Step 2: Get the supplies you need

    • Step 3: Your work area

    • Step 4: Your general reference filing system

    • Step 5: Searching your physical environment

    • Step 6: Writing stuff down and printing

    • Step 7: Do a mind sweep

    • Step 8: Review your in tray

    • Step 9: Sort your action items in to groups

    • Step 10: Fill out your projects list

    • Step 11: Paper based materials as their own reminders

    • Step 12: Setting up your email system

    • Step 13: Organising action support material

    • Step 14: Organising project support material

    • Step 15: How to setup a tickler file

    • Step 16: What to review every day

    • Step 17: How to conduct your weekly review

    • Step 18: Review the higher levels of your work and life

    • Step 19: Deciding actions based on limited criteria

    • Step 20: Deciding actions based on the three fold nature of work

    • Step 21: Deciding actions by using horizons of focus

    • Thank You

    • Countinue Your Learning


About This Class

Welcome to Create a Getting Things Done System & Increase Productivity.

This course is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by their busy, complex lives and has paper, reminders and to-dos coming out of their ears.

Have you ever imagined that there could possibly be a way to manage all aspects of your life; home, work, social, and hobbies, with one tool combined with one method? What if it isn't just possible, but easy to implement and use?

This course will prove to you that the method and tool exists, and by using them you will be able to quickly turn the chaos in your life to order, thus boosting your mental energy. You will regain lost clarity and focus, and maximize your productivity.

Here is What You Will Learn Throughout From This Course:

  • A System for Using The Getting Things Done Method by David Allen 
  • How To Set Up The System Using Pens and Paper, Files and Folders
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel more in control of your day-to-day
  • Get some headspace
  • And Much More!

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I read GTD over a year ago and reviewed the OmniFocus PDF. Again, I'm excited to put more into practice the GTD principles that I know will help me. Here's the thing, I watched all the steps all the way through and took notes...used as a crash course I can already tell how this has not only motivated me but can revisit these lesson over the next week as I get set up. I found most everything worthwhile, not a lot of repetition, could have used some better, more specific examples, but small overall view that the first SkillShare class I've taken has been a good one.
Great course! Much info in short time, good structure, very practical. I am going to use it as a base for my Evernote GTD system. A little fun unexpected bonus for me personally - text in Ukrainian on picture with glasses and book in some late chapter :)





Tony Staunton

Reading, writing and teaching.

Hi! I'm Tony. I love to read, write and teach and you could definitely call me a bit of geek. I love all things to do with programming, productivity, books and the internet.

Previously I have run my own software business and won several awards from, most innovative startup to best product. After finding out the hard way just how stressful growing a startup into a business can be I have researched all things to do with productivity and I love helping other become more productive and avo...

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